Mapleleafweb Will No Longer be Actively Maintained

By Greg Farries on Jan 17, 2011

After 11 years of publishing Canadian political educational materials on the Internet, will no longer be actively maintained. This decision was hard to make, but unfortunately finding additional funding sources to pay for the active development of the website was proving too difficult.

This project would have never been a success without the generous donations provided by the Max Bell Foundation, Arthur Child Foundation, Canada West Foundation, University of Lethbridge, David Elton Endowment and anonymous donors.

I also want to thank all those talented individuals who contributed to the Maple Leaf Web project over the past decade – your hard work and dedication made the project a big success.

This is not the end of Mapleleafweb - the website will still be available online and the discussion forums will still be open and moderated by volunteers.

It has been a great honor to work on this project and I firmly believe we added something valuable to the political discourse in Canada.

Thank you and farewell,

Greg Farries
Project Director