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Campbell & the Construction Worker Vote

By Royce Koop on Apr 30, 2009

I'm not a big fan of B.C. premier Gordon Campbell, but am consistently surprised at what an excellent campaigner he is. For example, how cool is this?:

"The premier started his day at an event with the stunning backdrop of the $143-million Park Bridge, part of a $972-million project to widen one of B.C.'s most dangerous stretches of highway.


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Senate Reform in Manitoba -- The Case for a "Weighted Districts" Model

By Jared Wesley on Mar 1, 2009

In response to a series of reforms proposed by Prime Minister Harper, the Government of Manitoba is investigating new ways of selecting provincial representatives in the Senate of Canada. As part of this process, the Manitoba Government just completed a series of public consultations, during which I recommended the province adopt a "Weighted-District-Election" model for selecting Senators-in-waiting... 

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The Recession & Balanced Budgets: BBLs under the microscope

By Jared Wesley on Jan 16, 2009

The current economic downturn offers a unique environment in which to test the strengths and weaknesses of Canada's various "Balanced Budget Legislation" (BBL) regimes.

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