Joyce Murray: Not a Teacher, a Doer

By Royce Koop on Oct 8, 2008

From a recent public forum at the University of British Columbia:

"Representing Vancouver Centre was NDP candidate (and UBC professor) Michael Byers, along with Green Party candidate Adrienne Carr. Meanwhile, representing Vancouver Quadra was Joyce Murray of the Liberal Party and [UBC] Sauder law professor Deborah Meredith of the Conservatives...

The debate’s opening topic was post-secondary education, tuition and student debt. Byers, Meredith and Carr each spoke to their extensive teaching credentials (Carr taught for 12 years at Langara College). But it was Murray who landed the first jab of the afternoon by stating, “I’m not a teacher, I’m a doer.”"

Congratulations, Joyce. In a riding full of UBC faculty, instructors, and students, you do indeed know how to strike the right note.

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