Health, Education & Social Welfare

A critical area of Canadian public policy is social welfare, which includes issues such as health care, education, and other forms of social cooperation and assistance. Find articles on the histories and structures of key Canadian social policies and programs.

Canada’s Health Care System: An Overview of Public and Private Participation

In Canada, one issue that tends to prevail — arguably more than any other in Canadian public policy debate — is the issue of health care and health care delivery. At the heart of this issue is the debate over public versus private health care. The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of

public and private sector participation in health care.

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Employment Insurance in Canada: History, Structure and Issues

Employment insurance in Canada is a legacy of the Great Depression, and remains a pillar of the nation’s modern social programs. Since its creation in 1940, the program has undergone many significant evolutions, both philosophically and structurally. Moreover, debate over the program has remained constant throughout its existence, and is still present in contemporary political discourse. This feature provides an introduction to the history, administration, and issues relating to Employment Insurance in Canada.

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Canadian Federalism and Public Health Care: The Evolution of Federal-Provincial Relations

One of the most critical issues in Canadian federalism since the 1950s has been the delivery of public health care. This article provides an introduction to the nature and evolution of federal and provincial relations in the area of health care policy, with particular focus on the fiscal and policy aspects and their impact. Included is a discussion of the basic division of powers in health care, Canadian federalism and the introduction of public health care, and shifts in this federal-provincial relationship since the 1950s.

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Child Care in Canada: An Introduction

Child care is a significant issue in the context of Canadian public policy and the relationship between federal, provincial, and territorial governments. This article provides an introduction to the complex nature of child care policy, including the operation of child care vis-à-vis Canadian federalism, an overview of provincial/territorial child care policies, a historical review of federal and intergovernmental child care initiatives, and a brief discussion of key issues in the politics of child care.

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2002 Mazankowski Report on Health Care in Alberta

In 2002, several key reports on the future of health care were released, each of which outlined visions for reforming the Canadian health care system.

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Romanow Commission on the Future of Health Care: Findings and Recommendations


p>In 2002, the Commission on the Future of Health Care in Canada, headed by former Saskatchewan Premier Roy Romanow, released two reports on the nation’s health care system. The Commission’s findings and recommendations have taken a central place in the debate on the value and future of Canada’s public healthcare system.

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The Canada Health Act: Provisions & Administration

The Canada Health Act is a central element of the nation’s health care policy and federal-provincial/territorial relations. This article provides an introduction to the Act, with a focus on its purpose and key provisions, as well as its administrative bodies and processes.

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