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Canadian politics and political institutions exist within a complex societal context, which includes a diverse set of cultural, ethnic, and linguistic communities, as well as a plurality of social and moral traditions. Find articles on the histories, natures, and political aspects of these societal contexts and issues.

Immigration Policy in Canada: History, Administration and Debates

Feature by Jay Makarenko || Aug 12, 2010

A geographically large country with a relatively small population, Canada has traditionally viewed immigration as a key instrument of population and economic growth. Over its history, however, immigration priorities and strategies have changed significantly, from an open border approach in Canada’s early history, to policy that could be characterized as explicitly discriminatory, to an economically focused approach.

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Multiculturalism Policy in Canada

Feature by Jay Makarenko || Jan 12, 2010

Canada is an increasingly culturally and ethnically diverse nation. One of the key policy responses to this diversity has been official multiculturalism, first introduced in the early 1970s. While multiculturalism is nearly 40 years old in Canada, it nevertheless remains a highly controversial and debated issue. This article provides an introduction to multiculturalism in Canada at the federal level.

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2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics

On July 2, 2003, International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Jacques Rogge announced that Vancouver would host the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

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The Canadian Maple Leaf Flag

On February 15th, 1965, the modern Canadian flag, bearing its hallmark maple leaf, was raised for the first time on Parliament Hill.

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