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  2. So many stereotypes in what you posted. where to start? Well first, substances sneaking in. Did you know that upon inspection it was found that one of the new government approved grow ops was using carcinogenic pesticides on the weed they were growing for public sale? As opposed to this many private growers insist on safe and organic growing methods as they've been proven to provide the best results and yields. shady characters in an alley. Once again a reefer madness style stereotype. The fact is that Cannabis is firmly entrenched in our society and the users and sellers cross all demographics. As for the black market fading out, wrong. In fact it looks like it will remain as robust as ever. Have you heard about the planned taxes on sales? Estimates show that what's proposed in taxes could add up to 50% to the current street cost. It'll be just like overtaxed tobacco, a thriving black market will continue. As for Wynne winning again. Who in their right mind would wish that corrupt lying catastrophe on anyone?
  3. Fifty years ago, the UN Security Council passed Resolution 242. The resolution is used as a framework for implementing the two-state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. But since its adoption in 1967, Israel has violated the resolution by entrenching its occupation of the Palestinian territories through illegal settlements. 600,000 - 750,000 - Illegal settlers in the occupied Palestinian territories (which includes East Jerusalem) 150 - Settlements 119 - Outposts 42% - Of West Bank land controlled by settlements 86% - Of East Jerusalem for Israeli state and settler use The majority of settlements have been built either entirely or partially on private Palestinian property Link
  4. Why Trust the Bible?

    In the case of Old Testament Scriptures, the Jewish scribes were very meticulous and copied the Scriptures very carefully down through the ages. Every word and marking had to be correct.
  5. 1) No, I think 'overstepped' means they went into an area they weren't allowed to. What this was, was poor judgment. 2) He associated Peterson with the 'alt right', though, and misjudged his intentions. 3) Agreed. 4) Everyone should understand what the issues are, and the various fora and rules around discussion. It's the frame that needs to be reset. 5) Agreed. 6) Agreed. 7) We definitely do not 'automatically' accept 'every claim of harm'. In fact, there are definite harms that we ignore and trade off against other interests. There is no 'ubiquitous fear' there is just thoughtlessness and rash decision making. Someone made a claim and the person in control thought they understood more than they did. I have already posted on here about people who prize their opinions so highly that they don't even respond to valid criticism or provide cites for their facts. What we really need to do is come down on people who act this way.
  6. By George, I think you've got it.
  7. Ah, I think we are missing the whole point here. If a teeniebopper can be turned into a pothead and fry enough brain cells, he or she will then vote Liberal.
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  9. Will Trudeau Jnr make Morneau resign?

    Your numbers are oddly specific given that the question itself was rather broad. Would progressive taxation be good for poor people ? Undoubtedly. Is it a good idea ? That's a personal question. Would it work given our international frameworks ? No.
  10. It suspect ? I fear 'it' ! You, on the other hand, as a longtime discussion partner know that I am nothing without people who disagree with me. 'Moralizing' is different than observation as it ascribes values to a point of view. I thought everyone knew that but maybe that helps. Also I know how tired longtime posters are about political posturing and pundit imitation so I will suggest we take examples from our own side. I just have to think of an example.
  11. Report here on how it's affecting students, it's not a pretty sight. We also know that smoking pot causes issues with the brains of young people. http://torontosun.com/news/provincial/warn-parents-about-the-danger-of-pot-to-young-brains-pediatricians http://www.rmpbs.org/blogs/news/under-siege-marijuana-and-colorado-schools/
  12. About those tax breaks for the 'rich'

    There's plenty of reasons why some people are rich and others are poor. It's a combination of luck, talent, hardwork and inheritance. But the question is how much should the wealthy share with the poor? Canada's poor certainly don't have it as bad as the poor of Africa, Asia or Latin America, and I'd prefer to give my money to the really poor, rather than the Canadian poor, who aren't as badly off, as they would like to make us believe. But there is that sense of nationalism that suggests that every Canadian should be given a certain standard of life - that includes health, food, shelter and a little bit more, regardless of what they contribute to society. And from my experience, the people that are reluctant to give to Canada's poor are just as reluctant for Canada to increase foreign aid.
  13. Difficult situation. Much like alcohol, it makes absolutely no sense to jail people for smoking marijuana. We've gone after the sellers for awhile, but wherever there's a market, there's a seller. And ultimately, adults should be allowed to make their own choice. And since we're going to decriminalize it anyways, it makes a ton of sense for the government to get on board, and make a lot of money from it. It will pay for a lot of government programs and create a lot of new jobs - just as the LCBO does now. Additionally, they can regulate it to ensure that there aren't extra substances sneaking their way into the mix. While there will be some black market competition initially, it will eventually fade out, as people come to trust the regulated product much more than drugs bought from some shady guy in an alley. Additionally, we're going to be hitting the criminal element pretty hard. Drug dealers that weren't paying taxes are gonna have to get real jobs now, and the gangs that controlled the pot trade are gonna take a big hit. But is it good for our society as a whole? Absolutely not. But then again, either is alcohol. The arguments to make pot illegal could just as well be used against alcohol. The only difference is we're more familiar with booze - and we seem to accept the added deaths, fights, and trouble that it brings. I'm actually quite pleased with the way the Ontario government is handling it. This might be the one thing that saves Wynne in the upcoming election.
  14. Its clear to the people it was sent to. So is the fact that the entire thread provides no information, just the same subjective anti Israel comments.
  15. It suspect you might be defining 'moralizing' as someone complaining about their dissatisfaction with anything you aren't dissatisfied with to delegitimize the complaint. What differentiates 'moralizing' with making a cogent observation about the state of society or its government or institutions? You need to define your term more precisely.
  16. Shhhh. Facts are not important. If you're against the potheads and their desire to smoke weed wherever and whenever they want you're cruel and evil.
  17. Will Trudeau Jnr make Morneau resign?

    Among the 'rich guy stuff' we would have to give up under such a system would be welfare and unemployment insurance, along with most public pensions. We simply would not be able to afford them any more. We would not be able to pay public servants more than, say, 20% of what they now receive, so they'd have to cope with that. We mostly wouldn't be able to afford new cars, so most of the auto companies would have to close down production. But I'm sure your heart would burst with joy at helping strangers.
  18. Nonsense, there is not even head scarf in Islam, its a ME tradition. I think smoking pots to feel good is also a ME tradition. You may have heard about the Assassins (Hasheeshins) of Hassan Sabbah.
  19. It's rare for Israel to show honesty, especially when they address the international community. Everything is theatre. Everything is about trying to manipulate the public into believing something that is not true. For decades, Israel wants to show itself as a victim. A nuclear power, with one of the largest armies in the world, with 25% of it paid by American taxpayers, wants to tell the world that they are victims. An aggressive country who has attacked its neighbours, has at least three times carpet bombed the Gaza strip, killing thousands and has been called out by human rights organizations and the UN for war crimes and possible crimes against humanity. A country that practices apartheid, with the increasing illegal settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem and the walls and roads that cut Palestinians from each other. This is the poor little victim that Israel tries to sell itself as. There are hundreds of examples of this, but one thing I read in Haaretz very recently, just to demonstrate their blatant dishonesty: Israel Claimed Iran Refused Its Offer for Humanitarian Aid. Red Cross Says Otherwise Haaretz So much about Israel is a lie. All manufactured to sway the people. The only time Israel and its mouthpieces are not lying is when they're not talking. Why doesn't Israel want a Palestinian State to be formed? Simple. Because they want control over the whole thing.
  20. Now you're talking. Just decriminalize it and let the almighty market sort everything out.
  21. Maybe you are right. That way they will dress you up in a burka on the hottest day in the summer and if you whine about it, then you will pay the consequences. Maybe a beating or 2?
  22. They should just decriminalize it 1st. Then look at it later.
  23. Yeah they should just leave it in the hands of the Hell's Angels...good quality and low price without all the moral hassle.
  24. So its time for Sharia Law to be applied in Colorado.
  25. http://www.oklahoman.com/article/5571976?access=271bc4bd30590a3723082980c3da7fef Here is what is coming to canada, I wish our government would back off for a while and try and get this right, but they won't.
  26. Will Trudeau Jnr make Morneau resign?

    Wish that was true, but I think you severely overestimate the average Canadian voter. I'll wager that less than 20% of eligible voters know who Bill Morneau, is, and of that 5% only 40% know about the scandal, and of that 40%, only 10% are upset about it. And of that 10%, 90% vote for the same party every time anyways.
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