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  2. And had various governments handled the law appropriately there would have been no valid claim for compensation.
  3. Because Trudeau isn't worried about exposing Harper - Duh....FFS, try using some reading comprehension.
  4. I am not expert at the laws in question, so I can't really refute that statement. The vast majority of Canadians are aghast at what was done by the courts (and I can tell you with some certainty - at the behest of government) as well as government. If indeed there was a law that required him to be compensated (and there is not - it ALLOWS him to seek compensation) it would be horribly wrong and as it stands, allowing this particular award is seen to be wrong by most Canadians. The law is there to serve the citizens, and in this case (as in so many others) it is not doing that, so IMHO, it is wrong - or at least deeply flawed.
  5. I certainly was wrong to trust you about your respiratory status while awaiting...
  6. Funny you didn't mention Harper. He'd have to testify about his part too. And then there's this: https://www.thebeaverton.com/2017/07/tories-offer-omar-khadr-10-5-million-stay-news-next-election/ Hahahaha!
  7. http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2008/jan/17/vietnam-veterans-against-john-mccain/no-evidence-mccain-was-a-traitor/
  8. Unless you were observing the same things at the same time, how would you know?
  9. Your observations on most things is not all that reliable. Just saying.
  10. Still breathing.
  11. The Supreme Court ruled that Khadr's Charter rights were violated by our governments. In response to Khadr's lawsuit for damages, the government settled out of court. Nothing out of line there.
  12. When it comes to liberals and liberalism it's screw the consent from a donkey. Just stand there jackass and take it like a jackass should. No squealing like a pig now. Invest now big time because it is coming very soon. Get in on the ground floor early while the stocks are low in value. You could end up filthy rich. Hey, you never know.
  13. Observations.
  14. "Why do folks offer such support to such deeply evil people?" Because there's people in other countries who want to do evil unto us.
  15. I cannot wait to read what Omni has to say about that video? Hello Omni, are you there?
  16. How do you know this?
  17. Valid evidence my arse. What makes your evidence more reliable than what other evidence has to say about your hero McCain? Maybe you should STFU for a change. Why don't you just be honest like me and admit that you and I were not living in the Hanoi Hilton at the time McCain was living there? This back and forth about an event that took place over 70 years ago is only known by the POW's that were living there at the time, and not you. You know dick about what happened so STFU yourself, snowflake.
  18. That part is easy too. John Mccain Exposed By Vietnam Vets And Pow's
  19. McCain is a war criminal. Vietnam was a massive series of US war crimes against a country that wanted its freedom. How does one serve war criminals? It is not possible.
  20. Still breathing.
  21. I have been told that I am racist many times. I am not afraid of that word. And when I am pretty much called a racist I want that individual to point out to me as to where I am being racist so I can challenge their accusations. No one as yet has proven or shown me that I am a racist as of yet. If one is a racist I don't see why one cannot be accused or called a racist but the person making that accusation should be prepared to back it up.
  22. Don't answer him for an hour!
  23. Today
  24. Please point out to me as to where I may have called anyone racist in my reply to you? So, just where did you get that 0.8% from? I await breathlessly.
  25. It looks more like some carpenters union started to complain about the guy not having a ticket to be able to build those stairs to the city's regulation standards. Some union probably wanted that contract so they could bilk the taxpayer's of their tax dollars and make lots of money from getting the contract. The stairs look pretty safe to me. This just shows that government is the problem, and never the solution. Politicians don't give a dam about the taxpayer's tax dollars. They just enjoy blowing those tax dollars. Politicians are not worth the salaries and perks that they get. Why is it that we never see politicians get laid off? Matter of fact we seem to always get more of them. Shocking indeed.
  26. They don't enforce it.
  27. So just more right wing gum flapping with no backup. Once again. But listen pal, when you call a soldier who served his country a traitor, you should either have the balls to put up, with valid evidence, or you should STFU. In your case I think we all have the answer to taht already.
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