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  2. Islamophobia in Canada

    You are asking for people to give you definitive answers for a government that has not defined what Islamophobia is or what it means to hove the "heritage committee" a mandate to examine ways to implement and I quote "a whole government approach" to fighting Islamophibia". How do you expect anyone to give you a definitive answer or even a prediction when such words are deliberately left undefined and that is the crux of the issue. When a government singles out only one form of hatred and then engage sin baffle gab threatening what it might do, people have concerns, of course. Why ask questions you can't answer. That is not fair. What you should ask is what the phack does Islamophobia mean and why was it never defined. Next why was it single out> Next how does one engag ein a whole government approach.? Does this mean the army will be sent in to the neighbourhoods where Argus and Dog live. Should we round up all Zionists or Jews Kactus and Ghost and Hudson Jones consider unlikeable or full of canerous ideology as Mr. Jones stated? Should we force Hudson Jones anti Zionist chemotherapy to wipe out Zionism in Canadian Zionists or just use cynide? Where do you want to go with these questions? How about you ask Altai since she refers to non Muslims as kafir what she will do with us Canadian kafir once her world wide Muslim caliphate is enabled? Are those unfair questions? Maybe you should ask Muslim extremists including those in Canada how far they intend to go, then I an give you a better idea ow far I intend to go assuring Trudeau is removed from office and if need be arrested for treason? Do you think if Christians or Jews in Canada or other non Muslims in Canada defined Muslims as the Koran does us and regularly preached in our houses of worship, what would you reaction be? Altai tried that to justify Islam on this board. She lifted passages from the Old Testament to argue, we Jews hate non Jews no different than Muslims hate non Muslims. She didn't deny Muslims hated. She justified it. Am I an Islamophobe calling her out for that? How many responses do I read about New York Jewish accents, being labelled a Cohen, being told to get out of Ghost's country and go back to Israel, reading falsely parsed statements to slur all Israelis as hating Palestinians, on and on. Do I come on this board in the name of Judaism as Muslims do Islam? Do I deny Muslims the right to nations as they do my people? Have I removed 60% of the Koran and quoted it back on you? Have I blamed Muslims for that 60% content? Am I allowed to criticize it though? There's lots of questions to ask-like how in this day and age do you expect people not to be concerned where people who call themselves Muslim are headed in Western democracies? Is that Islamophobia or a rational reaction to terrorism in the name of Islam or the extremist ideologies we hear coming out of mainstream mosques?
  3. Islamophobia in Canada

    There has been talk of 100 million "Canadians" by 2050. That's triple what's here now. Where are they being imported from? That's right...
  4. Islamophobia in Canada

    I don't dictate whom you support. It sure isn't Israel...
  5. Islamophobia in Canada

    And you have no choice in the matter that our nation did just that. But instead of blaming our government, you rather blame someone else. Your taxes helped to make that deal happen. As much as you protest, your money is still going to support those matters. But it's easier to blame the Muslims than to blame the people who are really screwing you over, meaning our government.
  6. Islamophobia in Canada

    To date Islamophobia has never been defined. It remains an open-ended definition that has not been defined or clarified. Because it remains open ended no one knows when criticism of Islam crosses the line to constitute Islamophobia and so certain people can use it the moment they see any criticism of Islamophobia to shut it down This is why Jaycee's comment that there can not be discussion of Islam is idiotic. Its the very discussion of Islam that could trigger this discussion and at the pith and substance of this debate is WHAT discussion of Islam crosses the line. The proper use of the word "phobia" can be found in the DSV, Psychuiatric Diagnostic manual used by psychiatrists to define phobias. In psychiatry, a phobia is said to be an anxiety disorder triggered by excessive fear of an object or situation. In this case the word is thrown out about it being an excessive fear of Islam. So it could mean discussing the religion, the religion itself, people who dress in attire associated with Muslims, fear of the Arabic language, etc. There is and has never been any objective criteria used to define it. In fact if you trace the origins of the word Islamophobia it comes from the Muslim Broherhood looking for a unique word to describe bigotry against Muslims. They saw how well feminists used the word "sexist", blacks, "racist", Jews, "anti-Semite" and gays "homophobic" and realized in the world of sound bites and today's journalism they needed a brand name that would immediately have people think-, 'Muslim hater". The question remains, why would the government of the day which represents all groups equally knowing that all forms of hatred in this country are EQUALLY as problematic single only one form out? What message did that selective focus on only one form of hatred lend to? Surely no government should play favouritism and single out only one form of hatred particularly when it remains unable to resolve its issues with native Canadians, who if anything in terms of legal priority have the oldest and longest standing legal issues still remaining in dispute. Trudeau himself went to Mosques and prayed with Imams who are extremist, racist, sexist and anti-Semitic. He did not choose a peaceful Imam or Mosque. Tell me....what mandate does this supposed "heritage committee" have to and I quote study how to enact " a whole of government approach" to supposedly fighting Islamophobia. What does "whole of government approach" mean> Not only do we still not have a definition of Islamophobia but now we have yet another biuzz phrase with no definition, Does anyone think playing lip service, like Trudeau does is genuine? He's a manipulative whore and a liar. He has branded his image with only feel good speeches or attendance at events to incite. This is not a leader. This is not someone who will put into concrete terms any action plan knowing it will be met with resistance. Look at this spineless eunich. He and his boyfriend the other spineless eunich Morneau where were they when the announcement was made in July to hike taxes? These two cowards waited until parliament was out to announce the raising of taxes which falsely accuses millions of Canadians as tax cheats. These two testacle-less baboons have hid from the media. They sent Grant Garneau the Transportation Minister to defend their tax hike. When Morneau was asked to define who is the middle class of course he could not. Like the term Islamophobia, its a word with no real definition thrown out by liberals. Bill M-103 is a crass political exercise in catering to minority votes by lip service. The Bill will like Trudeau's supposed addressing of injustices to aboriginals,will be exposed as a sham. That said as much as I hate how Trudeau exploits the term Muslims simply being Muslim should not be hated. If and when they use their religion to incite hatred like Kactus, Marcus, Hudson Jones, Altai, Ghost, they should be called out as the miserable bigots they are. Remaining silent to their words condones them and their toxic message. They don't get to play the Islamophobia card. They can take that car and stick it where the sun does not shine.
  7. Today
  8. Canada has a 12% chance of being destroyed

    ...and NK is quite far down this path. They are able to produce their own fuel rods and such from raw or low processed Uranium...
  9. Islamophobia in Canada

    You want proof that Islam and Judaism aren't pals? Really??
  10. Canada has a 12% chance of being destroyed

    Plutonium, actually. China supplies the raw Uranium for NKs reactors (some Canadian help there)...but it gets turned into weapons grade Plutonium-239 @ Yongbyon. Yes...even 400km up as they'd just need a sample of the remaining fallout. Old school...shooting a sounding rocket would provide the details of the isotope soup present. Although spectro-analysis can probably do the deed these days...
  11. Islamophobia in Canada

    Still waiting on a couple of answers here. First from those who are concerned that Motion M103 will lead to laws against free speech, and/or Sharia law in Canada, an explanation of how such a law would make it through opposition and media/public scrutiny, and how a government who proposed such a law would still expect to be in power beyond 4 years. Second, from Argus who claimed that "Muslims are the biggest threat to Jews", a cite to back that up as well as the answer to this question:
  12. Even if it goes off 400km in the air? And where does the uranium in NK nukes come from?
  13. Canada has a 12% chance of being destroyed

    Either way...ridiculous to fight about. When a nuke goes-off, it leaves a unique signature. Where the uranium was mined can be determined...
  14. Canada has a 12% chance of being destroyed

    Uh...no it would fry the points and coils. Lift-up the roter cap...the tips are all melted!
  15. What does that mean? We are MORE vulnerable to EMPs now than we were back in 1962. An EMP in 1962 wouldn't have hurt our cars and trucks, for example , because there was no electronics in them.
  16. Which would make it look like the missile came from North Korea - where it was launched, after all. And after American missiles retaliate there's sure not going to be any evidence to sift through to find the real culprit.
  17. Three important matters being ignored

    Yes, it's better, but that's a pretty low bar to surpass.
  18. Three important matters being ignored

    I live in Canada, but have business on both sides of the border. Sick care in the US can be extremely good - IF and ONLY IF you have a really good insurance plan or are so rich a few hundred grand is no big deal. In Canada, as you mention, nobody thinks twice about sick care, as you know with absolute certainty your costs (except transportation and in some cases drugs) are fully covered. In the US, very different. Obummercare has not solved much of the problem. When it comes to starting a business, this is a HUGE consideration in the US, whereas in Canada, it is a zero concern. NO medical system is perfect, since it can be very complex and depends a great deal on skills of the practitioner(s). We have some very good doctors up here, some centers of excellence and some forgotten backwaters (that require transportation - but that is the nature of being an extremely large country with very small population). The US has the same thing in greater extremes, but it has the massive barrier to entry of financial privilege. In general, we pay less than half as much as the US does for sick care, and we get far better results. The US can not understand that medicine is (or at least SHOULD be) a social service. It thinks everything can be and must be a business. Sadly, we copy some of that and pay the insurance costs to fund the US legal business that preys upon US people's medical needs.
  19. You're free to support NK and its allies.
  20. Three important matters being ignored

    But isn't your health care-system still way better than across the border in the US? At least nobody in your country will have to choose between death or getting bankrupt because you really can't afford some operation.
  21. Turkish Newspaper banned in Europe

    I didn't say democracy is applied by God!!!!! So you are saying journalists being kicked out as you claimed is the same as being put in jail indefinitely without charges, tortured and raped???!!!!!!!!
  22. Canada has a 12% chance of being destroyed

    Yes...your anti-intellectualism. Reading is bad, kids. Hurts the eyeballs. Yes...the deal in your head.
  23. Democracy is not something applied by God. Its just another kind of dictatorship. If the state wants to punish you, they can do it perfectly proper to "democratic" rules. For example, they can easily create fake documents. Judicial legislative execution organs are not ruled by God too. They may be full of guys serving for government interests. In most of the countries, its done in this way, its quite famous that journalists are kicked out when they prepare a news that disturbs government guys or some other godfathers and when you ask "what happened to freedom of speech" they simply say "its a private company and it has nothing with government". So a private company that serving to government and shutting your mouth up.
  24. Canada has a 12% chance of being destroyed

    Russia is still licking its wounds from the collapse of the Soviet Union. Economics trumps virtue...and might.
  25. So back to my first question; how does Russia get off Scot free, the same way the US has? Might makes right or something?
  26. Canada has a 12% chance of being destroyed

    Same thing Canada got out of the British Empire...and still does.
  27. I did, suggesting you stop reading the Koran. That last thing Islam needs is yet another crackpot interpretation. The deal implied in Argus' suggestion.
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