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  2. A "gander?" You had a glance at it? It takes so many re-readings (and with the help of a Bible-Study book which helps explain the relevancy of some phrases at that time - like customs, traditions, word-meaning, etc.,) to be able to have a good grasp of it.
  3. Well.....isn't that quite ironic? Arguing about the Bible, which you admitted to have not read at all - and instead, believing what others say about it - is exactly like which you described above.
  4. No one wants to talk about this? http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/bc-ndp-green-agreement-1.4136539 Coalitions seem rather rare in Canada. Does anyone believe it'll last a full four year term?
  5. I know Canadians get all uptight about a Canadian team honouring an American war holiday but the Jays Camo hat looked really cool. 

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  7. Lol I was about to give you a what for until I got to the last sentence. In fact no sooner have you written this then I heard similar comments on CBC radio. Not quite as blatant but close enough. Clearly the Conservatives did not agree with Bernier's Libertarian views that quite frankly to me sounded a lot as well like the old Social Creditiste Party and Union National Party from Quebec. I do not like Bernier. I think he is a superficial air head. Dangerously stupid. Sheer is boring and bland but they chose him because he is another Harper. I can live with bland and boring if he is the alternative to Lord Justin of Trudeau and gets the spending under control. In terms of his religious views, like Harper, he does not hide them but he does not impose them. I think he's a better choice long run than Bernier if the next election comes down to finances. If Canadians again choose style over substance his bland image may hurt him. Some are painting him as a Joe Clark and Bernier as Mulroney. Bernier was and is no Mulroney.He's an inept former insurance executive. Mulroney was a labour lawyer who could sell swamp water. I got no problems with a bland guy for now. Let's see what he can do. The part clearly did not want Bernier. Politics does not attract anything but policy wonks like Scheer these days unless you want pretty boy narcissists. I take wonk over pretty boy. Substance over tap dancing to t.v. photo ops. But hey the French PM and Justin will rule the world, hand in hand, iiterally. Mr. Scheer sounds like a brand name for nylons. Go for it. Hey he is from Saskatchewan. Is that in Canada? Mr. Diefenbaker wasn't he from there? Hey are they both German? Is Saskatchewan in Germany? Oh wait though. We will soon be joined by a new NDP leader, can't wait.
  8. This thread finally makes more sense...
  9. 1. The diseases attributable with Ashklenazis are indeed related to not going far enough outside a genetic pool but Ashkenazi Jews do not marry first cousins. Its against Jewish law. But hey you knew that. 2. Muslims are not a race. They are a collective of many peoples who practice Islam a religion. In many Muslim countries,because the religion allows first cousin marriages, genetic diseases result. There is widespread genetic disease. Stating that is fact not racist. 3. I have not stated any concept that stereotypes all Muslims. I am saying that as long as marrying first cousins is mainstream practice in Muslim societies which it is, this as well as civil wars create conditions where people do not marry far enough outside their gene pool creating bio-social issues that prevent the society from developing. 4. Children of inbreeding have higher rates of mental illness, physical illnesses and lowered intellectual impairment. That is all fact. 5. To examine the breakdown within Muslim societies of the Middle East and its nations' inability to police terrorism within its borders starts with its own culture where people do not trust the people in the village next door and marry first cousins. Its an unpleasant topic but it has to be discussed. 6. You not I are trying to turn it into a Jew v. Muslim pissing match. 7. I raised it precisely because people like you have one simplistic formula for why the Middle East is unstable-you blame it on the "Euro colonialists". Inbreeding and marrying first cousins and village to village conflict is as old as Muhammed himself who married his first cousin. 8.The breakdown in Muslim society causing civil wars has gone on far longer than your colonial scapegoats have existed. 9. Your selective take on blaming Saudi Arabia, Israel and the US for ME problems is standard pro Iranian pap. Thanks. I see the Tehran desk is at it with the usual stale script. Come on boys you seem to forget China and Russia and Iran have something to do with the instability as well. 10. I suppose its easier to blame the West then look within Muslim societies for its own self inflicted destructive practices right? Now speaking about "racism" why is it your only script for defining the Middle East's problems is one that never examines Muslim behaviour? Hmmmm? You going to tell me you don't consider Jews. Sunnis, Westerners, Americans in the very blanket stereotypes you accuse me of holding against Muslims? Lol. Do you now speak for Saudi Arabians? Last I looked they were Muslim and you seem to have blamed them all for the MEs problems. Ooops strange how that works. In one sentence you pose as defender against the very bigotry you spew out. I challenge Muslim societies to adapt progressive standards as to marriage. Until it does, its very base of social building block to achieve stable societies and regimes will not exist. Sadaam Hussein was born in a world where his village clashed with the one next door to it. His entire existence came from learning as a child to kill his own people next door. The entire Middle East is a series of inter Muslim disputes not just Muslims v. Zionists. You don't and can't acknowledge that in your script. You examine how Muslims treat one another, why they marry cousins, why they are taught by their religion to distrust non Muslims-you? You acknowledge the thousands of years of war against non Muslims long before colonialists existed..you? Tell me you think Muslims are killing Christians in Egypt, Sudan and Nigeria is caused by Israel and the US? You? Who do you think funds Boca Ratan,the genocidal maniacs in Sudan, Syria, who? You want to pretend Iran does not fund terrorism as much as Saudi Arabia and the two do so along with Qatar in direct opposition to US and Israel interests? You? Lol.
  10. Actually no Jews don't. Jews and Christians both have prohibited marriages of cousins for thousands of years. Fundamentalist sects of Christians and Jews, not mainstream ones marry cousins. This is because of their fear/distrust of people outside their group. There are genetic diseases attributable to Ashkenazi Jews probably due to inbreeding and when I say that not going far enough outsider their genetic pool. All peoples have it to an extent. In the Middle East its a problem all across the Arab nations so much so that in Syria, Lebanon, Tunisia, Egypt. Saudi Arabia you have specialists trying to deal with it. Its a problem in Pakistan. The reason I mention it is not to insult Muslims. Its a factor though in development of a society where you can have a source of people that do not have pre-existing medical illnesses including mental ones and low iq's. It sounds Nazi like what I am saying, I mean it with respect as an explanation. All societies have to move outside their own pool of people to advance. Ii is an inherent weakness if any people don't mix and reach out to other groups. Whether there is a direct link to terrorism and violence is being studied but politically in Syria and Iraq for example when you have people fearing people in the next village so only marrying within their own village it compounds first cousin marriages. The huge rates of genetic illness from inbreeding are a challenge. If Israeli Jews on the West Bank for example, were to close themselves into an enclave and not marry outside that enclave, they would implode. This is a topic numerous Arab and Muslim social scientists are studying but we don't talk about it. In the clash between West and East values as to who we marry and who we trust to marry factor into civil wars. Whether the distrust from religious disagreements or political disagreements causes it or following certain religious doctrine or both its a problem. Back in the early 80's we took in Syrian and Lebanese refugees we first notiiced high rates of diseases related to marrying cousins. One of the most common is Guillen-Barre syndrome if I spelled that right. Now I raise the issue because its one of the practical and unspoken social differences between the West and the East. It is a huge factor in civil wars in the ME and how disputes are not just Sunni v. Shiite but from village to village and causing bio-social problems. I defer to Muslim social scientists on its impact. I appreciate it can be used and distorted to rationalize hatred. Concepts like Jews or Muslims are klanish is not the issue. Its far more complex. Many societies get trapped in being too closed.
  11. Looks like politicians are free to give up their concerns about their correspondence security. It would be much easier to start posting their emails on some public website and let everybody see it. All the same, practically every document comes out into the open due to CIA espionage activities. For numerous hackish sites, theft of data of US special cervices has become kind of sport. Even Canadian diplomatic mail became no exception. However, sometimes there can be seen such interesting, and most importantly, fresh samples. https://www.pdf-archive.com/2017/05/30/cyle/cyle.pdf Who would have thought that Canadian politicians are having any concern about Germany's happenings? However, while you take into consideration the fact that 10% of Canadian population has German background, then such concern becomes quite logical. Well then, I'm going to look for something else.
  12. Harper was made unpopular by.....Harper.
  13. I'd like to retract my previous claim about Philip Mason's debunking. I was tricked by his sophistry. Here is a debunking of Mason's claims: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kx52A-v65Q8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJa9tQyMXDc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uh0uwJoNnhc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDuXH2CJC10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQPAzZX7Pp4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhOVq1W1IUQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhgJJbEXR5Y
  14. A little touchy are we today?
  15. I repeat. I am done with you stunned. Go away, troll.
  16. I am done with you stunned. Go away.
  17. This country is in a big bloody mess due too all the years the liberals and the NDP pretty much have been allowed to run this country. Harper was made unpopular by the leftist liberal media party. They were relentless in trying to find as much dirt on Harper as they could, and always attacking any thing he did. Sort of like what Trump is going thru now as an example. Republicans or conservatives do not have a chance against these liberal leftist media party's. They are relentless in their attacks against anything non-liberal. And the dam sad part about is that there are many stupid Canadian people out there who will believe what the fake media tells them. They are known as zombies.
  18. A few inbreds, and they are in a tiny minority. Ever watch Jeopardy? Those Americans on that show most likely have an higher IQ than you and most other Canadians. Liberals in my opinion have a low IQ, and there are plenty of them in Canada, and who will always vote against their own interests and well being. Touche. The media party(Global/CBC/CTV)were always on the azz of Harper and the conservatives, and they are the ones that got that young liberal kid from quebec the job as PM. But this is what happens when stunned people listen to the media party.They will always get screwed by them. Unfortunately, most westerners are not the brightest of people. They have been screwed by the easteners for several decades and still will not say or do anything about it. And for a western separatist like myself the likely hood of some western separatist party being formed is probably years away from now, if ever. The west was quite wealthy until that comrade Pete trudeau came along and stole the wealth from Alberta. Lucky for Ontario and quebec. They would have starved if it were not for the west being robbed by the liberal controlled francophone east. You obviously have not heard of a guy named Doug Christie who for decades tried to get westerners to wake up to their being raped by the east but they would not listen. And still today they will not listen. The only reason the conservatives lost to the NDP was because of that crooked what's her face. She was no conservative. She was more of a liberal in conservative clothing. The NDP were booted out of Saskatchewan by the conservatives because of their socialist programs and agendas that were doing nothing good for the Sask people. The BC economy will be paying a heavy price for those who voted for the NDP and the Greens. Those two socialist party's are anti-business agendas, and very pro-environment. They will kill BC for the next four years, and take away many good paying jobs. The have nots, and the lazy, and the indians, and the I don't wanna be anything people will benefit from those two party's joining together. Ontario is broke period. They could not bail out a hen house. When liberals and the NDP takeover it's doomsday for that province or country. But that is what most people want, and so that is what most people will get. More goverment, more taxes, and less freedom.
  19. Hey have you ever heard of the OETC? It makes all those long plane rides worth it.
  20. I'm a retired rich white conservative white guy, and my computer logs in here whenever I turn it on.
  21. White people are truly on their way to becoming an extinct species. I have developed a few brown liver spots lately. Does that mean that I might have some black in me?
  22. Do you ever take time to go have a crap? It does not matter what time of the day I come on this website, and reply to some post when voila there you are. Do you have a little bell that rings and goes ding-a ling every time someone posts a reply? I guess that you don't really have much of a life do you, liberal troll?
  23. I never pretended it didn't happen. Sure. Of course. There are cultures who practice it more than others. Jews are also known for keeping it in the family. That's why there are many genetic diseases that are seen in only Jews. Inbreeding, especially amongst Ashkenazi Jews has been well documented. You are once again trying to paint Muslims as sub-humans, and you are putting all of them into one category, like they all behave the same way. You are also projecting and pushing your racist ideas by calling Muslims mentally sick and inbreeders because of your zealotry and tribalism. If you were interested in understanding the region better and if you were able to look at it from a sober, non-zealot point of view, you would be able to better describe why there is violence in the Middle East. One of the main reasons why there is instability is because for over a century, England and the U.S. have been installing dictators in the Middle East, in order to protect the resources they have had control over and because of geopolitical reasons. Despite West's chants for democracy and human rights, their actions says something else. The Middle East industry has given them billions in resources, weapon selling and rebuilding (sort of) what they broke. In order for the money to flow, they need an ISIS. They need chaos. They need tyrants who help them create all of that. Holding Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Israel's hands is a perfect example of U.S. and the rest of West's long tradition of being the main reason we have chaos in the Middle East. Just look at their support for the past and current dictators and tyrants in that region. There are also the military attacks, which continue to set these countries back. Iraq and Afghanistan are a perfect example of that. The chaos and instability created by the U.S., with the support of the West, have set these countries back by generations.
  24. I don't work, and I don't need to work anymore. I am a retired rich conservative privileged white guy. And I hope that you have to work, and are contributing some of your tax dollars towards my pension checks every month. Ah, the good life.
  25. well if you buy into the pizzagate nonsense, what else will you fall for?
  26. You obviously are not doing a very good job of trying to explain anything to anyone. But than again you are a liberal troll. That explains all.
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