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  2. Oh, so there are plenty of solutions, but why bother - right?
  3. If you listen to the NRA puppets talking points, there is no use in even trying to talk with them.
  4. Today
  5. Such as what, common sense gun control? Yeah, what is that exactly?
  6. The 2nd amendment already allows for minors to bear arms in some circumstances. For example, for self defence, with the permission of their parents. That can easily extend to the classroom, where it would be done under supervision of adults (the Teachers, etc.)
  7. Plenty have been mentioned time and time again, but the gun nuts have the Republicans in their pocket.
  8. When all is said and done, Trump will have done more for this issue than Obama and his supermajority congress. Guaranteed!
  9. To psychopaths. Gonna lower the age to buy a gun? The 2nd Amendment extends to 12 year olds right?
  10. Another idea is to let the students themselves have a permit for conceal and carry. Sounds intriguing...
  11. Already done...decades ago. Firearms that are illegal to possess or sell are already well defined in federal and state laws. Trump did not create the issue.
  12. Removal of Cornwallis statue.

    They were technically mercenary 'irregulars'. But the Micmac were Catholic converts, I believe. That would be a French influence. It was French Catholic priests that stirred the pot to get the settlers attacked.
  13. We know there is a right, but exactly whether that is unlimited. Can a person have a 50 calibre machine gun mounted on a tripod or a shoulder-mounted anti tank rocket launcher? There has to be some rationality to owning firearms. I am sure the federal government could bring in some laws to define exactly what is reasonable and what is illegal. Of course it will be challenged in supreme court, but that is part of how the system works. Trump won't convince anyone of anything with his bizarre comments about arming teachers.
  14. Removal of Cornwallis statue.

    Well, to be fair, my understanding is they didn't so much choose the French. The French paid them to attack the British. Which kind of makes them hired killers... And I bet there isn't a single native in Nova Scotia who is in any way ashamed or embarrassed about that.
  15. As long as the one and only solution for the left is confiscation...or removing the 2nd amendment, this conversation goes nowhere. There are many solutions to reduce gun deaths in the USA, can anyone on the left mention even one?
  16. U.S. cities already have gun buyback programs...voluntary. U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that Americans have a constitutional right to own and bear firearms.
  17. The same way other countries have had to do it. Amnesty and/or confiscation. Perhaps there could be some financial compensation offered, but that would be costly.
  18. Israel's proportionality

    No...that was 1861-1865
  19. Israel's proportionality

    Yes it was the American Civil war.
  20. Israel's proportionality

    Of course....out here in BC...the 'White Man's' arrival included Chinese, Japanese, etc...and a black Governor. Not to mention the Russians who were busy in the north. I doubt you know anything about the Arab-Israeli War.
  21. Israel's proportionality

    You are in a serious need of an optometrist..
  22. Yeah. I'm not a Women's Hockey insider, but perhaps the "old guard" stuck around too long. Give some younger, faster players a shot.
  23. Israel's proportionality

    I highly recommend this book if you can find it re: tales of the conquest of Western Canada. https://www.abebooks.com/Tales-Conflict-McKelvie-Bruce-Alistair-willus/3321977680/bd
  24. Israel's proportionality

    Being blind was not enough now you are re-writing the history!!!!!. Canada conquered half the world hey? I always thought we conquered the WHOLE world (with our hearts).
  25. Israel's proportionality

    So ? Israel doesn't have the luxury of conquering half a continent like Canada and the British Empire. Peace is way overrated.
  26. Israel's proportionality

    Which is why I said 'actually', ESL.
  27. Israel's proportionality

    Yes...the rabid anti-Israeli types never seem to grasp that US bucks arrived after the Yom Kippur War and Camp David. Not before. Israel bought its weapons...unlike the Arabs who were de facto Warsaw Pact clients in Egypt's and Syria's cases.
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