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  3. So.. let me see.  The DNC who actually rigged their own primaries are now suing the Repubs cos they say,  they rigged the election!  You lost, get over it!

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    2. betsy


        So far, there is nothing to show that there was a collusion between Trump and Russian hackers.  Suspicions that Trump may have been involved, does not automatically translate that it's a fact!  That's just your suspicion!


      You've got to distinguish the imagined from the real.

        Where is your evidence that Trump hacked her?

      The shadow of corruption had always dogged the Clintons - that's why she wasn't popular to begin with, even among Democrats!  Why do you think they had to resort to cheating their own (Sanders) for her to win?


      Furthermore....it doesn't have to be a crime.  Some of the leaks proved just how corrupt and untrustworthy the Dems are. 


    3. betsy


      I remember Trump was saying in his campaign at the time, that the DNC was warned about hackings, and that the difference between the Reps and the Dems is that the Reps' systems had been upgraded against hackings.

      I tend to believe that.  There are so many active Trump-haters trying their best to unseat this President - you'd think the Trumps/Reps systems would be the #1 target by hackers! 

      Surely, hackers are determined to find any evidence of collusion, don't you think so?  Just imagine how many millions of dollars those explosive information would be worth if they're sold to The Post!  At this point, the biased media would pay anything to have their hands on any evidence, not to mention so they can say........ they aren't really the lyin' media. :)



      How come we never hear of any leaks as a result of hacked emails from Reps or Trump?  It couldn't be for lack of trying.  Either hackers couldn't crack the system......or....... there's nothing worth their while  to leak!


      Thus..... if there are no incriminating messages to be hacked and exposed, there wouldn't have been any problem, right? 

    4. BubberMiley


      Pay closer attention. Trump Jr. released his emails when he found out the FBI had them and they showed how the campaign was working with Russia. Manafort and others have pleaded guilty to lying about it. Trump still won't implement sanctions and it has been revealed that the Syrian targets were first cleared with Putin. They worked with an enemy power to try to get dirt on Hillary but here wasn't any. Still, you say she's the one who committed crimes. It's shameful, really.

      And the reason she was the only one who was hacked is that no other politician but Trump would do that.

      So at least you admit that when you say she committed crimes, you're basing it on nothing. I guess that would never stop someone like you from repeating it though. 

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    2. scribblet


      It should bite her in the ass, the Liberals have really turned vicious, can't wait the union funded attack ads.

    3. scribblet


      Just been reading some of Wynne`s tweets – lawdy, next thing you know she will be accusing Ford of conspiring with the Russians to  rig the election.    `lock her up`    :P

    4. scribblet


      Desperate is as desperate does with Trump comparisons, calling Doug rude names, false accusations of racism and so on, all of which real a very ugly side of the Liberals.  

  4. Stormy Daniels releases sketch of the man she says threatened her to keep quiet about Trump affair-




    1. betsy


      From comedic impersonation to writing books, and now.......even sketchers seem to be cashing in on Trump.    I'd never known sketchers to be signing their sketches - at least, not the ones for BOLO - be on look out.


      Anyway.....it does looks like......Tom Brady!





      And, it got released at The View? :lol:

  5. More anti-West, anti-white, racist indoctrination for people. This is what parents are paying for when funding their kids attendance at these alt left nstitutions, that is, financing their own demise. 


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    2. bcsapper


      It's stereotyping.  And that's wrong.  To me, anyway.

    3. scribblet


      “White privilege” today (not the past), is a specious narrative invented by the left whose goal is not to improve laws and attitudes nor is to erase bigotry.  What they want is to practice their own form of racism in order to gain control.  Their aim is to judge people by skin colour and to silence those who do not agree with their narrative.  They would also have us believe that any differences in income, job or class etc.  is due to race, not to merit, qualifications or abilities.  

      What is happening at Ryerson is must one of many incidents and events going on.  It would be better if we continue to teach our kids that skin colour and differences  don't matter, we are ALL equal.   This does the opposite doing nothing but indoctrinate kids and teach them to categorize people by colour.   Most kids today don't think about colour or if they are 'privileged' but they seem to want them to go back in time and judge people on that. 

      https://www.ryerson.ca/wpc-global/youth/   I






    4. Argus


      You wonder why tuition fees keep going up and up and up? Because of the hordes of bureaucrats and administrators bustling around doing dumb stuff like this to make themselves seem relevant. Now they're into brainwashing little kids, for Gods sakes. I'd get a list of the kids signed up and then have children's services investigate the parents for emotional cruelty.

  6. Some great new pictures of Trudeau waving to all his adoring fans as he jets off once more.


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  8. Trudeau praises Trump attack on Syria...officially becomes poodle.

  9. What's with the goddam snow!?

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    2. Argus


      Damn power was out. Ice coating all the windows. This is mid april? Grrr!:huh:

    3. bcsapper


      Apparently ice falling off the CN tower punched holes in the Rogers Centre roof and caused the postponement of the Blue Jays game.  I don't know the area, but what are the chances they could hit a passerby instead?

    4. AngusThermopyle


      Woo Hoo! It's snowing again here! This is great, just came in from a nice ride. The sled is running like a top. So much fun, the light coat of snow lubricates the sliders while the ice under it lets me do crazy slides, drifts and burn outs. what an awesome end of season bonus. Let's hope this keeps up.

  10. And so it begins, fake news and lies.  Beware of what you read from Wynne Liberals and their foreign funded front groups.  http://torontosun.com/opinion/editorials/editorial-more-fake-news-from-ontario-liberals

  11. CNN - "The attack will deepen the visceral hostility between the US and Russia. That relationship is worse than ever."


    1. Argus


      That is because Putin set out to make it worse. At every step along the way he has demonized the West and used it as a bogeyman to cement his corrupt grip on power. Like Hitler, he has to have an enemy to justify all those secret police and spies and the billions going to the military while people live in shacks.

    2. bush_cheney2004


      Godwin's law...in record time !

    3. OftenWrong


      Yet less than a month ago, CNN posted material indicating Putin was Donald Trump's top adviser on Syria. Trump pulling US troops out, at Putin's bidding. Trump is Putin's man in the White House. Trump congratulating Putin on his election win. Trump meeting with Russian ambassadors, in private. Trump/ Russia collusion now in plain sight.

  12. Games on...

    Missiles are flying...in a perfect storm of pissed off (or is that on) demagogues and wagging dogs.  Just in the nick of time or what?

    Everyone got their popcorn?



    1. bush_cheney2004


      Same missiles...different president.

    2. GostHacked


      I guess it takes two presidents to take out a dictatorship.

  13. Meanwhile, in other news, Dutch transportation planner changes careers...


  14. Brace up!   Just heard this news report:

    1,200 marching Hondurans are not trying to settle in the USA.  They simply want to pass through. 

    They will be met at the Mexican border by the US National Guards, and will be bused to a Canadian border.   

    They're all claiming to have been invited by Trudeau!


    Of course.....that's fake news.

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    2. betsy



      Ok.  Trudeau's tweet could mean anything.

      It's the timing of his tweet, Dialamah. :lol:

      It came right after Trump's immigration/refugee policy were being enacted - clearly, our very young Trudeau was trying to show how he's the contrast of Trump. 

      He's inviting the rejects of Trump!

    3. dialamah


      I would rather have Trump's rejects than his supporters.

    4. betsy


      I know. 

      His rejects mostly come from known terrorist nations.....or, nations that support terrorism.

  15. Humboldt Broncos. My heart is broken.


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    2. mowich
    3. mowich


      Words are hard to come by when one is faced the enormity of such a tragedy.  The impact of which has reached far beyond the community of Humboldt and has brought people from all over Canada and around the world together in an outpouring of love and support for all those who have been affected by this horrific crash. 

    4. AngusThermopyle


      Words aren't so hard to come by for this woman, sorry, wopeople. She may just have shot herself in the foot with her crass and vile comment. Stupid is as stupid says.


  16. CTV's starting to plant and  float the narrative that Ford is hiding from the press. 

    Media biased meddling begins.

    1. scribblet


      @betsy     So is the Toronto Star and the Liberals of course, no surprise there.   The game is on.

      Actually it’s not new as it’s questionable as to how much coverage the media really provides, and in this case, how fair they would be.    Last fall Patrick Brown’s  Chief of Staff canvassed media outlets about not providing a bus to follow Brown during the campaign so the PC’s were looking at doing away with the bus long before Ford became leader.    

  17. How access to America influences pot legalization in Canada...biggly.


  18. Did a midget take this pic? :lol:


  19. What's wrong with this picture?

    1,200 refugees/migrants marching to the USA.  By jove, they're determined to get in -  by hook or by crook!

    What's wrong with you guys?   You don't like Canada?  Even when the welcome mat's been laid out to you? 

    I think as a Canadian, I feel insulted by this.

    1. LonJowett
    2. betsy


      I got it from the CBC.....and CTV!

      If it's fake (I won't automatically believe your source, you know)......after all, your own source did admit that it's a regular occurrence for caravans.........somebody didn't do their homework.

      CTV and CBC fell for it, too! :lol:

      Just shows how mainstream media is awashed with fake news! 


    3. scribblet


      Not fake news, have seen it on the main stream news.  Mexico said they had broken it up but there are still a lot them still moving together.  https://www.cnn.com/2018/04/05/americas/caravan-mexico-migrants/index.html



  20. What's up with Stormy?  Why's it suddenly so quiet?  Am i missing sumthing?

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    2. betsy


      Same with Hillary......though by the looks of it, she's a much bitter pill to swallow.  :)

    3. LonJowett


      Yes, what about when Hillary banged a porn star, paid her off, and sent a guy to threaten her for talking about it!

    4. betsy


      never heard of that.

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