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  2. Thank You, Trudeau part 2

    You have it all wrong. Shapiro does not come off as an ass ever. It is that prime mistake called Trudeau that comes off as an ass and a goofball. Mankind, I mean peoplekind sure got a screwing when this guy entered the world.
  3. Thank You, Trudeau part 2

    When Trudeau arrived in India he was greeted by the Agriculture Minister. What a an insult and a kick in the ass. I guess this just shows that Trudeau is considered a non-VIP "personkind" by most leaders of the world and rightly so. Trudeau is a joke. I believe that Trudeau was eventually met by India's leader but that was pretty much close to the end of Trudeau's visit. This prime mistake of ours should just stay home and let real men do the job of looking after the affairs of this country. It is sad to see that Canada is treated as an insignificant country. Well, at least we know that legal and illegal refugees love Canada. I wonder why?
  4. Yesterday
  5. Pattullo Bridge replacement

    I think that I made myself clear when I said that I was against tolls on bridges. Remember that.
  6. Thank You, Trudeau part 2

    What's "meat loafy" mean?
  7. Thank You, Trudeau part 2

    Tsk, it's obviously free verse...
  8. Thank You, Trudeau part 2

    So shockingly disrespectful... to the concept of metre I mean. Ah well, I doubt Trudeau will be found hanging in his closet with a copy of this in his hands... so you had some afternoon fun at least.
  9. Not really, here are the details: How likely would you be to bring a firearm to school if you were allowed to? Very Likely - 10.7% Likely - 6.9% Somewhat Likely - 10% Somewhat Unlikely - 7.2% Unlikely - 15.7% Very Unlikely - 49.5%
  10. Justin Trudeau the Worst PM Since Pierre Trudeau?

    CBC: Trudeau's trip to India called "Colossal Failure" Poor PM Trudeau must be feeling so unloved. How can he stand it?
  11. Is hockey a gladiator sport?

    I have been googling about history of the NHL and I was surprised how relatively undeveloped the league was until the 70's. The same six teams played against each other for 70 rounds. That means that all teams met each other for 14 times and on top of that the play-off games. Only in the 70's the league started to expand. Furthermore, as these days all North-American ball game-leagues have artificial east vs west-finals, that was not the case in the NHL until the 80's. There were finals between NY Islanders and Philadelphia or Philadelphia and Buffalo. Only later on this silly artificial obsession that the final must be east vs west thing has caught the NHL too.
  12. It wouldn't sound pretty good to me were I a US parent sending my kid off to grade one knowing they would be sitting in a classroom facing a teacher with a Glock tied to their hip. Many of the teachers surveyed remarked they didn't go to college to become a teacher to end up with the possibility of having to shoot a student. And it also won't sound too good when inevitably a student is mistakenly shot.
  13. Trump suggests one thing one day (when he is confronting those who lost friends and loved ones in school shootings) and then flips completely upside down the next day when he is speaking to his conservative, gun toting, NRA supporting followers. If you buy his BS then I have some property for sale. Perhaps AR 15's will be outlawed since the "small fraction of crimes" include nearly all of the many school shootings. The gun nuts need to be reined in and I am hoping the student actions that have followed the latest one will have effect. They seem to be gathering strength at the same time as major US corporations are cutting ties to the NRA. I think people have just had enough, finally. I think American's from either side of the political should dig their heels in and hold hairball to account for his endless lies.
  14. That sounds about right, meaning that 25% want to take the required training and arm themselves - that sounds like a pretty good number to me.
  15. Well, then it shouldn't be too hard to come to some agreements because Trump has also suggested those changes. In fact, he's suggested even more changes than those. As far as semi-auto rifes (as I assume you're talking about), those wont be outlawed...and in fact are used in a small fraction of crimes. But yeah, some good starting points, we'll see what the democrats do - my guess is that they dig in their heels and try blaming Trump for their inaction. Just a hunch!
  16. Here is the same poll that extends to 2017. You're in the minority BC2004.
  17. My little research tells me 3/4 of teachers surveyed in the US don't want to be armed. One particular teacher interviewed after Trump's latest ridiculous rantings said while he is a gun owner with a long gun and a pistol, he would not carry a gun into the classroom. Many do agree armed guards are a much saner idea. https://www.cnn.com/2013/02/27/politics/teacher-guns-survey/index.html
  18. Thank You, Trudeau part 2

    lok up in the sky its a bird, its a plane, no its Fidel Jr. and you bet he's vain first he lectures on what words to use but wait he still wanted to be in the news so with righteous fury he and his cultees undermined a jury but he wasn't done off to India he went on a photo op run off the plane he did prance to engage in photo ops and dance his family dressed like dolls and then came the pratfalls lecturing Mr. Butter Chicken of the Pubjab on terrorists while forgetting to vent his travelling list oopsy we invited a murderer with us oh please don't make such a fuss you see we do better in Canada as Fidel Jr. said we don't arrest terrorists, we compare them to Italian immigrants instead we rehabilitate them you see but not that damn jury no them we undermine because um uh oh you never mind he never said anything bad I mean sheesh and yegad he was just expressing raw emotion before crossing the ocean his people said pander to get your vote with either type Indian emote and off to India like a comet causing many to vomit except of course for the Squid I mean heaven forbid he take down the poster from his boudoire and call Trudeau a fallen star I mean come on oh gee he's just like his mommy but hey Fidel left us his son so they'll be some more fun I mean at least he's not a grump like that fat man Donald Trump well its just a matter of time until he makes the transition and I don't mean to the opposition I feel sorry for Sophie who these days is kind of looking meat loafy I think she is ready or his fall and sudden re-emergence as Ru Paul
  19. How many school shooting you aiming for this year? Seems the US is out to set a record. One every 2.5 days so far.
  20. Not sure what dems you are referring to. The ones I have heard speaking on the issue don't want an all out ban such as to the 2nd, they do want a few safeguards in place such as effective background checks, an increase in the legal age, and perhaps putting assault rifles back into the hands of the people they were designed for. You've heard of the military I imagine?
  21. Islamophobia in Canada

    Then pull yourself out of it and join the rest of us ,in protecting this country from the trudeau elites.
  22. This girl receives a rifle as gift, she is going to shot her friends in the first opportunity. Her face reminds me someone from an old movie.
  23. Iran needs some democracy

    Video posted on Telegram appeared to show a policeman pushing a woman off a utility platform where she had been peacefully protesting. People in the crowd shouted words of encouragement for the woman, to which a policeman challenged, “Step forward if you’ve got balls.” A bystander told CHRI that the woman struggled to get up from the ground and was limping. “The crowd quickly surrounded her and didn’t let the police come close,” the witness told the rights group anonymously. The crowd helped the woman into a taxi, but the police followed her. “I heard the taxi was stopped at the next crossing and they arrested her,” the witness said. An activist group, My Stealthy Freedom, has identified her as Maryam Shariatmadari, though this is not confirmed. The group said that she was beaten at a detention centre and denied medical treatment. ast director at Human Rights Watch. This is a clear case of a peaceful nation against an oppressive mercenary security oparatus keeping an unpopular regime in power by utilising terror and intimidation. http://www.rudaw.net/english/middleeast/iran/24022018 Those police/security mercenaries who use illegal and brutal methods against a peaceful nation, women in particular must be identified and later punished.
  24. Syrian Civil War

    I stated: If one were to accept Ghost's thesis that the US is to blame for supporting Al Quaeda as you stated , then Russia must be equally to blame for supporting Assad. You of course have not used your anti American standard to judge Russia or Iran or Hezbollah for that matter, just the US and Israel.You then made the above response. back to me. It shows when you have no ability to respond and are shown to be selective to the point of absurdity the best you can do is spit back an insult which of course is to be expected. Who you be questioned as to your selectivity? You? You should have figured out by now that the difference between us is I do not and have never over-estimated your lack of intelligence.. it speaks loudly for itself. Now of course your latest fantasy is there is no civil war in Syria. The Holy Ghost doth thinketh he doth shine downeth from his divine throne of infallible procolomations. More like proctological. That aint no throne and that aint no cherubs singing just farting. Hark the herald buttox sings.
  25. Syrian Civil War

    Yah the war going on isn't civil because Russia and the US are rude to each other. Genius.
  26. Jerusalem is Israel's Capital...

    That was funny. You spend many responses telling Jews who we are and where we can live and now suddenly its not up to you. Lol. You are the leader for us. We need you to lecture us on where we should go Moses I mean Holy Ghost. Bottom line its up to those who live in Jerusalem to figure it out not you, not me and certainly not the pee on Israel Committee.
  27. Haven't they done away with tied matches even in the NHL? If the game is tied after 60 minutes then there is overtime and the loser gets one point?
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