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  2. America under President Trump

    In the latest ridiculously embarrassing comment, Trump refers to immigrants as "snakes", Perhaps the dolt forgot he is married to one. No wonder she oftern looks so troubled when she has to appear in public with him.
  3. Justin Trudeau the Worst PM Since Pierre Trudeau?

    I guess you are groping for whatever you think will take the focus off Trump's endless turmoil. He's trying to hide his bald spot though, that should inspire you.
  4. Justin Trudeau the Worst PM Since Pierre Trudeau?

    India has not only exposed Justin Trudeau, but also Liberal Party identity politics back home in Canada:
  5. Oh yeah we can see you are doing very well. https://www.cnn.com/2017/10/03/americas/us-gun-statistics/index.html
  6. Justin Trudeau the Worst PM Since Pierre Trudeau?

    Too bad Trump Jr. is likely about to be indicted.
  7. Today
  8. Justin Trudeau the Worst PM Since Pierre Trudeau?

    Justin Trudeau just can't get any respect in India...he is just another tourist taking selfies.
  9. That's nice....Americans have increased gun ownership, and the gun homicide rate is also down...way down to 30 year lows.
  10. and what could be more convincing I wonder?
  11. I don't recall seeing that discussed here, but I have heard of it. While at face value it seems the most sensible thing to do, it is politically practically impossible, as you have alluded, IE "That will be a tall order". If it ever happens, it is not going to happen any time soon. So that leaves people with the dilemma, what else is there to do? In what seems to be the most bizarre of solutions, it is to increase the presence of even MORE guns. Much like in a situation of war, when there is a real threat, choices become limited. Then the only option is to choose the lessor evil.
  12. I haven't looked into the numbers of such assaults. However according to what I have researched it seems not enough to make teachers want to pack guns. Can you imagine being a public school teacher in front of a class announcing today we will discuss domestic social issues while your 45 is dangling from your belt?
  13. After a mass murder in 1996, they enacted legislation to ban automatic and semiautomatic weapons and confiscated over a half million of them. The gun homicide rate has decreased 42%; Australia has one of the lowest homicide rates of all. More significantly gun suicide rate decreased 57%. Here is a review from Harvard.
  14. Isn't there a significant number of teachers that are assaulted in schools? Add guns to the mix will not work well.
  15. Gun laws work for us in Canada. But you know that from your ever presence listening to and quoting CBC.
  16. No need to refute your link. No one is saying "let's do nothing about the killings". What you posted is just a deflection of the actual point we were discussing. More pointless garbage from you.
  17. Didn't somebody post on here the elimination of a huge number of guns in Australia and a corresponding drop in gun killings or am I just imagining seeing it? They could start by collecting all automatic weapons from society and banning them completely. I'm sure that would make a difference. But first they are going to have to elect a congress that is on side. That will be a tall order.
  18. I don't make the stats, I just report them to make my point. You are free to attempt to refute them if you wish.
  19. America under President Trump

    The report by Mueller was already discussed in this thread. To which you never responded. Memory getting bad?
  20. Yep, as well as questionable math, logic, reading comprehension skills...
  21. America under President Trump

    There were many not my President rallies. There are Russian links to the Nov 12th one in NYC, and the Nov 19th one in North Carolina only.
  22. Oh, did I make a typo? Sorry. I was never a great typist.
  23. America under President Trump

    In addition to that manipulation, CNN failed to mention that the "Not My President" protest after the election was also set up by the same Russian group. CNN themselves participated substantially in that one. Nicely played. Oh and Florine Goldfarb - just an old lady who didn't know the Russians were behind it. Her life is now in danger, thanks to CNN. She is 76 years old. Elderly Trump Supporter Woman Exposed To Vicious Harassment Following CNN Report
  24. OK, you got me there. But now that gets me to thinking, maybe I should invest in US funeral homes. And open a gun shop. I'm heading for Alabama.
  25. Sure you can, they are long and black.
  26. Writing is definitely not one of yours.
  27. America under President Trump

    The counter memo was released today, although it is heavily redacted. There are however many things it makes clear, one of the most glaring is that the Steel dossier did not reach the FBI counterintelligence team investigating Russia's interference in the election until mid-September 2016 or seven weeks after launching the investigation so the Trump lie that it was the basis for the investigation is full of crap. Additionally the FISA application for the surveillance of Carter Page happened after had already left the Trump team, so the other Trump lie that they tapped his phones is full of even more stinky crap.
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