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    Well we had a long thread on Islamophobia. To this date the member of Parliament who introduced the bill doesn' define what Islamophobia is but gets down right rude and arrogant having to even consider defining it. Its still not defined and yet its specifically mentioned in her bill. Well we had the usual assortment of trendy leftists come to this law's defence. Where are they when Imams preach anti-Semitism in Canada? Where are they now? Will they accuse me of being an Islamophobe if I challenge a Muslim Imam for making anti-Semitic sermons and chastise leftist liberals for not calling him out? Will the MP who started this bill explain how it won't be used to coerce and intimidate silence and prevent the criticizing of this ugly bigoted Imam and more like him? Well? http://news.nationalpost.com/news/world/montreal-mosque-facing-calls-for-investigation-as-video-shows-imam-preaching-anti-semitic-conspiracy-theories Think the above is new? http://en.cijnews.com/?p=213526 How about this? http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/ryerson-university-fires-ta-over-alleged-anti-semitic-statements-at-toronto-mosque-1.4004937 So where is the same outrage from the leftist trendy liberals on this board let alone on Parliament hill? Go on show me one sob in the Liberal Party who has spoken out against this Imam? Why the selectivity? Why the silence? Right we have Trudeau right on cue with his Canada stands with the UK speech but who him mention it was fueled by some idiot Muslim extremiust? Oh no We can't use the word Muslim when referring to the a-hole in Britain. It would be unfair. It would be Islamophobic. Where are the Canadian Muslim leaders to condemn this bigoted Imam? https://israelnewsonline.org/why-is-canadian-imams-prayer-to-kill-jews-met-with-silence/ I tell you where. Staying silent like Trudeau. Staying silent like Trudeau while shoving through a bill about alleged Islamophobia without defining it. Think that MP pushing the bill and all her trendy Leftist sob's will ever denounce an extremist Muslim/ Here look who Trudeau upholds as an ideal Canadian: http://www.therebel.media/trudeau_puts_extremist_omar_alghabra_in_charge_of_canadian_consulates Let's talk about Alghabra for a second to understand why the Liberal party is silent on anti semitic Muslims in Canada let alone in their pwn party: Go find out for yourself who this Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Trudeau's advisor on the Middle East stands for. At a party that celebrated his being appointed Secretary to the Minister or Foreign Affairs, he felt it just fine to meet with his good buddy, Dr. Nazih Khataba, who is a board member of the openly anti-Semitic Palestinian House in Mississauga, Ontario where Alghabra was elected. Khataba is the editor of the newspaper called "Meshwar". In an editorial in this newspaper, Issue 146, December 24, 2015,on p. 6, Khatabi openly praised the Lebanese terrorist Samir Quntar who I have mentioned in other threads. Quntar for those of you who do not know in 1979 came into Israel across the border one night with some fellow terrorists. An Israeli father of a yog daughter and son had to make a quick choice and hid his wife and daughter in a small crawl space. The mother suffocated the daughter to death holding her mouth so she would not scream and give them away. Quntar later released to Lebanon for dead Israeli soldier bodies was hailed as a hero by a hero of Lebanon and Khatabi. Well sure. Why was he a hero? He tool the father and chopped him up slowly in front of his son but before he did that he made sure his boys ejaculated, urinated, excreted on the father so the 4 year old boy could watch. Then he personally smashed the head of the 4 year old on beach rocks and crushed the skull in with the butt of his rifle and then for good measure urinated and excreted on it. Yes sir. That is what Khatabi praised as a hero. This is the man Alghabra embraces. This is the man now advising Trudeau on the Middle East and you want to know why Trudeau won't say a damn thing about extremist Muslims? This is a man who has publically stated Hamas, Hezbolla and Al Asqua are NOT terrorist groups. This is a man who welcomed Al Jazeera into Canada and in the next breath said Fox News should be censored. Well let's look further at Allaghbra and Trudeau and the Muslim extremist connections. Omar Alghabra, ran the Canadian Arab Federation before getting ele ted. That lobby group claims that Hamas and Hezbollah are not terrorists. Trudeau deliberately brought this guy into his party knowing what his views were to pander to the Muslim community just as he panders with appointing a Muslim Somali refugee Immigration Minister, appointing A;ghabra as his point man on the Middle East and welcomes a bill that singles out Islamophobia while he remains silent to Muslim extremism.. This is the same Justin Trudeau who of all the Mosques to choose to visit in Canada and who claims to be personal friends with the Aga Kahn the spiritual leader of Ismaili Muslims didn't choose one of their mosques or to visit an Amidyyah Mosque consisting of Muslims who escaped Muslim extremism and openly denounce terrorism. No not Trudeau of all the mosques to chose he went to the Al Rashid mosque in Calgary run by openly anti semitic Imams including Imam Al Rashid who went back to Egypt to head the Muslim Brotherhood’s administrative office, and was arrested for inciting violence against Coptic Christians. You ever seen Trudeau in a Coptic Christian church? Ever hear Trudeau talk about the attempted massacre of Coptic Christians in Egypt or the on-going genocide of Christians in Sudan or attacks against them in Nigeria? Who Trudeau? Trudeau went to this anti-Christian, anti-semitic, anti-Hindu, anti-Siekh mosque and met with Saima Jamal a lovely young lady who organized a pro-Hamas protest on the steps of Calgary’s City Hall that openly engaged in violence. Here is what this woman said on Facebook after finding out people were hurt in her violent protest: “Bahaha. After today they would be foolish to show up again in another protest in Calgary as long as they live.” No problem for Trudeau because this same violent anti semitic bigot who laughed at the violence she caused openly recruited hundreds of Muslims to jin the Loiberal Party. Did Trudeau even acknowledge a probkem. No not Justin who went on to campaign at Montreal’s Wahhabi mosque – another centre for extremist anti semitic,anti Western Muslims who the US State Department in 2008 stated was 1 of 9 nal Qaida recruitment centers in the world. Hey now, why stop there. Justin made sure the Muslim community saw him endorsing and taking his usual insipid photo ops with Imam Omar Subedar. In case you don't know who that man is this is the Toronto imam who published an article explaining to Muslims how to beat their wives. But hey Justin is a feminist you know. Now Aleghbra does not hide his views ever. In fairness to him, he does not couch or hide his biases. He is out and open with them. Also interestingly for a man who is as anti Israeli as it can get he openly condemned certain but not all members of the BDS movement as being anti semites. I have been to speeches where he has incited open hatred against Israel and anyone Jewish or not who supports Israel. On the other hand, like most trendy Liberals, he will claim this is perfectly trendy Liberal dogma that Trudeau supports. He does not feel Israel should exist as a Jewish state and calls Hamas and Hezbollah, Al Quaeda, Fatah. Al Asqua, freedom groups. Then there so Alexandre Trudeau who does not work for a living and lives on Daddy's trust fund in Montreal. To amuse himself, the brother of Justin makes documentaries. He's made two " "The Fence" and " The New Great Game", blatantly anti-Israeli pro-Iran Hamas propaganda tapes full of false references and quotes from classic anti-semites. Then again this is a Prime Minister who not so long ago issued a Holocaust Remembrance Day statement but did not think he needed to make any mention of Jewish suffering in the Holocaust. So I ask again-where is Trudeau when hateful Imams make hateful comments? Where is he? Where was and is he in regards to the poisonous hateful comments of imam Sayed al-Ghitawi who called on Allah and I quote to... “destroy the accursed Jews,” and “kill them one by one,” and “give victory to our brothers who engage in jihad for your sake everywhere.” Where was Trudeau and the MP so concerned about Islamophobia when this same Imam and other bigots at this mosque as well as Imam Wael al-Ghitawi stated that Jerusalem and I quote is.. “Arab and Islamic,” not to mention that Jews are and I again quote " descendants of “Mongols.” " Where is Trudeau openly condemning this Al-Andalous Islamic Centre? He's quick to encourage an MP to call out Islamophobia without defining Islamophobia but zero mention of bigoted Muslims. So? How do I criticize such Muslims without Trudeau and this MP calling me irrational and Islamophobic? I bring all the above up because the day after yet another terrorist attack by someone in the name of extreme Muslim terrorist beliefs and we have a Liberal government so quick to point out it stands by the UK when it does not. The current regime will not acknowledge Muslim extremism exists and now does what? It passes a bill that makes it possible to threaten and intimidate people for speaking out against Muslim extremism and its not just a slap against non Muslims, its a slap in the face of moderate Muslims Muslims who fled to this country to get away from the very Islamic beliefs Trudeau is courting and pandering to. Make no mistake Aleghbra's agenda is to advance what he believes is a specific agenda for MUSLIM Canadians and only MUSLIM Canadians who subscribe to his specific views. This MP is not inclusive nor is the MP who initiated the bill. They aren't interested in moderate Muslims in fact they are protecting the very Muslims in Canada trying o bully and intimidate moderate Muslims for not being fundamentalist and anti Western enough. These are the voters Trudeau courts. I got news for Trudeau and the rest of his trendy leftist two faced bigots, Canadians understand what is going on. We know a panderer when we see one. The attempt to pander to Muslim voters by siding with loud extremists in their community is going to back fire on him. The tokenism he is engaging in by choosing a Muslim refugee to be in charge of Immigration and Refugee policy, the crass tokenism in pushing through a bill a few days after a massacre of innocent Muslims designed to pander and divide Canadians from challenging extremist beliefs in Islam because of the dxeliberate ambiguous wording is a disgrace. His father would have never passed such a bill.His father never pandered to ethnics as he did. Trudeau Sr. could walk into a Church, Mosque or Synagogue and say what you want about his politics he did not pander. He did not pander to any one group. I saw him at rallies. He treated us all the same. He appealed to our intellectuality not our hatred. His son appeals to base, simplistic token stereotyping and shallow superficial feel good pablum. .
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    Did you saw all those "Dutch" citizens rioting in Rotterdam waving Turkish flags and shouting Alluha Akbar. Every one of them should be stripped of their dutch citizenship and deported to Turkey. We grant citizenship far, far too easily in the West, to people who don't deserve it and don't respect it.
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    even if one out of 10 of these anti muslim stories are true, they would still out number any of the good muslim stories.....more to my point, is you've cherry picked my post to suit you...perhaps you can address the point that islamic terrorism has a larger voice than most Islamic nations have, much larger than any good muslim group has, which over shadows the good muslim message.. And yet there is no movement on this front , maybe i'm wrong and you can show me a source, where Muslim countries or nations or large groups of muslims have taken action to change that.....forget the small message of them condemning terrorist acts.....everyone does that, whether they believe it or not....This is why the so called good muslims are having problems in the west.....because we are bombarded by extremist muslims messages all the time.... I don't give a rats ass who they want to impose it upon, we have law and order in this nation already, if shia law worked out for them in their last home nation why are they here....i can tell you it's not the weather.....And where do we draw the line with laws, which laws over ride Canadian laws....it creates a dogs breakfast..... Sorry for my hysteria.....i was feeling some what wild and crazy this morning.....
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    Montreal Imam: Jews are the most evil of mankind, human demons, quotes kill Jews passage from hadiths. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSzSTd3kN3E Different Montreal Imam says "Destroy the accursed Jews" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_6wEZJT9dM Imam and congregation of Toronto Masjid Mosque Call for the Death of All Jews and Christians. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13WTFjcZWes
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    Huh......I always thought the US didn't start military actions or teamed up with any other nations till that bombing thing in Hawaii. Yes I am sure you think the states over reacted by placing sanctions on Japan when it got a savage with the invasion of China. Lord knows the Germans didn't want a fight at the time.lol The U.S is guilty of many things but scolding them for their actions during World War 2 is not really helping your cause. Try as you might to defend the Nazis and Japanese empire these were not very nice people. Both Stalin and Churchill were desperate for the states to get involved. The bombing of Pearl Harbour guaranteed the defeat of the Axis powers.
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    IMHO, one of the key setbacks to German nuclear research was the loss of the world's entire supply of deuterium. This was the work of several clandestine operations by Norwegian expats, resistance and Brits that destroyed the production equipment, and later the facilities at Norsk Hydro. The remaining equipment at the end could not produce enough quantity or quality to sustain supplies adequate for a reactor to produce weapons grade Pu. Norsk Hydro first gave their existing inventory of high purity D2O to France before the Nazis moved in, and that material was removed from the Curie institute by Brits and move through Dunkirk as the Germans invaded Paris and swept West. That was in turn moved to the most secure location the Allies could imagine - a new plant built in Warfield BC to support atomic bomb development over here. The Americans DID bomb the Hydro Norsk facilities once they entered the war, but by then the bulk of the work to remove material and destroy the equipment was already done, and it was a Brit/Norwegian commando raid that finally destroyed the facilities with hand placed demolition charges. The final blow to the Nazi atomic weapons programme was sinking of the ferry with the last of the poor quality D2O stocks - again nothing to do with the Yanks at all. Project Manhattan was far, far more the result of American initiative than any other country, but that was in making the Allied bomb, not stopping the Axis one.
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    The irony is if the axis had one and without the American war machine it would have been likely or had Germany or Japan created the bombs first we would not have the right to have this discussion. Hate the states all you like, that is your right. A right that they have helped make sure we all have .
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    The UK Muslim Council has condemned the attack in their press release. Day of: http://www.mcb.org.uk/westminster-attack/ Day after: http://www.mcb.org.uk/westminster-attack-call-for-solidarity-and-prayer/ Neo-nazis, come out and play!
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    I am generalizing. I don't know what or how each of these individuals can justify killing innocent people. Much like I am unable to understand how a Western soldier can drop a bomb from an airplane, or press the red button on the drone joystick, knowing many innocent people will die. I suspect many use revenge and anger and the whole 'us vs them' mentality to justify their actions.
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    You are not taking US foreign policy into consideration when trying to figure why these attacks are happening. This is one of the biggest flaws when approaching this conversation.
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    How was invading Iraq, "fighting terrorism"? How is selling weapons to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, the countries that fund ISIS and Al Qaeda, "fighting terrorism"? How was attacking Libya, "fighting terrorism"? How is pushing a democratically elected government out of power in Egypt, by supporting Mobarak's military in a coup, "fighting terrorism"? How is shooting missiles from drones, with a 40:1, civilian:terrorist kill ratio, "fighting terrorism"? I would appreciate a discussion and replies based on substance, rather than empty, shallow accusations.
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    Oh yeah, I forgot the good ol' "we deserve it" argument...and you know, at one point in my life, I might have bought into that too - I even used to believe in the idea of "oh hey man, if only they knew us better, we'd all get along" - man was I stupid to believe that crap. The fact is; It's not us...it's them. As you people keep saying, it's homegrown terrorism, and many of these people are from countries that England, France, Belgium etc have never done a solitary thing to. The Islams have waged a religious war and the west is terrified to accept that fact. I don't care who started it, but I know what side I'll be on when it comes to my country. The way we win is the same way we ended Japan's threat - plain and simple.
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    Through your observation and calculations of what has transpired since 911, have you ever taken into consideration West's foreign policy and actions as part of the equation? Everything from supporting dictators to installing dictators to selling weapons that are used to kill innocent people and of course the military interventions.
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    You moderators just refuse to get it, this thread like hundreds of others in this forum are mere asides to the unresolved unmitigated core of the topic which of course is the Wests violent and abusive interference in the ME. Its exactly like sexual abuse in a family, Until such time as that core problem of abuse is resolved and mitigated the dysfunction it's caused will never go away. Ever. Get used to it.
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    Liberal's making friends every where they go.....This does not surprise me , Canada can not even look after it's own soldiers.....but to take this stand on the inter national stage is stupid for the lack of a better word. I mean here was an opportunity to show some compassion, to the world for mere crumbs to our full annual Budget....and yet the liberals who have spent 30 bil in a blink of an eye has said NO to the small compensation of the gurkha guards at our own embassy....I wonder who is guarding the gates now... more an likely the locals, as they would be the cheapest bidder.....Wonder i secure the embassy is now.... http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/kabul-canada-gurkhas-1.4019840
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    I haven't made Trump the victim, I've stated that the Girl Guide media rep is taking a political stance - which she clearly is. Look at her history and her experience, she's a professional and knows exactly what angle she's taking. Do you disagree that making a press statement against Trump is a political statement. Seriously dude, your posts are looking more like Bubbers and Impact's every day - pull yourself together, you're a mod, not a troll.
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    I think this reinforces the notion that the Liberals believe Canadian citizenship is a right,not a privilege.Apparently no obligations come with Canadian citizenship either.
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    Bad moderation is killing this forum.
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    I "get" where you're trying to go with this. If a religion has a main teaching that says, "If you sacrifice your life to our God while engaging in jihad, you get to rape 72 virgins in the afterlife for doing it" and then that religion fails to clearly define what "jihad" is and just lets each person define it on their own according to their own interpretations, then yes....they are responsible for how their adherents behave. They don't get to just sit back and say, "Hey, not our fault." With pedophiles in the priesthood, did the entire Christian world just sit back and say, "Those priests don't represent Christianity." and do nothing about it? No, it was exposed, it was dealt with - by the religion that was responsible for it - and it was done publicly so all could see. If you can't see how Islam's teachings on jihad, the denigration of women and their attitudes towards non-Muslims have contributed to the free-for-all devastation they are wreaking upon the world right now, I can't help you. If you can't see that what's going on has been set in place by ideological dogma, which is now the vehicle used to express themselves, I can't help you. To stick by your position that Islamists have nothing whatsoever to do with Islam is just absurd. You want to stifle any conversation about the connection between Islamic ideology and Muslim intolerance and violence, in the name of political correctness. Obfuscating like you do does nothing except protect Muslims from having to grapple with this issue. When a person devotes themselves fully to the extreme versions of Islam and states his religious reasons for doing so and confesses his certainty about martyrdom on video before he blows himself up, you don't consider this as evidence that the religion's dogma is responsible. But if he said he did it because he's full of despair and revulsion for the West, you'd accept it at face value. The religion is exonerated. Any criticism of Islam is met with accusations of bigotry, Islamophobia and racism. You want to hold hands with extremists by defending medieval cultural aspects of the religion, "Because it's their culture and we have to protect it!!", then you are throwing feminist Muslims, gay Muslims and ex-Muslims under the bus. These are the very people who need us to speak up. By stifling this discussion, you think you're doing them a favour, but all you're really doing is making the idiotic right wing the loudest voice in this and No, I don't agree with their extreme views of "all Muslims are this way or that way." I've had nothing but bad experiences with Muslims and I don't even think that's the way they ALL are. But enough of them are to make the world pretty miserable right now. They are in desperate need of reform and they are fighting it tooth and nail.
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    Europe experienced terrorism at a higher level in the past. Majority were committed by internal groups. Even now, majority of the attacks, which are small comparatively to the past are done by citizens. The hysterical reaction fed by exaggerating the issue, ignorance of the source of the problems and the ignorance and hate of immigrants (especially if they're known as Muslim - I mean, did you see the hateful, disgusting comments by Hal 9000 in this thread before they were removed?) is a problem. Not wanting people to escape hell holes, especially when we, the West have directly contributed in creating many of the hell holes is a problem.
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    Islam is not interested in interfaith co-existence. Unless, of course, Islam is in the Dar-al-Harb (like Canada)...then it's all smiles and fraternity with the kufar until the numbers of Muslims increases. Then the push for Sharia starts... Islam means submission. Everybody submits...not just Muslims.
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    I didn't say entirely. But JT has been appointing far too many people to high positions based entirely on their skin color, ethnicity, and ovaries. The decision on who should be let into Canada should be made by an unbiased person who has nothing but Canada's interests at heart, not a person who might have a conflict because members of his 'people' are still trying to get into Canada. I would suggest no one with dual citizenship should be considered for the boards.
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    That's not a good comparison. In fact, it's a terrible comparison. A better comparison would be for someone to stay home and not drive, because they might get in a car accident. There is a much bigger risk in getting in a car accident or getting in a car accident and dying, than experiencing a terrorist attack. This is why it's completely irrational. Of course, that's in Europe and North America. I'm sure things are much different in Syria where there is a higher risk of experiencing a terrorist attack by the Asad regime, U.S. planes, Russian planes or the Saudi backed terrorist groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda.
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    I would say it is irrational to make generic evaluations based on so little context.
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    I know, I'm just more interested in not supporting western civilization, something that irks you even more I suspect.
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    Who said Trudeau can't keep a promise? http://www.torontosun.com/2017/03/03/trudeau-rewards-a-terrorist-with-citizenship
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    By fiscally incompetent and socially awkward I assume Impact is referring to the popularity of "libertarian" ideas among those who live in mom's basement. -k
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    Just received another one today, thanks chuck,keep them coming.
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    Points only matter if they translate into gift certificates....like a game show. Otherwise...want one?
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    And we have a terrible reputation of treating First Nation aboriginals like dog doodoo. Blame game is a child's game.
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    I'm now leaning towards Bernier. He is a Conservative.
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    I am so conservative, I wanted to know so I can rip them a new one and tell them not to do it again. That is why I love my warning pts, with your amount of posts and such a little warnings tells me you are more liberal.
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    Agreed. It's time for the conspiracy types to ramp-up their game. The Twin Towers and WTC 7 (sinister music plays) are actually on the Moon and now occupy the very same spots claimed to be Lunar landing sites.
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    HAHA-very funny to say Harper started a media war! Media spent years whining about his alleged "hidden agenda"-the one that never materialized! Balancing the govt books and maintaining Cdn security in the face of Muslim terror is not some sort of dirty secret. If we want to conitnue having an open border and good trade between Canada and U.S. then we MUST recognize Yankee security concerns! With 3000 dead in the ruins of World Trade Centre they are entitled to be nervous! The only "agenda" I have seen is the one where liberals demonize ALL Conservatives! How is it that Conservatives can be smeared for making senators Wallin and Brazeau pay back money that Consevative party feels was used wrongly and for suing senator Mike Duffy for refusing to pay back his carelessly spent share? While at the same time both media and liberals IGNORED that liberal senator MacDonald Harb who had mis-used MORE money than Wallin, Brazeau and Duffy COMBINED! Talk about hiding an agenda! Talk about biased reporting! But then liberal values are such that they were probably appalled by the idea of a political party taking real responsiblity-as Conservatives did- for anything! And liberals were absolutely horrified at the idea of actually paying tax payers back for money mis-used! Our Media promoted liberal propaganda-such as alleging Harper was "muzzling" Cdn scientists-reality is he was simply preventing them from insulting and reviling Conservative party on govt time! Civil servants do not care about politics-their ONLY concern is their oh so comfortable place on what Rob Ford rightly called the govt gravy train! Many civil servants see nothing wrong with using their time at work for what amounts to very partisan union business-which means disputing and smearing views that are counter to their own greedy and narrow self interests. Civil servants are demanding raises in pay and massive new funding for their already gold plated pensions while significant numbers of older Cdns cannot find the cash to purchase the medical drugs they have been prescribed! Civil service/liberal values and entitlements are way out of line-and they want to blame their greed on Harper-with media aid! And media only cares about regaining viewers and readers. Ad revenue for conventional main stream media is fading like snow in July so they are desperate to attract people-hence their willingness to cater to any point of view that gets them attention-regardless of truth about "hidden agendas"! This is why our vaunted CBC started to mock the liberal electoral reform plan-Cdns recognized electoral reform as a vote rigging scam-and CBC did not want to be on the wrong side of that fight with so much hostile public opinion -so they joined other media and mocked the badly biased liberal effort to fragment and break up our parliament. By breaking our parliament into a mass of small, one issue parties, liberals figured they could paralyze parliament and ensure that no single party could gather enough power in future to shut off the mad liberal spending machine. Fortunately CBC recognized they might be on the wrong side of that argument and did the right thing-for once!
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    It refers to the US's plan that was already in place before the false flag event of 9-11 to invade seven countries in five years. General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned - Seven Countries In Five Years
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    Fair question. Depending on what you read literacy rates vary from 40-60 to higher percentages. It depends on what countries you look at It depends on what gender you look at, and what age group y ou look at. Also it depends what you mean by literacy. It you define literacy as basic reading and writing, its higher. If you define literacy as at a level to argue in writing and read nuances its far far lower No one specifically has examined the level of literacy to be able to understand Koran passages. Please do not confuse basic reading and writing with being literate to read the Koran. The majority of Muslims go to madrassas and learn the Koran in "Arabic", a language they don't necessarily understand. A local Imam teaches tem very basic Arabic, not sufficient to be able to read the Koran on their own and be fluent in it.. Further complicating matters is that not all Muslims speak Arabic. Even then, Arabic speakers do not necessarily speak the language of the Quran. It also has to be remembered that WRITTEN Arabic contains a very large amount of vocabulary and a more complex grammar than any of the oral or spoken dialects of Arabic that are actually spoken and limited to the Middle East. Next, ne-quarter of the world's population in Muslim which means many do not speak let alone write Arabic so arfe not literate in the Koran. So the question is how many Muslims can read classic Arabic and therefore be literate to read the Koran. Unfortunately the literacy rates don't address that but common sense tells you that less than 21% of Muslims are Imams. Thus the use of the term 80%. In fact I could have been much more accurate and said 20% of the Muslim world are not Imams, just 5%. However I am assuming a classic Arab literacy rate higher than it probably is. The fact is most Muslims can not read the Quran for one simple reason, and that is because the Quran is very difficult to understand. it is written in the language of Kouriash, which was the ancient language of the Arabs in Arabia and so many if not most of its words are very hard to understand unless you use dictionaries. This is why Imams say the majority of Muslims can not read and understand the Koran. The actual fundamental literacy rate in Muslim countries for arguments sake is somewhere between 40 to 50% of Muslims who can not read or write at all. Of the 50-60% who could read or write at a basic level its usually 20% who go on to universities and so I use the term 80% illiteracy rate to be able to read the Koran. I generaously assume the 20% who go to university could push come to shove use a dictionary of ancient Kouriash with their modern Arabic to try read the Korean but only Imams actually study it from cover to cover and there are no statistics on how many Imams are fully fluent or functional in reading Kouriash. According to : http://bibleanswerstodayblog.com/muslims...he-koran/: they state: "The truth is that less than 2% of Muslims are able to read the Koran (some say only .5%). Since this is true, how do Muslims know what is in the Koran? Since it is not lawful for the Koran to be translated into any other language, only commentaries on the Koran can lawfully be written. And guess what? Most of these commentaries are written by Imams and most of them have been taught by radical Muslims." Now before I answer these question even further, there is a very good reason why even people who think they can understand the Koran do not: a-the chapters are not in chronological order, i.e., the order in which they were "revealed"-there's 114 suras (chapters) in order from longest to shortest-that in itself means they are not flowing in sequence of the actual thoughts that developed them; b-each sura contains many subjects or issues that are unrelated and don't connect so necessarily the stories are disjointed, i.e., jump around without cohesion and logical flow; c-the Koran in fact has a sequence where Muhammad goes from distrusting non Muslims to out and out hating them-it progresses but because of a and b you have to look for it; d-then as I have mentioned to someone who came on this forum to preach the Koran and claims to be a young Turkish girl that she has no clue as to the principle of abrogation which means, many passages written after others written before the are said to over-ride the earlier passages but because the suras are not placedin chronological order trying to figure out what over-rides what is very very difficult-according to Muslims scholars only 43 suras are not over-ridden or contradicted and made obsolete by other suras; e-you can't read let alone understand the Koran without first reading both the SIRA and HADITH which are stories about the life of Mohammed and then relate back to suras that are not contradicted by other suras to referencing them back to his life stories to get their actual meaning; f-according to the Koran, you either live in the realm or place of Islam (the right life and way of doing things) or you live in a state of war (all non Muslims) and all non Muslims are viewed inherently and necessarily as the enemy until they convert to Islam-so even if a non Muslim thinks they have read a translation of the Koran in English they can not be said to understand it until they first convert; g-the Koran is designed NOT TO BE UNDERSTOOD by the average Muslim-ordinary Muslims are only supposed to lear on a need-to-know basis which means unless you are an Imam or Mullah you are not supposed to know or be able to know the actual true meanings even if you could read ancient Arabic. So with all that in mind if you want to refer to literacy rates that if a Muslim can read basic modern Arabic they are literate enough to read the Koran knock yourself out and use these statistics which won't help you: https://wikiislam.net/wiki/Muslim_Statistics_-_Education_and_Employment http://en.rafed.net/women-world-mainmenu/family-fun/did-you-know/1097-rate-of-literacy-in-islamic-countries http://www.iinanews.com/page/public/report.aspx?id=10377#.WNQ-RI-cHFg https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_literacy_rate http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/hyderabad/Muslims-have-lowest-literacy-rate/articleshow/17813189.cms http://unesdoc.unesco.org/images/0014/001462/146282e.pdf
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    Isn't this just the old Star Chamber with a do-over, or have I got my conspiracies mixed-up?
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    Dude....Nowruz was on Monday....Are you gonna somehow link this to this event?
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    I guess that explains why you're so obsessed with preventing native nationalism while promoting your own. It should go without saying my lack of concern for nationalism is universal. Nations waste a lot of time talking about shit that never happens too.
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    If a drone flies over a inch of my property,down she comes.
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    I've seen some demos of single engine take-offs and taxis that really put the plane through the ol' paces. These newer engines on airliners do allow a lot of leeway for power. Longer ETOPS makes a lot of sense now. ETOPS: Something we needn't worry about in dad's Piper 180. I suppose in the Southern Hemisphere, a suitable 330 alternate could be a grass strip maintained by a Cargo Cult.
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    Swear words uttered by French Canadians stem from a frustration with the power and influence that the Catholic Church had on Quebecers. At one time the Church dominated every aspect of their lives. The quiet revolution, which saw that power abate considerably, didn't alter their swearing habits. In 2006, the Church ran a campaign on the meaning of these swear words in the hopes those swears would diminish. http://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/montreal_diocesan_campaign_posters_teach_sacred_meaning_of_religious_swear_words/ I'm Francophone and so is my spouse. I tell you, to hear us go at it at times at home you'd think you were attending mass.
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    A great victory for Islam over the West. Congratulations.
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    I don't object to being called "anti" Islamic, I am. I don't believe in women as second (or lower) class people, I don't believe girls should be stoned for adultery, I don't believe gays should be executed, honour killings - so on and so forth, I don't believe in these things that 80 or 90% of muslims believe. So, I guess it is fair to say that I'm "Anti" Islamic. I don't want any of that philosophy creeping into Canada. Because I'm not actually afraid of muslims, I don't consider myself "Islamaphobic", however the expression of being Anti-Islamic is perceived (or twisted) by the left as Islamaphobia for one simple reason - to downplay and belittle the Idea. The use of the word "phobia" (as in homophobia) in these cases, is simply to pivot the conversation from "dislike" to "fear" - essentially the left pivoting from defence (defending Islam) to offence (your fear is irrational).
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    What does that nonsense have to do with what I said? Your Islamophobic petition may attract a lot of signatures, but that is not a problem with Islam it is a problem of non-thinking Islamophobes. If you had a petition to remove the supremacy of God from the constitution then you would get intelligent signatures instead.
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    And after they get 'arrested' they're put on a bus for Montreal where they can claim refugee status and pick up their cheques before heading to their in-law's houses. What should happen is all of them are put into confinement and given hearings within 48hrs. It won't take long to figure out 95% are migrants not refugees.
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    Probably Obamas numbers included millions of illegals, as well as dead people.
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    Part native, German background, yeah yeah, not sure it has relevance to anything at all.