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    Vice President gives NATO members another warning, if your spending 2 % or more then you need to pressure other nations into doing it as well, if you have a plan to spend 2 % then you need to accelerate it . and if you don't have a plan ,"get one" dead line is 2018...... Already our PM has said we are stepping up to the plate with troops.....this is how our nation pays makes it's contributions...Bullshit....how can Canadians expect to be part of an alliance that states in it's constitution that each member "MUST" spend a minimum of 2 % GDP....it also states it must provide troops and equipment when asked to do so......not one or the other..... Currently Canada spends less than .99% of GDP....I wonder, what Trump and trudeau talked about during their first meeting....we know NAFTA was on the table, what we don't know is if defense spending was a topic.....and if so what was said....one would have hoped the clear and transparent Liberal government would not keep us in the dark.....But then again, what do we know we still speculating about the admiral firing...... Perhaps this is what our country needs is to be forced to spend our share of defense costs for our defence pacts we have signed onto....We know this is going to kick most Canadians in the balls as it is their least favorite topic.....I just hope the trump administration keeps it's word, by applying the right pressure .....Now the US has already said pay up or the US will pull out, and if that is the case , then NATO will become a toothless organization with out them. So how does this effect Canada....well Canada will have to decide if it's european partners are worth spending any funding on, we all know the answer to that one, Canadians are not worth it , how will euro's make out........Or will they also decide to pull out.....One can also say that Canada will atleast have to pick up it's share of the Norad Tab, which is currently is less than 10 % today.....But the US might also ask to pony up for our share of Naval and Army costs to protect North America.....either way, those sunny days are over for all the major parties riding the wave to the beach might have a cost to it........Canada will have to pay its share of the Defense of this nation....instead of free loading , and doing squat with all that funding we save by being cheap bastards.......
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    I had requested for the like feature.....and I still think a like feature is good. However, reputation ratings is a bad idea. By putting this kind of reputation ratings - MLF is actually enabling, and helping in the BIASED "assassination" of posters' reputation in this forum. How can you do that to your members? You refused to put up a suspension and ban list as your way of protecting your members.....and yet you put up something like this? Why do you want to demoralize your members from speaking their minds, delivering their own style, stifling them to "sanitize" the way they deliver? This board is so dead already as it is, and a lively fiery debates are what's needed to stimulate interest to attract newbies into signing in. Why do you want it bland? If it is the desire of MLF to cleanse this board of posters who doesn't share their views.....you don't have to go to this length. Just say so that certain posters are better off to go elsewhere.
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    And several of those 34 visits to the Cooler are from responding to you.
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    I already have a community rating here: 34 visits to the Cooler and 20,000 posts. If you don't like me, I don't care. I'm still coming for your throat. En Garde!
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    Let's agree to not being lab rats in this experiment, eh?
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    I believe this motion will not change the laws in any way. If they want to be heard to say that pulling someone's hijab off on the bus is wrong, then let them. I already knew it was wrong. Critism of any religion will remain my right.
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    If that's the case the mods should present us with the MLW approved version of history so we can proceed from there. Otherwise they should follow or stay out of the way.
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    A motion like this one is just rhetoric. It has no legal effect what-so-ever. The wording proposed by the Member of Parliament from Erin Mills in Mississauga is a young Muslim woman who was concerned about Islamophobia. She wanted to make a feel good statement. The bottom line is "feel good statement" through motions are rhetoric. They have zero legal meaning. Criminal Law in the Criminal Code of Canada already has hate sections that could be invoked and are more generic in reference.. Provincial human rights commissions already invoke such rhetorical references in their decisions. In the grand scheme of things its just more rhetoric.
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    I joined the Conservative Party today.. I plan on voting for the most likely person to beat O'Leary or Leitch. I am saving the Conservatives from themselves.
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    If this is allowed to continue why than do we need a Ministry of Immigration,all they have to do is find a way into the US and than come north. Scrap the Ministry of Immigration and save money. OOH wait we need it to stop Europeans from entering Canada....LOL
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    If being productive means passing as many new laws as possible I prefer unproductive goverrnments.
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    World history provides justification for said fear. Ask the poles...
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    I think Trump's trouble with New START is that Russia continues to develop newer ICBMs on mobile launchers with increasing numbers of MIRV warheads. Each RV (holding the MIRVs) is counted as one warhead for the old START Treaty, if I recall. The US hasn't built a new ICBM in decades. Same goes for the Russian bomber fleet...each counts as one warhead, if I recall correctly under START. All Russian bombers now carry multiple rotary cruise missile launchers as well as options for the conventional method...bombs away! Russia still maintains a big bomber fleet.
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    Hardly guilt. The Cooler gives me a chance to arrange M.Dancer's bones into comical poses. Besides, there's a stool, now...and the cockroaches are fresh.
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    Is there anyway one can give the f---ing things all to Charles?
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    Here you go....I'm giving you some.
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    Another one who has forgotten the US election. No thanks re: your points.
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    I dish em out to anyone who makes me laugh. Sometimes I give a minus... also for laughs!
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    I totally agree with the above. There are people now with 70+ points and it's really becoming nothing more than a silly popularity contest.
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    Trump has only been in power for a month, he has nothing to do with why we don't spend what we should on defence. You paid it lip service before Trump and will continue to do so after Trump. Pure deflection. If Russia is having undue influence on the US, all the more reason to look after ourselves.
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    Canada has no sovereignty, we have looked after that by allowing our military to be depleted todays condition.....So yes we have already given all of that away, to the US as they pay the bills and look after things....as for the Unpatriotic to hope our nation will roll over to the USA....."*******" is my reply......... i spent 34 years in the service defending my country, hoping one day something like this would happen, some one would force our nation to give just one percent of the effort, time, and blood, sweet, and tears that our military gives this country every day.....I did not sit in my comfy chair in the basement, watching porn, and talking what is patriotic and what is not ,on public forums.... no sir i was living the dream..... They don't need air defense systems over canada, they'll defend themselves by destroying missiles and threats over Canada.....The AD systems they wanted to install would see all that stuff destroyed over the arctic.....either way the US is going to defend itself.....
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    Do you even know what Norad even covers.....odds are you don't....and they pay for over 90 % of it now......don't worry though it's not going to be like that in the future....
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    President Obama called Canada out directly on this...in Canada:
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    Thats what happens when you free load for over 40 plus years.....time to pay the piper, hope you brought knee pads, your going to be there awhile....
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    It means NORAD will be revisited as well. Canada is rapidly losing even basic defense capabilities, let alone expeditionary forces.
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    ANYTHING that codifies or even recognizes religious nonsense has no business in Parliament. Religion has proved to be a disaster for anyone or any place that let's it dictate their laws, life or customs, so let's just do what good government should do and separate church completely from state. Who gives a flying purple frick what the hell someone says about another's "religion" - whatever the hell (word chosen carefully) that is supposed to be. Look: we have 7 billion people living on a nice, little one billion room planet. If the religious fruitcakes want to call each other names and kill each other, it is simply Darwin's observation of the weak cleaning out the mentally deficient if we are to have any chance of surviving as a species.
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    If this was happening in a post election Democratic White House administration I would expect the Republicans would be encouraging the 2nd Amendment folks to mobilize so the nation could be rescued from the treasonous traitors in power.
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    It's the support for eroding a principle that goes back to the Peace of Westphalia that should be at issue and especially the grotesque means by which it's being eroded.
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    No one said Mossadegh was a saint, what was said however is that the Anglo-American overthrow of a democratically elected government and installation of a monsterous dictatorship instead was an act of depravity that should be dealt with as a crime against humanity. Puppet dictators make WMD's look like a reasonable alternative.
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    Get back to me when you have understood that it wasn't Mossadegh that employed those riots...lol The rest is just drivel...
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    You may not want to accept it....but yes, Trump is dictating the terms upon which the borders will remain easily accessible to Canadians and trade! Why do you think Trudeau brought up, "looking to improve our immigration system?" Why would our immigration system suddenly needs improvement, when all this time Trudeau's been touting our success with immigration? The rest of your argument is irrelevant. It's not an all-Muslim ban....since other Muslim nations have not been banned. Now, back to topic.
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    Man this story aint is only gonna get worse. What you see coming across into Canada are people who have paid coyotes, aka people smugglers to get them to Europe, the US, wherever. They are not refugees in the political sense. They lie. They lie and make up stories. They lie because they know they won't qualify for immigration status. Canada has to make some hard choices. Its nice to say, take in everyone. But can we or do we set such people up for failure? What is happening today at this moment is that organized criminals will now make millions bring people to the Canada border. Its time the CBC, CTV, that rag Toronto Star stop portraying people as hero refugees escaping persecution. All they do is hold up a flame for moths. It simply sends a signal to other starving people to come. Its called opening the floodgates. It is cruel. Its causing a stampede for the smugglers to make money from. These coyotes loved it when the dead baby washed up. It meant more business for them. It meant justification for exploiting victims. They told their captive audience, the bay makes them cry for you, go! That is reality. What do you think happens once the inevitable dead frozen baby story surfaces? The media is already running stories of frozen Africans in hospitals with limbs marred by frostbite.Now what? What the hell do you think happens to that African with no toes? First thing he will do is apply for benefits and bring his family. Do any of you liberals plan to feed him and sponsor him and his family for life because he won't be working. He'll be on disability. Been there, done that, seen it. Its called the court system. Burned out liberals who once thought they would save the world make the most miserable of bigots once these same migrants line up swamping the system asking for benefits.. Me? I know how the legal system works. Its broken down. It can't provide legal aid. It is providing housing to these migrants while Canadians are living homeless and aboriginals are engaging in mass suicide. Its not a nice picture asking-who do you save or help is it? I have travelled enough to camps in the Middle East see how stomach parasites work and slowly kill. I get maggots and flies and rats and cholera, and the stench of impacted bowels. Know that smell. The smell of pus or rotting flesh or gangrene or death or near death, it never leaves your nose. So what would you like me to say that we can save such people? The reality is so many who really need help are dying and any you think we can save well..we will soon have to make cold hard difficult decisions about such as do we turn people away the same reason most of you now do when you walk in a crowded city and now don't give every single person who asks you for money, money.
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    Trump is playing the media for a fool. While you people get excited about things that hardly matter, he's busy signing executive orders like they're going out of style. Protestors can bitch and whine about how rude he is, but that changes absolutely nothing. He;s done nothing worthy of impeachment at this point. Trump was elected in part for those very personality traits you abhor. BECAUSE he is rude. Nothing he's done is self-inflicted. But rest assured, being POTUS means he can readily inflict pain onto others. With a mere word, even...
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    I have no one on ignore.
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    Forums don't need to choose "winners". They exist to allow discussion.
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    Super Tucanos are ground attack aircraft capable of operating from dirt roads. Crews love them.
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    Darn, you make it too hard for me to give you a like! Most of your posts are on the hate speech thread! I ain't giving up, though. Still searching for something I can live with.
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    You mean like they did in Soviet Russia?
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    To add, Argus, if the concept of fasad is understood, one begins to see why so-called moderate Muslims do not object to Jihad. Nobody wants to be a mischief maker and dubbed an apostate for doing so.
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    Your obsessions are getting the better of you again. No one has been more critical of the Harper government on defense than I have, but they didn't start the neglect of our military. That started back in Trudeau Senior's day, and has continued, largely unabated, through every government, Liberal, PC and Conservative, since then. Just as it continues today under Trudeau junior. I have ZERO doubts that were it not for Trump, the upcoming budget, where the Liberals need to start to address their rising deficits, would target the military for big cuts. AGAIN.
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    Trudeau is trying to pull a fast one. I don't think USA will buy that. If they did, then every country that sends troops will say they're contributing "qualitatively" to NATO. It's humiliating for Canada.
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    Perhaps someone should explain that to him
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    I nearly coughed up my coffee listening to Spicer today telling about how "tough Trump has been on Russia". Breitbart is getting some stiff competition on the fake news front it would seem.
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    I am pretty sure that if someone, regardless of race or religion, went on a rampage of fondling teenage girls at a swimming pool, it would be news. The fact that in this case it was a Syrian refugee is pertinent because our government has bent over backwards to bring these people here and scoffed at the idea that they pose any threat to Canadians. But in light of this incident and others, that discussion should be revisited. Countries like Germany and Sweden have seen assaults on women follow the arrival of large number of migrants from Muslim lands. Now we may be seeing that pattern here in Canada as well. If Muslim migrants just don't know any better, what steps are our government officials taking to make sure they learn? If Muslim migrants do know better but don't respect women, then maybe our government is doing Canadian women a disservice by bringing more and more people who don't respect women to Canada. If it's just "a few bad apples", then maybe better screening, as Ms Leitch suggests, would be a good idea. -k
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    No he prefers to hide out in a dressing room and then he makes it a full on sexual assault. Could get him impeached.
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    There's a difference between calling for genocide (hate speech) and disliking someone (freedom of speech) I called my MP Bryan May and asked him how he was voting. He supports it. I told him he's lost my support. I also wrote Maxime Berniers office. He will not support it.
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    What shock are you talking about? The only people who seem shocked to me are old stock American right wingers - you know, Democrats and Republicans who still cling to the notion their country is exceptional in some way. If I was shocked it was because Trump finally said something that's true.
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    I'm fairly certain none of the usual crowd giving their opinions on this topic have bothered to watch the actual video the topic was started to discuss. So I'll print up one part I think is fairly relevant in the conversation between two very liberal commentators. When you ask Muslims in the UK why they want to live under Sharia law or whether the Danish cartoonists should be imprisoned, you don't get the tiny numbers you would hope to get. And that's a problem we have to speak honestly about. And as you said, you don't have to be a fascist or a racist or even a Trumpian, to not want to import people into your society who think cartoonists should be killed for drawing the prophet. That's a totally rational thing not to want. And the Left has been demonizing anyone who wants to talk about this.