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    About a dozen Moroccans were involved in the mass murders in Spain last week. Now police in Finland have arrested more Moroccans. Which brings to my mind the question of why all these Moroccans are in Europe in the first place. Why are they not returned to Morocco? And why are they murdering people in Europe? The liberal narrative with regard to refugees is one of hand-wringing guilt that we are so much better off than they are combined with a desperate need to prove how much they love diversity and hate racism. So the definition of what constitutes a 'refugee' continually expands in order to assuage western liberals' sense of ideological guilt. Canada, like Europe accepts tens of thousands of so-called refugees each year who are nothing of the sort. They're simply poor migrants, most from the Middle East and North Africa. Even if we know they're not refugees we're too busy wringing our hands and too guilty to actually get rid of them. The Germans and Swedes say they will get rid of migrants who are not legitimate but no one believes that. The first task of a government is to, in essence, protect the people, to keep the barbarians from getting over the wall, so to speak. We are the first generation which has put in place a political class without much interest in protecting the people. Indeed, who are more than willing to accept a certain number of casualties in pursuit of their diversity agenda and to assuage their self-loathing and guilt. The European people overwhelmingly disapprove of how their governments are handling the migrants, but, as in Canada, the liberal press heaps scorn and abuse on anyone who questions the government on this issue, accusing them of racism and heartlessness while streaming cheery pictures of happy, smiling refugees (and ignoring the sullen, violent ones). But make no mistake, those people who died in Spain, and in Finland were murdered by Muslim terrorists, but the Finnish and Spanish governments were complicit in their deaths. The government of Finland and Spain most certainly knew that the more Muslims you bring in the higher the certainty of terrorist incidents killing some of their people. They simply did not care. Any more than Canada's government, which knows terrorism and social disorder is inevitably going to come of bringing in massive numbers of Muslims. The idea that this won't happen in Canada, despite it happening in every single country which has accepted Muslim migrants is absurd and no serious person believes it. Therefore, we know the Canadian government is aware it is no more immune from terrorism than Spain or Finland or France. But if a few Canadians, or a few dozen, or a few hundred die because of bringing in massive numbers of religious fanatics, well, that's something the Left is more than willing to accept. The victims are only Canadian, after all, and the Left feels no particular national attachment to them. Besides, they can simply replace them by bringing in more immigrants and refugees...
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    It is not only the cost to consider but cultural incompatibility caused by the inflow of aggressive war torn people some with unCanadian culture which stands for oppression of women (or the belief that women are inferior) who pose a danger to Canadians and its culture. Canada has no fault in creating refugees and Canada does not belong to Trudeau to make such promises.
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    I just love it when someone white as snow acts like a wannabee black. Whiteys. Lol. Rappin Rue and dee Albino Crew bring you dis rap: oooo eeee y'all can see itz brudda Hot eeeee playing down white man decorum on dis political forum oh he be mighty uzin daht word whitey woweee and yipes he's now wesley snipes oy what a white boy rap dah funk come on he'z jess a lil pink punk
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    To be honest, on a personal level as I don't have kids whose future I should be worried about, I don't give a shit what Finland will look like in the year 2100 if we are an Islamic republic or a member-state of a European caliphate but as most people of my age do have kids their silence really confuses me. The direction we are heading towards is really doom and yet nobody speaks out. Our MSM, universities etc have done a wonderful job brainwashing people into believing that what is going on today is inevitable and for people's own good.
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    Indeed, some people here in Finland say that we must get rid of the EU in order to restore sanity but unfortunately the problem is far wider than that. I wish it were so simple as that but it isn't Take Norway or Canada. Neither are in the EU but both are infected with the same cultural-marxist disease as any EU-country. I hate tin-foil hat theories but what is going on is too consistent to be co-incidental. Here in Europe there is clearly going on the implementation of the Coudenhove-Kalergi-plan which aims to destroy all the nation-states and build a European superstate.
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    HE notwithstanding, I think we can all agree that we benefit from the US military and our proximity to that country.
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    It should be noted that these are not refugee's. They're illegal immigrants, big difference. These people are coming here because they don't want to go back to Haiti, not because they're persecuted, fear for their lives etc. They do not bring anything of benefit to Canada and will be a drain on our economy. However, they will benefit the Liberals when they vote for them, this is blatant self serving behavior by our government as they place their well being above that of Canadian citizens. Trudeau is repeatedly showing himself to be a self serving egotistical amateur playing at being PM. He truly is a terrible choice for the position.
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    It is not a legal argument which was my point. I do notice you now only call it an argument. The word legal must have what conveniently escaped your attention? You think you can deflect with that dropping of the word legal? Right. Next it is not even an argument. He offered no reason why the price to protect the integrity of the legal system not the merits warranted he not proceed further. He simply decided this arbitrarily in secret. it is this half assed secret deliberation and after the fact rationalization Canadians do NOT boy. This WE you refer to, 70% of this WE does not buy his back room deal that keeps secret the amount. This 70% we does not buy anything he says now they found out his office lied and paid the money a week early to prejudice the widow of the person Kadr killed trying to freeze his money pending a legal review. That Sir was deliberate political manouvering and no amount of spin can make an excuse for it. Your boy Trudeau has a large brown stain on his punk shit, white pant outfit he wears to each gay pride parade. I also note you have no explanation why Trudeau has no problems continuing to spend millions on a legal case to dey veterans benefits but did suddenly have financial concern over the Kasr case. You have no explanation how a Prime Minister who in two years has bankrupt this nation with out of control spending is only fiscally concerned about one legal case. Who you? Listen Spicer knew when to walk away, so should you. You defend the indefensible. I am glad to see though Trudeau prancing about in Halifax. That's his idea of leadership. Giggling giggling and posing with drag queens for photo ops in Halifax. What a hip guy. Some of us want a Prime Minister with substance and this thing called a vertebrae. He chooses instead to be a prancing photo op. That's what he offers. Yabba Dabba Doo. He lives the Flintstone theme song. Good for him.
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    No, he's Haitian, please do read the linked article before commenting. They are not sending the Minister of Immigration, who is Somalian. This person is an entirely different person. What I find interesting in the article is what is not explicitly said. That is, and it's quite obvious, that the Liberals are now engaging in a furious damage control exercise. It appears that what most sensible people could clearly see is now finally dawning on the Liberals. That is that virtue signalling and self righteous attitudes can have entirely predictable and harmfull effects. Sadly our PM is just not smart enough to see that himself.
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    Are you a bunch of infidels? Then it's certainly fair and righteous! If you don't convert to Islam you must die!
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    Perhaps if Conservatives stopped maligning Muslims every chance they got, they'd get more votes from them. Anyway, there is lots of talk about how awful it is to allow immigration, but we do have a declining birth rate as do many/most of the European countries from which some people think our immigrants should come. We can't keep our economic engine going without people, so is the idea that we raid European countries for their "educated white" people? Do you think those countries are going to be happy about that? What if they, in return, start raiding us for our "educated white" people? And, what makes anyone think that Canada is such a great place to be that enough people will come from 'preferred' countries to make up our shortfall anyway? Marcus has clearly demonstrated that our immigration system primarily brings in people who can make economic contribution to our country, regardless of their country of origin. Criticizing a policy that focuses on an immigrant's ability to be economically successful because it's letting in too many educated and economically viable people from countries where the skin color is predominantly not-white seems like hidden racism.
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    Unfortunately, it's not just the Liberals. The Conservatives were little better. The NDP, of course, would double immigration. The media lavishes praise on politicians who like immigration, and curses on any who question it. And politicians, of whatever stripe, are whores. They will not take the hard path of laying out the foundation of their beliefs and persuading people they are right, especially in the face of thunderous condemnation from the national media. Instead they will take the easy path. Why do the Liberals bring in more Muslims? Here's a clue. Last election, 65% of Muslims voted Liberal, just 2% voted Conservative. The fact Muslims, most from the Middle East, are the least economically successful immigrants to Canada is irrelevant to the Liberals. It's all about votes.
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    You give mankind a lot more credit than it deserves. While it is true that someone, or some group must define what becomes the motivation for our idiotic behaviour, there are dozens, nay...HUNDREDS of competing philosophies, and nobody is sure which one will gain traction and followers - since nobody seems to know with certainty how human nature is evolving. It was easy in the days before that bugger Gutenberg screwed up communications and took control of information away from the religious networks, and today with the interweb giving just every man-Jack easy access to all of the (right or wrong) information, I can not imagine how anyone could predict what lie is going to catch on. Once one does, though, there is enough inertia that 7 billion people get dragged down really stupid roads by the success of some truly stupid idea.
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    I prefer "wine wine wine". You should try it sometime. It might help you develop a new perspective on life.
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    Lets stick with the standard reaction; march hand in hand in streets and shout things like "we will not be afraid" or "we will be united" or something else similar and to make it nice lets light some public buildings this time with the Spanish flag.
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    Remember this is a thread about a unite the right rally sponsored by Nazi's and racists who hate Jews/Israel Muslims, blacks and of course the Commies (read, left-wing Americans) who opposed the rally. Why would you equate these Commies with Nazis and Islam along with me and just about everyone else who's also spoken out against this unite the right rally? It seems you're not actually wearing a uniform at all. Are you just a confused shell-shocked combatant wandering around shooting at whoever happens to be in your sights? Perhaps this is what too much passionate hate and fear does to logic, reason and perspective.
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    It doesn't matter if you strongly disagree, what taxme said is true. Your disagreement doesn't change the fact that they're illegal migrants crossing the border in an illegal manner. That's just a fact. Your strong disagreement doesn't change the fact that the US is considered to be a safe country, that's also a fact. Your strong disagreement also does not change the fact that they aren't refugees. You can disagree until the cows come home and it wont change these facts.
  18. 3 points
    1) north korea would never, never, never take any role that the United States gave them or wanted them to perform and it's silly to suggest such a thing. north korea HATES the US like an islam terrorist. 2) You've mistakenly used the word "logic" in a sentence regarding north korea. One day you will realize that some types of people have no logic. None. That's because their cheese has slid off their cracker, if you know what I mean. So get some time in. Maybe read about how Britain's Chamberlain got Germany to sign a peace treaty and then proclaimed "peace in our time". Again, with some folks, there is only deception, lies, bullying and hate.
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    Diversity is our strength not our weakness. However, it doesn't mean we have to take anyone who knocks on our door.
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    Ask that of Armenians or Kurds in regards to Turkey and get back to me. It will help me shape my answer.
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    Then hand Turkey back to its "rightful owners"...the Greeks/Macedonians
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    Ya, only white supremacists and neo nazis are supposed to bring those.
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    Yes, the most glaring deficiency in the argus/betsy argument is that they start with the premise that protesting for and against white supremacy are equally reprehensible and then they go from there.
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    We need to find out how he became radicalized. Why didn't James Fields' family and his pastor alert authorities that he'd become radicalized? -k
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    Just stop already. Do a little research first before typing. 2017 immigration targets: 173k through the economic class (these are skilled workers and business applicants) 84k through the family class (these are 75% spousal/children + 25% parents sponsorship - side note: Before howling about parents/gparents sponsorship, now, Canada only allows 10K parents sponsorship applications to be processed a year - the rest are the ones sitting in the backlog) 43k through the refugee program Here is the source: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/department/media/notices/2016-10-31.asp Conclusion is that MANY people, especially those who are against immigration, just don't know WHAT they are talking about. My ill feeling is that ignorant people form an opinion on immigration, without really understanding how it really works.
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    The anti fascists acted in a fascist manner, negating the fact they call themselves anti fascist. Argus explained it very well. Famous saying. "Even a serial killer thinks he's a good guy". Or something like that. Someone claiming to be anti fascist shutting down free speech is still a fascist, no matter what he thinks.
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    What a ridiculous assumption. That assumption of course if based on your own personal opinion. If You Want Less Police Violence, Hire More Female Cops
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    It's when you take that dislike of a particular person and try to apply it to the whole culture the person you don't like belongs to that it becomes racism/xenophobia.
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    If a Christian fundamentalist here in Canada said that homosexuals should be locked up or killed, and that women were inferior to men, that they had to cover their hair at all times so as to not incite lust in men, that it should be legal for husbands to use physical discipline on their wives, and that, and a rape case should never be prosecuted against a man unless there were male witnesses you would call him a wack job. Yet this is mainstream Muslim law, accepted by the majority of Muslims around the world, and certainly by anyone wearing a hijab or burqa.
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    Islamist Feminists are working towards change. These movements are just not being reported on. "But Muslim women are fighting back. While despotic governments and extremists battle for power, Islamic scholars, community activists, and ordinary Muslims are waging a peaceful jihad on male authority, demanding what they say are God- given rights to gender equality and justice. From Cambridge to Cairo to Jakarta, women are going back to Islam’s classical texts and questioning the way men have read them for centuries. In the Middle East, activists are contesting outdated family laws based on Islamic jurisprudence, which give men the power in marriages, divorces, and custody issues. In Europe and the United States, women are chipping away at the customs that have had a chilling effect on women praying in mosques or holding leadership positions." "While the overall message of the Quran is unchanging, say Muslim reformers, new generations must find their own readings of the sacred texts. As it stands, Islamic fiqh, or jurisprudence, was largely forged during the medieval period, when women’s roles and the concept of marriage and male authority were very different. Why, they ask, should the way that 10th-century Baghdadi men read the Quran dictate the rights of a 21st-century woman? To the reactionaries who charge that these reformers are deviating from Islam, Islamic feminists point out that there is a difference between Islamic jurisprudence—a man-made legal scaffolding developed for the specific conditions of medieval Muslim life—and the divine law itself, which is eternal, unchanging and calls for justice. It’s not the Quran they question, but how particular interpretations of it have hardened into truth. “The problem has never been with the text, but with the context,” legal anthropologist Ziba Mir-Hosseini told the Musawah seminar." Some excellent readings can be found here: Muslim Women Are Fighting To Redefine Islam as a Religion of Equality America Abroad: Understanding Islamic Feminism Q&A: Talk explores role of Islamic feminism Sisters in Islam: Empowering voices for change
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    I have been given a warning point for the above post. I think it's time for me to take a sabbatical from this forum. Good luck dealing with the nutbars that have taken over this place.
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    Hmm, I could have sworn that it was little nonsense only. Big nonsense would be reserved for the style of governments that allow them to kill their people at will or lock them up for speaking out against said government.
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    So you say while you enjoy the good life and prosperity the U.S. and allies have brought you. You enjoy the freedom to spout your nonsense because the U.S. and allies fought for your freedom.
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    I like nano thermite in my green tea.
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    You do often state what you deem to be "facts" that are actually only wild assumptions that you hope people will buy so as to believe your position. When they call you out, you get insulting, like clockwork.
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    "Trudeau is giving mixed messages," says one of the news channels. His "welcome mat" is confusing would-be applicants, and causing the mass exodus of refugees to Canada. Haitians fleeing the USA, are under the false impression that everyone is welcome. They don't know that Canada had already started deporting Haitians who were temporary refugees (Earthquake) about 2 years ago. In the meantime, we'll have to house everyone that comes here.........while they go about the long process of applying as refugees. Imagine the monumental cost that comes with that! From board and lodgings, to health care etc.., Can they work while they apply? If not, do they get welfare? More likely, screening and vetting will be lax just so to be able to keep up! The Liberals are really saddling us with future catastrophic problems!
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    Oh Christ don't get them started or we'll have another 9/11 thread. Just recognize some people are not stable and ignore them.
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    I guess you haven't noticed that all politicians of all stripe suck up to minorities and special interest groups to win their vote.
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    Oh, how nice. And this has what to do with Canada? How does this justify illegal immigrants? How does this justify draining Canadian resources for people who should be going home instead of looking for a free ride in Canada?
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    We cannot absorb thousands of them without problems along the way as in, no jobs. What level of education do the Haitians have, if they are not skilled workers then we will be looking at huge welfare and medical bills in the long term . The gov't/Trudeau is waffling on this as they are likely preparing a general amnesty for all illegals in another year or so. This will be in time for them to vote (Liberal) in the next election.
  41. 3 points
    I rarely read your shrill posts full of one-liners meant to insult members. Please provide more recent stats to back your claim that reported hate crimes against Muslims now surpass reported hate crimes against Jews.
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    Well, you say so, but that's just because you can't deal with the conflict that the treatment of women under Islam causes for a liberal. If you want me to be anti muslim so you don't have to confront it, that's up to you. If you want to pretend Islam is good for women, that's up to you. I think differently, and I'm comfortable with my reasons for thinking so.
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    Whether you are pro-immigration or anti-immigration, this is barbarism plain and simple. The fact that certain people refuse to call "a spade a spade" doesn't change that. If immigrants themselves aren't willing to PUBLICLY denounce these kind of caveman-like actions, then they absolutely deserve to wear the names and stereotypes that are foisted upon them. In the west, we call this torture. And psychotic. And cruel. And anyone who is not an immigrant would be convicted and jailed for brutalizing children. These are the types of people who are found to be in need of segregation in prison because even the inmates want them dead. But we shouldn't say anything like that because........islamophobia. Disgusting. Edit: After looking into this a little more, it seems that it is primarily African in nature and less prominent in areas that are muslim. So much for me jumping to conclusions. http://www.ohchr.org/Documents/HRBodies/CEDAW/HarmfulPractices/GenderEmpowermentandDevelopment.pdf
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    Of course its a different case. The fact remains he will spend millions to avoid paying vets but will quickly pay off a terrorist. The point is he values terrorists more than he does our soldiers.
  45. 2 points
    A complete lack of any western politicians bragging about how tough they're being on China.
  46. 2 points
    There's more than one reason to not want them as immigrants, though. On top of the cultural and religious problems they tend to be far less economically successful than people from other parts of the world. Immigration Canada has itself said they are among the least economically successful. As for refugees, they can best be helped where they are, not by spending a small fortune to fly them to Canada and put them up in local hotels.
  47. 2 points
    Then Obama failed miserably! He gets a big..... F
  48. 2 points
    Something tells me the people ignoring the Nazi violence and focusing on the antiracist violence would be silent if, say, an Islamist preaching Jihad were punched in the face by a protester. They're deliberately ignoring the aggressive attacks perpetrated by F'ing Nazis. That shows you where their allegiances are.
  49. 2 points
    It has come to the point it's almost impossible for rational MLW members to have logical exchanges with the likes of some of those posters. Every thread is being hijacked.
  50. 2 points
    I wonder how much the Liberals paid Rolling Stone to slobber all over JT's Private Parts.