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    Finish it. Do you come on this forum and discuss anti-Semitism and how Jews are being attacked in Canada? Do you discuss that the no.1 target of hate crime remains Jews? How about gays? Do you discuss attacks against gays? How about Blacks, Christians, women, disabled people....do you come on this board and discuss how they have been victims of hatred? True colours? The only true colours you show is you exploit hatred and in this case hatred of Muslims, deliberately, selectively, to advance your own hate agenda. The very purpose of your words is to justify hatred. You smeer an entire country of people justifying it once again with this absurd illogical argument you continually paste that if you can show someone other than a Muslim is hateful of Muslims it justifies you hating anyone but a Muslim. You use Muslims as props for your hate agenda. "lhe thinks if he calls it the special of the day it tastes better..fact is its still crap and he really needs to learn to wash his hands before he serves up anything let alone that crap...." Rue, Food Critic in "Specials of the Day", Fatboy Magazine, Vol.1, July 1, 2016, p.23
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    ^^^Take your bullshit elsewhere. There is possibly a couple hundred people dead in London today.
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    http://www.news.com.au/finance/business/media/social-media-users-accuse-cnn-of-fake-news-over-staged-london-attack-protest/news-story/48d9966b71d72a26149b9f9ebae75465 They're duping the viewers......,....to sell their liberal narratives. Don't ever think our own media doesn't do the same.
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    “Trudeau is the political equivalent of a YouTube puppy video,” Best line of the week.....goes to writer Jesse Brown of Toronto. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/may/26/justin-trudeau-jogging-yoga-shirtless-photos-pr-stunts
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    I do not support or condemn abortion. I do support a womans right to choose. One of the truly annoying things about Pro Lifers is this bullshit , constant conflation that being ProChoice means you support abortion. Hey Prolifers, its none of my business what a woman chooses . And news flash: it is none of yours either. Get thee out of that uterus.
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    The Liberal's chickens are coming home to roost. More Canadians are pushing back from pent up frustration. ...and it has nothing to do with Donald Trump.
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    This is not true. A large portion of it deals with kafirs and how to treat them. How to get non-Muslims to submit to Islamic preferences. Thus, demands for prayer rooms and time for prayers at workplaces and school, demands for sexually segregated times for everything, demands to wear burkas at inappropriate times, etc. This is Sharia law implemented. When Trudeau visited the mosque and demanded that women MPs cover up and use the side entrance - Sharia law implemented.
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    There is a publication ban in effect. Don't want to upset the faithful. And by faithful I mean the left.
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    They easily dismiss radicalism as a "nutjob," like as if it doesn't pose any danger just because it is. Whether she's a nutjob or not - it's sickening to have all these nutjobs in our country! We've already have our own nutjobs to worry about - we shouldn't import any more!
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    Seventy two years ago now men were dying on the beaches of Normandy.
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    It's not a phobia even if they aren't trying to kill you. If they represent a system which threatens your view on how society should be ordered, then there's nothing wrong to oppose them.
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    Islamophobia is a wrong term to begin with as phobia means fear. Islamonausea should the correct term; people are fed up with the nonsense of the medieval cult belonging to a desert just like another medieval cult we have just freed ourselves of in the western world.
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    You claim I do these things with absolutely zero proof. Your imagination is vivid. You however did "like" the idea of me being murdered by Jihadis. Other members also noticed it. That's extreme. Making you the extremist...like it or not.
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    There's a way to constructively debate what one does not like about a certain religion's concepts. This thread is probably not the place its going to happen. I personaly believe the original question by Dog solicits trolling and negative comments and so the ignorant and hateful remarks by a certain poster. I can and will question all religions but not on this thread. I am not interested in deliberately insulting Muslims. All religions have questionable concepts and followers. Its up to us who follow these religions to use them for good not evil..
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    Yes, really. I do see a difference between those killed by accident in a genuine attempt to kill those who deserve killing, and those killed randomly for maximum outrage. I wouldn't supply anything short of a plague of locusts to Saudi Arabia, reprehensible troglodytes that they are, but no-one asked me. I do agree that the course is set. It's one of the reasons I pick sides.
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    The current plan to defend Islam...the indefensible...is to apparently blame Islam's critics for Islam's violence. Novel idea to say the least. The theory seems to be: shut-up and Islam will be loving and peaceful. Sort of like blackmail. Thus the argument has to be that since Islam = Peace...it's critics are the source of all the violence. Conversely, all death is the same in her world as you so ably pointed-out. It has to be or Islam has problems...and Islam is problem free. Now, apparently...according to dialamah...I am ISIS...not ISIS is ISIS. She really believes this...I think. She also believes there was peace at some point between Islam and the West. I broke that peace when I did 9-11...of course. And let me tell you, I had to pull a lot of strings to make it happen and look like Muslims did it.
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    So the liberals attack him on his religious views while trudeau is meeting the pope, did trudeau asked the pope what he thought about abortion?
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    Just part of the somnambulists who refuse to see the problem with increasing the numbers of Islamists in a western society - it doesn't work, plain and simple. As they infiltrate into politics eventually we will be doing more than simply accommodating prayers in schools. Look at the first act of a Muslim MP - she puts forward a motion to silence critics, then we have Omar Alghabra a Saudi born extremist now ensconced in Cabinet, whose supporters after he was elected were saying "this is a victory for Islam". Wait until the demographics increase and these people have the ability to change laws - get your burkas out ladies. Some people seem to accept that mass murder in the name of Islam is fine and dandy, we just have to live with it. They see see no reason to condemn the atrocities but are too willing to condemn the West. You know how it goes - Poor Islam, just getting it’s own back I suppose <sarcasm> If we don't name it and stand up to it we will lose - everything. BTW, if you think the No Go Zones in Paris and elsewhere are a myth as portrayed by the media, as these ladies why they are protesting https://www.thelocal.fr/20170519/protest-over-no-go-zone-for-women-in-paris-immigrant-district
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    Meanwhile, the youngsters of Manchester are pulling pieces of their friend’s flesh out of their hair and yet people are worried about ‘Islamophobia’
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    Actual science has given me so many moments of awe and wonder. I really don't see the need for fairy tales
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    Iran government had nothing to do with 9-11. This is ridiculous fiction and whoever is claiming he or she has no idea about the Mid East politics and the divides and how the Taliban and Ben Ladin View Shia Iran as enemy number 1 worse than Christian America. They may have to do a lot with other trouble spots but not 9-11. Saudi Arabia on the other hand.... Well lets says most of the 9-11 terrorists were Saudi citizens and none Iranian.
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    Nanu termites are all powerful, a thimble full of nanu termite turd can power a rocket from Mars to Earth. Takes a ton of board feet and lot of termites to fill a thimble though. They had to leave Mars because they ran out of trees. Kind of like the pine beetle except for the super turds and inter planetary travel.
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    Here's the thing, Hot Enough - I don't really think you give a rat's patootie about anything Greenpeace protests in the oilsands. I don't think you give a rat's patootie about the fire in Fort Mac. I don't think you give a rat's patootie about the fire in England. I think you just enjoy fighting and I think it gives you some kind of "thrill" coming to an internet discussion forum and tossing insults about and being contentious. Good luck to you, I hope you find a purpose and some happiness in life. Enjoy the rest of your day.
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    TDS now the official religion of the political left.
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    The hysterical media and the left need to take responsibility for this, they have been inciting such incidents with their anti Trump hatred. Meanwhile, the play must go on... or will it since it's lost the sponsor.
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    June 14th Happy Birthday Mr. President!
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    Yet here you are - doing just that. Yes. No one goes through all the things associated with leaving a cherished belief system until they're ready and able to withstand everything that goes with it. Do you think telling women that it is normal and acceptable in Canada to be covered all the time helps them leave behind religious and domestic abuse or hinders? Do you think Trudeau going to a radical mosque and making women MPs use the side entrance, cover up and sit away from the men helps or hinders? I'm awfully surprised that you feel "going along with" and accepting archaic religious beliefs as normal is a great thing for Canada. I'm not "for" banning the burka but I am for not making out like it's a great thing or even normal and acceptable for the human race. You can continue to support it if you like. I do not.
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    So how do you live in this Society? Canada took part in all these wars on some level. We even aided the evil regime when the hologram planes flew into the towers that were filled with LSD so the toxins could fool the minds of the millions watching. The lizard army was crafty that day. Why not help your misunderstood brothers in Syria fight off the evil hordes? Why not join government in Venezuela that is showing the world how wonderful socialism works? Why not move to North Korea and be out from under the thumb of this evil regime?
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    Some need to understand that the world is a terribly violent place, and no one out there is going to give you hugs. Quite the contrary. The barbarians are always at the door, and we need to use force beat them back. Because that is the only message they can understand. They're only crying now because they can't commit their jihad.
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    probably a hair net and plastic name tag too
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    Harvard did a study of media bias and Donald Trump recently, and what they found was Fox giving the most balanced commentary at 52/48% negative coverage. All other networks were into the 90% negative range. I guess if think anything less that 90% negative is too forgiving, then you might see an issue with the coverage.
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    In Canada one has to specifically subscribe to Fox News. Is that how you know so much about them or are you just repeating the nonsense from the left? Because, as is usual with such characterizations, you've offered no evidence or proof, just slanted views. Did you know that this week CNN reported that Comey was going to state that he never assured Trump that he was not under investigation. That was flat out wrong, or fake news. In Comey's opening statement in the proceedings, he stated that on 3 separate occasions he told Trump he was not under investigation. So what, right, it's only Trump. Facts only matter under certain conditions I guess. You mention the crazies that follow Fox, but what about the left's moon bats that hate Fox and watch your MSNBC or other leftwing media. I give you all of the rioting looters that trashed and destroyed, set fires and flipped vehicles, etc. after the Trump election. I'm sure they all watch Fox, (not!) as does Black lIves matter, Code Pink, and most of the Jew haters and black supremacists out there. How about the idiot fools at any major university that riot and trash things whenever someone is scheduled to speak whom they don't like, I'm sure they all watch Fox too. There is no point in discussing certain topics with you, you appear to be unable to set aside your ideology and think objectively about some issues.
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    I would agree with you except for the fact that those who require and enforce the headcoverings are very willing for that to be the hill they die on. In addition, anyone who requires and enforces this or insists on wearing it when it's not appropriate, it is indicative of many unacceptable attitudes about and towards women. The men who demand it treat Western women with utter hatred and violence. The women who demand it are (I feel) a bit envious of women who are not required to wear it and look down on them and treat Western women badly as well. This is how these archaic beliefs translate into everyday life for Canadians. The other issue I have with them is that those who wear especially the full face-coverings - it is a HUGE impediment to integrating. Partly because they are also the women who are rarely allowed to leave their own homes - even in Canada. Other women do not feel burka'ed women are approachable, so when everyone's taking their children to the park to play, the burka'ed women are often left out of socializing, which also shuts down integrating.
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    Correct....President Trump is the leader of the most powerful nation on the planet, but it doesn't matter if you like it or not.
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    Hmmm ..... So you call for the "rounding up" of a certain group of people, someone responds with "Try it!", you claim emotionalism to justify making that group illegal? Logic and common sense really escapes the right, doesn't it.
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    You make a good argument ... for atheism. "God's plan" is unknowable, capricious, and as likely to take the guilty as the innocent. So, exactly the same situation as if there were no plan and no God. Therefore by Occam's razor... God willed the children dead, and it was Good because he is Good. Inarguable, but empty of meaning, and so not very convincing.
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    One of my favourite writers but to be fair he was talking about curtailing until proper screening was done not a total bam.. He warned of Muslim extremism years ago prior to the Syrian exodus. We know terrorists cause refugees to flee then piggy back on them to sneak in to other countries. This is how they spread. Some people think they only came about because of colonialism in the ME but they have been there thousands of years and long before the West even came about. Violence in the ME has always been there. Its inherent. Its part of a primal complex network of behaviour fueled by culture, religion and inbreeding. That sounds horrible but its true. https://benthamopen.com/contents/pdf/TOALTMEDJ/TOALTMEDJ-5-1.pdf http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1110863013000037 http://www.westernpolitics.net/the-red-pill/ethnocentrism-and-inbreeding/ http://www.nytimes.com/2003/05/01/world/saudi-arabia-awakes-to-the-perils-of-inbreeding.htmlhttp://www.nytimes.com/2003/05/01/world/saudi-arabia-awakes-to-the-perils-of-inbreeding.html The thousands of years of fighting and inbreeding has caused societities in the ME to break down. Yah explain that to a liberal or neo Nazi for that matter.
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    Promise the Maritimes money and you will get the votes you want from those Maritimers.
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    Both. I agree with your last comments for sure but its also about having us hate Muslims. We hate them, they then are easier to recruit by terrorists. I have seen it first hand on the West Bank. You get a kid at 5 to start throwing rocks. Then when he's hurt by a soldier his family who may have been moderate now hate Israeli soldiers and are willing to assist Hamas. I've seen how it works first hand. When a terrorist kills an Israeli, the Israelis now react by not trusting any Muslims and that in turn makes the Muslims feel all Israelis hate them. That's what the terrorists want. The true agenda of terrorism is to spread panic, hatred, discriminatory beliefs and an inability to tell innocent from guilty. It works. It manipulates emotions and breeds angry misdirected responses. It also does what you say. Its also designed to make people fear Islam. Terrorists are not geniuses. They operate on base primary instincts. Their acts are primal. If they are to become elaborative techniques used to change behaviour they no longer use primal violence they use other modes of disinformation and psychological manipulation such as false news.
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    By today's standards, yes, they are lackluster but when they were first released those early movies were golden to Bond fans.
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    Is there anyone who doesn't believe that once the muslim numbers increase in Canada, we'll start seeing terrorist attacks too and look very much like France, Germany and England? IOW - does anyone not understand that we're inviting terrorism into our lives?
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    Then why is it so hard for you to blame them (here and now), but so easy to blame everything else ? Your hearing and judgement are obvious.....
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    The post-Islamic terror attack cricket zone. The Islamic supporters now wait a few days for the bloody mess to calm down...then back to blaming "Islamophobes" for Islam's shortcomings.
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    That is why we need a PM like Trump to come forward and tell these far left liberal loonies to go take a flying leap off some bridge somewhere, and take their PC and racism bs along with them on the jump. That person would get the ear of many people who are Canadian patriots and who are fast getting fed up with trudeau and his far left liberal antics. It is quite amazing as to why people will allow themselves to be basically told to shut up and do as they are told without a whimper. Most Canadians have become wimps and cowards and are too afraid to say anything for fear that it may get them into trouble with the intolerant and bigoted left wing media and leftist politicians. Until that changes Canadians will still be treated as slaves by their elected phony puppet politicians. Our politicians support PC. By having PC in force they can shut down anyone that they do not agree with by just calling them racists, and it will shut them down.
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    As Tarek Fatah‏ just said: The blood of Manchester's children is on the hands of men in the West who refuse to name Islamism as a problem, let alone fight the cancer.
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    Well, IMO there are moderate Muslims but not enough of them speak out, likely for fear of reprisals.
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    We are the victims of terrorism from Muslims. Sunny based ISIL claimed repsonsibility for the horrific attack in Manchester yesterday. Shame on us and shame on president Trump for not being tough enough. They are going to kill jews as well. G-d bless jews and G-d bless Israel. B'ezrat HaShem, Am Israel Chai.
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    So is letting you folks blunder into your own traps. But let's see if your smart enough to avoid stepping into it with both feet. I doubt it myself. I've been down this road with so many other bozos around here it's not funny.