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    What scholars up until this point in this topic you've presented 3 opinions of 3 generals on what they thought of the use of the atomic wpn on Japan...are these the scholars you talk about.....perhaps you'd like to let us in on your sources or the supposed scholars..... You have yet to prove your original statement....USA war crimes - atomic bombs....what you have produced is 3 opinions from 3 US generals.....nothing more.....So they all agree that the atomic bomb was not needed.....big deal.....the last time i checked the US was engaged in a total war with Japan....meaning pretty much everything went, including fire bombing cities.....full of civilians.... My question is what is the difference of fire bombing japanese cities with large formations of bombers.....killing thousands, even 100K in one raid.....than lets say dropping one atomic wpn.....was there at the time a war convention about atomic wpns, was there a war convention about dropping fire bombs on paper japanese cities....What law is it they broke , i mean you make the claim but don't support it.....maybe on pages 3 or 4 nope..... From all the posts i have read from you, trust me i don't read alot of yours....i get the feeling that your 19 years old , in collage, perhaps university, got the world by the bag, you smoke a little weed do a little drinking, probably live in the dorm so you don't have to obey moms rules.....and like most university students you get a hard on with the way the US and Canada runs, or conducts itself.....to the point you spend most of your waking hours on forums arguing the same thing....every time you learn a new thing in school you have to preach it to the world.... Here is the thing, the west has never said it was perfect, but we really do like apple pie, and jager shooters and yet all those bad things you accuse them of doing i mean on and on and on , .....you are living under the consequences of those actions, you take advantage of everything they have won in our names daily.....freedom of speech, freedom of thought , freedom of expression etc etc and yet you seem to enjoy the fruit of those labors........never once have you said i am one of you....i can not stand the things you have done in my name....i am moving...i can not live with your standards anymore.....hopefully to one of those peaceful nations you like so much in the middle east ....It is not that i don't want you to use and enjoy all your freedoms because i do .....but even a baby's cry can be annoying as hell after awhile and right now your annoying as f***.. i hope you come back when you grow up.... Signed your number 2 fan......
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    Of course not...I have no shame...it was my intended purpose to not only refute your nano-nonsense, but mock all other nonsense as well...to great effect. No...we shall not go back to debating nano-nonsense....the science (physics) is settled. This thread only exists because of false expectations that other members must/should tolerate such nonsense under the guise of "science" wrapped in forum rules. Epic FAIL !
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    Know as "the law of unintended consequences". http://www.econlib.org/library/Enc/UnintendedConsequences.html No doubt M103 will become a tool for Human Rights Commissions.
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    It must be difficult for you, when there is research like this, from an Israeli-American geneticist and bioinformatician with a doctorate in molecular evolution, showing how Ashkenazi Jews are descendants of Khazars. I guess he's another self-hating Jew who isn't trying to justify the Zionist narrative. If anyone is interested in learning more about the research, see the above link and see this article: The new research suggests that most of the Jewish population of northern and eastern Europe – normally known as Ashkenazic Jews – are the descendants of Greeks, Iranians and others who colonized what is now northern Turkey more than 2000 years ago and were then converted to Judaism, probably in the first few centuries AD by Jews from Persia. At that stage, the Persian Empire was home to the world’s largest Jewish communities.
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    The US? You mean specific industrialists in the US. You smeer an entire nation of people. Sure why not. Its why your words have such credibility on this board. Here's a reminder yes there were pro Nazi supporters in the US. There were also thousands who dies defeating Hitler. The US is a bug country full of a lot of people. Stop using sweeping stereotypes of an entire nation's people and no the US government did not do business with Nazis, individual companies like Ford Motor Company did.
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    So going further with this theme of the conflict between left and right on immigration I'd like to address the left wing fascination with Islam as evidenced by almost all the left wingers on this site, and many, many 'liberals' throughout the West. They tend to like to throw around the term 'Islamophobic' which is a made-up nonsense word give the fear of Islam isn't at all unreasonable by any realistic definition. But the counter term s Islamophilia, which I believe large, sweeping numbers of the more politically active Left suffers from. Islamophiia is the unswerving dedication to the defense of Islam by progressive liberals, to defending it against any and all accusations or criticism, without regard to merit, and to ignoring indefensible practices and social tenets of the religion. Islamophiles regard Muslims as a minority group in need of their paternalistic protection, and are steadfast in their attestation that Islam is no different than any other religion, and no more violent. If you point out thirty thousand Islamic terrorist incidents they will produce one or two non-Islamic terrorist incidents and wave them aloft triumphantly like Chamberlain returning with an agreement for 'peace in our time', to show that 'Christianity is the SAME! If you talk about the deeply violent misogyny of the Muslim world they will assert that women are sexually harassed in the West. If you point out polls and surveys taken in the Muslim world they will pretend that the Islam in western countries is an entirely separate Islam (even though virtually all imams in he west come from the middle east), and that, of course, no Western Muslim thinks that way. Islamophilia’s most common manifestation is where progressives treat Muslims as vulnerable children whose feathers can’t be ruffled. The Islamophilia crowd damage Western democracies and Islam for they invite us to sacrifice elements of our own freedom to redeem ourselves against the largely imaginary sins against Muslims in the colonial past. They also invite Muslims to pose as victims and demand the rewards of such victimhood. The message of Islamophilia is that Muslims deserve to receive no flak at a time when Islam and Muslims badly need to be criticised. https://www.spectator.co.uk/2016/06/protective-cloak-islamophilia/# This, of course, makes it difficult to hold any kind of rational discussion about the problem Islam poses to a western secular culture, since Islamophiles instantly become outraged whenever one asserts there even IS a problem with Islam. To their minds, the only violent people in Islam are a tiny, tiny minority of fanatics who probably have psychological issues. And none, of course, would ever want to come here. What's more, you must be an Islamophobe or Xenophobe to care.
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    Same reason I have said all along. Here you and I are debating the pro's and con's of the most powerful country in the world. You feel free to despise them and post articles about all the evil they have done and yet you have no fear of boots kicking down your door or having your entire generations of your family sent to work camps. Hate them all you want. They have made sure you have that right. We had a person on this forum defend their leader because a man was charged for insulting him by saying he would not serve him tea. Now that is petty. States are not perfect and yes lately I have enjoyed British TV more than the American but it beats the alternatives on how the world could have turned out. Its not like they are flying planes into buildings or stoning people.
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    There is certainly nothing to discuss if everyone is on ignore.
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    The new documentary A Stroy Of Us is amjor load of bullshit, lies and false historal facts. Severe critics of historians from both english and french sides. Trudeau introduces that self called documentary (the most approprate designation should be mockumentary) and hereby endorses those lies. If he is not yet the worst PM ever, he is really working hard to become the one. I think the worst about him is yet to come.
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    Do you not feel, Charles, that a person who persists in posting the same message all across the spectrum of conversations here, always trying to bring the subject to the same thing, is derailing discussions?
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    Don't confuse members who need a time out because they have lives outside this board with "fleeing" your 9/11 propaganda.
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    So you're a paragon of virtue as far as political posturing goes, have I got that right - or left? But... but... when dre talks with great delight about having all the conservatives violently KILLED and how he'd eat popcorn and laugh, that's not something which calls for any sort of protest on your part, right? The truth is you're as much an ideological zealot of the far Left as he is.
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    You believe that watching people slaughter each other would be fun. There really is nothing I can say that would adequately display the depth of disgust I feel about your idea of fun.
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    Sort of like in Muslim countries where everyone brings their kids out to watch the big beheading! It's so exciting, most of them video it on their phones for later viewing. No, thanks.
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    I am not being mislead ....are you saying Turkish military have not engaged ISIS or other muslim in this conflict, I have video of turkish tanks being blown up by isis fighters....Ohh i get it ISIS is not muslim according to you.....well they say they are.... right now there is 136 conflicts around the world right now, the US is involved in some of them.....not just in the middle east....last time i checked your country has suffered from a coup, plus their has been terrorist attacks by the kurds.....or is this all false news as well..... A muslim union will not happen, to much in fighting among'st themselves......Turkey is better off with NATO....you guys can not help your own countries let alone band together and help each other......that being said i wish you would band together and start to control the fringe or extremist muslims.
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    Complete nonsense of course.... al-Qaeda attacks were very much heard of prior to 9/11/2001: 1992 - Yemen Hotel bombings 1993 - WTC truck bomb (New York) 1998 - U.S. embassy bombings (Kenya, Tanzania) 2000 - U.S. warship bombing(s)
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    Of course Jews are not a race. Many Jews are not even semites. Many Jews are descendants of Khazars who converted to Judaism in the 8th century. They have no connection to Palestine. I wonder if the Jewish boy who sent in the bomb threats is actually mentally ill? Or was he doing this to create sympathy for Jews? We will see how this will unfold.
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    Just because you assume what I do / don't do about my government's domestic and foreign policy, it doesn't mean that it's true. I have never indicated what I do or don't do in regards to my government's policies.
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    I have based my comments about you by quoting you as you have been very upfront and unapologetic about supporting foreign policies that create death and destruction. On the other hand, you are assuming that I am "enjoying and remain complicit in past/present death and destruction" and "Terrorists in the UK are not just about ISIS...they are about attacking the status quo that you support in deed". You are simply wrong on both of those remarks. You can either continue to assume and be wrong or you can ask me where I stand on those.
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    That's a lot of assumptions. And as the person you are making assumptions about, all I can tell you is that you are wrong. I must say; With all of the faults that I think you have, at least you are honest and upfront about your support for policies that are destructive and inhumane. Unlike many people on here who throw their hands in the air and scream "why do they hate us?!!" - Who seem to be oblivious to the actions of the team they have decided to unconditionally cheer for and not question their policies around the world.
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    So if people don't agree with you then they lack sense, are idiotic and support proven harmful immigration policies. This, despite the fact that Canada is rated among the best countries to live and among the top 10 performers economically, even with our 'harmful' immigration policies of the last 150 years. The facts don't support these conservative claims, Argus. That and their assumption that conservatives are the only sensible ones no doubt contributes to the way in which people consider conservatives claims more xenophobic than thoughtful.
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    Refugees should be in proper camps as near to their homes as safely possible...they're going home, after-all.
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    Entirely predictably in the context of electoral politics. The people have been told since birth that the government was theirs, and ought to be responsive to their wishes and concerns. Yet for some years now the elected politicians have refused to even acknowledge the validity of those fears. Indeed, they've universally condemned everyone who expresses any issue with immigration, particularly with Muslim immigrants. Given that Europe has, for the most part, proportional representation, it was a certainty that concerns that none of the mainstream parties were willing to consider would give rise to new parties. The rise of Le Pen and her ilk are directly attributable not to Islamic violence and uncontrolled immigration, but to politicians who evidently did not understand why anyone would care about masses of foreigners coming into their countries. In fact, to a political and media class who not only did not share those concerns but saw the expression of such concerns as immoral. Douglas Murray speaks about how Theresa May, now Prime Minister of the UK, got up at the last Tory conference to talk about her favorite verses from the Koran. George Bush and Barrack Obama have done the same. France wrote into law anti-hate legislation which pretty much criminalized any open expressions of resentment or dislike or discomfort for any aspect of Muslim culture. Even Brigitte Bardot has been convicted under it, repeatedly, because she criticizes the way they treat animals! Needless to say, virtually all the politicians in Europe are of the 'open' type. Or were. Certainly the media is. The BBC never refers to ISIS without calling them "so called ISIS" to make it clear that they don't believe ISIS has anything to do with Islam. Much like Barrack Obama proclaiming, after one particularly vile incident of murder, that it had less to do with Islam than any other religion. Oh? When they shouted Allah Akbar as they cut a man's head off? How all these liberals can convince themselves that masses of people engaged in bloodletting in the name of Islam have nothing to do with Islam is something you have to watch or read Haidr's lectures about emotional argument to understand. They want to believe it, and therefore, they DO believe it. They find a way to convince themselves of it. But ordinary people clearly think otherwise. The opinion polls say growing numbers of people in Europe, the US and Canada, the majority, in fact, have major issues with Islam, regardless of what the politicians and media say.
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    There's a difference between challenging the words of a person as being bigoted and calling the person a bigot. As for you, the amount of times you've made personal remarks at people is legendary. Now let's deal specifically with denying the holocaust. If you don't think denying the holocaust is part of an anti-Semitic agenda, good for you. If you think its fun questioning the holocaust as Taxme has suggested go have fun with him. Go march on the streets and demand you be able to build time shares in Auschwitz.
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    I disagree. The right to free expression should be the core of any democracy. No matter how offensive the expression might be to some.
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    We have a fundamental difference of how we look at the world. Being an idealist, I would like the world to be a place where countries try to live peacefully, based on mutually defined rules. You believe in the clash of civilizations based on self interest of individual civilizations. So sure, let's agree to disagree...
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    I am really trying to understand you. It seems like you genuinely think that US military inventions around the world are for good cause. I, like many others, think that it isn't the case. US military interventions are perceived by international community as either a way to promote its arms industry or expand its political influence. The question is not that who would save the world, US or Canada. Question is : Will US or Canada or any self righteous country spare the world and not take any military actions on its own without consulting other powers.
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    Not that US has achieved anything. Assad is still there. Probably a few of his soldiers died. It would be much more impactful if there was a global consensus to take action against Assad. US, acting as a hegemon and taking actions single handedly, just sends the wrong message to rest of the world.
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    You know that Assad is a secular dictator who has nothing to do with terrorists. Terrorists from Al Qaida, ISIS are supported by Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia is a strong US ally. Middle East is confusing place. Don't ever believe your leaders to give a truthful answer. If you want to support job creation in military and arms industries by starting unjust wars, then that's a totally different story. Don't bring ethics, human rights and good vs. bad in the picture.
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    Correct, except that the U.S. does not act to save the world. The U.S. acts to save American and allied interests. Anyone who disagrees with U.S. interventionist policies is welcome to try and stop them. Good luck....
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    Are you sure that no Chemical wpns were found in Iraq......because the above sources say different ....0f course your sources may trump mine, but you did'nt list one.....I could get more if you like......And i don't recall saying that the mass production facility was in operation today.....what i said was they found one , shown in the video below.....according to the last source provided 412.5 tons of chemical agents were destroyed by UN teams, and that 1.5 tons were unaccounted for.....thats tons......20 liters of water wieghs in at 62 lbs.....so 1.5 tons is alot of VX agent....the worlds deadliest chemical agent in the world....considering all it takes to kill a human is less than a pin heads worth..... Of course the above amounts do not reflect what was discovered by US coalition forces after the combat began for the first time......the above numbers only include UN inspection teams numbers before combat broke out..... http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/gunning/etc/arsenal.html
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    Why is it a U.S. responsibility to control North Korea ? What has China or Canada done ?
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    The cruelty of the middle east towards foreign workers says a lot about them as a society. http://news.nationalpost.com/news/world/maid-begged-for-help-while-hanging-from-kuwait-apartment-window-her-employer-held-up-a-camera
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    Indeed. You've posted over a thousand times now and not one single post had any meaningful content. If this was my web site I'd have banned you for repeatedly trying to take every single topic onto the same dreary subject of your anti-American anti-Western obsession.
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    ISIS is not controlled by "Jews". They are controlled, or at least heavily funded by Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. It just happens that Saudi Arabia is now in bed with Israel, who is whispering sweet sweet words to it. Mostly with: "you keep the chaos going and keep resisting Iran and we will make sure the American congress continues to shower you with weapons and we will make sure that they will never criticize you!"
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    And trump really came to the rescue there didn't he! ha ha. Now is it going to implode or explode. Trump doesn't seem to understand more that 2 syllable words it seems.
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    Shall we start the count at this post where you deny reality and never discuss science? No, we can safely and accurately put that back to your first post ever on this topic because there is no reason to think that you would have behaved any better in the past than you are now.
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    As I said before, I am not an expert in this issue and I want experts to create a common research commission and explain this issue in legally approved ways. There are three groups of people; 1) One of the groups consist of persons like you and Michael Hardner, so those who directly believe in what govt says without any need for research. Believe in it like as believe in an irrational religion, like as believe in ancient Greek Gods. 2) One of the group is people like me and Hot Enough, who question events and try to reach informations and therefore trying to achieve logical results. 3) One of the group is people creating stories in their imagine World and believe in these stories like believe in an irrational religion, like as believe in Hindu Gods.
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    That's revisionism. Trans people have been quietly using washrooms for decades without trouble, and it only became an issue because angry conservatives decided to draw up "bathroom bills" to fight this non-existent menace. It was conservatives who thrust this issue into the spotlight, not liberals. Conservatives, having lost on gay marriage and anti-gay discrimination, went looking for some other fight they could win, and started drawing up these "bathroom bills". Blame them that this became an issue. Your opinion is that liberals only care about identity politics now... one might just as easily claim that conservatives only care about fighting gays and banning abortions now. I think you're wrong. Liberals care about a lot of things beyond the politically correct cause-du-jour. Liberals care about the growing struggle that regular people face trying to earn what previous generations have taken for granted. Liberals care that only the rich are getting richer, that banks can break the law at will without punishment, that politicians only care about the interests of large corporations, that the most profitable corporations don't pay any tax. Liberals care about a lot more than just SJW causes. -k
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    @hot enough You clearly have some animosity towards America. I imagine you were one of the millions worldwide cheering the collapse of the buildings and the deaths of thousands of people who just went to work Monday morning. Allahu akbar.
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    I asked you how you explain the videos of the airliners flying into the towers. You answered with a video. I don't have time to sit down and watch a propaganda video. Why can't you give an answer in a sentence?
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    Sorry but you're just spouting made up none sense. I've done a search and didn't come up with anything on child brides/forced marriages in Canada except among immigrants, including those from Turkey. There are a few among Christian immigrants though, however these are in the minority and Canada is actively working to eliminate this practice. The following article looks at this specific subject and gives an idea about the numbers. I'm sure there are more cases that aren't known about. As you can see this is not a problem that is native to Canada but rather imported from other places. Interestingly the majority of cases are among Muslims. If you wish to answer please do so with credible information, or remove yourself from the forum forever. Thank you. https://www.thestar.com/news/investigations/2013/09/20/forced_marriages_a_hidden_problem_in_canada.html
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    Krishna: got to admire a God that makes the stealing of women's clothes as they bathe a virtue. http://www.harekrsna.de/stealing-cloth.htm
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    Oh ffs...here we go again. Go away why don't you?
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    You have an interesting view of Canada, one that I personally do not share. I would be interested to hear what you consider to be Canada's active genocide. Who is the target of this genocide and where is it happening? As for the illegal invasions you mentioned, what exactly are they and can you provide judgements, international condemnations clarifying the illegality of Canada's actions?
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    I believe I said that I did not think that this could ever become a law in Canada.. But here in Canada, one never knows, especially with the liberals in power. We already have hate laws that say that I cannot express an opinion against an individual or an identifiable group if it appears as though it is deemed to be promoting hatred or violence towards anyone or any group. This Motion 103 can be placed in that catagory easy enough by me just questioning or challenging in any way Islam. I don't think that I am being hysterical about anything. Using the word "hysteria" is going a little over board here. And why was this motion even passed here in Canada anyway? Why did the Greens, NDP or the liberals vote in favor for such a draconian motion? Why would an immigrant to Canada, because that is what she is, come to a country that believes in freedom of speech, and then pretty much demand that Motion 103 be adopted. Did someone not tell her that here in Canada, or so we are told, that freedom of expression is a basic right according to the COR. I don't think that you should be attacking me but instead you should be attacking the MP that brought this motion forward. She is the enemy here, not me. I am of the opinion that most Canadians are their own worse enemy. They like to attack anyone who stands up for Canada, and it's values and ways of life, and freedom of expression, rather than attack the people who want to take those values and free speech away from them. Incredible indeed.
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    Although all US war crimes and terrorist acts of of great importance, let's just start with the 4 million murdered Muslims since 1990, described by the US Physicians for Social Responsibility. If this doesn't put an end to all the silly suggestions that we poor westerners are living in such dangerous times, threatened as we are by the Muslim hordes, I don't know what will. Red Scare - it's deja vu all over again.
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    I just had a look back. It seems that you are more bothered by "Complete idiots burning books on the ends of sticks. Tossers", than you are by two men, and I quote, "who were responsible for maybe 5 or 6 million people between them who were actually killed". Why?
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    Nah. Just in the terrorism database site I've been sorting through since last weekend. But one year isn't a trend, unfortunately.