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    An interesting story in the Post today in that it encapsulates all that most of us despise about so-called progressives. A Quebec environmental bureaucrat wrote a letter to his federal counterpart on upcoming legislation. The letter, sent last month from a Quebec environment official to one of his federal counterparts, does not seem all that inflammatory. The Quebec official notes that proposed federal legislation requiring that traditional Indigenous knowledge be taken into account when assessing environmental impacts permits a “very broad” definition of such knowledge. And, he adds, the bill should be clearer about how traditional knowledge is to be weighed against scientific data when deciding whether a project should proceed. How could anyone be upset about this? Clearly it's simply warning that science, and not the undefined term 'indigenous knowledge' should guide environmental assessment. Yet two cabinet ministers had to apologize amid the 'outrage' over the disrespect to natives. I think this just goes to show how lost to reality progressives are in their fanaticism at appeasing and pandering to every single minority identity group. You can't question the 'wisdom' of indigenous people, despite the fact they had zero knowledge of science and were basically a bunch of tribal hunters restricted to small geographic areas. Even suggesting we should promote science instead an endanger your career as the hysterical progressives start calling you names. And yes, of course, the progressives have already started crying racism. It's what they do, after all. http://nationalpost.com/news/canada/quebec-deputy-minister-gets-pushback-after-questioning-place-of-indigenous-traditional-knowledge#comments-area
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    Voting requires a level of life experience and maturity that teenagers have not had the opportunity to acquire. I'm not certain people under 25 have either. Once you grant the vote, it is very difficult to go back if it is a mistake.
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    Around 2015. That's when the latest wave of increased... "sensitivity"... started. That's when everyone started to be worried about "cultural appropriation", "microaggressions", "being an ally", "intersectional disadvantage", "cisgender privilege", etc. But, this is the first wave of this bs that is having some real pushback from reasonable middle-ground people (i.e. the increasing number of university professors who are starting to speak out against the atmosphere now found at many universities), who previously just kind of took the increasingly stifling anti-free-speech inclinations of the modern left as an annoyance to be ignored. Haha, I wouldn't question the wisdom of "ingenious" people either.
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    Amazing. Discrimination in the name of diversity https://www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/article-discrimination-in-the-name-of-campus-diversity-is-not-acceptable/
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    Climate is the statistical distribution of weather. Thus it is easier to predict than weather itself. Similarly, if you flipped a fair coin 1 million then we can expect with extremely high probability that roughly 50% of the coin flips would be heads. However, we would have no ability to predict an individual coin flip (weather). Objects tend to emit electromagnetic radiation depending on how hot they are. I emit radiation, you emit radiation, the sun emits radiation, the earth emits radiation, etc. There are different types of electromagnetic radiation including x-rays, gamma rays, ultraviolet light, visible light, infrared radiation, microwaves and radiowaves; what distinguishes these types of radiation is the frequency (i.e. colour) of the radiation. The hotter something is, the more electromagnetic radiation it will emit (unless we are dealing with radioactive materials, which is another issue) and also the higher the frequency (i.e. more blue/violet and less red) the radiation will be. The Earth emits electromagnetic radiation, however because the Earth isn't very hot, this radiation is infrared and we can't see it. The sun, is much hotter than the Earth so it's radiation is primarily visible light, which we can see. Ever turn on an electric stove and notice that it starts to glow red as it gets hotter? This is the relevant effect. Different types of gasses have different properties. Some gases might be completely transparent to some types of radiation, but opaque to others. By opaque, I mean that the gas will have a high chance of absorbing a photon of light if the light tries to pass through the gas. The reason for these properties is due to the properties of the individual molecules in the gas, but to explain these properties you have to go into quantum mechanics. Greenhouse gases for Earth are those gases that are transparent to visible light yet opaque to infrared radiation. CO2 is a good example, because if you look at the properties of CO2, it is very transparent to visible light. CO2 tends to absorb infrared radiation around 15 μm very well. When you add more CO2 to the atmosphere, this will not really affect light traveling from the sun to the Earth, since that light tends to be visible; thus the light from the Sun will pass through the atmosphere and warm the surface. In order to cool-off from receiving all this energy from the Sun, the Earth must radiate energy out into space. The surface of the Earth emits infrared radiation which travels towards space. However, if we add more CO2, then there is a higher chance that this energy won't reach outer space and will instead be absorbed by the atmosphere. The atmosphere will then re-emit some of that absorbed energy back towards the Earth's surface. The net effect is that the Earth's surface warms.
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    The idiots are essentially brain dead. It is not as if everyone is going to stop driving their cars, buying things made of plastic, flying airplanes, paving roads, etc. So, the oil is going to be shipped, somewhere. Instead of using pipelines with fantastic safety records, the oil will get tidewater in rail cars - a shipping method with a horrible statistical safety record.
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    Then again, it's entirely possible that Wynne's vote buying promises went well and those promises are enticing voters. If I was 25 and starting a family, I would be wooed by the promise of free child care and other goodies dangled before my eyes. When you're 25 do you really care where the money is coming from to pay for those programs, especially if you pay no income taxes at all? I think back when Trudeau Senior was PM and I was a lowly public service clerk, he gave me large pay increases. Think 8 to 12%. I did not give a hoot how those pay raises would be paid or who would pay for them. In exchange he won my vote. As for Ford, it may not be what he is doing or not doing, even the fact he stepped in it saying he would reduce the CBC budget. Big deal, he made a mistake. It's that Wynne and her Liberals are opting to have a fire sale in order to increase their chances of staying in power. At first glance it appears to be working.
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    Jordan Petersen is one of those people who are pushing back. The leftist social justice warrior progressive liberals despise this guy because Petersen makes them all look stupid. They deserve to be noted as stupid. My opinion.
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    Climate Barbie and the wonderful sunny days team want to codify "indigenous knowledge:?????????????? Yeah, when the Vikings, then French and finally English got here, they found all of these universities, libraries, technological centers, etc. - this vast store of "indigenous knowledge". The aboriginal population has given so much knowledge to the world. Next thing you know Ralph Goodale will be proposing a bill to recognize that Plato, Euclid, Pythagoras, Davinci, Tessla, Einstein and Hawking will be officially declared Swamp Cree.
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    Your question states that the two halves of the empire found themselves in similar positions, and yet one fell while the other persevered, and tries to find a reason why. The point I was trying to make was that there isn't always a good clear-cut reason, "time and chance happeneth to them all" as the quote says (I remembered it randomly when I was reading your post and then you mentioned Christianity). Why was the British revolution peaceful while the French was bloody? Why did America rebel while Canada remained content? Why did the tech industry develop in Silicon Valley rather than anywhere else? The course of history can be changed by a single decision, by the courage or cowardliness of a single front line soldier, by the sour mood on a certain day of a certain politician, by someone getting sick and missing an important meeting, etc. It's not a very satisfying answer, but it is a fallacy to assume that every historical event can be understood as the direct and reasonable result of measurable factors like population, economic performance, quality/quantity of military armaments, etc. Dozens (or perhaps hundreds) of books have been written on the fall of the Western Roman Empire analyzing the various factors and causes. It is, after all, one of the most pivotal events in the history of human civilization, probably along with the Bronze Age collapse, the Mongol Invasions, the discovery of the New World, and WWII. The more of them you read, the more you will understand that there is no agreement on a single factor or group of factors.
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    I'm constantly being told Canada has no talent, we have to import it. Why would it be any different for our leadership? Hell, even Jr might be half Cuban...
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    If you start a war of extermination against the Jews, you had better finish the job. There's your problem. Your guys f---ked-up.
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    I alway thought goodale was a old time liberal and I had no problem with him,till now. He has sold his soul to be trudeaus front man on security.
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    Rob Ford was a tragic character. Anyone with a clue to who the man actually was - knows that he spent most of his waking hours answering calls and working for the "little guys". He had a heart as big as anyone's. The tragedy was in his inner demons - an introverted soul whose escape led him to drugs. The Star - hating what Ford's politics stood for - seized on every opportunity to bring the man down.....from his initial campaign all the way through his mayorship. The Star embodied the ruthlessness of the Left - and is not veering from that course as they continue to try to drag THIS Ford down and buoy support for Wynne.
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    I saw this posted today and I checked his numbers RE: the spills.
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    Is this what they call a "bromance"? I'm tempted to say "get a room".
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    Check your subject line, Hemingway: "speaks French ONLY IN FRANCE" means he does not speak French in countries other than France Change it to: "speaks only French in France" to be clear what you mean You are welcome.
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    40 Sea Gulls Wrecked His Hotel Room. 17 Years Later, a Pepperoni Pardon. When Nick Burchill left a suitcase full of pepperoni by an open window, the ensuing chaos got him a lifetime ban from a hotel in British Columbia. But he asked for a pardon. A bit off my usual posting tack. But serious animal rights question; do seagulls have the right to freedom of defecation?
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    Trudeau praises Trump attack on Syria...officially becomes poodle.
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    And so it begins, fake news and lies. Beware of what you read from Wynne Liberals and their foreign funded front groups. http://torontosun.com/opinion/editorials/editorial-more-fake-news-from-ontario-liberals
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    Indeed... I think Canadian liberals also haven't learned the lesson correctly from this Trump phenomenon. When the wind slightly blows to the right side, they rush to extreme left to balance it like what a sailor would do to his/her sailboat. These Canadian politicians are supposed to know better that when you drive a car on icy road, if the car is skidding to right, it will be better that you don't turn the steering wheel to left immediately. You should let go the wheel and let the vehicle to weaken the trend and regain its balance first...then you can consider which direction you want to go---beware, still don't turn the wheel to left too hard unless you want to lose control again...
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    It has nothing to do with anyone else. I didn't ask my neighbour if I can go to work today. No it's not. It's a matter of choice. If you want to buy my kidney, and I want to sell you it, why should anyone else have a say?
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    They'll be more as election day nears. Granted, Ford is fertile ground for outrageous comments - but Liberal desperation has not and will not be a pretty sight. We'll all have to consider the source. At one time, Liberals AND Conservatives were somewhat trustworthy parties at both the Federal and Provincial level. They gave Canada well-deserved credit for stable governance. In general, they did what they said they would do, within reason. THESE provincial Liberals cannot be trusted. Putting aside the scandals and waste of the Lost Decade - it was only last year that Sousa said they would balance the budget for the foreseeable future because it wasn't fair to burden our children with debt. Nothing has changed other than their position in the polls as the election looms. You cannot trust what they say. As for Trudeau and THESE federal Liberals - their campaign promises were nothing but lies - each one crafted to attract a block of voters. Not only can you not trust them, you should never believe them. It's sad and shameful that it's come to this.
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    That's the 2nd fake DoFo one I fell for... Please call these out, as I correct them when I see them.
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    Wow. You are correct. I can't find an MSM cite, so I may have fallen for 'fake news'
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    I don't. I just don't impose my will on those who might want to.
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    Well, he doubled spending his first term, then doubled it again his second. He built up the debt so that when double digit inflation came in it exploded and became the multi hundred million dollar monster it is now. He also initiated large scale third world immigration, to what ends we still don't know, and pretty much destroyed our military while sucking up to the Chinese and Cubans and alienating half the country.
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    Just read it. "Let’s pay attention in this. Instead of mocking it, which is very insulting,” he said. “If we look at the question of the bear spirit according to our scientific criteria, obviously it will be put aside. But if we seriously take it into account, if we talk to people who believe these things, we will maybe be very impressed.” How do these people expect to be taken seriously? I had assumed it was climate patterns and which side of the tree the moss grows, that kind of thing. Not Yogi's ghost!
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    Canada to Russia: "We will trade you 10 Russian diplomats for 5 ISIS terrorists."
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    The Arabs are also free to discuss terms. But coming to terms with the Israelis isn't Islam's goal.
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    Right now, regime change would mean war. The mullahs retain support among conservative, rural Iranians. An external attack on the country would force nearly everybody into the regime’s hands and put back any chance of meaningful change for decades.
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    Is the number of people who pay no tax changing ? If so, why might that be ? Imagine how you might want to describe a situation where, over time, a portion of the population sees their wages dwindle to the point where they can't pay taxes... and then the government decides they shouldn't vote. And then they start losing legal protections and losing services. It almost sounds like a slow descent into slavery to me. The problem with your framework is that you assume every individual is 100% control of their material success or failure. Government policy has nothing to do with it, nor do macro economic forces such as automation or global trade. Such an attitude towards economics, strikes me as similar to pre-reformation attitudes towards religion: rules and compliance is a problem for the little people. The aristocracy is above it, and can buy indulgences from the church. The modern equivalent is that the little person has to deal with automation, job outsourcing, and having their store replaced by a big box in the next town while the aristocracy buys favourable policy indulgences from the government in the form of laws that protect the wealth. You speak like someone who knows a lot about history but you have a giant blind spot
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    Would you rather be an Arab in an Israeli jail, or a Jew in a Lebanese or Palestinian jail?
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    She'll probably be out in a couple of months. She is no innocent but a regular activist. Now would you like to compare Israel's justice system to that of the Palestinian Territories? Or perhaps Syria? Egypt? Iran? Saudi Arabia? Lebanon?
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    It's ok to be white. It is nothing to be ashamed of. Liberal politicians will always use the white are racist words to try and eliminate their opponents. Signs of a loser.
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    Trudeau decides to make-up for his many failures by giving Hamas and the PLO $10 million dollars. Oh...and go after Canadian gun owners...buncha terrorists.
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    The under-participation of dumb people is a good thing.
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    Here's my idea to simplify the tax code: 1. How much money did you make this year? 2. How much did you spend? 3. How much do you have left? 4. Send it in.
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    Youth voters was up in unprecedented numbers during the 2015 Federal election.....so she can't say the youth aren't engaged! Did it ever occur to her that the Liberal Party of Ontario - and, she - are the reasons why youth voters are low in Ontario? https://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/education/youth-dont-vote-because-they-dont-like-what-they-see/article19114640/ They most likely feel the burden of this GIGANTIC DEFICIT falling on their shoulders to carry for a very, very, very long time! They see the big burden of shouldering her spendings falling right smack on their generation - and beyond! With no good employment, to boot! They've lost hope! Who can blame them? It's terribly depressing when you're at the mercy of someone like Wynne!
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    I wounder how it'll be if we re-phrase her words like this: “If you don’t vote, then somebody like Muslims are going to vote, some black people.” You can encourage in other positive ways! You don't single out certain groups - especially when we see the controversy over racism - what with groups like Black Lives Matter! She's compounding the angst against white people. She's tapping into those sentiments! Bottom line: you don't stoke the embers of a race war! Period.
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    Even more to the point I'm saying you're a moron for peddling this nonsense and I'm not buying it because I'm not a moron.
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    No, Canada is a small player because it is a deadbeat on defence spending.
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    If Doug were a big hash dealer did he ever get arrested for dealing in hash? If he were that big of a hash dealer one would think that Doug would be on the radar of the police. Even some of those late night talk show hosts like John Daly attacked and mocked Doug's brother over drugs. That alone tells me that Doug did not deal in hash. Those liberal hosts will attack anybody who is not of their liberal ilk to try and destroy them. As far as I am concerned those accusations are all made up lies by the lying liberal fake media. The only pattern you and me are seeing here is the typical liberal pattern of going out there and trying to destroy all things conservative. Liberals are such deplorable people.
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    Because anything that this prime mistake does bothers me. I want a man running this country, not a constant apologist feminist for PM of Canada. This dope needs to be exposed for his childish sillyness. We need someone like a Trump for PM of Canada. Someone who cares for and about Canada, and not the rest of the world. So there.
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    I can't believe people posting and opposing attack on Bashir Assad's bases!!!!. Wake up people who are claiming to defend the defenseless. Responsible for chemical attacks or not, Bashir Assad is a proven mass murderer who has killed hundreds of thousands of his own people for his survival ever since uprising against his regime by Syrian people started 8 years ago and millions up to 10 million homeless all because one person (himslelf) wish to survive.
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    True. Some people like Hardner think CNN, the Toronto Star and CBC, among others are the only beacons of truth. Sad, in my opinion, and that's why the brainwashed masses are easy prey.
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    Have you ever heard the term 'standing on the shoulders of giants' ? The existence of this term alone disproves your point. How does knowledge not progress ? Do you invent the wheel every morning before you ride it to work ?
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    When you start spewing about "globalist Zionist bankers", that's a pretty good sign of where your heart's at
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    You're free to pretend someone other than the Arabs started the Arab-Israeli Conflict.
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    He refers to India as his country.