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    That’s easy to say when it wasn’t you who was fired or spied on or arrested for absolutely no good reason. The lawsuits and payouts will stop once we, as a country, stop violating basic rights of citizens. Consider yourself lucky it wasn’t you.
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    This is an interesting idea. The concern I have is I do not have the time to study legislation to determine how I would vote. Neither do I have the legal training. I don't have the financial background to appreciate the intricacies of tax legislation. I don't know many people who do. Those I do know are people who I would support to run for Parliament. MP's have the time and resources to deal with issues. Many of them work 18 hour days 6 1/2 days a week. Parliament is not that expensive when you consider what they do. We hire them to do what we cannot. My experience with online discussion groups is that they tend to be taken over by people I would never trust to govern (myself included).
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    I love it....moderation here at MLW is considered to be excessive and punitive by some, but given the chance (and power) in their own private club, they would delete posts and ban membership with equal zeal. What is that old saying about "power" corrupting absolutely ?
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    https://www.thereligionofpeace.com/pages/site/the-list.aspx We're talking about today. I'm really not concerned with what happened thousands of years ago, or even decades ago. Islam never had a peaceful coexistence with anyone throughout its entire history up until the time when their military abilities fell behind that of those around them. You give Islam credit for not, say, trying to attack Europe in the last generation!? Seriously!? Islam threw itself against Europe again and again until they were no longer able to do so. Just as they threw themselves against the Indians, and against anyone not Muslim (not that they didn't make war on each other too). This is a religion whose origins were spread by the sword, and whose adherents took up that sword up until their enemies shot them down with guns. All that has changed in modern times is the relative ease of transportation and travel across the world. Fifty years ago it required a considerable amount of money to get from the middle east to Europe or North America. Now air travel is ubiquitous. Fifty years ago almost no Muslims lived in the West but then immigration was relaxed and now there are many.
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    The IRA was a socialist/marxist terrorist/guerrilla group whose members were regularly excommunicated from the Catholic Church. They might have been Catholics, for the most part, but they were most certainly not acting out of any sort of religious motivation or obligation. To suggest otherwise displays a level of ignorance about the troubles between Ireland and the UK as to suggest a prudent individual would choose not to even refer to it. Muslim terrorists, on the other hand, very clearly state they are acting out of religious motivation and obligation, as they see it. The things they do have clearly described justifications within the Islamic texts, and many of their violent beliefs, such as death to blasphemers and apostates, are echoed in vast numbers of Muslims around the world.
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    EXACTLY, because if they don't want to change then why come here in the 1st place. Our ancestors came here to get away from the BS, but the BS is now showing up at our door. These people do not want to become canadian, because they are muslim and it comes 1st no matter what. Islam is not compatible with christianity. But it will be to late before some people realize that.
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    What is an "Islam-based" terrorist attack? I've never heard of one before. Would you like to see all Muslims interned after terrorist attacks Betsy or just the brown ones? I think I'll start a new topic poll: "If Canada experiences several (hundred) child rapes by Catholic Priests, should we round up all Catholic priests and castrate them?"
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    CNN had to change their headline and remove Trump Jr photo from the Wikileaks story. Then they had to remove a tweet from him included in the story as the issued a correction about getting the date wrong too. #CNNfakenew
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    How would you know that it effects me? Now JT getting elected, that deeply effected me. If Wynne wins next June, that'll deeply effect me. I guess it effects me like a sporting event. But it is just entertainment. I can put the same amount of effort trading barbs with you clowns than I can debating if Walking Dead is still a good show or if the Toronto Maple Leafs are Stanley Cup contenders. You seem to be the one taking this deeply personally. Just like you like seeing Liberals lose their minds, I like to see Repubs sacrifice all their moral high ground to defend a President like Trump.
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    According to this, CNN is refusing to give coverage of former Dem. Rep sentencing for tax fraud. This is proof the CNN and other left wing sites do not report objectively or truthfully. If they don't outright lie, they lie by omission. http://dailycaller.com/2017/12/05/cnn-blackout-on-sentencing-of-fraudulent-democratic-rep/ CNN and MSNBC have both refused to give any on-air coverage to former Democratic Rep. Corrine Brown’s sentencing for tax fraud.
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    $100 million "earmarked" for compensation to LBGTQ2 people. Why only $100 million? How did a federal bureaucrat arrive at that round number? Why not $200 million, or $2 billion? Maybe we owe LBGTQ2 people $300 billion. Maybe Trudeau should "earmark" $300 billion for these people. In the case of Khadr, why $10 million? Why not $100 million? Who invents these numbers? Trudeau Jnr is writing cheques - but using the credit cards of other people. My fear: Justin Trudeau is bi-polar, like his mom.
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    Russians....British...Canadians....what's the difference ? Nation states have no friends...just interests. Canada is the USA's closest...and oldest...enemy. Long before any Russians.
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    Dietary restrictions and preferences are not anywhere near the same as wearing the symbol of extreme Islam, and the denigration and dehumanization of women. Whether a person eats pork or not - how does that affect society? Forced burka/niqab DOES affect society, it affects the women who wear it, it affects their children, it affects men and how they view/treat women, it is an affront to women and a reminder of how easily we can go back to women being second class citizens, barely human. The essence of a democratic society is that civic participation is extended to all. Deliberately preventing an entire gender from participating in society as identifiable individuals is a slap in the face to the entire foundation of our society. The essense of the burka is that women are not recognized as individuals, not empowered to make their own decisions. The whole point of it is to impede interaction outside the home. While authorities cannot interfere witih what people do inside their homes, the public wearing of burkas is a statement that women are unequal and must be segregated. Like a KKK march or the wearing of swastikas, it is an assault on the legal place of women in society and an intimidating statement of bigotry against them. If radicals are prevented from making public statements about the inferiority of certain races, why should they be permitted to assert the inferiority of an entire gender? Muslims are free to believe whatever they want but a public display that dehumanizes women as a gender by treating their faces and bodies as obscene is a violation of the norms of our society. Islamophiles can deny it all they want, but a French study found that 77% of girls who wear the hijab do so because of threats. http://www.weeklystandard.com/article/14126 Many women who defy the burka and hijab by posting pictures of themselves without it are threatened with blackmail and violence. The burka divides women into "good girls" and "whores" and gives rapists religious ammunition to justify their crime. In response to a gang rape, the Cheif Mufti of Australia said, "If she was in her room, in her home, in her hijab, no problem would have occurred." The burka doesn't just isolate the woman, it also covers up abuse. In Afganistan, 87% of women report being victims of domestic abuse. http://section15.ca/features/news/2008/07/04/afghan_women/ In Pakistan, that number goes as high as 90%. This is an especially vital issue in Western countries where spousal abuse is a serious crime, so the abuser has even MORE motivation to hide the abuse. The Muslim community is in denial about its abuse rates and the burka is one of the reasons why. Do you still want to compare it to whether someone chooses to eat pork or not?
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    Might be the stupidest post you’ve made in weeks.... which is saying a lot!
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    I would support efforts to empower muslim women to make whatever personal choices they want, and to join us in shrugging off patriarchy.
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    Yeah they should just leave it in the hands of the Hell's Angels...good quality and low price without all the moral hassle.
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    Fake news. They also let Muslim cops shoot unarmed white women in their jammies.
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    I doubt adopting this "new club feature" will do much to rescue a near defunct forum. Perhaps shedding a conspiracy theorist moderator would work much better. However I hasten to add, MLW has corralled a number of posters that are best kept corralled. Carry on.
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    No. The only reason Laurier apologized was because she taped the interaction, showed it to the press, and Laurier was bombarded by former students cancelling their annual donations. She told them she had the recording, and nobody gave a shit before. This is not the case of a couple rogue professors. This is the climate being intentionally created at Laurier, and I highly doubt they are alone on this. The mantra seems to be 'we support free speech' as long as that free speech isn't counter to our ideals. Also, they seem to be dwelling more on the fact that the professor made an exaggerated comparison to Hitler's speech, than the fact that they accused this young woman of a hate crime, and causing violence against trans students by showing a TVO video.
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    If Christianity was spread by the sword (or gun) it would have spread back through the middle east and everyone there would be a Christian now. Islam spread into the Middle East and took over former Christian lands by the sword, and kept pushing towards Europe until they were stopped by force of arms. They kept pushing into India and slaughtering Hindus until they were stopped and pushed back by force of arms. If Christians had the same mentality there'd be no more Muslim countries. They'd all have been conquered and converted by the sword back around WW2.
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    Trump is a wrecking ball to offend your tastes, whatever you thought or preferred a president to be. Yet there are many who still give him total support, even more so because of things like this. That is the dichotomy you/ we need to overcome.
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    Probably the most Caucasoid person here is me if this is the case Caucasoid people came to West from Caucasus region which is placed at Euroasia, in today's Russian territories. A Muslim Chechen guy is the original Caucasoid, not you.
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    Well if we canadians don't wake up ,we will lose our country our traditions and it will become a cesspool.
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    Sure...thank you for confirming my point above. You want more control over those who not only disagree with you, but in the way they choose to express opposing views. Further, you want moderator(s) to adopt your stance and ultimate solution for such circumstances. That this site's owner is affording the opportunity for private clubs and moderation suggests far more flexibility than rigidity. Also, I have expressed many times that MLW moderation is more about excessive workload and high maintenance for some members/posts. A tangled rat's nest of personal attacks, off topic rants, thread drift, spam, etc. If you make the police come to your house to clean up...they are not bringing milk and cookies.
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    Well, you could have a US politics group where every second topic was not repetitive drivel from anti-American loonies. That would be nice. Maybe a world politics one where Israel was not allowed to be discussed. But it seems to me this idea for private clubs is mainly due to the failure of moderation here. I've been posting at a variety of other sites lately. The ones with almost no moderation are... difficult. They're full of crazies insulting each other. MLW has unfortunately had too much moderation. In the middle are forums with a lighter touch in moderating, where insults might be deleted or posts altered, but posters are rarely ever suspended MLW's real problem isn't too much moderation, though, especially lately. I think it's maybe three loonies who clutter it up with so much crap that it's hard to find intelligent conversation. These loonies can't be adequately dealt with by members, ie, driven off under a hail of mockery and ridicule, because of the moderation, though. A private club would simply not let them join. But I fail to see how this is any more a violation of their 'free speech' rights that MLW cherishes so much than simply deleting their posts on the greater forum. In theory we'd wind up having most of the intelligent posters confined to these private clubs, while the loonies rant and rave to the empty rooms outside. Actually, now that I think of it, if I was to start a private club I'd let anyone join, even the people on my ignore list, and then simply delete any post I thought was stupid. Post too many stupid posts and I'd delete you. Agreed.
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    And Moore passed Hannity's questions with flying colors.
  27. 2 points
    Great idea, but I think some members have already created their own club (in another forum). They love to discuss members of this forum...go figure.
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    Well, Betsy's last contribution was 11 years ago, but if you want to round up Christian evangelicals and make them assimilate into Canadian culture, I'm okay with that. I think everyone should assimilate.
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    I hereby state that I categorically oppose the immigration of Catholics from medieval times because their values and beliefs would be inimical to mine. As far as molesting children goes, there is a deep thread of pedophilia which runs through the Islamic world, due, in part, to Muhammad marrying a nine year old. Meanwhile, there are no statistics which suggest the occurrence of child abuse from Catholic priests was statistically above that of the general population. Sexual abuse of minors is not the province of the Catholic Church alone. About 4 percent of priests committed an act of sexual abuse on a minor between 1950 and 2002, according to a study being conducted by John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York. That is roughly consistent with data on many similar professions. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/04/16/AR2010041602026.html
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    Aside from there being a distinct lack of Roman Catholic suicide bombers or terrorists, you mean? Plus the fact the Roman Catholic church does not call for the death penalty for moral crimes, or for leaving the Church, or for blaspheme. Not to mention the fact the Roman Catholic Church is heavily organized, and not the anarchy of independent 'sheiks' and 'imams' and mullahs' among Islam, of course.
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    I would say the same of other immigrants where their culture and identity are hostile to ours.
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    Maybe muslims should just live in muslim countries OR change everything about themselves when they move to a non muslim country, and try to fit in and enjoy what the country has to offer .The biggest problem is people here that think everyone can live together, well it has proven false. Multiculturalism does not work in the end. It worked here for a while but our leaders went to nuts in bringing in people that are not compatible with the people already here. And then tell the people here this is the way it is going to be ,deal with it, well it is getting dealt with now.
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    Ok, there was a crazy Muslim woman. Sometimes there are crazy Christians or crazy atheists. We hardly need to change our way of life because of one crazy person with a knife. In the last 100 years, the 'Muslim epidemic' has killed exactly two people, which should put it on the same danger level as pink eye. Instead, so many Canadians have a singular focus on this alleged Muslim threat. Here is a list of things that have proven to be far more deadly than Muslims: - bathtubs - falling out of bed - hitting moose on the highway - lawn mowers - kids being forgotten in hot cars - hockey So, if we're that comfortable restricting human rights to protect 'real Canadians' let's start banning those things too. - No more bathtubs - just showers. - No beds more than one foot off the ground - Interment camps for Moose - Only manual lawn mowers - No windows allowed in cars - Ban hockey and football And while we're at it, let's restrict cars from going more than 20 km/h since that seems to kill about 1000x more people than Muslims. Now then, in terms of accommodation, I don't think a special pool time is that big of a deal. It's not like the pool has public swim all the time. It's blocked off for all sorts of things. Private lessons, swim lanes, seniors waterworkout, childrens swim etc. And as for the schools, you need to realize that Christians get Sunday off. Jews get Saturday off but Muslims do not get Friday off. So, the fact that there is a room set aside for an hour on their holiday, doesn't seem like we're favouring Muslims all that much. How about we change it so schools get Friday and Saturday off, and then refuse to give any prayer time to Christians on Sunday. See how fair everyone thinks that arrangement is. It sounds to me like you don't want to make any compromises because you don't want them here. So, the only Muslims you want are the ones who completely abandon all their beliefs and culture and act just like your nice third-generation Polak neighbour. Look, I understand that you don't want to lose your culture or your way of life. Either do they do. Obviously, they have to compromise more than we do, because they are the ones coming to this country, but as long as they don't demand that we change our way of life to accomodate their way of life, I think it will work out fine. And as for the 'Muslim horde', that you seem to be afraid of, you need to realize that people that come from unfortunate circumstances get messed up. The longer they stay in Canada, and the more they adjust to our way of life, the less of a connection they feel to the extremism. I think there is some danger coming from people from those countries, but it is largely dissipated by the kindness and generosity that many Canadians show them. And the second generation, is almost fully absorbed into Canadian society. The danger is if we fail to assimilate new Canadians, allowing them to have their own neighbourhoods, mosques and schools, where they don't get to know their non-Muslim neighbours, particularly if they pay too much attention to those Canadians who make it clear they don't like Muslims.
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    LoL thanks but I dont care, we are different, complately.
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    The face covering is a mark of a backward-thinking culture and ideology that devalues women as mere chattels. It has no place in a modern society that professes to respect women as equals. Anyone who can't see that is woefully blind of the reality. Ignorance is bliss.
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    The two-minute meeting between Trump and Putin in Vietnam plunged the Clinton Mass Disinformation Media into a state of hysteria – they simply do not know what to lie, especially given that in a couple of weeks the Washington Post journalists and their ilk in Moscow will be forced to register as foreign agents and provide corresponding information about themselves, including about the money and about the cookies. Under the threat of jail if attempted to lie. Such thing was unheard of even in the USSR and I’m sure that Trump asked for a meeting with Putin precisely because of this. And for him such meeting was fraught from the very beginning, but if a couple of dozen American journalists in Moscow are jailed, here will be such howling that Hawking’s predictions will be fulfilled ahead of schedule. And they canceled the meeting because it was possible to agree on something without an encounter, which for Trump really is fraught. However, a simple handshake of Putin and Trump was enough to cause an incredible squeal in the Goebbels style: some screams that Trump and Putin still met secretly and spent the night together, cutting off the carcass of Ukraine, some lie that Putin cried when he learned that Trump will not meet him, some argues that Trump founded a cult in his name, and some discovered the secret protocols of the marriage contract. The only thing that is not a lie is that Trump in the dispute over Russian interference in the election campaign of 2016 supported the Putin’s version, not the US intelligence(?) community. And the president’s son-in-law went so far as to suggest in view of the results of this campaign to fire half of CNN. An alternative version is that Trump asked Putin for a meeting because of the exacerbation of the North Korean threat, but canceled it after talking with Chairman Xi, but I do not believe that Trump is so stupid that he thinks he can do without Russia in the Korean question, no matter what Xi promises.
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    The government should not be in the business of selling car insurance. That should be left up to the private sector. We also have the BC government selling liquor in their own liquor stores and competing with the private liquor stores. Another cash cow no doubt. There is just to much government in the people's life. Fees for this, licence for that, permits for this and forced to wear that or else. There must be millions of laws and rules and regulations that we are forced to live with every day of our lives that can pretty much nail us on anything the government wants to nail you with. I am pretty sure that by the time you walk out your front door and walk to your car and drive to work you must have broken at least a few laws somewhere along the way. The government has us all by the pubic hairs, and they always make it hurt.
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    You’re a scumabg anti Semite. You may have found the perfect forum for your stupidity.
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    Anyone, especially any American, with two brain cells to rub together who listened to Trump's rant in Fla. tonight should be at least worried, if not scared. For instance, "we have the best country in the world, but the system is rigged" and "Hillary supports the system and she lost by millions". And he waved and flailed his arms around to thank "Blacks for Trump". Well, if it's such a rigged system then perhaps he's saying also that his win was rigged. And, Hillary didn't lose by millions, she actually won by 3 million of the popular vote. And, Trump is known for discriminating against Blacks in his housing projects. If you can't see the incredible hypocrisy that this asshole brings to the podium, and I'm sure to the WH, then you have no idea what the word means. I thought the Obama discussion may have been a little over the top, but I'm not so sure after this latest frothy mouthed rant from Trump.
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    Here, I tried to share informations from any sources but noone share anything other than me only some troll posts. Another problem is that I am a bit whimsy. So I am interested with many different issues at the same time and I instantly lose all my interest about a subject and focusing another subject. So this always cause my projects to stay in half. I am the brain, not the worker. I give orders, I dont take orders.
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    Then why do women dress as sex objects?? Maybe women like sex to?
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    Looks like Trump may have just tweeted himself into a (obstruction of justice) box once and for all. He has now drawn an indelible line between firing Flynn for having lied to Pence and the FBI and then a day later telling the FBI director to lay off Flynn, and then firing Comey. Trump's legal team must be banging their heads on their desks at their client's insistence to continually indict himself. Fun for the rest of us to watch though.
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    That's great! This is how it should be done.
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    I think I'm the only one that is completely happy with our healthcare system. I don't have allot of experience but have been to emergency maybe ten times for myself and family members over the course of my life. I've found the wait times very reasonable, the people very personable and patient, the buildings and equipment clean and in good repair. We've been bumped for more urgent situations and that is totally reasonable in my opinion, I think I've also been slipped in front of someone else at least once. I'm sure hospitals and doctors offices go through busy times and slow times just like any other profession (I believe most emergency medical situations are not scheduled). I honestly don't know if we are wasting money on our health care system, we probably could eliminate several inefficiencies but there are so many other places we are hemorrhaging money that should be cleaned up first. At least most health care spending is staying within Canada. Our healthcare system to me is exactly as it should be, you go in, you get fixed up, you go home, everyone has a right to the same service regardless of wealth or stature, simple as that. PS, to all you health care people out there, I am truly grateful for everything you do for us, you are top notch and easily among some of the best people I've met in my life. Thank you
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    I wasn't sure about that (not Jupiter transiting Sun, but Venus transiting Jupiter). The planes of orbit are very close so could there not be a conjunction where they actually crossed? We do see Venus near Jupiter in the sky every now and then, a few weeks back was a perfect example. For that to happen, Jupiter needs to be on the opposite side of the Sun from Earth but Venus can be anywhere in its orbit. That would always put Venus closer to us than Jupiter, so if things were just right could it not transit? Try Nov. 22, 2065 - 7:42am eastern time in you planetarium software. Do you think I will live to be 105?
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    Obstruction of justice, emoluments, blatant continuous lying,...need more?
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    Catering to the creeping in of Islamic sharia law and their sick and pathetic ways of doing things. Otherwise what other reason can there be for it? I am pretty sure that the french people were not pushing for that kind of sexual perversion.
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    And now the climate barbie ,is now Ms Anti Coal, ( we use less than 10%) to go after trump and change the channel on her own mistakes. America pulls out of paris and their emissions have dropped 10X more than ours. China and others are pumping it out as fast as they can. China even said its emissions will not dropped for another 13 yrs, but yet heres canada cutting its own throat for absolutely nothing. Just so trudeau can be liked.
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    Just look at this forum and look at the posters receives most "likes" from others. It would be a horrible to allow these guys to make laws.
  50. 1 point
    I agree, he's definitely the best thing to happen to US politics in a long long time. He does the right wing the same sort of favour some PC university students do for the left - underscoring the more ridiculous edges that need to be trimmed.