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    I hear you. Our Prime Minister threw open our country's doors to migrants in a tweet which circulated around the world. He may think it's the right thing to do. Yet he failed to think of the immediate burden placed on the resources needed to make that workable. He is prone to blurting out grand plans without a thought for their impact and implementation.
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    The real threat to democracy is those who cannot accept the outcome of a fair democratic election.
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    As Daniel Jean admitted - it was the PMOs responsibility - and they did not do it. They need a good, swift kick in the Butts.
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    Now we read about a caravan from mexico heading to america, they will not stop in america ,they are coming here.
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    Oh get off your high horse. You can stop deflecting now that you have learned the difference between a legal point of entry and an illegal crossing area.
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    "At a point of entry" is key here. Of course, persons seeking entry at designated points of entry will be processed in accordance with the law. Persons entering Canada at other border areas not designated a point of entry are illegal arrivals, should be turned back and advised to go through a legal point of entry. I have to laugh at your comment about conservatives. As if you are qualified to speak to this issue when you don't even know the difference between a designated "point of entry" and illegal crossing areas.
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    But this won't happen in Canada. Because our Muslim refugees are way different from THEIR Muslim refugees! After a massive refugee influx, Germany is confronting an imported anti-Semitism A survey of victims of anti-Semitism commissioned last year by the German Parliament concluded that Muslims were most often identified as the perpetrators http://nationalpost.com/news/world/after-a-massive-refugee-influx-germany-is-confronting-an-imported-anti-semitism
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    The Hell's Angels are not a street gang. Its members, as vile as they might be, are not out there breaking into houses and stores, mugging and beating people on the street, or engaging in shootouts downtown. If you want to live on the safest block in a city, they say, live on the block where the Hells Angels are. No crime there. Nobody has ever said that about living near the gang house of a street gang. And my contempt for people of colour is illusory on your behalf. I have far more contempt for the bigotry of low expectations you and all your type subscribe to.
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    Here is some good news: Natalie Portman has publicly refused to travel to Israel for the Genesis award, leading the entire ceremony to be canceled. In a statement she said "[r]ecent events in Israel have been extremely distressing to her and she does not feel comfortable participating in any public events in Israel” and that “she cannot in good conscience move forward with the ceremony." Israel's brand has become so toxic that even well-known Israeli-American cultural figures, like Natalie Portman, now refuse to blatantly whitewash, or art-wash, Israeli crimes and apartheid policies. Link
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    You do not condemn them. You support them. You have made it clear in past posts you consider Hezbollah, the PA, Hamas, the Iranian government, Assad, all legitimate. Its why you do not respond to me or certain other posters. We produced the posts where you have and you then hid from us. I already responded directly to your support of the Iranian regime. Hezbollah, Hamas, the PA and your comments that slur ALL Americans, ALL Jews, all Israelis, ALL people who disagree with you and you ignored those. For you to come on this board and play lip service as you do to terrorists speaks for itself. You will not and are forbidden from saying anything negative about Hamas. Hezbollah, Iran, ISIL, on and on. You do not have the integrity to even acknowledge how Hamas is deliberately orchestrating the latest crap at the border of Gaza.
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    When I started in my job there were no female project managers, now about 40% are. No one would say they are ill-suited to the job because of their gender, yet they said that then. And you are saying that now effectively. Women are ill-suited to being CEOs ? Why exactly ? This is mushy thinking, which is amplified by your incessant desire to throw drive-by insults at caricatures called 'progressives' and 'gender inequality' types. It's like calling people 'racists' for liking Doug Ford or Harper, ie. should not be necessary to a well-articulated thesis.
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    US response to the arrival of Central American caravan at the US-Mexican border. https://www.dhs.gov/news/2018/04/25/secretary-nielsen-statement-arrival-central-american-caravan Justin and his Liberals don't have the balls to uphold our laws in this manner. They prefer to roll out the welcome mat and look at illegal arrivals as potential future Liberal voters. To hell with our sovereignty and our laws.
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    Also falsehoods. Don't forget that part. People who come on here and decry MSM lies and talk about liars get their info from lying websites aimed at gullible types. Then those people come here and paste the lies they cut, add a few lines of misspelled comments and claim they are laterns of truth in a dangerous world.
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    What on earth are you babbling about????? What "twisted morality" is added to the mix? Are you talking in codes? Why can't you be specific?
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    I had prime rib last night with mash potatoes, corn and gravy. Yummy. That is one good thing about this country. The food is great. Politics sucks.
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    If President Trump can close this deal, it would be the biggest U.S. foreign policy achievement since the Camp David Accords in 1978....Yuuuuuge ! And of course, all the Trump haters would have to figure out how to give credit to Obama or Hillary Clinton. President Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize for far less.
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    It doesn't NEED to mix. It just will. It's inevitable. Most of the world's problems are exacerbated, if not caused by colors, language and culture. Gradually minimize those "differences" and you're on a very long road to a better place. I know it sounds Star-Trekky - but if the Human Race can survive itself, we'll have bigger fish to fry in the Universe than the pettiness that's ongoing today.....and it's not that far in the future. A united planet - populating other planets. As they say, if you don't know where you're going - any road will get you there. But don't try to force feed the populace. It takes time, a vision and patience.
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    What if you have no family? Your parents had one kid, and you're it. Your father had one brother, who is childless. Your mother had no siblings. Where are you going to find strength and focus in a family that doesn't exist? Because the motivation for this social engineering is a desire for equality of outcomes, not equality of opportunity. That's why we penalize Asians, making it harder for them to get into universities, for example, and then lower the requirements for Blacks. It's why we hire and promote people for their skin colour or gender, not because they're the best. The latest idiocy of the Trudeau mob involves a special trade mission to the world on behalf of gays and lesbians, and then another just for women. Why? Trade is trade. The Liberals are trying to divide everyone up into group and so they can curry favour with those groups and get votes. So much preening and virtue signaling about how wonderful they are. Our idiot of a foreign minister has even called for a meeting of female foreign ministers. Uh, why? I wonder what her response would be if another (Male) foreign minister called for a meeting of male foreign minsters - no women wanted. He's unfortunately not alone. Go to one of our national museums. Look at the courses they're teaching in college or even grade school. Anything related to history is full of sob stories about how horrible we were to this or that identity group. There's nothing in there designed to instill pride in anyone for being a member of this nation or society. After all, Canada is horrible! It's got poverty and racism and sexism and misogyny and islamophobia and is built on the oppression of natives and the destruction of the environment! Oh woe, woe is us! Be depressed Be ashamed! Hang your head in misery!
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    Petri dish contains a fertilized human ovum, being prepped for artificial insemination which = baby, for you. So, who should be saved first: lab tech or fertilized human ovum?
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    I know many different people who are on different portions of the left/right spectrum. I have to be honest with you; the hypocrisy and small-mindedness of people anywhere is mind boggling. The Left talk progress and open mindedness, and then suffer temporary amnesia thereof when it comes to the most important kind of diversity: thought. The Right talk about freedom and personal accountability, and suffer temporary amnesia when it comes to the freedom of their opponents. (And don't get me started on their religious views, but we've already sparred over those.) Still, it amuses me how many on the left speak of the right as the only culprits in our society of political hypocrisy; and when the right do precisely the same.
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    Since he was probably a drug taking scumbag I really wouldn't care. Do you blame Ford for the disappearance or death of every drug dealing/taking scumbag? You want to see a gang of criminals. Read all about it. “In order for that to not show up on the bottom line, they created creative accounting to take it off the government’s statements,” Ms. Lysyk said. Using that new accounting, the government declared it had balanced the province’s books for the fiscal year ended Mar. 31, 2018, just months before a general election. But Ms. Lysyk said that was not true. And the Financial Accountability Office, the body responsible for providing the legislative assembly with independent analysis and advice on Ontario’s finances, agreed: In December, it forecast that the province would actually rack up a deficit of $4-billion – a discrepancy that will grow markedly as the government’s off-balance-sheet borrowing continues. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/investigations/article-bad-books-how-ontarios-new-hydro-accounting-could-cost-taxpayers/
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    The US spends ~$1.2Bn/year to keep Jordan as a "friend." The US spends almost $2Bn a year to keep Egypt as a "friend." Fun fact: while it is illegal for Hungarians or any other country to set up a charitable organization here in Canada to buy lands for just one ethnicity, Justeen welcome the efforts of his friends at the Jewish National Fund and their efforts to build more settlement - wait for it - on someone else's land! No other group enjoys this super privilege. Now that's chutzpah. That's the kind of duplicity, the intellectual fraud that is the second rate character the "kumbaya kid" known as Justeen Trudeau.
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    The globalist corporate American neo-con warmongers always need a bogeyman to keep the military industry up and running. Plus the banksters can make trillions from it. It is all just more bull chit again and it does appear as though America wants to start up the cold war against Russia again. I am pretty sure that the Russians had nothing to do with the poisoning of those two Russians but I am pretty sure that they were poisoned by the British government. Conspiracy maybe? OH NO. Conspiracies are not suppose to exist. And with the help of the corporate owned MSM they can get away with and keep pushing this fake and phony lie that the Russians were involved. What reason would the Russians want to try and kill these two? They were nobody's. Besides ex spies have been poisoned over and over somewhere and there is never a fuss over it. The West wnats war with Russia and if they keep up with this nonsense they may just get it. And of course we all should know by now who will pay for this war? We the people. The elites never suffer, they only profit from it. Wake up and smell the coffee people, it's all just more globalist bull chit. Global research is a great website for getting the other side of the story. Sorry for some here but it is not a Nazi website although some will try to make it appear so. Some people's kids. They never seem to want to learn anything or grow up. Just my opinion of course. Works for me.
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    The US doesn't call it Imperial Duh... Smacks of royalty.
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    Any religion can be used to justify any views. They're all BS.