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    Your a dick.....she lost her husband, her children lost their father, who was serving his country, as a medic I might add....Omar and his family has been nothing but a burden to the country, soaking in free medi- care for wounds received while committing terrorist acts in Afghanistan, and fighting against a coalition that included Canadian soldiers .and now you've claimed she should be ashamed....It is funny that the entire country is fallen in love with this terrorist, totally forgetting he was a terrorist, that has admitted to placing IED's on road networks in Afghanistan.....I country I might add that classifies him as a foreign terrorist, a Canadian citizen I might throw that in as well....A traitor to his own country, not to mention the crimes committed by the entire family....and some how he has become a poster child for Canada.....the only ones that should be ashamed is those that hold him in such high regard....
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    He should be in prison for life. The notion this piece of garbage gets any money makes me puke. This is an unrepentant terrorist with a family who endorse and support terrorism and he's given an obscene amount of money while the children of the soldier he killed suffers. Ths glorification of terrorist scum makes me puke. That is all he is scum. This crap he was a victim child is everything wrong with this country's inability to grasp a world outside privileges and rights where everyone is entitled to something. I love all the liberals who prop him like some cuddly teddy bear trendy cause. How many Canadian soldiers have been forsaken since they came back from Afhanistan and they have the nerve to hand him this amount?
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    Trudeau skipping QP today, needs a personal day to consider the meaning of friend. Also cos he doesn't have the gonads to stand up & be accountable for his actions, including sending out a bureaucrat to lie for him.
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    BREAKING NEWS: The Chicago Police Dept has replaced all sirens with the National Anthem, to force suspects to stop running and take a knee.
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    It is not only the cost to consider but cultural incompatibility caused by the inflow of aggressive war torn people some with unCanadian culture which stands for oppression of women (or the belief that women are inferior) who pose a danger to Canadians and its culture. Canada has no fault in creating refugees and Canada does not belong to Trudeau to make such promises.
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    Why don't you just stop responding to my posts since all you ever do is whine about how they don't meet with your approval? Face the fact that my posts, coming from someone a little to the right of centre, are never going to make a far left progressive SJW like yourself anything but angry. Until Greg gives you permission to ban all conservatives from the site, though, you'll just have to put up with me.
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    Vice President gives NATO members another warning, if your spending 2 % or more then you need to pressure other nations into doing it as well, if you have a plan to spend 2 % then you need to accelerate it . and if you don't have a plan ,"get one" dead line is 2018...... Already our PM has said we are stepping up to the plate with troops.....this is how our nation pays makes it's contributions...Bullshit....how can Canadians expect to be part of an alliance that states in it's constitution that each member "MUST" spend a minimum of 2 % GDP....it also states it must provide troops and equipment when asked to do so......not one or the other..... Currently Canada spends less than .99% of GDP....I wonder, what Trump and trudeau talked about during their first meeting....we know NAFTA was on the table, what we don't know is if defense spending was a topic.....and if so what was said....one would have hoped the clear and transparent Liberal government would not keep us in the dark.....But then again, what do we know we still speculating about the admiral firing...... Perhaps this is what our country needs is to be forced to spend our share of defense costs for our defence pacts we have signed onto....We know this is going to kick most Canadians in the balls as it is their least favorite topic.....I just hope the trump administration keeps it's word, by applying the right pressure .....Now the US has already said pay up or the US will pull out, and if that is the case , then NATO will become a toothless organization with out them. So how does this effect Canada....well Canada will have to decide if it's european partners are worth spending any funding on, we all know the answer to that one, Canadians are not worth it , how will euro's make out........Or will they also decide to pull out.....One can also say that Canada will atleast have to pick up it's share of the Norad Tab, which is currently is less than 10 % today.....But the US might also ask to pony up for our share of Naval and Army costs to protect North America.....either way, those sunny days are over for all the major parties riding the wave to the beach might have a cost to it........Canada will have to pay its share of the Defense of this nation....instead of free loading , and doing squat with all that funding we save by being cheap bastards.......
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    What scholars up until this point in this topic you've presented 3 opinions of 3 generals on what they thought of the use of the atomic wpn on Japan...are these the scholars you talk about.....perhaps you'd like to let us in on your sources or the supposed scholars..... You have yet to prove your original statement....USA war crimes - atomic bombs....what you have produced is 3 opinions from 3 US generals.....nothing more.....So they all agree that the atomic bomb was not needed.....big deal.....the last time i checked the US was engaged in a total war with Japan....meaning pretty much everything went, including fire bombing cities.....full of civilians.... My question is what is the difference of fire bombing japanese cities with large formations of bombers.....killing thousands, even 100K in one raid.....than lets say dropping one atomic wpn.....was there at the time a war convention about atomic wpns, was there a war convention about dropping fire bombs on paper japanese cities....What law is it they broke , i mean you make the claim but don't support it.....maybe on pages 3 or 4 nope..... From all the posts i have read from you, trust me i don't read alot of yours....i get the feeling that your 19 years old , in collage, perhaps university, got the world by the bag, you smoke a little weed do a little drinking, probably live in the dorm so you don't have to obey moms rules.....and like most university students you get a hard on with the way the US and Canada runs, or conducts itself.....to the point you spend most of your waking hours on forums arguing the same thing....every time you learn a new thing in school you have to preach it to the world.... Here is the thing, the west has never said it was perfect, but we really do like apple pie, and jager shooters and yet all those bad things you accuse them of doing i mean on and on and on , .....you are living under the consequences of those actions, you take advantage of everything they have won in our names daily.....freedom of speech, freedom of thought , freedom of expression etc etc and yet you seem to enjoy the fruit of those labors........never once have you said i am one of you....i can not stand the things you have done in my name....i am moving...i can not live with your standards anymore.....hopefully to one of those peaceful nations you like so much in the middle east ....It is not that i don't want you to use and enjoy all your freedoms because i do .....but even a baby's cry can be annoying as hell after awhile and right now your annoying as f***.. i hope you come back when you grow up.... Signed your number 2 fan......
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    After an exhausting week of pandering to steelworkers and ignoring the Belgian Royals and trade delegation, Mr. Dressup is taking some personal time in Florida.
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    http://www.news.com.au/finance/business/media/social-media-users-accuse-cnn-of-fake-news-over-staged-london-attack-protest/news-story/48d9966b71d72a26149b9f9ebae75465 They're duping the viewers......,....to sell their liberal narratives. Don't ever think our own media doesn't do the same.
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    It should be noted that these are not refugee's. They're illegal immigrants, big difference. These people are coming here because they don't want to go back to Haiti, not because they're persecuted, fear for their lives etc. They do not bring anything of benefit to Canada and will be a drain on our economy. However, they will benefit the Liberals when they vote for them, this is blatant self serving behavior by our government as they place their well being above that of Canadian citizens. Trudeau is repeatedly showing himself to be a self serving egotistical amateur playing at being PM. He truly is a terrible choice for the position.
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    Another view on Trudeau's Payout 10.5:
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    People like member jacee are completely diluting the word genocide to the point where it will no longer have the proper definition. Sort of like how phobia doesn't mean phobia anymore because of homophobia and islamophobia. Cultural Genocide doesn't even mean anything. Genocide, by definition is the systematic killing of a large group of people. Trying to kill people's culture is NOT genocide.
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    It's 10 million dollars that is going to get funnelled right back into terrorism. This Kadhr family were never Canadians, except to receive health care for injuries they received while they fought with the terrorists in Afganistan. The mother refused to live in Canada, despite getting citizenship, because she didn't like Western influences on her children. Setting your children up to be terrorists is apparently far better than Western influences. Je suis sick of this religion.
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    Horse sheeyat. I didn't send him to Afghanistan. His father a terrorist who brought him up as a terrorist did. His father used this country as a patsy cover to operate terrorist logistics. Canada. Yah right. If Canada is responsible for him then he belongs in jail or better still shot dead. He was a terrorist pure and simple. No I don't make pets out of sewer rats..
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    Happy Independence Day to all my American friends!!
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    Finish it. Do you come on this forum and discuss anti-Semitism and how Jews are being attacked in Canada? Do you discuss that the no.1 target of hate crime remains Jews? How about gays? Do you discuss attacks against gays? How about Blacks, Christians, women, disabled people....do you come on this board and discuss how they have been victims of hatred? True colours? The only true colours you show is you exploit hatred and in this case hatred of Muslims, deliberately, selectively, to advance your own hate agenda. The very purpose of your words is to justify hatred. You smeer an entire country of people justifying it once again with this absurd illogical argument you continually paste that if you can show someone other than a Muslim is hateful of Muslims it justifies you hating anyone but a Muslim. You use Muslims as props for your hate agenda. "lhe thinks if he calls it the special of the day it tastes better..fact is its still crap and he really needs to learn to wash his hands before he serves up anything let alone that crap...." Rue, Food Critic in "Specials of the Day", Fatboy Magazine, Vol.1, July 1, 2016, p.23
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    “Trudeau is the political equivalent of a YouTube puppy video,” Best line of the week.....goes to writer Jesse Brown of Toronto. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/may/26/justin-trudeau-jogging-yoga-shirtless-photos-pr-stunts
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    Know as "the law of unintended consequences". http://www.econlib.org/library/Enc/UnintendedConsequences.html No doubt M103 will become a tool for Human Rights Commissions.
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    It must be difficult for you, when there is research like this, from an Israeli-American geneticist and bioinformatician with a doctorate in molecular evolution, showing how Ashkenazi Jews are descendants of Khazars. I guess he's another self-hating Jew who isn't trying to justify the Zionist narrative. If anyone is interested in learning more about the research, see the above link and see this article: The new research suggests that most of the Jewish population of northern and eastern Europe – normally known as Ashkenazic Jews – are the descendants of Greeks, Iranians and others who colonized what is now northern Turkey more than 2000 years ago and were then converted to Judaism, probably in the first few centuries AD by Jews from Persia. At that stage, the Persian Empire was home to the world’s largest Jewish communities.
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    Or it could be a non-violent way of expressing great frustration.
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    Well we had a long thread on Islamophobia. To this date the member of Parliament who introduced the bill doesn' define what Islamophobia is but gets down right rude and arrogant having to even consider defining it. Its still not defined and yet its specifically mentioned in her bill. Well we had the usual assortment of trendy leftists come to this law's defence. Where are they when Imams preach anti-Semitism in Canada? Where are they now? Will they accuse me of being an Islamophobe if I challenge a Muslim Imam for making anti-Semitic sermons and chastise leftist liberals for not calling him out? Will the MP who started this bill explain how it won't be used to coerce and intimidate silence and prevent the criticizing of this ugly bigoted Imam and more like him? Well? http://news.nationalpost.com/news/world/montreal-mosque-facing-calls-for-investigation-as-video-shows-imam-preaching-anti-semitic-conspiracy-theories Think the above is new? http://en.cijnews.com/?p=213526 How about this? http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/ryerson-university-fires-ta-over-alleged-anti-semitic-statements-at-toronto-mosque-1.4004937 So where is the same outrage from the leftist trendy liberals on this board let alone on Parliament hill? Go on show me one sob in the Liberal Party who has spoken out against this Imam? Why the selectivity? Why the silence? Right we have Trudeau right on cue with his Canada stands with the UK speech but who him mention it was fueled by some idiot Muslim extremiust? Oh no We can't use the word Muslim when referring to the a-hole in Britain. It would be unfair. It would be Islamophobic. Where are the Canadian Muslim leaders to condemn this bigoted Imam? https://israelnewsonline.org/why-is-canadian-imams-prayer-to-kill-jews-met-with-silence/ I tell you where. Staying silent like Trudeau. Staying silent like Trudeau while shoving through a bill about alleged Islamophobia without defining it. Think that MP pushing the bill and all her trendy Leftist sob's will ever denounce an extremist Muslim/ Here look who Trudeau upholds as an ideal Canadian: http://www.therebel.media/trudeau_puts_extremist_omar_alghabra_in_charge_of_canadian_consulates Let's talk about Alghabra for a second to understand why the Liberal party is silent on anti semitic Muslims in Canada let alone in their pwn party: Go find out for yourself who this Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Trudeau's advisor on the Middle East stands for. At a party that celebrated his being appointed Secretary to the Minister or Foreign Affairs, he felt it just fine to meet with his good buddy, Dr. Nazih Khataba, who is a board member of the openly anti-Semitic Palestinian House in Mississauga, Ontario where Alghabra was elected. Khataba is the editor of the newspaper called "Meshwar". In an editorial in this newspaper, Issue 146, December 24, 2015,on p. 6, Khatabi openly praised the Lebanese terrorist Samir Quntar who I have mentioned in other threads. Quntar for those of you who do not know in 1979 came into Israel across the border one night with some fellow terrorists. An Israeli father of a yog daughter and son had to make a quick choice and hid his wife and daughter in a small crawl space. The mother suffocated the daughter to death holding her mouth so she would not scream and give them away. Quntar later released to Lebanon for dead Israeli soldier bodies was hailed as a hero by a hero of Lebanon and Khatabi. Well sure. Why was he a hero? He tool the father and chopped him up slowly in front of his son but before he did that he made sure his boys ejaculated, urinated, excreted on the father so the 4 year old boy could watch. Then he personally smashed the head of the 4 year old on beach rocks and crushed the skull in with the butt of his rifle and then for good measure urinated and excreted on it. Yes sir. That is what Khatabi praised as a hero. This is the man Alghabra embraces. This is the man now advising Trudeau on the Middle East and you want to know why Trudeau won't say a damn thing about extremist Muslims? This is a man who has publically stated Hamas, Hezbolla and Al Asqua are NOT terrorist groups. This is a man who welcomed Al Jazeera into Canada and in the next breath said Fox News should be censored. Well let's look further at Allaghbra and Trudeau and the Muslim extremist connections. Omar Alghabra, ran the Canadian Arab Federation before getting ele ted. That lobby group claims that Hamas and Hezbollah are not terrorists. Trudeau deliberately brought this guy into his party knowing what his views were to pander to the Muslim community just as he panders with appointing a Muslim Somali refugee Immigration Minister, appointing A;ghabra as his point man on the Middle East and welcomes a bill that singles out Islamophobia while he remains silent to Muslim extremism.. This is the same Justin Trudeau who of all the Mosques to choose to visit in Canada and who claims to be personal friends with the Aga Kahn the spiritual leader of Ismaili Muslims didn't choose one of their mosques or to visit an Amidyyah Mosque consisting of Muslims who escaped Muslim extremism and openly denounce terrorism. No not Trudeau of all the mosques to chose he went to the Al Rashid mosque in Calgary run by openly anti semitic Imams including Imam Al Rashid who went back to Egypt to head the Muslim Brotherhood’s administrative office, and was arrested for inciting violence against Coptic Christians. You ever seen Trudeau in a Coptic Christian church? Ever hear Trudeau talk about the attempted massacre of Coptic Christians in Egypt or the on-going genocide of Christians in Sudan or attacks against them in Nigeria? Who Trudeau? Trudeau went to this anti-Christian, anti-semitic, anti-Hindu, anti-Siekh mosque and met with Saima Jamal a lovely young lady who organized a pro-Hamas protest on the steps of Calgary’s City Hall that openly engaged in violence. Here is what this woman said on Facebook after finding out people were hurt in her violent protest: “Bahaha. After today they would be foolish to show up again in another protest in Calgary as long as they live.” No problem for Trudeau because this same violent anti semitic bigot who laughed at the violence she caused openly recruited hundreds of Muslims to jin the Loiberal Party. Did Trudeau even acknowledge a probkem. No not Justin who went on to campaign at Montreal’s Wahhabi mosque – another centre for extremist anti semitic,anti Western Muslims who the US State Department in 2008 stated was 1 of 9 nal Qaida recruitment centers in the world. Hey now, why stop there. Justin made sure the Muslim community saw him endorsing and taking his usual insipid photo ops with Imam Omar Subedar. In case you don't know who that man is this is the Toronto imam who published an article explaining to Muslims how to beat their wives. But hey Justin is a feminist you know. Now Aleghbra does not hide his views ever. In fairness to him, he does not couch or hide his biases. He is out and open with them. Also interestingly for a man who is as anti Israeli as it can get he openly condemned certain but not all members of the BDS movement as being anti semites. I have been to speeches where he has incited open hatred against Israel and anyone Jewish or not who supports Israel. On the other hand, like most trendy Liberals, he will claim this is perfectly trendy Liberal dogma that Trudeau supports. He does not feel Israel should exist as a Jewish state and calls Hamas and Hezbollah, Al Quaeda, Fatah. Al Asqua, freedom groups. Then there so Alexandre Trudeau who does not work for a living and lives on Daddy's trust fund in Montreal. To amuse himself, the brother of Justin makes documentaries. He's made two " "The Fence" and " The New Great Game", blatantly anti-Israeli pro-Iran Hamas propaganda tapes full of false references and quotes from classic anti-semites. Then again this is a Prime Minister who not so long ago issued a Holocaust Remembrance Day statement but did not think he needed to make any mention of Jewish suffering in the Holocaust. So I ask again-where is Trudeau when hateful Imams make hateful comments? Where is he? Where was and is he in regards to the poisonous hateful comments of imam Sayed al-Ghitawi who called on Allah and I quote to... “destroy the accursed Jews,” and “kill them one by one,” and “give victory to our brothers who engage in jihad for your sake everywhere.” Where was Trudeau and the MP so concerned about Islamophobia when this same Imam and other bigots at this mosque as well as Imam Wael al-Ghitawi stated that Jerusalem and I quote is.. “Arab and Islamic,” not to mention that Jews are and I again quote " descendants of “Mongols.” " Where is Trudeau openly condemning this Al-Andalous Islamic Centre? He's quick to encourage an MP to call out Islamophobia without defining Islamophobia but zero mention of bigoted Muslims. So? How do I criticize such Muslims without Trudeau and this MP calling me irrational and Islamophobic? I bring all the above up because the day after yet another terrorist attack by someone in the name of extreme Muslim terrorist beliefs and we have a Liberal government so quick to point out it stands by the UK when it does not. The current regime will not acknowledge Muslim extremism exists and now does what? It passes a bill that makes it possible to threaten and intimidate people for speaking out against Muslim extremism and its not just a slap against non Muslims, its a slap in the face of moderate Muslims Muslims who fled to this country to get away from the very Islamic beliefs Trudeau is courting and pandering to. Make no mistake Aleghbra's agenda is to advance what he believes is a specific agenda for MUSLIM Canadians and only MUSLIM Canadians who subscribe to his specific views. This MP is not inclusive nor is the MP who initiated the bill. They aren't interested in moderate Muslims in fact they are protecting the very Muslims in Canada trying o bully and intimidate moderate Muslims for not being fundamentalist and anti Western enough. These are the voters Trudeau courts. I got news for Trudeau and the rest of his trendy leftist two faced bigots, Canadians understand what is going on. We know a panderer when we see one. The attempt to pander to Muslim voters by siding with loud extremists in their community is going to back fire on him. The tokenism he is engaging in by choosing a Muslim refugee to be in charge of Immigration and Refugee policy, the crass tokenism in pushing through a bill a few days after a massacre of innocent Muslims designed to pander and divide Canadians from challenging extremist beliefs in Islam because of the dxeliberate ambiguous wording is a disgrace. His father would have never passed such a bill.His father never pandered to ethnics as he did. Trudeau Sr. could walk into a Church, Mosque or Synagogue and say what you want about his politics he did not pander. He did not pander to any one group. I saw him at rallies. He treated us all the same. He appealed to our intellectuality not our hatred. His son appeals to base, simplistic token stereotyping and shallow superficial feel good pablum. .
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    Did you saw all those "Dutch" citizens rioting in Rotterdam waving Turkish flags and shouting Alluha Akbar. Every one of them should be stripped of their dutch citizenship and deported to Turkey. We grant citizenship far, far too easily in the West, to people who don't deserve it and don't respect it.
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    And several of those 34 visits to the Cooler are from responding to you.
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    I believe this motion will not change the laws in any way. If they want to be heard to say that pulling someone's hijab off on the bus is wrong, then let them. I already knew it was wrong. Critism of any religion will remain my right.