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    Amazing. Discrimination in the name of diversity https://www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/article-discrimination-in-the-name-of-campus-diversity-is-not-acceptable/
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    This guy has a lot of guts! A true hero. (Waffle House shooting)
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    Rob Ford was a tragic character. Anyone with a clue to who the man actually was - knows that he spent most of his waking hours answering calls and working for the "little guys". He had a heart as big as anyone's. The tragedy was in his inner demons - an introverted soul whose escape led him to drugs. The Star - hating what Ford's politics stood for - seized on every opportunity to bring the man down.....from his initial campaign all the way through his mayorship. The Star embodied the ruthlessness of the Left - and is not veering from that course as they continue to try to drag THIS Ford down and buoy support for Wynne.
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    I saw this posted today and I checked his numbers RE: the spills.
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    Is this what they call a "bromance"? I'm tempted to say "get a room".
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    Check your subject line, Hemingway: "speaks French ONLY IN FRANCE" means he does not speak French in countries other than France Change it to: "speaks only French in France" to be clear what you mean You are welcome.
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    No, that time is past. I thought they would go out and convert the existing (thousands) coal fired plants to gas fired, but they will simply build new gas fired thermal plants to replace coal plants (as I understand it: more distributed generation). China bought leading edge sub-critical mass technology from its South African developers years ago (surprised they didn't just steal it!!!) and the intent for that, as with gas/thermal now is for distributed generation, so we are talking very small nukes that will tuck into neighbourhoods (sub gigawatt?). You have to be there a very long time to understand China: once they make their (central planning) mind up, they will then go full speed ahead into implementation at a rate no other country could imagine. That is how you take your economy from stone age to #2 in the world in a couple of decades. AND, environmental protection is now squarely in their sights. ALL developing economies got there by exploiting their resources and environment, China no different from US, Canada, Yurp, etc.
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    I must apologize to the forum. I broke the rules by posting an article. I am sorry for that. The article was written by Robert McBain refuting claims in a story called the 'The Secret Path' about a young native boy called Charlie Wenjack. After much due diligence, Mr McBain was able to prove that much of what was written was little more than a pack of lies. The truth is that Charlie Wenjack actually attended a public school in Kenora, ON. He only boarded at Ceclia Jeffrey Indian Residential School. The school was NOT run by Catholics but by the Women's Missionary Society of the Presbyterian Church. There were no nuns or priests at the school. A Cree/Saulteaux by the name of Colin Wasacase was in charge of the school at the time and his wife was the matron. There is no credible evidence that the children were kept in prison-like conditions. Nor is their any evidence of abuse at the school. On the day Charlie disappeared he had been playing with two orphan boys from the school who had run away before. On the afternoon in question, the boys decided they would run away and visit their uncle - Charlie decided to go with them. After spending a few days at the cabin of the boy's uncle and for all appearances being well-cared for, Charlie decided he wanted to go home. Home was fly-in Ojibway community on the Marten Falls reserve. After being shown the railway tracks by the boy's uncle and being told to ask CNR railway workers for food along the way, Charlie left. His body was discovered by CNR engineer on October 23, 1996. That is the true story of Charlie Wenjack. The Secret Path has now become required reading in schools across this country. What good does this piece of revisionist history do for the true victims of abuse in Residential Schools. With all the available evidence, one might wonder why the authors didn't choose a true account instead of fictionalizing the life and death of young Charlie Wenjack. EF12MisinformationWenjackMacBain.pdf
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    At least the relations between France and canada are good again. There was some incident years ago when De Gaulle visited canada and he shouted from the balcony of some building in Quebec Vive la Quebec libre or something similar. He was sent packing and told he was no longer welcome to Canada.
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    Really a shameful chapter in Canadian politics. It's never really been a battle of the Right to Life versus the Right to Choose - euphemisms for the two extremes. The majority of Canadians sit somewhere in the middle - a respectful compromise addressing both concerns. Virtually every Western country have put the issue to bed with rational discussions and mild legislation that make a statement on behalf of their society - that choices are not to be trivialized - they should be informed, timely and respectful. Drowned out by the shrill cries of the Left, Canada has never been permitted to have that open and honest discussion - aided and abetted by a pliant media who refuse to do their job as journalists. When was the last time anyone saw an article that compared our non-legislation to that of Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Australia, The Netherlands, etc?
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    So did they ever figure out who was responsible?
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    I refer to Trump as such since he has not earned money from creating wealth, but by speculative gain. Yes, has had been a builder at one time, but office towers, casinos, golf courses - those are part of the problem, not the solution. I have no respect for anyone who lives off of the backs of others' productive work. Applying that same standard to Obama and Klintons, they are a lot lower on the totem pole since none of them has ever done a useful, productive thing in their life. And, as you point out, one of the above doubled the debt of the nation without accomplishing diddly squat except continuing reward of the ultimate scammers on Wall Street for their treachery.
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    Our economy, apparently we'll destroy it if we take action on climate change. Presumably we can survive the destruction of our environment but not our economy. Economics trumps everything including logic or common sense.
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    Here is some good news: Natalie Portman has publicly refused to travel to Israel for the Genesis award, leading the entire ceremony to be canceled. In a statement she said "[r]ecent events in Israel have been extremely distressing to her and she does not feel comfortable participating in any public events in Israel” and that “she cannot in good conscience move forward with the ceremony." Israel's brand has become so toxic that even well-known Israeli-American cultural figures, like Natalie Portman, now refuse to blatantly whitewash, or art-wash, Israeli crimes and apartheid policies. Link
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    It's odd though. He won't speak French outside France. Only in France will he speak it.
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    Because anything that this prime mistake does bothers me. I want a man running this country, not a constant apologist feminist for PM of Canada. This dope needs to be exposed for his childish sillyness. We need someone like a Trump for PM of Canada. Someone who cares for and about Canada, and not the rest of the world. So there.
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    So.. let me see. The DNC who actually rigged their own primaries are now suing the Repubs cos they say, they rigged the election! You lost, get over it!
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    Just what kind of quality of life did the Indians have before the Europeans came along? Did they have running water or electricity running thru their tents or long houses? Did they have cars and ATV's to drive around in? Just asking? The Europeans have done wonders for the Indians and all they ever get is flak. This needs to stop. I am pretty sure that the first nations are not going to give up using and driving white people's toys and go back to the good old days, uhmm?
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    I don't recall having a vote for the past few Canadian wars, or whatever you might call them. But I do recall our PM singing praises for the latest military action in Syria. Blessed are the bombs.
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    Yes and Liberals are equally divisive. For every political action, an equal and opposite reaction. Or maybe not equal... it seems it escalates. The question of why Doug Ford relates to a larger issue, how easily voters in a democracy can be subverted through the use of media.
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    As I said - tragic or not, he had his chance and he blew it. As for The Star - it's a head-scratcher if you haven't caught on that they detest anything Conservative. They don't save their criticisms for the editorial pages - every article is steeped in either anti-Conservative or pro-Liberal editorializing. Doug Ford has never been convicted of anything. He might get HIS chance - but it won't be with any help from The Star. I've said my piece. You've said yours. Let's see what the people say.
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    Because I defend the defenseless and innocent and the underdog and hate the aggressor and murderous regimes and those who abuse power.
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    The war drums are really beating now and the globalist warmongers in Washington are using every excuse in the book to try and goad Russia into a war with NATO and America over Syria. I hope Trump is not going to allow this to happen because Trump was not given the mandate or the presidency by we the people to get involved with another war and quite possibly a third world one. America went in to Libya and Iraq to supposedly save the people from Saddam and Qaddafi and look at the mess those two countries are in today thanks to America. Trump should be the president for we the people and not the warmongering bankster globalist elite. That gang of scumbags only enjoy life when they can cause mayhem and havoc on innocent people all around the world and all for a lousy few pieces of gold and power. I like the American people and America, it is their brainless leaders that I despise.
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    You certainly are entitled to your opinion but I don't see the need to call mine "pathetic". If you read the Star every day, you would have remembered that their coverage went far beyond reporting the facts. They perpetrated a daily flogging of his character and his policies from Day 1 - and to their regret, those attacks drove up his popularity. They had plenty of ammunition without getting so viciously personal. I've never seen the like of it. A good example was his Don Bosco football coaching. He donated $20,000 to equip the team and started the Rob Ford Foundation to raise money for other schools in underprivileged areas. He was alleged to have had a physical confrontation with a player in his past......the Star milked that unproven allegation for weeks. He later solicited donations to help the foundation - the Star made hay of the fact that some letters went out on his Mayoralty stationary. THAT story was regurgitated ad-nauseum as leftist councillors tried to pillory him on ethical charges. Imagine - trying to raise funds for under-privileged kids to play football and stay out of trouble. What hypocrits. Day after day - it never stopped. Rob Ford has his opportunity to be a good mayor - and he blew it. He did not need The Star to drag him through the gutter. As I said - Rob Ford was a tragic figure - whose heart was in the right place. Ironically, the Star's choice for mayor was George Smitherman - a person with his own drug demons who presided over the eHealth and Green Energy Act debacles.
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    The only reason Conservatives run debt is because when they take over from the Liberals or NDP the are handed huge budget deficits and it takes a while to cut them down to size. And the point being that only a moron runs big deficits when the economy is performing well. Big deficits are supposed to be a desperation move either during wartime or economic downturns. The left runs big deficits to buy votes, and continually narrows the tax base to remove more and more voters from it - thus ensuring itself more future votes from people who have no need to care about high taxes.
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    The legacy of both Trudeaus (and pretty much everyone else in between that inherited Communist Daddy's mess) is wasting the time and life of our grandchildren and beyond. It is they who will inherit a crumbling country burdened with staggering debt, hostile climate to business, unworkable 600 nations within one nation structure and an immigrant population that nobody else would take. "Just Society"? Yeah, that's all that will be left, just society.
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    Oh yes, and than there is Israel.
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    I know that you are trying to change the subject.
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    So that seems WAY beyond 60 days. So that means. Trump failed, Obama failed, BOTH Bush's failed, Clinton failed, Regan failed, Nixon failed...... All failed to get congressional approval and all should be convicted of violating US law. NEXT
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    Not long ago, there was a presidential candidate who didn't believe in going to war without congress' approval. In fact, he thought it was a stupid move and was done for personal political gain and nothing else. Oh well. Consistency is not the forte of this guy and his fluffers. Hell no! That said, at least the current prime minister has rejected the calls from its allies to bomb Syria. I agree with Trump of 2013 and 2015. Stay the hell out of Syria. One thing we should give credit is that at least the former prime minister followed the rules and asked permission from parliament. This guy from 2013 would have agreed:
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    Ontario election channels Donald Trump...American style. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-wynne-calls-ford-a-bully-compares-him-to-trump-after-ontario-pc/
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    Sorry, I don't speak foreign, I speak English. Try English.
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    Тогда мы будем говорить по-русски
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    Canada has had females in all the combat arms trades for dozens of years now. Yes the Canadian Armed Forces has lowered all the standards to accommodate this political decision to open up all trades across the entire spectrum of Army , Navy, Air force with exception of service in Subs, I am not sure at this time if that is still the case.. I have served with female Infanteers, and other trades as well both in the ranks, or as officers and have not found one that i would not trust my life to, or go into battle with . Those that are not fit have been weeded out long ago, same as their male counter parts, everyone has proved their worth in training on many occasions before going into combat.... you bring up many valid points about strength, endurance, or the ability to defend themselves, and while they are not all created equal, in the physical being , you place a C-7 rifle in their hands, give them the training they require to defend themselves and you have a soldier, not just any soldier, but one that has had to prove herself or himself over and over again to ensure her or his comrades they belong there, that they have earned the right to fight with and beside any other Canadian soldier. I've seen 120 lb female medic throw a 220 lb infanteer over her should and run down an ally under fire. and while i have not served under a female infantry officer , i have had good friends comment on some of the female officers in the CAF and said they performed better than any male officer they have served under and would do it again. Do i think the standards are to low , yes i do, .....I also think that over time anyone can achieve any standard, if you have the will and drive..... while females are not known for being great on the physical side, there are a lot that have gone farther than their male counter parts of the same stature. everyone brings something to the table, it is a platoon commanders role to bring that out and to use that ability for the greater good of the platoon. Remember in todays modern combat , everything is not as physical as it once was, a lot more mechanization, such as hybred suits or attachment braces that allow persons to carry heavy loads, improved rucksacks the list is endless.....everyday the physical barriers get less and less.
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    Stop baiting and start debating... When you learn this simple fact I am happy to discuss.... Hypothetically, Suppose I were a muslim. (which I am not) In your fantasy world am I not allowed to have an opinion enjoy having a ‘quaint’ english sounding name like kactus or is that just something confined to likes of rue having the entitlement to have a french sounding name!? Do you realise how pathetic you sound when you think it’s OK to label and categorise other people and accuse them as muslim extremists hiding behind english sounding names when they do not conform to your view of the world!? There is a name for that rue or whatever you are...That name resonates with hypocrisy aligned with this kind of behaviour.... Focus on your own deeds and talks instead of judging and preaching others...
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    That cost me a seven- or thirty- day suspension when someone ratted me out.
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    Of course, this isn't news to the Indigenous Mayan people, but researchers think they've "found" something: Huge Mayan city with pyramids found hidden under jungle High-tech mapping suggests 10 million people may have lived within the Maya Lowlands http://www.cbc.ca/beta/news/technology/mayan-pyramids-1.4519863 Researchers using a high-tech aerial mapping technique have found tens of thousands of previously undetected Mayan houses, buildings, defence works and pyramids in the dense jungle of Guatemala's Peten region, suggesting that millions more people lived there than previously thought. The discoveries, which included industrial-sized agricultural fields and irrigation canals, were announced Thursday by an alliance of U.S., European and Guatemalan archaeologists working with Guatemala's Mayan Heritage and Nature Foundation. ... And the extensive defensive fences, ditch-and-rampart systems and irrigation canals suggest a highly organized workforce. "There's state involvement here, because we see large canals being dug that are re-directing natural water flows," said Thomas Garrison, Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Ithaca College in New York. The 2,100 square kilometres (810 square miles) of mapping done vastly expands the area that was [previously known to be] intensively occupied by the Maya, whose culture flourished between roughly 1,000 BC and 900 AD. Their descendants still live in the region. Ancient Indigenous cosmopolitan cities of North America. Not 'nomads', not wandering 'hunter-gatherers', but sophisticated agricultural, technological, cultural societies and cities of millions of people. Fascinating!
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    I prefer if the US/NATO just simply gets out of Syria. It was never our problem to begin with. In the end this is about the movement of resources through Syria. This is not about the people or chemical weapons, or even Assad. It's about the conduit if resources that will flow through it. Very very similar to what happened to Afghanistan. Why would the US not wait for confirmation of the alleged chemical weapon use before they start the bombing? That seems like counter to what the US was all about. Land of the free and innocent until proven guilty. That notion no longer exists from what I can tell. IF Russia decides to retaliate against the US, I would not be surprised, nor upset by it. Let me explain before you go off on me. If a nation attacks the UK or France or any NATO member then you can be sure the US would come to their defense and bomb who ever did the attack. You can expect the same from Russia defending her allies. Russia has every right to retaliate against the USA when it comes to Syria. It's been documented here over the years that the US has been actively attacking Syria via special forces on the ground since day 1. Also while assisting terrorists .. sorry let me correct myself 'rebels', and giving them a place to operate out of, just inside of the Turkish border. The US has taken the stance of preemptive war. Which has drastically changed from the classic approach of 'non-interventionism'. But that has not been the case since the end of the 2nd world war. The US is has been in preemptive mode for decades. Let's not again, that each time that the US has claimed that Syria used chemical weapons, the claim has not been proven and everything deemed inconclusive or outright wrong. Let's just say I don't trust that the alleged information about the chemical attacks by the Syrian army is credible in any shape or form.
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    Exactly, let them pay their own way.. meanwhile, the media is right on it as it like like the Liberals have dredged up this 2013 Globe and Mail story now that the Ford campaign bus is on the road. IMO we should be more concerned about Liberal political corruption and malfeasance today, than what Ford, who has never been charged with anything, allegedly did starting at age 15, 39 years ago: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/toronto/globe-investigation-the-ford-familys-history-with-drug-dealing/article12153014/Glob/
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    Ah so the US only picks on nations that are weaker and of no threat.
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    So are the Saudi's, but again, free pass for some butchers and mass murderers.
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    Climate is the statistical distribution of weather. Thus it is easier to predict than weather itself. Similarly, if you flipped a fair coin 1 million then we can expect with extremely high probability that roughly 50% of the coin flips would be heads. However, we would have no ability to predict an individual coin flip (weather). Objects tend to emit electromagnetic radiation depending on how hot they are. I emit radiation, you emit radiation, the sun emits radiation, the earth emits radiation, etc. There are different types of electromagnetic radiation including x-rays, gamma rays, ultraviolet light, visible light, infrared radiation, microwaves and radiowaves; what distinguishes these types of radiation is the frequency (i.e. colour) of the radiation. The hotter something is, the more electromagnetic radiation it will emit (unless we are dealing with radioactive materials, which is another issue) and also the higher the frequency (i.e. more blue/violet and less red) the radiation will be. The Earth emits electromagnetic radiation, however because the Earth isn't very hot, this radiation is infrared and we can't see it. The sun, is much hotter than the Earth so it's radiation is primarily visible light, which we can see. Ever turn on an electric stove and notice that it starts to glow red as it gets hotter? This is the relevant effect. Different types of gasses have different properties. Some gases might be completely transparent to some types of radiation, but opaque to others. By opaque, I mean that the gas will have a high chance of absorbing a photon of light if the light tries to pass through the gas. The reason for these properties is due to the properties of the individual molecules in the gas, but to explain these properties you have to go into quantum mechanics. Greenhouse gases for Earth are those gases that are transparent to visible light yet opaque to infrared radiation. CO2 is a good example, because if you look at the properties of CO2, it is very transparent to visible light. CO2 tends to absorb infrared radiation around 15 μm very well. When you add more CO2 to the atmosphere, this will not really affect light traveling from the sun to the Earth, since that light tends to be visible; thus the light from the Sun will pass through the atmosphere and warm the surface. In order to cool-off from receiving all this energy from the Sun, the Earth must radiate energy out into space. The surface of the Earth emits infrared radiation which travels towards space. However, if we add more CO2, then there is a higher chance that this energy won't reach outer space and will instead be absorbed by the atmosphere. The atmosphere will then re-emit some of that absorbed energy back towards the Earth's surface. The net effect is that the Earth's surface warms.
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    Zuckerberg was roasted on the internet ("invented" by 70 year-old Al Gore) for using a booster seat at the hearings. CNN mocked that he was like a child in a restaurant ready to order chicken fingers and apple juice.
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    The idiots are essentially brain dead. It is not as if everyone is going to stop driving their cars, buying things made of plastic, flying airplanes, paving roads, etc. So, the oil is going to be shipped, somewhere. Instead of using pipelines with fantastic safety records, the oil will get tidewater in rail cars - a shipping method with a horrible statistical safety record.
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    First off, you used the term "racism" - not me. As the original topic mentioned - it seems that any negativity introduced into an indiginous conversation is often shouted down as "racism". Many Canadians are simply frustrated with a system - both government and aboriginal - that allows poverty and hopelessness to perpetuate within too many of the 600-plus indiginous "nations". This current Liberal government has revised and legitimized the term "colonialism. That has been grasped by the Indiginous Industry to make it seem like if the White Man never came, all would be well. As I indicated with pre-colonial warring tribes - that's just a fairy tale. Indiginous "leaders" often use the term White Man - sounds rather racist to me. I doubt there are many Canadians with outright racist attitudes towards Indiginous people - but a lot are fed up with the self-imposed apartheid of too many reservations that have allowed their own people to descend into the poverty and hopelessness that is so evident. Years ago, I had hope that the Assembly of First Nations would work for the betterment of those 600-plus nations - drawing up a blueprint that would, over time - possibly even decades - amalgamate and regionalize indiginous communities and bring them into the 20th, if not the 21st century. Imagine the political force of a million engaged Indiginous people. Education, jobs and property rights. Create hope for the next generation. It takes time - but it's barely even started. Not racism. Frustration.
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    True. Some people like Hardner think CNN, the Toronto Star and CBC, among others are the only beacons of truth. Sad, in my opinion, and that's why the brainwashed masses are easy prey.
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    The globalist corporate American neo-con warmongers always need a bogeyman to keep the military industry up and running. Plus the banksters can make trillions from it. It is all just more bull chit again and it does appear as though America wants to start up the cold war against Russia again. I am pretty sure that the Russians had nothing to do with the poisoning of those two Russians but I am pretty sure that they were poisoned by the British government. Conspiracy maybe? OH NO. Conspiracies are not suppose to exist. And with the help of the corporate owned MSM they can get away with and keep pushing this fake and phony lie that the Russians were involved. What reason would the Russians want to try and kill these two? They were nobody's. Besides ex spies have been poisoned over and over somewhere and there is never a fuss over it. The West wnats war with Russia and if they keep up with this nonsense they may just get it. And of course we all should know by now who will pay for this war? We the people. The elites never suffer, they only profit from it. Wake up and smell the coffee people, it's all just more globalist bull chit. Global research is a great website for getting the other side of the story. Sorry for some here but it is not a Nazi website although some will try to make it appear so. Some people's kids. They never seem to want to learn anything or grow up. Just my opinion of course. Works for me.
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    I'm pretty conservative on a 1970s scale if that's what you're getting at. They may *say* change is good but I suspect they just feel that they want change and are unable to articulate it. Rather than "change is good" I would say "change in inevitable" and "Humans fall over themselves trying to mitigate change" And yet over time things always get better. Why is that ?
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    No unpleasant facts please, they make snowflakes melt and babies cry.