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    About a dozen Moroccans were involved in the mass murders in Spain last week. Now police in Finland have arrested more Moroccans. Which brings to my mind the question of why all these Moroccans are in Europe in the first place. Why are they not returned to Morocco? And why are they murdering people in Europe? The liberal narrative with regard to refugees is one of hand-wringing guilt that we are so much better off than they are combined with a desperate need to prove how much they love diversity and hate racism. So the definition of what constitutes a 'refugee' continually expands in order to assuage western liberals' sense of ideological guilt. Canada, like Europe accepts tens of thousands of so-called refugees each year who are nothing of the sort. They're simply poor migrants, most from the Middle East and North Africa. Even if we know they're not refugees we're too busy wringing our hands and too guilty to actually get rid of them. The Germans and Swedes say they will get rid of migrants who are not legitimate but no one believes that. The first task of a government is to, in essence, protect the people, to keep the barbarians from getting over the wall, so to speak. We are the first generation which has put in place a political class without much interest in protecting the people. Indeed, who are more than willing to accept a certain number of casualties in pursuit of their diversity agenda and to assuage their self-loathing and guilt. The European people overwhelmingly disapprove of how their governments are handling the migrants, but, as in Canada, the liberal press heaps scorn and abuse on anyone who questions the government on this issue, accusing them of racism and heartlessness while streaming cheery pictures of happy, smiling refugees (and ignoring the sullen, violent ones). But make no mistake, those people who died in Spain, and in Finland were murdered by Muslim terrorists, but the Finnish and Spanish governments were complicit in their deaths. The government of Finland and Spain most certainly knew that the more Muslims you bring in the higher the certainty of terrorist incidents killing some of their people. They simply did not care. Any more than Canada's government, which knows terrorism and social disorder is inevitably going to come of bringing in massive numbers of Muslims. The idea that this won't happen in Canada, despite it happening in every single country which has accepted Muslim migrants is absurd and no serious person believes it. Therefore, we know the Canadian government is aware it is no more immune from terrorism than Spain or Finland or France. But if a few Canadians, or a few dozen, or a few hundred die because of bringing in massive numbers of religious fanatics, well, that's something the Left is more than willing to accept. The victims are only Canadian, after all, and the Left feels no particular national attachment to them. Besides, they can simply replace them by bringing in more immigrants and refugees...
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    Your a dick.....she lost her husband, her children lost their father, who was serving his country, as a medic I might add....Omar and his family has been nothing but a burden to the country, soaking in free medi- care for wounds received while committing terrorist acts in Afghanistan, and fighting against a coalition that included Canadian soldiers .and now you've claimed she should be ashamed....It is funny that the entire country is fallen in love with this terrorist, totally forgetting he was a terrorist, that has admitted to placing IED's on road networks in Afghanistan.....I country I might add that classifies him as a foreign terrorist, a Canadian citizen I might throw that in as well....A traitor to his own country, not to mention the crimes committed by the entire family....and some how he has become a poster child for Canada.....the only ones that should be ashamed is those that hold him in such high regard....
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    He should be in prison for life. The notion this piece of garbage gets any money makes me puke. This is an unrepentant terrorist with a family who endorse and support terrorism and he's given an obscene amount of money while the children of the soldier he killed suffers. Ths glorification of terrorist scum makes me puke. That is all he is scum. This crap he was a victim child is everything wrong with this country's inability to grasp a world outside privileges and rights where everyone is entitled to something. I love all the liberals who prop him like some cuddly teddy bear trendy cause. How many Canadian soldiers have been forsaken since they came back from Afhanistan and they have the nerve to hand him this amount?
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    Trudeau skipping QP today, needs a personal day to consider the meaning of friend. Also cos he doesn't have the gonads to stand up & be accountable for his actions, including sending out a bureaucrat to lie for him.
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    BREAKING NEWS: The Chicago Police Dept has replaced all sirens with the National Anthem, to force suspects to stop running and take a knee.
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    I think you should run on over to Smallc's new website and report on this in a thread titled "thread drift". That would be a scoop. As you are well aware (since you post there) not so kind comments are made about a number of MLW posters. And to think you and members on that site would not be aware that those insults would get back to MLW members. Now I ask you, who are the children and the "mentally challenged", as you put it?
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    It is not only the cost to consider but cultural incompatibility caused by the inflow of aggressive war torn people some with unCanadian culture which stands for oppression of women (or the belief that women are inferior) who pose a danger to Canadians and its culture. Canada has no fault in creating refugees and Canada does not belong to Trudeau to make such promises.
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    Why don't you just stop responding to my posts since all you ever do is whine about how they don't meet with your approval? Face the fact that my posts, coming from someone a little to the right of centre, are never going to make a far left progressive SJW like yourself anything but angry. Until Greg gives you permission to ban all conservatives from the site, though, you'll just have to put up with me.
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    After an exhausting week of pandering to steelworkers and ignoring the Belgian Royals and trade delegation, Mr. Dressup is taking some personal time in Florida.
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    I just love it when someone white as snow acts like a wannabee black. Whiteys. Lol. Rappin Rue and dee Albino Crew bring you dis rap: oooo eeee y'all can see itz brudda Hot eeeee playing down white man decorum on dis political forum oh he be mighty uzin daht word whitey woweee and yipes he's now wesley snipes oy what a white boy rap dah funk come on he'z jess a lil pink punk
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    To be honest, on a personal level as I don't have kids whose future I should be worried about, I don't give a shit what Finland will look like in the year 2100 if we are an Islamic republic or a member-state of a European caliphate but as most people of my age do have kids their silence really confuses me. The direction we are heading towards is really doom and yet nobody speaks out. Our MSM, universities etc have done a wonderful job brainwashing people into believing that what is going on today is inevitable and for people's own good.
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    Indeed, some people here in Finland say that we must get rid of the EU in order to restore sanity but unfortunately the problem is far wider than that. I wish it were so simple as that but it isn't Take Norway or Canada. Neither are in the EU but both are infected with the same cultural-marxist disease as any EU-country. I hate tin-foil hat theories but what is going on is too consistent to be co-incidental. Here in Europe there is clearly going on the implementation of the Coudenhove-Kalergi-plan which aims to destroy all the nation-states and build a European superstate.
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    HE notwithstanding, I think we can all agree that we benefit from the US military and our proximity to that country.
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    It should be noted that these are not refugee's. They're illegal immigrants, big difference. These people are coming here because they don't want to go back to Haiti, not because they're persecuted, fear for their lives etc. They do not bring anything of benefit to Canada and will be a drain on our economy. However, they will benefit the Liberals when they vote for them, this is blatant self serving behavior by our government as they place their well being above that of Canadian citizens. Trudeau is repeatedly showing himself to be a self serving egotistical amateur playing at being PM. He truly is a terrible choice for the position.
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    Another view on Trudeau's Payout 10.5:
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    Logic seems to pain you and Ghost. You claim you don't understand the value of Speer's life but you sure as hell know the value of Kadr's alleged "suffering". How is that? You and , Ghost, "Hudson Jones" , et al, know the value of Kadr but not this soldier. Right. The whole lot of you come on this thread like flies to dead flesh, denigrating the value of this soldier's life and the cost to that soldier's family. The whole lot of you value a terrorist;s life more than you do a soldier's. That is all that needs to be said . You came on this forum claiming to your claim to speak of moral values when defending Kadr. You now show you have none and morality is just a politically partisan concept you exploit for people you think you "side" with. Go on cheer lead Kadr and denigrate this soldier. The whole pack of you denigrating this soldier and questioning the value of his life show what you all will go to, to defend your partisan pro terrorist views.,
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    It would be interesting to know what would have come out if this case had been argued in court, it's curious to wonder what the Trudeau Liberals are trying to hide by paying Omar off and trying to make this go away instead of putting certain people on the stand under oath and getting to the bottom of what he is really owed through the eyes of a court. Unfortunately, we will never know. This is nothing more than another Liberal Government trying to keep from shedding light on something they don't want to open up for public scrutiny. I don't buy for one single second that this is about Trudeau trying to be fiscally responsible with taxpayer money and avoid a bigger payout if litigated, as he has said. Since when has Trudeau had any respect for taxpayer money? He just spent another quarter of a billion dollars on global family planning, including a fat 20 million dollar donation to the Clinton Foundation of all things. It's painfully obvious this clown has zero problem throwing loads of money at whatever he feels like, the more the better. This lawsuit should have gone to court and been decided by a judge, even if it would have ended up costing twice as much.
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    Omar claims Trudeau's apology has restored his reputation a bit. I beg to differ you terrorist SOB.
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    People like member jacee are completely diluting the word genocide to the point where it will no longer have the proper definition. Sort of like how phobia doesn't mean phobia anymore because of homophobia and islamophobia. Cultural Genocide doesn't even mean anything. Genocide, by definition is the systematic killing of a large group of people. Trying to kill people's culture is NOT genocide.
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    Maybe you should post a list of topics that meets your newly established list of approved topics....or perhaps stick to moderating, that would be something new .... instead of attacking other posters because you feel like being a dick today....
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    Did they try to shut it down? A witness to the interaction says the men kept their voices down as the ceremony continued and left after about 10 minutes. FN have no more right to be free from peaceful counter demonstrations than the rest of us.
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    What happens to our military over there, what about their rights? What about the tortures they endure everyday? And now they are fighting for a terrorist"s rights because he was Canadian born and mistreated as a convicted terrorist? Where are their payouts, where is their justice? What is the point of countless men and women leaving behind everything they love to go fight in a war torn country, living in a hell beyond anything we can imagine, everyday, to see their own government handing over 10.5 million dollars to one man who pleaded victim after being imprisoned for being a terrorist. I couldn't imagine waking up one day to find the scum that killed my husband gets paid 10.5 million dollars from my own government. He has his freedom, he has his life, he exists in one of the best countries in the world, and yet that just wasn't enough. I shake my head to this nonsense. To all the humans rights activists and legal teams who fought ever so hard for this, and to the Canadian government - put your energy, time, and money towards the men and woman who fought, and still fight, for this country. Who don't see a sliver of handouts from their government, compared to what this murderer has. Who deal day in and day out with PTSD, who are unable to work due to the injuries they received whilst fighting for you, who lose their lives, whose children grow up without a parent, whose parents lose a child, whose widows have to work twice as hard to take on two roles. When it comes to rights, 10.5 million isn't right to apologize to a terrorist for "mistreating him" during his imprisonment when our own who are mistreated daily don't even see a Thank You for your service and a pat on the back. Thanks to you, a terrorist's voice rang louder then any of the Canadian soldiers fighting them ever did. If he was truly sorry for what he did, he would give every penny to that soldier's widow and children.
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    Finish it. Do you come on this forum and discuss anti-Semitism and how Jews are being attacked in Canada? Do you discuss that the no.1 target of hate crime remains Jews? How about gays? Do you discuss attacks against gays? How about Blacks, Christians, women, disabled people....do you come on this board and discuss how they have been victims of hatred? True colours? The only true colours you show is you exploit hatred and in this case hatred of Muslims, deliberately, selectively, to advance your own hate agenda. The very purpose of your words is to justify hatred. You smeer an entire country of people justifying it once again with this absurd illogical argument you continually paste that if you can show someone other than a Muslim is hateful of Muslims it justifies you hating anyone but a Muslim. You use Muslims as props for your hate agenda. "lhe thinks if he calls it the special of the day it tastes better..fact is its still crap and he really needs to learn to wash his hands before he serves up anything let alone that crap...." Rue, Food Critic in "Specials of the Day", Fatboy Magazine, Vol.1, July 1, 2016, p.23
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    ^^^Take your bullshit elsewhere. There is possibly a couple hundred people dead in London today.
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    “Trudeau is the political equivalent of a YouTube puppy video,” Best line of the week.....goes to writer Jesse Brown of Toronto. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/may/26/justin-trudeau-jogging-yoga-shirtless-photos-pr-stunts