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  1. America under President Trump

    The only thing mentally unstable, armed and dangerous are the leftist protesters who show up at events. Antifa... weren't they admired on CNN?
  2. America under President Trump

    Yet the economy has not completely tanked as many on the left anticipated, and continues to do well.
  3. He said he thought it was odd they only wanted to learn how to fly the plane, not land it.
  4. No. It's a true story.
  5. My sister's brothers friend met the Arab hijackers. He worked at the school in Florida. He told me about them when he came back to Canada one time, at a hockey game. I kid you not
  6. As seen on YouTube

    I'm feeling... so confused right now!
  7. Thank you, to the guy who added the ignore list feature!  :) 

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      Nor do I know, understand, or even care what you mean.

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      hot enough

      I can read. My points, which you seem to not want to read/address still note that this is merely an out for intellectual cowards. I think we should get that wonderful feature moved into the HofC and prov LAs

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      Poor little fucker...

  8. Islamophobia in Canada

    That, and a promise of 72 virgins in heaven will do it every time...
  9. Islamophobia in Canada

    Yet it appears to be quite popular within Quebec. The Liberals proposed it in its current form. Other parties criticised the Liberals for not going far enough. If anything this highlights how `different`` Quebecers are from the rest of Canada.
  10. Plus you're not European, in case you weren't quite sure. Brexit- God Save The Queen! Best move you Brit boys have made in a while. Preserve your dick.
  11. Because they help support a local economy. Second, if the market supports the price for something including applicable tariffs before there is free trade, it will surely support the same price for that commodity without tariffs. In the long run all that happens is the money moves from tariffs in the pockets of government (where at least in theory it feeds back into society) into the pockets of private business owners (where it does not).
  12. Western dictatorships

    You mean Hell, Michigan?
  13. Singh Wins Federal NDP on 1st Ballot

    NDP may as well slit their own throats now, politically speaking...
  14. Quebec's Bill 62

    It's possible. But given the popularity of it in Quebec, it will be another reason for Quebecers to want to leave the Fed. I'll wager our limp dicked leadership will be afraid of this and back of. Trudeau- 'Not up to the federal government' to challenge Quebec's religious neutrality law: Trudeau Interesting highlights- "It's not up to the federal government to challenge this, but we will certainly be looking at how this will unfold with full respect for the National Assembly," Trudeau said in French. The Liberals, who hold a majority in Quebec's National Assembly, voted in favour of the bill, while all the other parties voted against. The two main opposition parties, the Parti Québécois and Coalition Avenir Québec, have argued the legislation doesn't go far enough, while civil rights advocates and Muslim groups argue it discriminates against religious minorities.