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    I took it to mean Donald Trump is Satan.
  2. Is this really racism

    Skins colour has absolutely nothing to do with it, but here is a clue- I wouldn't trust someone like Joshua Boyle.
  3. Right now the PM should be a female, that would help in negotiations with Donald Trump. Someone who can really lay on the charm... Rona Ambrose comes to mind. "I want some NAFTA, big daddy."
  4. Joshua Boyle.

    Perhaps Boyle is prepping for his own run in federal politics.
  5. I'm amazed at the amount of history revisionism coming from those on the left, both here in this forum and in the media. Pure fiction.
  6. America under President Trump

    I once met a man who cut off his nose, to spite his face.
  7. Is the god of sport a hollow sphere?

    Perhaps Midol instead
  8. Is the god of sport a hollow sphere?

    Don't be so sensitive...
  9. America under President Trump

    Far be it from me to speak for someone else, but the rate doesn't go up linearly as population increases for a number of factors. For example with higher populations you get organized crime, gang warfare turf wars, black market economy and is not in direct proportion to smaller towns. More people, more animosity, more folk who exhibit antisocial behaviours. These factors change the rate as population increases. Having said that, a different problem exists in applying the rate to small towns. Consider a city that has 130k people. If there are 4 murders a year, the rate is 1 murder per 32500. If it were Toronto, that rate would equate to 100 murders/year, about double the rate for Toronto, I think. For a smaller town, 1500 people, 1 murder a year is 1/1500. The rate looks like it's very high. This happens because when the population is low, every single murder represents a larger percentage. Based on this statistic alone it could be the highest murder rate per capita in Canada. But it is still only low total number.
  10. America under President Trump

    Very insightful comments

    I'm afraid you are wrong, friend. You are describing what those words mean in terms of ordinary language. I said scientific terms. Many folk confuse "theory" with "hypothesis". The poster ?Impact described them well enough.
  12. America under President Trump

    No, I didn't. I actually thought you were Russian.
  13. Islamophobia in Canada

    An investigation, or at least some kind of explanation is in order. For example, what if she didn't think of doing it herself. What if somebody such as an adult put her up to it? That might change things significantly. From what I understand a lot of people were really scared. Some were afraid to send their kids to school. That is something like terrorism.
  14. Islamophobia in Canada

    Word on the news is that the Police commissioner has stated, the investigation is closed and no charges will be laid. Of course, not sure if we can believe the news anymore...