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  1. Yes, Donald Trump is a bad man. Very, very bad.

  2. Our PM speaks in french only in France.

    No, as explained he speaks in french only in France. You've got it all mixed up.
  3. Our PM speaks in french only in France.

    Wow, you have a good memory! Thanks for reminding us of this.
  4. This guy has a lot of guts! A true hero. (Waffle House shooting)

    1. betsy


      Quick-thinking, saved who knows how many more casualties, maybe even his own life!  He didn't hesitate to take that small window of opportunity.

  5. Our PM speaks in french only in France.

    I see you are also confused... the prefix used was "in French", meaning he is speaking more than french. Same as when using the word "in-famous". If you are in-famous, you are more than just famous.
  6. Trump/Obama -Difference?

    Their approach to foreign policy is certainly very different. Obama portrayed himself as an American apologist. Donald Trump - American exceptionalism. Obama was the one who broke from tradition, and this probably pleased America's enemies.
  7. Our PM speaks in french only in France.

    No, he's speaking in French. Don't you get it?
  8. Syrian Civil War

    I don't recall having a vote for the past few Canadian wars, or whatever you might call them. But I do recall our PM singing praises for the latest military action in Syria. Blessed are the bombs.
  9. Our PM speaks in french only in France.

    More or less echoes what I said- A pushover is not leadership. Those other things you mentions are part of the Liberal agenda, and certainly not his innovation by any means. Trudeau, having absolutely no former political experience, or even work experience of any substantial kind is simply a name and a nice hairdo being put on display before Canadians. Me neither. If another leader who was competent did those same things, it would mean very little. But that is the depth of political dialog these days.
  10. Doug Ford - leader of Ontario PCs

    Yes and Liberals are equally divisive. For every political action, an equal and opposite reaction. Or maybe not equal... it seems it escalates. The question of why Doug Ford relates to a larger issue, how easily voters in a democracy can be subverted through the use of media.
  11. Our PM speaks in french only in France.

    Trudeau represents leadership by use of imagery, without substance. That is what is being attacked here, not nitpicking. So live by the sword, an stuff...
  12. What Are You Listening To?

    Really like the way they blended three different guitar parts into one at the end of this song- the Beatles Day Tripper, Rolling Stones Can't Get No Satisfaction, and the April Wine I Like to Rock riff.
  13. America under President Trump

    If that were true, you better bet they'd be screaming to impeach until your ears bleed. A quick check of cnn.com shows this not to be the case... all they're talking about is Stormy Dangles, and the much anticipated meeting between Trump and Kim Jong Un.
  14. Our PM speaks in french only in France.

    My guess is, he is there to eat cheese.
  15. Stormy Daniels releases sketch of the man she says threatened her to keep quiet about Trump affair-




    1. betsy


      From comedic impersonation to writing books, and now.......even sketchers seem to be cashing in on Trump.    I'd never known sketchers to be signing their sketches - at least, not the ones for BOLO - be on look out.


      Anyway.....it does looks like......Tom Brady!





      And, it got released at The View? :lol: