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    Our very own Pinocchio

    Thanks. And what kind of people are they sending here? When the US sends its people, they're not sending their best. They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.
  2. DoFo: Let them drink wine

  3. OftenWrong

    If not Trump, then who?

    I think if Donald Trump ran again there is a good chance he would make the "old guard" look like crap. Passe, old, has been. Right now, being an outsider is a positive attribute. Hence, one possible strategy to counter Trump is NOT to run the same old same olds against him. Bring in a liberal, political outsider. Perhaps even... someone who has the savvy to compete with Donald Trump at his level... he (or even better, she) is a media celebrity well known for liberal views and leadership. We've already heard about Oprah, etc. but that is old now. Here are some more progressive suggestions: Lady Gaga - Think of the debate, with Lady Gaga in her all meat dress! No way for Trump to win. Ellen Degeneres Pauley Perette - Rumoured to be looking for work these days! Julia Louis-Dreyfus - If anybody can take the debate to Donald Trump's level, she's it! Angelina Jolie Miley Cyrus Jennifer Lopez!
  4. OftenWrong

    America under President Trump

    I don't know many details about a "deal" other than they might have a summit, to discuss presumably, improvements in US/ NK relations. So let's have a look at your link. Title: U.S. AGREES TO SCRAP PART OF MILITARY EXERCISE THAT INFURIATED NORTH KOREA Only part of it? Sounds like a compromise to me. The media is now portraying it as a "huge concession", which is good in a way, if Kim Jong Un buys into that. More about this story today: South Korean leaders didn’t want to ruin the prospects of a Trump-Kim summit by taking part in the air exercise, especially because it involved the B-52 bombers, and asked the US if South Korean could bow out. The Trump administration agreed, and decided to run the drill with just Japan and completely outside of South Korean airspace — even though the original plan was for the bombers to minimally enter it. This is quite a concession to North Korea.
  5. Vladimir Putin trespasses the Ukraine:


  6. Now that's what I call a White-out!    :)

  7. Come on Jets!

    1. Slick


      Looking good after 2

    2. capricorn


      A fantastic win. The Jets all the way!

  8. OftenWrong

    Doug Ford - leader of Ontario PCs

    Ford dismissed Tanya Granic, who was pro-life and anti gay marriage. Tanya Granic Allen removed as Ontario PC Party candidate From the link- The move comes after the Liberals revealed a controversial video of Granic Allen that afternoon. In the almost 30-minute speech, Granic Allen covers topics including abortion, progressive education and gay marriage. Ford's comments when announcing her removal- “We are a party comprised of people with diverse views that if expressed responsibly, we would respect. However, the fact is her characterization of certain issues and people has been irresponsible,” Ford said in the statement. That does not seem like the attitude of a hardcore social conservative who wants to "make abortion illegal". And as scribblet said, even if he actually did, as Premier he would not have that authority anyway.
  9. Over 90% of those applying for refugee status right now do not qualify, yet only 1% have been deported. Enjoy the free food, accommodations and health care.

    1. Argus


      For YEARS. Not to mention the free legal aid to help keep you here as long as possible.

  10. OftenWrong

    How do you know what media/sources to trust?

    I think Trump uses these types of messages as soundbites, to stir the outrage. Note they are often not entirely lies, there is some truth in it but he likes to say certain things in a rather brutal fashion. Yes, he is talking to his base when he does that, and very likely knows the kind of hysterical response it will get from "the left". And yet paradoxically, polls show his approval on the rise. Link Or at least, holding steady. But in any case, no where near the full-blown debacle it is perceived to be among the left, or among those who live outside of America. Trump's success through this style of leadership is a mystery. His presidency reminds me of a reality TV show, complete with all the outrageousness and bombast. And yet, that is not all there is to it. No matter whether you like him or not, the country is doing well. It's quite difficult. I am always impressed by that the internet was once hailed as a great resource for sharing information, communicating with people from other cultures, and would be a boon to education. And yet, it has become a freak show, criminal enterprise. What it became is testimony as to what we are.
  11. NHL: Ok if you punch a player in the face four times, but don't you give him a kiss. I mean come on, it's kind of gross. And gay, and stuff.

    1. Hal 9000

      Hal 9000

      I agree with the sentiment that it's equal to spitting on another guy.  That said, there are women in the #MeToo movement who are scarred for life for less than a lick on the mouth.

  12. OftenWrong

    Is Trump a threat to democracy?

    The real threat to democracy is those who cannot accept the outcome of a fair democratic election.
  13. Everything I know, I learned from Google.

  14. OftenWrong

    End of the Korean War

    We are certainly in a better place now than we were a few months ago. At least they are not threatening to bomb the hell out of one another with nukes. Folks in Hawaii can relax a little. Hard to say what's going to happen but for now disaster has been averted. I think it would be a major improvement if they declare the war has ended, officially, and begin a new era of improved relations. Perhaps Kim Jong Un is a narcissist, and sees himself as the saviour of the Korean people. As long as he gets what he wants, he will be so nice. But if we ever betray him...
  15. OftenWrong

    As seen on YouTube

  16. Should Donald Trump receive the Nobel Peace Prize? Maybe he can have Obama's, since he didn't do anything in particular to earn his.

    The Campaign for Donald Trump's Nobel Peace Prize Has Begun

    Donald Trump Deserves Nobel Peace Prize

    Donald Trump's Korea triumph should earn him the Nobel Peace Prize

    1. scribblet


      Luv it would drive the Dems nuts...  but didn't  you know it's all due to Michelle Obama 

  17. And yet you seek to have us "re-humanize" them. On what grounds? I said Islamists but if you insist.
  18. No shit, Sherlock. But don't they (Islamists) look at others in exactly the same way? The bleeding hearts seem to overlook that fact. Yes, they are the same as us, and so are just as capable of ruthless violence as we are. Only we've got the bigger guns. But they're not exactly the same either- let's not forget, culturally, they don't believe in mercy. That's why they can be even more ruthless, not only toward others but even amongst themselves, to their own sons and daughters.
  19. OftenWrong

    Trump/Obama -Difference?

    I'm having ribs tonight, and cole slaw. And some craft beers... burp... yeah, life in Canada really sucks!
  20. OftenWrong

    Trump/Obama -Difference?

    This week's chicken dinner award...
  21. Yes, Donald Trump is a bad man. Very, very bad.

  22. OftenWrong

    Our PM speaks in french only in France.

    No, as explained he speaks in french only in France. You've got it all mixed up.
  23. OftenWrong

    Our PM speaks in french only in France.

    Wow, you have a good memory! Thanks for reminding us of this.
  24. This guy has a lot of guts! A true hero. (Waffle House shooting)

    1. betsy


      Quick-thinking, saved who knows how many more casualties, maybe even his own life!  He didn't hesitate to take that small window of opportunity.

  25. OftenWrong

    Our PM speaks in french only in France.

    I see you are also confused... the prefix used was "in French", meaning he is speaking more than french. Same as when using the word "in-famous". If you are in-famous, you are more than just famous.