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  1. Justin Trudeau the Worst PM Since Pierre Trudeau?

    CBC: Trudeau's trip to India called "Colossal Failure" Poor PM Trudeau must be feeling so unloved. How can he stand it?
  2. Sure, but not for crazy people, or criminals. The black market for guns will then be huuuge. My argument is you would end up with law abiding citizens like teachers no longer carrying guns. The people who want to commit mass murder will still get the weapons they need. There might be an argument that the removal of guns from everyday life would reduce gun violence committed by acts of passion, but that's not the current debate.
  3. The issue is fairly complex, given the history and number of guns that proliferate. We perhaps do not understand a culture where guns are normalized. Of course many in the US own guns, and this includes teachers. I am not endorsing any particular action either way, but pointing these facts out. Prohibition of guns is out of the question because, as I have said, "the genie is out of the bottle". The resulting black market will negate any presumed benefit. So, if you can accept that fact, next question is... now what.
  4. Teachers are already being armed, and many do so willingly. If you can't or won't read links that's your problem. I can help you no further. In pondering your question, I'd certainly rather be armed in a place where I feel vulnerable, or knowing that someone else on my staff is armed, than not be armed at all. That is why some teachers want to be armed, especially those who already own their own guns and are comfortable carrying them, of which could be quite a lot in the US. Maybe you should do a little research yourself before posting out of sheer ignorance.
  5. http://www.mapleleafweb.com/forums/topic/27480-the-second-amendment-is-failing-the-usa-another-school-shooting/?do=findComment&comment=1286523
  6. Even if they go into a school where there are people with guns, whether it be guards, teachers or students they won't have a complete free-for-all taking their time to shoot everybody. They will be taken down.
  7. Nonsense. You fight fire with fire, that's how it works. The people who do this are absolute cowards. Think about it... what kind of a person would enter a room full of unarmed people and start shooting? A coward. Now if they know everyone is packing a weapon, all of them or almost all of them would not even try it. That is why they pick these types of places in the first place, easy pickings. It would be nice to remove all the guns, but that is not going to happen. Any such suggestion is a waste of time. All that does is bolster the black market, just like prohibition, and these cowards will buy their weapons in the street. And then, nobody else who is a law abiding citizen will have a gun to defend themselves. That is why the idea of prohibiting guns for law abiding folks is not a solution. There are many very nasty evil people in the world who don't think like you do, and they never will. It's just a harsh fact of reality.
  8. Some of those links go back quite a few years, so this is not a new issue. I haven't heard of an incident involving use of teacher's gun, but I don't know how they secure the guns. Another part of the deterrent they use is putting up signs at the school notifying everyone that teachers are armed, and ready to blow your head off if you make a false move.
  9. Justin Trudeau the Worst PM Since Pierre Trudeau?

    Jagmeet Singh is a supporter of the terrorist who was responsible for the Air India bombing. Already well known and documented. Link Another reason for Indians to view Canada as a haven for terrorists, and not to be trusted.
  10. A quick google search shows that some states already have laws allowing teachers to carry guns, and quite a number of teachers have come forward expressing interest in doing it. Colorado to arm teachers in classrooms (June 2017) Arkansas district will arm 20 teachers and staff (2013) More Ohio schools arm teachers to shoot attackers (2016) Utah: More Teachers Authorized to Carry Weapons in Classroom (2014) Armed Teachers: Over 600 Have Applied for Training (2013) There's plenty more.
  11. Of course it is, because the public has been duped/ bombarded with anti-Trump propaganda non-stop, to the point that they are almost hysterical. They'll support any nonsense coming from the mouths of Democrats, many of whom do not care about what's right or what makes sense, they are looking for anything that will give them political leverage, by demonizing Donald Trump. Because they know it's unlikely that Trump will implement new weapons ban laws, just like Obama would not/ could not. But that little factoid is being kept quiet in their dialogue. So yes, this is propaganda.
  12. Incorrect, they do want to stop gun crime. "Strong support nationally" is just the Dems typical use of propaganda to get an emotional rise out of people. Because, TRUMP. The same criticism you have levelled here can be applied to Obama who also did nothing much that was effective. So, not a partisan issue at all.
  13. That is entirely beside the point now, and doesn't offer any useful solution to the question of how to stop crazed madmen from going on a rampage. Ordinary folk, of which I assume millions have guns in the US, are not presenting a problem.
  14. More strict enforcement of laws already in place might have prevented this. That plus the news that the FBI ignored numerous warnings reported about the perpetrator, should be easily corrected. Holding gun stores liable for what happens after they sell a gun might be useful, if they don't already have such a law. It would force them to be more compliant, much like the laws we have that place some responsibility on pubs/ bars where people get too drunk and then go for a drive and kill someone. There's a few good ideas out there. What Trump has proposed is just that, an idea. He wants to see what others think to gauge the reaction, see if it's workable. If not, he will change it. Don't worry, president Trump will take care of it.
  15. It is all too easy to be emotional, reactive and to offer up simple solutions to complex problems. Those solutions when viewed rationally would not solve the problem. For a situation like in the United States, the genie is already out of the bottle. Guns are everywhere, and are a normal part of everyday life. In some places, it's abnormal to NOT carry a gun. Assuming they would even try to do like some on the left are demanding be done around here, to confiscate all guns, there would be a black market unlike anything seen before. Since we are talking about the actions of a crazy person who wants to kill at any cost, this idea achieves nothing.
  16. The 2nd amendment already allows for minors to bear arms in some circumstances. For example, for self defence, with the permission of their parents. That can easily extend to the classroom, where it would be done under supervision of adults (the Teachers, etc.)
  17. Another idea is to let the students themselves have a permit for conceal and carry. Sounds intriguing...
  18. Thank You, Trudeau part 2

    Could be. 17 year old Fidel Castro-
  19. The media coverage reflects what a generation of snowflakes we have become. Women's hockey silver medal - "Devastating loss", "A grim daybreak", "Disappointment". "Now let's turn to some GOOD news on the ice- Kim Boutin wins silver in 1000 metre short track!! Men's skating team wins a bronze!!!"
  20. Justin Trudeau the Worst PM Since Pierre Trudeau?

    He was set up by one of his own MP's, someone who would have known full well the history of the guy and the implications for him to attend Trudeau events. He was scheduled to attend several more events with Trudeau during his visit to India. The worm turns for all-inclusive, "hug-a-terrorist" Trudeau.
  21. Justin Trudeau the Worst PM Since Pierre Trudeau?

    The fallout has been swift on this one. The guy who was invited is portrayed as a terrorist and murderer in the Indian media, and Trudeau as a sympathizer. Witless Trudeau has been set up by a cabal of Sikh separatist ministers whom he naively empowered in his own cabinet: Canada seen a "Terrorist Hotspot" - Why India doesn't trust Canada To protect Trudeau's image, MP Randeep Sarai has been instructed to fall on his Kirpan.
  22. These girls are all champs. With the exception of one player who took off her silver medal they all took the loss quite well. There were not many tears in the lineup after the game. I think the way people accept a loss says something as well. Trudeau and his wife had to chime in of course, and what they said was stupid. Rather than giving congratulations for a silver medal by making it all the way to the end and losing by shootout, "tough loss, I feel for you."
  23. The sled weighs less, is pushed by two people and is on ice. The total amount of time pushing the sled is less than ten seconds, hardly "all the way". After that brief burst, you get to have a nice little ride.
  24. The Nostalgia Thread

    "Squad 51 squad 51 man down,. Dixie, were gonna need an IV in D5W with ringers lactate."