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  1. They are secretly Muslim. Don't forget that they're black as well. This explains it. Right Johnny?
  2. International law and the current moral and ethical standards do not allow, at least on the surface, for Europeans to treat others the way they used to. The colonization in the past (not to take away from the modern colonization of countries) created a lot of shitholes around the world. It takes many generations of freedom for a culture to recover from this. It's like a child who has been abused for so long and then expecting a miraculous recovery without healing first. This is similar to what the first nations have gone through. The reason the indigenous in Canada and Australia have so many issues is because they are dealing with what they were put through in the past. It's a broken culture that needs to heal.
  3. Wanting to join the commonwealth does not equate to wanting to be colonized, enslaved and have their natural resources stolen from them. What a silly way to think.
  4. Islamophobia in Canada

    Donald Trump and Bibi Netanyahu are your representatives.
  5. Islamophobia in Canada

    Since this Muslim girl lied about being harassed, then all reports of harassment by Muslims are a lie. This is all a conspiracy. All Muslims are the same. They all act the same and feel the same. By the way, I find "Goddess" to be a credible source and a moral authority. With her being female and often replying to Rue, it brings her credibility to a different level.
  6. Iran needs some democracy

    How can Iranians or any other people trust for the West to bring in democracy to them with their record of working against democracies in favour of dictatorships?
  7. Iran needs some democracy

    The biggest shit disturbers in the Middle East are Saudi (with their support of Al Qaeda and ISIS) and their horrific attacks on Yemen and of course Israel. The borderless, rogue nuclear state. If anyone needs regime change, it's the strange bedfellows, Saudi and Israel. That said, countries should be left to sort out their own shit. This includes, not supporting their governments or any government who is fighting against them.
  8. Jerusalem is Israel's Capital...

    Israel is a systemic racist country with laws against Palestinians. Israel treats both the Palestinians living in Israel differently than Jews and the Palestinians living in the Occupied Territories different than the illegal Jewish settlers who have stolen Palestinian land. So you are absolutely wrong. Difference in treatment of Palestinians in Israel vs Jews in Israel 1) Citizenship laws - Palestinians are not allowed to have their families immigrate to Israel. If a Palestinian marries someone from outside of Israel, they would not be able to bring them over to live in Israel. Whereas any Jew, anywhere around the world has automatic citizenship in Israel. 2) Civil Rights - Palestinians are discriminated against regularly. Israeli High Court Justice Theodor Or wrote in The Report by the State Commission of Inquiry into the Events of October 2000: The Arab citizens of Israel live in a reality in which they experience discrimination as Arabs. This inequality has been documented in a large number of professional surveys and studies, has been confirmed in court judgments and government resolutions, and has also found expression in reports by the state comptroller and in other official documents. Although the Jewish majority’s awareness of this discrimination is often quite low, it plays a central role in the sensibilities and attitudes of Arab citizens. This discrimination is widely accepted, both within the Arab sector and outside it, and by official assessments, as a chief cause of agitation. According to the U.S. State Department Country Reports on Human Rights Practices: "Israeli-Arab advocacy organizations have challenged the Government's policy of demolishing illegal buildings in the Arab sector, and claimed that the Government was more restrictive in issuing building permits in Arab communities than in Jewish communities, thereby not accommodating natural growth." "In June, the Supreme Court ruled that omitting Arab towns from specific government social and economic plans is discriminatory. This judgment builds on previous assessments of disadvantages suffered by Arab Israelis." "Israeli-Arab organizations have challenged as discriminatory the 1996 "Master Plan for the Northern Areas of Israel," which listed as priority goals increasing the Galilee's Jewish population and blocking the territorial contiguity of Arab towns." "Israeli Arabs were not required to perform mandatory military service and, in practice, only a small percentage of Israeli Arabs served in the military. Those who did not serve in the army had less access than other citizens to social and economic benefits for which military service was a prerequisite or an advantage, such as housing, new-household subsidies, and employment, especially government or security-related industrial employment. The Ivri Committee on National Service has issued official recommendations to the Government that Israel Arabs not be compelled to perform national or "civic" service, but be afforded an opportunity to perform such service"." "According to a 2003 University of Haifa study, a tendency existed to impose heavier prison terms to Arab citizens than to Jewish citizens. Human rights advocates claimed that Arab citizens were more likely to be convicted of murder and to have been denied bail." "The Orr Commission of Inquiry's report […] stated that the 'Government handling of the Arab sector has been primarily neglectful and discriminatory,' that the Government 'did not show sufficient sensitivity to the needs of the Arab population, and did not take enough action to allocate state resources in an equal manner.' As a result, 'serious distress prevailed in the Arab sector in various areas. Evidence of distress included poverty, unemployment, a shortage of land, serious problems in the education system, and substantially defective infrastructure.'" "According to a 2005 study at Hebrew University, three times more money was invested in education of Jewish children as in Arab children." 3) Property Ownership Discrimination - Jewish National Fund (JNF) owns a portion of land in Israel. Majority of this land belonged to Palestinians who lost their land after a bizarre Absentee Property Law was past, because the owners of the lands were 'absent'. As many know, these "absent" Palestinians were driven out of Israel by the Israeli military and terrorist groups such as Irgun. Land owned by JNF is only given to Jews. Palestinians only have access to purchase only 6.5% of land in Israel. There is discrimination there as well as it's almost impossible for Palestinians to receive permits to build new homes. In essence, Palestinians are able to live in small portions of Israel, while the Jews can live anywhere in Israel. 4) Allocation of government funds - When it comes to education, health and other funding, Palestinians regularly receive a lot less funds from the Israeli government than Jewish Israelis. Have a look at this report from The Guardian where this is well documented. Treatment of Palestinians in the Occupied Territories vs Jewish Settlers in the Occupied Territories This can be a long post. Everything from the use of natural resources, to land, to economic access, to discriminatory laws. If you want to learn more about the racist and discriminatory treatment of Palestinians and the difference in treatement of Jews, I would recommend that you start here, on the HRW site.
  9. Jerusalem is Israel's Capital...

    Christian Zionists are looking to gather Jews in Israel to bring back Jesus, get the rapture rolling, and engage in mass slaughter of those who won't be saved. I am surprised that there are still people who are oblivious to what Israel has been doing. Why were so many people against Apartheid South Africa? It was because of the racist behaviour of the Apartheid government towards the black South Africans. Where they had one set of rules for the blacks and one for the whites. The same thing has been happening between the Zionists and the Palestinians. How about not siding with Iran, Arab nations or Israel? How about siding with international human rights laws and the moral values we say we have. There is nothing wrong with opposing anything that is bad. Even if the two bad things dislike each other. Jews do not have a monopoly on being victims or for being persecuted. What the Nazis did to them is no excuse for them to treat the Palestinians the way they are doing. The Palestinians should not suffer for what the Europeans did to the Jews.
  10. The Israeli society is sick. This was once more exposed after the video of Ahed Tamimi, slapping an IDF soldier was seen by Israelis. This is a child who has been living under occupation since she was born. Someone who is not allowed and could face jail time by doing a simple demonstration. Someone who has lost family members who have been killed by the IDF. Someone whose cousin was shot just a few hours back by the IDF. Someone who was resisting the Israeli soldiers' blatant disregard for people's privacy and their properties. Who just wonder into people's homes without any punishment. How did the Israeli society respond to a video of a Palestinian girl slapping a Jewish soldier on her property? Predictably, Israeli politicians were incensed. Naftali Bennett, the education minister, called for Ahed to “end her life in jail”. Culture minister Miri Regev, a former army spokeswoman, said she felt personally “humiliated” and “crushed” by Ahed. But more troubling is a media debate that has characterised the soldiers’ failure to beat Ahed in response to her slaps as a “national shame”. The venerable television host Yaron London expressed astonishment that the soldiers “refrained from using their weapons” against her, wondering whether they “hesitated out of cowardice”. But far more sinister were the threats from Ben Caspit, a leading Israeli analyst. In a column in Hebrew, he said Ahed’s actions made “every Israeli’s blood boil”. He proposed subjecting her to retribution “in the dark, without witnesses and cameras”, adding that his own form of revenge would lead to his certain detention. That fantasy – of cold-bloodedly violating an incarcerated child – should have sickened every Israeli. And yet Caspit is still safely ensconced in his job. But aside from exposing the sickness of a society addicted to dehumanising and oppressing Palestinians, including children, Ahed’s case raises the troubling question of what kind of resistance Israelis think Palestinians are permitted. International law, at least, is clear. The United Nations has stated that people under occupation are allowed to use “all available means”, including armed struggle, to liberate themselves. But Ahed, the villagers of Nabi Saleh and many Palestinians like them have preferred to adopt a different strategy – a confrontational, militant civil disobedience. Their resistance defies the occupier’s assumption that it is entitled to lord it over Palestinians. Ahed and Nabi Saleh have shown that popular unarmed resistance – if it is to discomfort Israel and the world – cannot afford to be passive or polite. It must be fearless, antagonistic and disruptive. Most of all, it must hold up a mirror to the oppressor. Ahed has exposed the gun-wielding bully lurking in the soul of too many Israelis. That is a lesson worthy of Gandhi or Mandela. Link
  11. The assumptions continue. Perhaps there is a whole other world out there and some advocate for other things beyond what you see in your MLW lens. Now let's talk about how to make you a more loving and righteous person.
  12. Then you do a very bad job at not showing that you don't care what I think. I care what you think and I want to help you become a better person.
  13. Being an extremist nationalist is part of the reason why you have made two mistakes: 1) Assuming that I have some kind of a problem admitting what my country is doing wrong, 2) You try to excuse and justify wrong actions by trying to draw equivalencies. Most being false equivalencies.
  14. Have come through Canada. While Saudi Arabia has funded Al Qaeda and ISIS. Please share another false equivalency.