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  1. Iran needs some democracy

    The Nazis came to power through a democratic process. Were their actions justified against the minority?
  2. Syrian Civil War

    Correction: If the bankrollers, like the Sheldon Adelsons and the industries that stand to profit from wars want a war, then the American president will bow down to them, as they have for a long time.
  3. Syrian Civil War

    You believe in karma. Enjoy.
  4. Israel is raising morally corrupt psychopaths. The above video and the one of the soldiers shooting unarmed Palestinians and laughing reminds me of the balcony scene from Schindler's List - :
  5. Here is a video from Haaretz, challenging liberal Jews who say the right things when it comes to everything except the Israeli occupation:
  6. Syrian Civil War

    Sure. Even if Canada sent a couple of planes to attack foreign fighters (ISIS) in Iraq and Syria, they are still flying over a sovereign nation's airspace. The only difference is that Canada was not attacking the government of Syria. When Japan dropped bombs on Pearl Harbour, was that not seen a declaration of war? There can't be a benchmark with Trump. There needs to be consistency in what a person says to create a benchmark. But if you really need to know, I totally agreed with Trump of 2013 and 2015 on his stance on foreign policy. Not so much with the Trump of now, who understands that if he wants $$$ from the sugardaddys to his campaign and the Republican campaigns, he has to do what his masters tell him to do. By the way, which Trump do you agree with? Or are you without an opinion and support whatever your Dear President does?
  7. Syrian Civil War

    Really? What would you call attacking another nation with missiles and bombs? Just a little fart? That was illegal as well. I hope you have been consistent with your support for all presidents who have performed illegal actions, such as attacking other countries without the approval of congress. As Trump of 2013 and 2015 declared. Truth.
  8. Syrian Civil War

    Not long ago, there was a presidential candidate who didn't believe in going to war without congress' approval. In fact, he thought it was a stupid move and was done for personal political gain and nothing else. Oh well. Consistency is not the forte of this guy and his fluffers. Hell no! That said, at least the current prime minister has rejected the calls from its allies to bomb Syria. I agree with Trump of 2013 and 2015. Stay the hell out of Syria. One thing we should give credit is that at least the former prime minister followed the rules and asked permission from parliament. This guy from 2013 would have agreed:
  9. Syrian Civil War

    You believe in Karma? How romantic of you. I guess the U.S. is due to become a crater. You didn't respond; Are you okay with your president going to war without congress' approval?
  10. Syrian Civil War

    U.S. presidents are responsible when they bomb. By the way, are you okay with your president going to war without congress' approval?
  11. Syrian Civil War

    Mission Accomplished my foot! What mission exactly was accomplished in Syria after Trump and his two European and one Israeli sidekicks bombed Syrian targets? The mass murderer Bashar Assad is more consolidated in power than before, his main supporter Russia rides the high moral ground at the UN, his other accomplice Iran is more entrenched in both Syria and Iran, if Assad indeed used chemical weapons against civilians (I have no doubt the bastard is perfectly capable of any heinous crime but I don’t believe a word the US, UK, or France might say for they are pathological liars) he can use them again— So the bombing accomplished exactly the opposite effect of “Mission Accomplished” gibberish— except of course one thing: Trump gave Obama yet another middle finger — that he dared do what his predecessor dared not do — that’ll give him a mileage or two come next presidential election— That’s all! The fate of millions of human beings in Syria at the mercy of the criminal buffooneries of one US President or another — ‘Mission Accomplished!’ But What Is the Mission in Syria?
  12. Mohammad bin Salman

    Do I need to preach to the choir? I have not seen anyone on this forum defending the Iranian regime and their actions. I don't think anyone here disagrees that Iran is mostly controlled through a theocratic system and there are major human rights abuses, including the lack of freedom of speech, religion and sexuality.
  13. Mohammad bin Salman

    I don't fail to mention it. I have often mentioned Wahabism as being an ugly ideology as well. Both Zionism and Wahabism will trample over other people's human rights for their own selfish gains. One happens to have a much better PR team. The question is, which one of these ugly ideologies do we support? Unfortunately, at the moment, Canada supports Zionism and very recently, they are supporting Saudi Arabia, through selling military vehicles. Saudi backs its crazy, uncontrollable dog, who creates chaos in the Middle East, ISIS. Not to mention Saudi's crimes against humanity in Yemen.
  14. Syrian Civil War

  15. Syrian Civil War

    One more time: two former European colonial powers France and UK join the US imperial warmongering to attack an Arab country — for the full advantage of their collective settler colony in the region Israel — Their Zionist implant in the region had been paving the way for their invasion by systematic bombing of the selfsame Arab country — What will this invasion achieve? Exactly the opposite of its stated objectives— it will strengthen the bloody ruling regime in Syria, it will expand the insidious power of its supporters Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah, as Turkey will use this smokescreen to target more Kurdish enclaves — all of which will create yet another fertile ground for the resurrection of ISIS — The Zionist counterpart of ISIS will meanwhile do what it always does under these circumstances: kill more Palestinians and steal more of Palestine— Netanyahu’s corrupt racist to the core rule over the Israeli garrison state will linger even more — liberal Zionists will join the bandwagon and shed crocodile tears for the Syrian civilians— Trump will look presidential hoping this war will ward off Mueller investigation and weaken the impact of Comey’s new book on his charlatanism, as Niki Haley exudes humanitarian air of caring for Syrians, as she prepares her next career move drafting her speech for the forthcoming AIPAC conference — The cost? Even more death, destruction, mayhem, and refugees in Syria —exposing the vulgar hypocrisy of Trump who bans Syrian refugees to come to US, and even uglier duplicity of the despicable Haley defending Syrian civilians at the UN while vetoing any investigation into the Israeli crimes against humanity in Palestine—