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  1. Hal 9000

    Should Donald Trump win a Nobel Peace Prize?

    I always wondered what Obama won it for...Huh!
  2. Hal 9000

    The Russia/USA Game

    I'd better get out on my Harley while I still can.
  3. Hal 9000

    Lowering Voting Age to 16

    Let's just skip the formalities and give school teachers 20 votes each.
  4. Hal 9000

    Women Soldiers

    If women want to join in and fight in combat, I'm all for it. They can learn what men have done for thousands of years to provide them with safety and security. I also believe in conscription. I would suggest that they separate them into their own units - for obvious reasons.
  5. Whew, when I read the title I thought something bad happened to Omni.
  6. Hal 9000

    Islamophobia in Canada

    In what way is the photo fake?
  7. Hal 9000

    Homosexuality In The Bible

    Well, God did sorta pull the nuke on Sodom and Ghommorah. Sort of a reset, i guess.
  8. Not at a higher rate as a percentage of that demographic, I've stated that at least twice now. I'm saying that it's in much higher numbers. The obvious fact is; there is way more straight males than gay, therefore the amount of straight males that commit suicide is drastically higher.
  9. Anyway, I feel that we're derailing here. So, that'll be for another thread.
  10. Attempt suicide of 5-8 times, but succeed just 50% more. Your presumption is exactly what stat takers want you to believe. That means that either some have multiple attempts or they're not truthful (either side) in their interviews - because really, it is based on conversations with living kids. So, by the numbers, straight young men are committing suicide in alarming numbers - higher numbers than any demographic. BTW, I never claimed that they're committing suicide at the same rate.
  11. Ok, so I'll take that as a yes, gays and straights commit suicide for similar reasons. OK, with that being equal and knowing that the male gay population is more or less 5%, that would indicate a significant amount of males committing suicide for very similar reasons as gays? Wouldn't it be fair to have a school program that addresses everybody as equals? But no, we have studies and programs for the gays and couldn't give a shit about the straight boys - "suck it up fellas, no one cares". And we wonder why these kids grab a gun and start shooting up a school.
  12. Do you think that there is any chance that gay men/boys possibly commit suicide for the very same reasons as straight males? Or is it always tied to homosexuality?
  13. No, the question was whether school programs reduce suicide rates in gays. I didn't read the entire report, but everything I did read was theory around "attempted suicide". If there is proof, I'm willing to have a look, but I feel that I was on a wild goose chase with your article.
  14. I've googled a fair bit actually. I can't find anything except theory that say's programs in schools prevents anything at all. I can see that people claim "attempted suicide" is down, but that's still just opinion. I'm willing to listen to facts, just haven't seen any. What I did find interesting is that gay males commit suicide at a 50% rate more than straight males. Considering the ratio of gays vs. straights this is very troubling for straight males - but who cares about them, right? Also, straight males commit suicide at a rate much higher than straight and gay women combined and men both straight and gay combined consist of over 80% of suicides. This is all staggering. What can we do about preventing male suicide?