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  1. That sounds about right, meaning that 25% want to take the required training and arm themselves - that sounds like a pretty good number to me.
  2. Well, then it shouldn't be too hard to come to some agreements because Trump has also suggested those changes. In fact, he's suggested even more changes than those. As far as semi-auto rifes (as I assume you're talking about), those wont be outlawed...and in fact are used in a small fraction of crimes. But yeah, some good starting points, we'll see what the democrats do - my guess is that they dig in their heels and try blaming Trump for their inaction. Just a hunch!
  3. That's not true at all, in fact it usually goes the other way. If the dems don't get a weapons ban, they don't want to accept that anything else can be done.
  4. Well, Duh! They're an advocacy group. Just like you're not gonna get advice from Planned Parenthood about raising your baby and you're not gonna get advice on Atheism from the Pope.
  5. What reasonable gun measures do democrats want?
  6. Oh, so there are plenty of solutions, but why bother - right?
  7. Such as what, common sense gun control? Yeah, what is that exactly?
  8. When all is said and done, Trump will have done more for this issue than Obama and his supermajority congress. Guaranteed!
  9. As long as the one and only solution for the left is confiscation...or removing the 2nd amendment, this conversation goes nowhere. There are many solutions to reduce gun deaths in the USA, can anyone on the left mention even one?
  10. That's just stupid. If a teacher wants to carry or have a gun in a safe, they should be given the ability and training to do so, nobody is gonna make them. However, armed security is probably gonna be the direction that this goes - as it should.
  11. I thought I did answer, but I guess I'll dumb it down. The AR-15 is a semi-auto rifle, just like any other semi-auto rifle that you can purchase here in Canada at your nearest Cabelas. I can accept these rifles as they are, where I draw the line is with automatic rifles and guns such as AK-47s or UZIs (those that do fire hundreds per minute) or accessories that do speed up the firing of AR-15s. I'd also be in favor of smaller magazines. I draw the line at anything that fires automatic. There are relatively few people who get killed by AR-15s, as I said they're just the most popular right now. It's the same argument as when people look at dog attacks and decide that anything looking like a Pit Bull should be eliminated.
  12. I'm more interested in what a gun will do than I am about it's name or how intimidating it looks. The AR-15 on its own is no more or no less dangerous than any semi-auto rifle, it just happens to be the name brand that people choose.
  13. I don't believe that all guns are the same. Obviously some should be outlawed, and obviously bump stocks should be outlawed.
  14. An AK-47 is a fully automatic machine gun. An AR-15 is not.
  15. The term "Assault Rifle" is nothing but a political manipulation.