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  1. You hardly talk to anybody. Half the posters on this forum are on your ignore list because they disagreed with you. Not only about religion but over your many opinions.
  2. But I do not work for this company. Why should I pretend that I have an obligation to this company?
  3. What about the millions raised that go towards health care and schools? The lottery is just another tax but at least it is a tax by choice. Congratulations to the winners. Hope the happy couple enjoy it.
  4. How very arrogant. By that argument there would be no religion or would be an agreed on one. Good luck with that. So please share how with all the information out there, would a group convince to turn away from their beliefs? Is it not "logical" to not believe or for us all to worship the same God?
  5. Nobody disagreed with that point. Turkey is very much a toy used by the big boys at the table. Well cept Altai
  6. David Suzuki said global warming caused bad weather. Is he wrong and it has been the US the entire time?
  7. http://yournewswire.com/us-military-cause-california-earthquake-using-seismic-weapons/ Found one!!!! I can't swear by the source and was not anywhere near Turkey but there is the speculation.
  8. Despite her insane conspiracy theories and the fact she has most of the people on here on her ignore list and she is convinced the sun revolves around Turkey she does start good conversations. I have been defending her crazies since she started and I must say she brings entertainment to this forum.
  9. But why Turkey? Would it not make more sense for the US to use that technology to attack a nation that is causing serious issues like Iran and or North Korea?
  10. Of course it is aliens. But I think she was pointing out the the US is being controlled by aliens so the glorious nation of Turkey is stopped from taking its place as rulers of the galaxy.
  11. Thread drift. We were talking about the evil US causing earth quakes in a NATO member. Not Iran or North Korea. But Turkey. Why wouldn't they attack Turkey.
  12. Failed to explain why the US would go through the time, energy and expense to cause an earthquake in Turkey? Why wouldn't have Obama used that weapon when your beloved president was saber rattling and whining for dollars
  13. Yes but it is easier to get than beer.
  14. You mean a Liberal politician lied to the Canadian people? I don't believe it. That can't happen. I live in Ontario and the Ontario Liberals would never do that.