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  1. I have been taking a passing glance at Turkey in the news and I must say that the country seems to be moving backwards. The presidential referendum is just a huge power grab for a man who seems to be unable to accept criticism in anyway. Hence the shut down of any newspaper or media that speaks against him
  2. Very nice but how many of the life saving procedures and drugs used that were created in Canada or the US?
  3. Turkish journalists banned in Turkey.
  4. Because maybe we care about a nation that has been a friend. I guess as Canadians we just care more.
  5. I have enough logic to know that dropping the bomb saved allied lives
  6. LOL That will get you on the ignore book Maybe Canada should look into copying North Korean way of rehabilitation. Send whole generations of families to work camps. Why have you not said the same thing about the Iman stating Jews must be wiped out and than Christians?
  7. Well your history seems more than a little biased. You have implied the world would have been a better place under a Nazi or Japanese empire regime.
  8. Huh......I always thought the US didn't start military actions or teamed up with any other nations till that bombing thing in Hawaii. Yes I am sure you think the states over reacted by placing sanctions on Japan when it got a savage with the invasion of China. Lord knows the Germans didn't want a fight at the The U.S is guilty of many things but scolding them for their actions during World War 2 is not really helping your cause. Try as you might to defend the Nazis and Japanese empire these were not very nice people. Both Stalin and Churchill were desperate for the states to get involved. The bombing of Pearl Harbour guaranteed the defeat of the Axis powers.
  9. The irony is if the axis had one and without the American war machine it would have been likely or had Germany or Japan created the bombs first we would not have the right to have this discussion. Hate the states all you like, that is your right. A right that they have helped make sure we all have .
  10. The Toyko fire bombings were just as devastating to Japan as the nukes Why ignore that? Shall we talk about the Bataan death March or the rape of Peking? Or is this thread only for U.S bashing?
  11. Buuuuuut they owe most of it to the U.S. That is very much fact.
  12. What about the small fact Christians and Jews quit doing this barbaric act while countries some countries that practice Sharia law still practice stoning and chopping off limbs.
  13. So your saying Turkey should claim lands in other countries suggested by Erdogan? Many times you have demanded anybody not a native of the western hemisphere must be expelled and leave. Not to mention Israel. So which is it?
  14. Perhaps somebody could inform her on what a forum is. Maybe she really doesn't know that people here are discussing the world from different perspectives and to have a debate on ideas.
  15. I fear your right. The people of this province are terribly gullible when it comes to the lies the Liberals sell the people. Just this morning on my drive to work I heard the provincial propaganda machine talking about the hydro rebate.