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  1. History dictates that this will be a failure. The Ontario Liberals are the masters of screwing up everything and costing more than estimated. The Minister of Community and social Services did not even know how it was being paid for. This should go well http://www.torontosun.com/2017/04/24/wynne-gambling-on-re-election-with-lottery-for-laggards
  2. Since it is the left that is organizing these marches for science but these are the same people that say there is more than two genders. How does that work or does the left just ignore it?
  3. Just no pleasing some people
  4. So now your complaint is the US is not attacking a foreign Nation? I thought you were against them doing that.
  5. I don't think she is being rude. I think she has left the site. At least as Altai.
  6. Just curious. If not the US, who should we be allies With? Can't be the UK cause of the whole empire thing. Not Russia cause of the same reasons and war crimes. Not China cause of the same reasons as Russia and US. France? They are the ones that started Vietnam. So I am curious. Who should we be allies With?
  7. I have no doubt that the government in Venezuela will claim GM was doing something to justify their actions but how will it help the people of Venezuela? The issue was parts according to GM and it was not able to produce cars. Where will the plant get parts now? Venezuela is on the brink of collapse and has very little money to pay up front. Their oil industry is not doing well right now and their fleet of tankers are falling apart. The government is trying to by time hoping something will happen that will save them but I think it is likely the country will collapse under the failure of socialism.
  8. If you liked platoon you will love FMJ. We were solders was good too
  9. Because most of us believe the evil that the US stopped was worse. Maybe we did drink the Kool aid but we are not having mayday parades or dropping people off buildings for being gay. We have our faults to be sure but we are trying to be better.
  10. I thought Full Metal Jacket was the best Vietnam movie
  11. During the last year of the show Top Gear ( the real one not the one with joey) they address this very issue. Check it out.
  12. Yup. I also have been able to live in a country that can afford health care because we have a strong neighbor that watches over us. It is for their own benefit but it works for us. I am a greedy selfish individual that is glad the US dropped two nukes that ended WW2 quicker and kept the wonderfully peace loving communist block in check.
  13. Same reason I have said all along. Here you and I are debating the pro's and con's of the most powerful country in the world. You feel free to despise them and post articles about all the evil they have done and yet you have no fear of boots kicking down your door or having your entire generations of your family sent to work camps. Hate them all you want. They have made sure you have that right. We had a person on this forum defend their leader because a man was charged for insulting him by saying he would not serve him tea. Now that is petty. States are not perfect and yes lately I have enjoyed British TV more than the American but it beats the alternatives on how the world could have turned out. Its not like they are flying planes into buildings or stoning people.
  14. Well you said at least that, Had to hurt admitting the states are the best at something
  15. Bikes are annoying but City bus drivers are hands down the worst. They cut you off or force you into another lane. Once that signal goes on they are moving and they don't care what is in their way