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  1. Thinkinoutsidethebox

    NAFTA negotiations.

    Well, it appears #1 is about to happen... How much time have they wasted so far? Maybe next year?
  2. Thinkinoutsidethebox

    Is your city on a road diet?

    Cheap autonomous vehicles would increase city traffic tenfold. Think about it, everybody from birth to death will be able to ride in these things along with delivering everything from kids to lunch to papers to diapers. Want to go shopping? Send it traveling around the block with your junk while your in the store. Baby's crying? Send it off for a soothing ride around town while you monitor it from the comfort of your couch. Don't feel like cooking? Feeling romantic? Need that widget? Need to show someone something across town? This is the tip of the iceberg.
  3. Thinkinoutsidethebox

    Broken Justice

    The lawyer already knows that, I wouldn't be talking to him/her if it wasn't the case. Nonsense, there would be no justice system if everybody were presumed innocent. The French seem to be getting along just fine, maybe...
  4. Thinkinoutsidethebox

    Broken Justice

    Exactly, call it what it is... They "presume" the crime was committed by a certain individual, that's why he/she is being held. A judge or jury should have no bias either way as it's their job to base their decisions on facts, evidence and the law.
  5. Thinkinoutsidethebox

    Broken Justice

    "Presumed innocent till proven guilty".... If that's the case why is anyone spending time in jail before thier court date? They should just get a note or call at home stating (We presume you are innocent but there is a bunch of evidence and eyewitness stating you drove a van through a crowd of people so we request your presence at court at 9am may 5th. Thank you, have a nice day.) The reason they are are incarcerated is they are presumed guilty, we should stop feeding ourselves this childish crap.
  6. Thinkinoutsidethebox

    Is Trump a threat to democracy?

    The fact he was elected shows there is still a hint of democracy left in the US. That being said I have no doubt he is looking into ways to become the supreme leader or at least skirting the two term president rule.
  7. Thinkinoutsidethebox

    Our PM speaks in french only in France.

    "In German" in Germany...
  8. Thinkinoutsidethebox

    Our PM speaks in french only in France.

    So you're as bad as the rest of us? You should be all upset because he didn't speak Mohican then...
  9. Thinkinoutsidethebox

    Trudeau and the lost nation

    So what are you envisioning? Star Trek where humans all work together against a common enemy? On there they still have different colors though. Star wars still has rogue humans of all shapes and colors. Unless your thinking clone armies of course. The human experiment is a fascinating thing, it seems no matter how many times we bring ourselves to the brink of annihilation we never go over that edge. It feels to me like there are unseen forces in play that want us to move forward. It feels to me AI is going to be the next big challenge to human existence. We haven't even designed and built it yet but what some are envisioning logic says humans will no longer have a purpose. I guess it'll all be in the programming but super intelligent AI would see we are killing our host.
  10. Thinkinoutsidethebox

    Trudeau and the lost nation

    It's an interesting dilemma, as stated earlier the world needs a smaller population but on the other hand families should be larger. What's the human population to do? I heard on the radio awhile back there are people setting up communal living in apartment buildings. Maybe something like this? https://www.canadianarchitect.com/features/the-cohousing-option/ with this your neighbors would essentially be family.
  11. Thinkinoutsidethebox

    Our PM speaks in french only in France.

    Well according to you the French should be outraged if he doesn't.
  12. Thinkinoutsidethebox

    Trudeau and the lost nation

    That's baloney, you could clone humans and there would be the same discrimination there is today, visible differences have nothing to do with it. Ask Hitler... And it has nothing to do with moving forward as a species. Today humans are working harder than ever to exacerbate the human race, war was unsuccessful, disease isn't working, starvation isn't going to do it so maybe AI will be the ticket. If AI is going to be as intelligent as they say then logically it'll see what we are doing and proceed to wipe us out. Besides, being all the same would be boring as hell.
  13. Thinkinoutsidethebox

    Trudeau and the lost nation

    To Argus, my opinion... The past is the past, use it as a reference, learn from it and move on. Trudeau is just acknowledging what actually happened, to me apologizing for what the dominant population has done the last couple generations actually makes sense. We did some really bad stuff to indigenous people and we need do what we can to correct it and move on. I don't understand this "tribal" thing you speak of. The masses worshipping some imaginary entity, superstar, politician or whatever makes no sense. Why not just be good people and live for the earth and each other? Think with your mind, not mob mentality. It's interesting how little wealth is actually worth without genuine happiness.
  14. Thinkinoutsidethebox

    Trudeau and the lost nation

    Although I believe we should be raising our own children and not sending them off to child corals to be raised by strangers I also believe each person is an individual. "Family" by definition is a group of people tied together by succession and technically we are all "family" if you go back far enough. As children grow and become independent they form their own social circles and move on, father/mother/brother/sister become a title family members have, there are many reasons these individuals are not always part of each other's lives. There is no reason to treat family any different than other members of the human race. Why does the world population need to mix? What's wrong with different colors/body types/gender/language/cultures etc.? I think it's stupid people need to believe this is inevitable. I'd say easier, what is the truth anymore? Every individual's idea of the "truth" is contained somewhere within this wonderful form of technology, it's easier than ever to adjust people's perspective for your desired purpose. Canada is doing what it does best, following whatever global trend happens to be in fashion. Trudeau is no different than those before him. LOL, well, we made him our leader
  15. Thinkinoutsidethebox

    Our PM speaks in french only in France.

    French when he was cussing Trump