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  1. NAFTA negotiations.

    Canada's deal with India, what do you think? We export more raw materials to them, they convert them to finished products and send them back. The banks and IT companies will be suffering because now in order to maintain proper trade "balance" they will have to sacrifice high paying domestic labor in order to use much lower cost East Indian talent. I guess all these people plus six thousand more can be placed in truck cabs to move our raw materials to tide water and bring finished product back to local markets. Makes sense.
  2. NAFTA negotiations.

    Well, instead of shipping Alberta's cheap energy right past Ontario where we are importing it why not refine and use it there? It would bring down the cost of labor as well. Canada can grow within itself, we do have the talent, labor, resources, everything we need except for the will which is hugely influenced by the elite. We as peasants can't see beyond the end of the day no matter how much we as humans are sacrificing the well being of generations to come. We are giving the American (and world) elites our dependence on them and they are more than happy to take it. Like Trump, maybe Trudeau, his minions and the rest of us should step back and look at the big picture.
  3. NAFTA negotiations.

    And we don't have the talent and resources to refine and ship petroleum products directly to where we are importing exactly the same products and paying inflated prices plus shipping plus upgrading and profits to foreign investors? The brilliance behind that is absolutely mind boggling... Western tar was also Canadian owned a couple times before it was sold off again and taken out of the country.
  4. Thank You, Trudeau part 2

    In business yes, in the running of this country it's not possible nor is it fair not to have half the population represented without some system to mandate it.
  5. NAFTA negotiations.

    Yet virtually every day our prime minister climbs aboard his taxpayer provided aircraft to give Canada away to anyone that'll take it. Personally I don't think he has a clue what he is doing, the closest he's ever been to business is having his nanny order him a latte. Every day day we are selling out to and becoming more dependant on foreign entities, and every day we are taking hits because of that. Whether it's reneging on promises and moving business out of the country, recessions, tax policies etc. why do we keep thinking these people/corporations/countries have our best interests at heart? Their goals are to milk Canada for everything she's got then get the hell out whether it's by eliminating competition, getting control and taking our natural resources, or exploiting our talent and labor. In their mind we are no different than any third world country and they are going for as much as they can.
  6. NAFTA negotiations.

    Every country prints it's own money for domestic use, Canada has all the domestic capital it needs (if we would just stop exporting it), what it lacks is ingenuity and foresight in it's leadership. Today we are borrowing money to give to foreign entities. It's time to upgrade our national policy, how much you wanna bet the US does it Canada will follow? Bombardier is a perfect example, since we are supporting them anyway, why not call it an investment in equipment and have them sell to domestic carriers? Why can't Air Canada, Westjet etc. use domestic built instead of equipment from a company that's trying to bury our domestic manufacturer? I get that. And guess where the profits for that endeavor are going... Western Star actually built Iveco LSVWs in Canada before they were sold to Daimler, anyway I don't know the intricate details, my point is we in Canada have the ability to produce our own if we would choose to.
  7. Thank You, Trudeau part 2

    I know that, the population is divided almost equal male/female and I believe we should be represented equally as such in politics. Cut the number of ridings in half, elect both a man and a woman from each riding. Women have a different perspective on many topics yet they have a minority of representation in politics. You can't have equal representation if half the ridings in Canada don't even have women running. There's all this whining and crying about women not being represented in publicly traded companies but we are not interested in treating women equally in politics?
  8. NAFTA negotiations.

    Craft breweries and microbreweries bring up an interesting concept that we should be exploring. I think this is what our world needs, bring back and support small business, Kelloggs, Caterpillar, PepsiCo etc. can go pound sand, we can do better making it for ourselves. Canada has 36 million people, there is no lack of talent, labour or local market for our made at home products, if we work together we could be a truly financially and culturally independent nation that people from other countries would be falling over each other to visit. We are trying to compete against other countries on a field that is constantly tilting and twisting with new challenges being thrown up every day all while destroying our environment, economy and way of life because we can't export our natural resources, talent, labour, money and power fast enough. We make a deal with another country and their economy tanks, or they fall into civil war, or they elect Trump, or they use our products for human rights and environmental abuses etc. Canada has a big enough market for Bombardier aircraft, for Spitz sunflower treats, for the Western Star trucks, military vehicles and busses we used to build, for the Electro-Motive locomotives we used to build, for the Blackberry smartphones we used to develop and make, for the natural resources we mine, why do we need to sell these resources to foreign entities only to have them move them out and/or shut them down? Maybe these are only a tiny fraction of the national economy but that combined with a million other similar deals aren't we experiencing death by a thousand cuts? Automotive parts manufacturing? The dairy industry? It's interesting I have more faith in the people and resources of this country than our prime minister and his patriotic flag waving supporters.
  9. Thank You, Trudeau part 2

    WoMAN, PerSON... Trudeau must be doing a really good job if all we have is to nitpick his sense of humor If Trudeau wanted to make politics really gender equal he would make every federal riding be represented by both a male and female MPs. Does his gender equality stand go so far as him being willing to share his post as prime minister equally with a woman?
  10. Thank you Trudeau...

    "you need to be explained"???
  11. Thank You, Trudeau part 2

    Humankind anyone? I think it already exists https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/humankind
  12. NAFTA negotiations.

    And the masses eat it up hook, line and sinker. It is said computers will become more intelligent then all of mankind in the near future, if they are programmed to think logically its not hard to imagine. Humankind are sheep, they need something to follow, maybe IA will save mankind... Or it'll have to eliminate mankind if programmed to save the planet.
  13. NAFTA negotiations.

    One small example of the most intelligent life form on the planet doing something so stupid it defies imagination. Economists; We are selling crude oil at discounted prices only to import it again at world prices (plus refining, logististics and transportation costs). How does contributing to foreign entities profits improve our economic well being? Environmentalists; We are trying to push crude oil the longest possible distance across the continent only to import refined oil from the longest possible distances again. You're happy to protest the expansion of pumping product out of the country but don't say peep about importing it again. This may come as a shocker but reducing the distance a substance must travel will considerably reduce its environmental footprint. Is this being done just to keep as many people as possible busy? Is this why we absolutely have to have "free trade"? What is the logic behind this?
  14. NAFTA negotiations.

    So the negotiators are busy floundering around in the mud hole we call NAFTA, a petty announcement every so often... Trump looming in the background... I wonder if he's letting this fumble along until the midterm elections? Could be some leverage there... I haven't seen a political cartoon to this effect yet
  15. An opinion poll on Public versus Private health care system in Canada.

    Keep it public... Health care should be right not a luxury. Each and every person should have equal access. It bugs me some believe those who are lucky enough to be wealthy should have better access to healthcare than others that aren't. As I've stated I think our healthcare system is top notch, maybe it could use tuning and streamlining but we need to keep it. As for wait times those that bitch the loudest are the same ones that whine about street cleaning nor being fast enough, high municipal taxes, no meals on domestic flights, the cost of domestic flights, long lines at DMVs, the cost of getting a driver's licence, hot weather, cold weather, wind, rain, sunshine etc., Here's a suggestion, maybe stop complaining and appreciate what we actually have. Expecting a doctor on your doorstep the second you have the sniffles is way over the top.