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  1. The Battle of Charlottesville

    I'm not exactly a spokesperson for BLM or Mr. Obama. That's a subject for another thread.
  2. The Battle of Charlottesville

    Because Donald Trump is not supported by the alt left. If antifa suporters had killed somebody, I would expect a hypothetical President Sanders to condemn them unequivocally (and not repeatedly mention the other side 'for balance') because some of those leftists would have voted for him. It would be his first responsibility to condemn his own side. Corporate America already made its mind up about this and many in the Republican Party are muttering nervously. Threads like this seem to concentrate the true believers.
  3. The Battle of Charlottesville

    Those personal associations don't immunize Trump. 'Has friends who are black people' is even weaker than 'many of my friends are black', the classic, clumsy defence of racist behaviour. Trump isn't just a guy on the street free to mouth off as he likes. As President he's supposed to set an example and bring the nation together. He does not 'embody everything evil' - he's too empty for that. He's simply an unprincipled chancer who saw a way to the White House by mobilizing the alt right.
  4. The Battle of Charlottesville

    Do nothing, stay indoors, keep your head down and you'll probably be OK.
  5. The Battle of Charlottesville

    Trump should simply have condemned the alt right this week without equivocation. He's not the ref here, or a journalist, he's the President, one who was loudly supported by the alt right during the campaign. http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/entry/charles-krauthammer-trump-a-moral-disgrace-fox-news_us_5993c9f1e4b04b19336176fe
  6. The Battle of Charlottesville

    Trump is supported by these racists for crying out loud. He has a duty to condemn them unequivocally instead of muddying the waters. Even in the press conference, you can see how he gets much more excited about the sins of the alt left than those of his own people, the alt right. Most reasonable people get that - deal with your own sins first. Hence the justifiable outrage.
  7. The Battle of Charlottesville

    One person resorted to murder and he may be mentally ill. I am more concerned about the gradual ramping up of these white nationalist demos and their support online. The slogans 'blood and soil' and 'Jews will not replace us' are difficult to misconstrue.
  8. The Battle of Charlottesville

    The problem is that Trump courted the alt right and is supported by them. White nationalists see him as their man. It's not up to him to be impartial on the subject but to show clearly that he distances himself from racists in speech after speech and tweet after tweet. He hasn't done that. Instead he keeps on wavering back and forth, sending a message to these people that he's just going through the motions and is really with them. By far the most deadly war in US history was partly about race. The marches of the Klan in the Twenties and the resistance to reform in the Sixties show how such forces persisted. White nationalism still has the capacity to tear America apart.
  9. Dunkirk

    The Soviets did have winter on their side but they also outwitted the Germans. They figured out how to counter blitzkrieg with such things as defence in depth. Zhukov may have been the most talented general of the war, certainly up there with the top Nazis, and Stalin turned out to be sharper than Hitler.
  10. The Battle of Charlottesville

    Once more, this homicide has a mental health angle: https://www.thestar.com/news/world/2017/08/14/james-alex-fields-jr-man-accused-of-ramming-car-into-charlottesville-protesters-denied-bail.html I'm more spooked by the torchlight procession and the chanting they were doing. Not too many 'good people' there by the looks of things, Donald. This movement is gathering steam.
  11. Dunkirk

    The two US fronts together were nothing like the Eastern Front in terms of casualties. Sure, the US supplied the Soviets with equipment but they did not do much fighting with the Germans in either war. Like the British in many conflicts, the American fought WWII in other people's countries which gives the whole thing an air of unreality to them. The Russians understand WWII far more intimately. They were fighting for their survival against the best trained army in the world; they had to sacrifice everything they could and they did so brilliantly. The US army could not have withstood a similar assault by the Wehrmacht.
  12. Dunkirk

    The Soviet Union did most of the fighting on land against Germany. Its soldiers suffered by far the most casualties. The US and Britain waited until the tide had turned decisively in the east before invading Europe. Their losses were tiny by comparison and their contribution has been greatly exaggerated in popular culture. Every ally was important, right down to Greece, but one carried the lion's share of the burden.
  13. Freedom of speech

    I do not intend to insult you; rather, I'm just telling you how you sound some times.
  14. Freedom of speech

    Are you sure about that? I think I've detected spittle on occasion.
  15. Freedom of speech

    The OP would have more credibility if he weren't so riled up himself all the time.