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  1. As a near atheist, I’m reduced to something like prayer when I think of human overpopulation. It’s a terrifying problem. One possible way out is female empowerment. If women can control their age at marriage and fertility, then we have some hope of handing on a half-decent planet to future generations. In one Nigerian state, the median age at marriage is 14 at the moment and for the whole of Niger it’s 15.7 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_age_at_first_marriage Something tells me the girls involved have little say in the matter.
  2. School girls detained for wearing sexy trousers

    Schools are fully entitled to enforce a dress code that’s stricter than the minimum legally permitted. Below the age of consent and majority, young people, especially girls, should be directed in ways that help them cope with the flood of messages from peers and media that can lead them into poor choices. Soon, as adults in Canada and the UK, they will be free to make up their own minds, which is as it should be in every country, but they deserve to be equipped with the best tools to do so. An appropriate dress code is a small but significant part of this process.
  3. Yourself and Erdogan should move to Niger where this target is being exceeded at the moment with impressive results. Try and imagine a world where we all did this and you will see a vista of starvation, war, the mass extinction of other species, climate change in overdrive and so on. We don’t need more people on this precious, little planet - our only home.
  4. Will Trudeau Jnr make Morneau resign?

    Is there any evidence for that at all? I’d say the opposite is true. And distrust of the rich is hardly confined to Liberal voters.
  5. Will Trudeau Jnr make Morneau resign?

    Didn’t you just tell us that this thread was about Trudeau and Morneau and not about the rich versus very rich debate?
  6. Will Trudeau Jnr make Morneau resign?

    Does anyone really believe Morneau got into politics to make money selling shares? Like many rich people getting into this game, he made mistakes but I think we should take an indulgent view of this if we want more like him taking on high office. Otherwise we are into the politics of envy and I thought Conservatives were against that.
  7. What are you reading right now?

    Just started Lincoln in the Bardo.
  8. Doctors and opioids, a troublesome connection.

    Looks like NL is going to get tougher on the overprescribing of opioids: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/newfoundland-labrador/new-prescription-monitoring-program-john-haggie-1.4402880 Doctors are going to be in a tight spot, especially the poor buggers who’ve just acquired an existing practice only to find a shed load of addicts therein. However, it is one step in the right direction.
  9. Canada's Third World Health Care System

    Australia and NZ are good countries to compare ourselves with, given their sparse density of population, health issues among indigenous people and a similar cultural history. All international comparisons that get us away from the North American paradigm are healthy. Longer term, our system will have to develop a larger private sector.
  10. Canada's Third World Health Care System

    Not really. Stat-wise we are not Somalia yet. Google ‘patient lying in agony’ even just in English and you’ll see many non-Canadian stories.
  11. Canada's Third World Health Care System

    It’s not third world standard, of course. Hyperbole there.
  12. About those tax breaks for the 'rich'

    Says it all about this site. Where do I hand in my mea culpa?
  13. About those tax breaks for the 'rich'

    Not everyone who disagrees with you is a Marxist.
  14. About those tax breaks for the 'rich'

    The big difference there is between truly, madly, deeply legal tax avoidance for the upper crust and evasion for the lower orders: the poor break the rules; the rich make them.
  15. About those tax breaks for the 'rich'

    Nobody 'owes me their money' and, given my tax bracket, I will not be getting any of their loot because I am not middle class. What I do object to is laws being abused by pseudo-entrepreneurs who take little or no risk. That's where I don't see the logic. Laws should do what they are intended to do.