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  1. About those tax breaks for the 'rich'

    I agree it looks terrible, reminiscent of Martin's 'Canada' Steamship Line in Barbados and the Bronfman family trust saga. Unfortunately, the oligarchs are always going to have armies of accountants and enablers trying to get them special deals. That's the way in every country. Don't Canada's rules on residency for tax purposes make it a little harder here than it is in Europe to pretend to live offshore? Nearly every mega-wealthy Brit or Irishman claims to reside abroad while living at home. Anyway, we should be as tough as we can on the oligarchs but fair rules should apply to the smaller fry too.
  2. Liberals starting to make Trump seem honest

    Anyone who has answered questions about foreign property on their tax return, as I have had to do, must be irritated by what Morneau seems to have done. Perhaps he should resign - after all, he doesn't need the work. However, that does not affect the merits of his proposal. For example, sprinkling remains wrong and should not be allowed..
  3. About those tax breaks for the 'rich'

    That scenario does not describe physician 'entrepreneurs' whose success is all but guaranteed if they turn up.
  4. Doctors and opioids, a troublesome connection.

    A grim story from the US about the power of the pharmaceutical industry to stifle the efforts of law enforcement: https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2017/investigations/dea-drug-industry-congress/?utm_term=.c9fbe8a7101c
  5. Liberals starting to make Trump seem honest

    The 'rich' are rich, just not as rich as the rich.
  6. About those tax breaks for the 'rich'

    It's very disappointing to see that. I know the medical associations ran a big campaign across Canada to organize opposition to these proposals and it seems to have borne fruit.
  7. About those tax breaks for the 'rich'

    Morneau is indeed very rich. That does not mean that people who are worth a lot less than him are not rich as well. Doctors earn a very large income compared to most Canadians. That is a fact. There are rich farmers in this country as well. I'd like to see family trusts targeted but this proposal was a start at targeting some clear abuses of the system. The opposition to it avoided discussing the tricks doctors get up to as much as possible.
  8. About those tax breaks for the 'rich'

    You think these tax proposals are designed to go after the poor?
  9. About those tax breaks for the 'rich'

    Average declared income in Vancouver is not that high which is one part of the reason why it's so unaffordable for working Canadians.
  10. About those tax breaks for the 'rich'

    If Canadian doctors and dentists were working in anything like a true market, e.g. the restaurant business, I wouldn't mind them calling themselves entrepreneurs and asking to be treated as such. Many of my colleagues have lost their shirts in business deals, often to avoid tax.
  11. Canada's Federal Deficit

    Over his time in office, he left a big deficit.
  12. Islamophobia in Canada

    Think of the legal gobbledygook involved in distinguishing between hijabs and headscarves. You're not going to tell me a woman can't wear a headscarf.
  13. Sailors in trouble for being patriotic

    The young servicemen in question were polite but they all turned up dressed in the uniform of the Proud Boys which is a highly questionable move for members of our armed forces. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2017/07/10/the-alt-rights-proud-boys-love-fred-perry-polo-shirts-the-feeling-is-not-mutual/?utm_term=.d7a7cdbf5535
  14. Islamophobia in Canada

    Ban the hijab and you've got to ban all head coverings. It's not a practical or sensible idea.
  15. About those tax breaks for the 'rich'

    Most GPs I know gross more than 200k after real expenses and any reasonably frugal dermatologist/radiologist/ophthalmologist could retire after ten years. Admittedly, docs are at the bottom of the top 1% of earners but it's still way more than middle class Canadians make.