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  1. People would get used to diabetes, hypertension etc. Our interest in politicians is not that great. As celebs go they are very low-end, Trump excepted. What you don't want to see are things like strokes and septicemia. Again, Trump has broken the excellent US conventions in this regard with his absurdly limited release of health info. It matters a lot in an overweight man of his age. It is said that Reagan never fully recovered from the shooting and may have suffered cerebral damage at that time. That should have been disclosed.
  2. The dire health problems of Churchill and Eden (and FDR for that matter) show why the entire medical records of senior political office holders should be made public on an ongoing basis. I also think that 70 should be the cut-off point for being elected to the top job. It's no place for geezers.
  3. For persons born here, that is a right they have. The government should not be giving that to them as a favour which it can take away. I see this century shaping up as an era of dwindling personal freedom: constant mass surveillance; a government answerable to oligarchs; the disappearance of traditional work for the majority; even citizenship vulnerable to removal for whatever offence the powers that be deem unacceptable.
  4. The combination of immigration, globalization and automation is disrupting a lot of lives. I believe it's not too late for the EU to save itself.
  5. That would be for the Scots to decide. A lot depends on how Brexit works out.
  6. There are separatists in Western Canada too. Any political structure can disappear. In time, they all will.
  7. No, I don't although it would change Atlantic Canada big time. I've no problem with countries breaking up - the US makes it virtually impossible for any state to escape as California may find out - but it's a serious matter. Canada is a bit more protected because we don't have the Russians quite so close to our major cities. Putin wants to see the EU destroyed. He seeks chaos in Europe.
  8. Is that what you say to people in Western Canada when a general election has already been decided in Ontario?
  9. Britain may become Little Britain if things don't go well after Brexit. By the looks of the exit polls so far, the Netherlands won't be leaving the EU any time soon. Le Pen also has a long way to go to win in France. I don't think Germany will leave. The EU may have to be modified but it has been a spectacular success over the last fifty years.
  10. What is this 'awww' thing about? The UK may break up over this which would be regrettable for many.
  11. The UK has a system of parliamentary democracy. Brexit has divided the countries within that sovereign state.
  12. The environmental factors that partly cause them aren't going away. If you're not going to take on hunter-gathering full time, you will continue to live in a society that tends to make you fat. I could have mentioned high cholesterol as well - most of that is produced by the person, not ingested. On its own, lifestyle modification is not an effective solution for most people as anyone who has tried it can tell you.
  13. You could say the same about the people who voted for Brexit. And only half the UK wants it - a very divisive policy.
  14. Sorry, could you explain what you mean a little more there.
  15. Are those outcomes corrected for stage? I took a quick look at the paper and it seems they are not. A good example of why this matters is prostate cancer. If a man lives long enough he will probably get it but many remain dormant in the prostate. In a fee for service system, the urologist has an incentive to do as many surgeries as possible so people get their PSA measured who shouldn't get it measured and end up having costly and dangerous surgery - and making the stats look better. Rudy Giuliani, a prostate cancer survivor, failed to appreciate this basic point when he compared US and UK stats on prostate cancer. Even the scientist who discovered PSA now says it is used too freely. The US is good on procedures and quality; where it falls down is access and cost. Many poor people don't get simple, chronic diseases like hypertension and diabetes treated, with predictable results.