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  1. i'm a conservative who agrees with the $15 minimum wage. but if wynne is that concerned about minimum wage workers .... what's stopping her from implementing it right now? or is it just another crass attempt by a government that's down in the polls, short on ideas, and will do anything to hold on to power for another term?
  2. i'm not uptight over anything. I just think that laws which apply to ordinary Canadians or would be Canadians should apply to cabinet ministers as well.
  3. does it serve monsef well, the government, or the people of Canada ...... with her operating as minister with a big black cloud hanging over her head?
  4. monsef is under investigation for possible citizenship fraud which puts into question her eligibility to serve as cabinet minister as well as a sitting mp. the nature of the investigation demands she at least step down as minister seeing that it's an office of higher trust. in my opinion this would be the appropriate thing to do.
  5. that should be the way things are done in an open democratic society. but it appears that special privilege is being granted to certain members of parliament based on ethnic, aboriginal, (or maybe even gender), status. is that really what we want?
  6. Trudeau & Feel Good Policies

    if we want infrastructure let's start with a few pipelines. and it won't cost taxpayers nothing.
  7. Truddeau dresses as Arab for Halloween

    is this not cultural appropriation? what kind of an example is he setting for all the other trick or treaters?
  8. Because it's 2016

    premier wynne says that 'men only' Ontario college campuses in Saudi arabia are UNACCEPTABLE because they discriminate against women. if it's wrong for us to go to Saudi arabia and respect their discriminatory customs .... then why is it not wrong here? probably because it gains votes.
  9. Because it's 2016

    I could understand if he was invited into a mosque in Saudi arabia. but this is Canada. why should anyone feel the need to respect the customs of others when it involves the discrimination of Canadians in Canada? maybe he should have ignored it. what did it accomplish?
  10. Because it's 2016

    equality rights versus freedom of religion. I support the opinion that secular rights always trump religious freedoms. however, the charter somewhat disagrees in section 27 with ..... 'the charter shall be interpreted in a manner consistent with the preservation and enhancement of the multicultural heritage of Canadians.' but the charter doesn't prevent churches, mosques, or synagogues who discriminate from having their charitable status taken away from them. I would think that a prime minister who labels himself as a 'feminist' and who is teaching his children to become feminists would not be caught dead in a religious institution that discriminates against women. after all this is 2016 you know.
  11. Liberals Finally Appoint New Judges

    let's say you had 100 lawyers. 95 of them had their names beginning with the letter M while the other 5 had their names beginning with the letter T. when promotion time came along...... the group of 5 received most of the promotions. mathematically this would not suggest that the promotions were based on merit but far more likely on identity. I am eagerly awaiting the moment that JT will offer to step down and hand over the liberal leadership to a woman or some representative of a visible minority group. what's good for the goose is good for the gander is it not?
  12. what's amazing about the poll is that 30% of Ontario voters would still cast their ballots for a continuance of incompetence and corruption. brown is sitting in the driver's seat and I wouldn't count on him doing anything stupid. his numbers can only keep going up as the liberals self destruct.
  13. not filling out the census could send you to jail. maybe wynn and other key members of her government should be sent to jail for refusing to provide information to government appointed watchdogs. where is the openness and transparency in all of this?
  14. wynne claims Ontario won't ban natural gas for home heating but goes on to say that $100 million will be spent on renewable natural gas technology. natural gas is a fossil fuel while 'renewable natural gas' is a biogas. renewable natural gas can be pumped through the same pipelines as natural gas and can also be liquefied. but the two are not the same. this may have merit but switching from natural gas to renewable natural gas will increase hydro costs. pay close attention to the wording being used.
  15. On changing how Canadians vote

    electoral reform done unilaterally (even under the 'we will consult' promise) may set a precedent we will live to regret. left or right leaning coalition governments with a majority could change the way we vote at will. it may change with every new government that is put into power to skew the next election in its favour. is that really what we want? is this what some call 'democracy'? I can live with the results of a fairly worded referendum. nothing less.