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  1. So the 60+ civilians who were killed just in the LATEST Israeli army massacre is just a rumor or children's story or false news created by anti-semetics??? I point out the word latest because in many many instances before many thousands of Palestinian civilians have been shot dead by IDF or defenseless women and children bombed to death by IDF. That is how we know it. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that IDF is committing a genocide of some sort. As for Hamas and Hezbolah and Islamic Jihad you mentioned are torturing or killing more palestinians than IDF, you are NOT doing the IDF any favor by comparing them with well recognized and well acknowledged terrorist murderous organizations (so no reason to preach to the preacher as everyone knows and acknowledges this fact) and reaching the conclusions that since IDF kills less innocent women and children then IDF is the good guy!!!!!!. Israel is so called democracy (or at least recognized as one by its Western allies), it is expected better of them not to be at the same level as Hamas and Hezbolah. It is not good to compare Israeli actions to proven muderous organizations and therefy justifying their murderous actions. Read about my conversation with my Russian GF. She justified that Russians did not do evil by raping innocent defenseless German women after capture of Berlin by saying that Nazis did the same to innocent defenseless Russian women. Yes they were Nazis I said in response. It was expected of them but Russians proved that they are as bad as Nazis. Same with IDF and the terrorist organizations that you mentioned.
  2. CITIZEN_2015

    Syrian Civil War

    It looks like an Iranian air base in Syria belonging to IRGC have been exploded into the air. Dozens reported dead. It is not known if this was an Israeli attack or an accident (God's attack). http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/20949/rumors-fly-as-huge-mystery-blasts-rock-syrian-air-base-with-iranian-ties one report suggests the incident could have been another Israeli strike against an advanced Iranian air defense system, but others sources say it was an accident of varying degrees of severity. An initial report from Sky News Arabia indicated that there were just two explosions, but that dozens of personnel at the base had died as a result. More importantly, the outlet said that the incident appeared to be a strike to destroy an Iranian Bavar 373 air defense system located somewhere within the facilities.
  3. As cowards as Israeli soldiers are for shooting unarmed civilians and paramedics and there is no doubt about that they are indeed cowards but those who shoot at their own people are at least 10 times more coward.
  4. CITIZEN_2015

    US vs Iran

    Russians have a history of not backing their puppets. Remember in Afghanistan in the 80's? They killed their own puppet to replace him with another only to kill him too later yet replacing him with another only to kill him too. Russia is hated by the nation of Iran for their support and propping up the regime. Russia was always hated by Iran because they capture Persia's territories piece by piece and have had their puppets inside Iran (Tudeh Party) to preserve their interests and at one point wanted t separate the Azeri province. Iran regime always uses Syria to scare its people from mass uprising. Iran will never become Syria because Iran society is not Syria. Iran society is much more advanced and highly educated. It will become more likely like Eastern European nations that got their freedom and democracy than desert born nations of Syria and Iraq who have no civilization or education.
  5. CITIZEN_2015

    Iran needs some democracy

    Iran regime mercenaries open fire on peaceful demonstrators as protest against the regime sweeps Iran. https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/world-news/703262/iran-protest-kazeroon-tehran-mullah-middle-east-politics-nuclear-deal-united-states Reports of many dead and wounded.................. When a number arrived outside the Ministry of Intelligence and Security calling for other protesters to be released, regime forces opened fire. At first they launched tear gas canisters before they shot into the crowd. Horror scenes show people frantically running as a police station burns in the background. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2018/05/17/deadly-protests-continue-in-southern-iran-for-second-day-streets-look-war-torn.html “Reports from a variety of sources are indicating anti-regime rallies and protests throughout the country, staged by people from all walks of life,” he said. “This includes teachers, college students, store-owners and bazaar merchants, credit firm clients seeking their stolen savings.”
  6. In this case hard currency from US has won. Btw, I know a lot of countries with hard power defeated at the end. Germany, Soviet Union are most recent examples.
  7. No but there are lots of stars among Palestinians in Gaza.
  8. Are you pretenting or you are really so dumb to misunderstand my post? I was clearly meant that if there are terrorist actions against Israel that is because they have been so brutal to Palestinians that they created the hate that Palestinians blowing themselves up to kill Israrlis.
  9. Terrorism creates terrorism. The Israelis have only themselves to blame.
  10. Yes this is true but different situation. Jews were rounded up randomly for being jews and then murdered. This is not what Israel is doing to Palestinians. Maybe some may argue the Israelis have taken away their homeland and treating them badly but they are not picked up for being Palestinians and sent to extermination camps. Also those groups fought sgainst the German soldiers and did not blow up randomly German civilians.
  11. It is two sided because there is always a two side to everything. You say Palestinians are surrounded by a military which in my view has little or no respect for the lives of civilians but also you ignore the fact that Israel is also surrounded by a very fierce enemy who if they get their way much more than 60 civilians will be massacred. I condemn the actions of Israelis and at the same time recognize the situation that Israel is, though it does not justify killing unarmed but very angry/violent civilians by a country who claims to be a democracy and civilize. That said My post you quoted was supposed to be informative based on what has been reported in the news media. I was surprised that after such bloodshed and going on for a while not a single poster on this forum condemned or even commented about that.
  12. Israeli soldiers kill 60 Palestinian civilians and injured hundreds more. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-44131466 Israel has been accused of showing no restraint. Europe called for independent investigations into what Palestinians called "crimes against humanity" by Israelis while Israel blames it on Hamas.
  13. CITIZEN_2015

    US vs Iran

    A few incorrect statements contradictory to facts stated above (in fact most statements are wrong). First most of 9/11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia (as i said people of SA are very much anti West and hate the West, US in particular for the support of Israel), but NOT sent by Saudi Arabian government. So nothing new to remember there. Second Iran was not that westernized in 1953 and there was NOT any regime change in 1953. Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was the king in 1952 and also in 1954 with more powers of course. The King had the constitutional power in 1953 to remove the Prime Minister and he exercised that power as the country was in chaos with clashes everywhere and the ports blocked by the damn British but the Prime minister of the time refused to step down and the Shah flee the country and once he was in Italy with his very beautiful queen the news was broke out to him that the nation of Iran had poured into streets demanding his return which was of course a lie since it was a US back coup. But the Shah had nothing and knew nothing of the coup. His reaction was "I knew the people of Iran loved me!!!!!". In all those years he had been saying that he does not wish his thrown on the blood of his people. That was why the 1979 rebellion coup against the legal government succeeded in spite of the fact that the strongest army in the region built by him over decades was behind him, that was because he ordered his generals to avoid bloodshed. As for US wanting for a regime change in Iran, I hope so (in long term damage to the country and harm to its nation under mullahs would be by far more and worse than any US action) and that may be right but wanting is different with achieving. I do believe that US plan includes economic sanctions by US and Europe causing internal unrest and probable removal of the regime as a result rather than any military action.
  14. CITIZEN_2015

    US vs Iran

    There is no issue between US and Iran or Israel and Iran or any country and Iran. The problems are purposely created by Iran regime. As always they create enemies so that they can survive longer. They feed on hate and war and without them they fall. Saudi Arabian government is not a threat to the west. Saudi Arabia's people are as they hate the west and democratic and equality values it stands for especially its support for Israel. This is a total oppossite to Iran where people are westernized and pro-west and the unelected regime is fiecely against west. You could say Overall this makes Saudi Arabia more of a long term threat because regime changes but people don't. But Saudi regime is no threat to the west.
  15. CITIZEN_2015

    US vs Iran

    Obama was another idiot democratic President. Idiot peanut brain Carter planted the seed of terror and Islamic regime in 1979 and Obama let them stay in 2009 on and grow stronger in 2015 . Idiot democrats are OUT now. Time for the Republicans to take over and overdue to change things fpr a safer and better world for everyone on this planet.