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  1. Iran needs some democracy

    Video posted on Telegram appeared to show a policeman pushing a woman off a utility platform where she had been peacefully protesting. People in the crowd shouted words of encouragement for the woman, to which a policeman challenged, “Step forward if you’ve got balls.” A bystander told CHRI that the woman struggled to get up from the ground and was limping. “The crowd quickly surrounded her and didn’t let the police come close,” the witness told the rights group anonymously. The crowd helped the woman into a taxi, but the police followed her. “I heard the taxi was stopped at the next crossing and they arrested her,” the witness said. An activist group, My Stealthy Freedom, has identified her as Maryam Shariatmadari, though this is not confirmed. The group said that she was beaten at a detention centre and denied medical treatment. ast director at Human Rights Watch. This is a clear case of a peaceful nation against an oppressive mercenary security oparatus keeping an unpopular regime in power by utilising terror and intimidation. http://www.rudaw.net/english/middleeast/iran/24022018 Those police/security mercenaries who use illegal and brutal methods against a peaceful nation, women in particular must be identified and later punished.
  2. Iran needs some democracy

    Iran security forces beating up peacefully protesting women before and after arrests. https://www.rferl.org/a/iran-hijab-protests-two-more-women-arrested/29059147.html Iranian security officers have arrested two women who protested against the compulsory hijab in Tehran by removing their head scarves in public and waving them while standing on utility boxes. Shaparak Shadizadeh, one of the two women arrested, was taken into custody on February 21. Her family said she was beaten up during the arrest. Another woman was reportedly arrested on February 22. A video shows a police officer kicking her down from a utility box where she had staged her peaceful protest.
  3. Israel's proportionality

    Nazi Germany did. By murdering 6 million Jews and making millions more refugees in Europe. Under British rule they moved to what used to be called Palestine and took it over and declared the state of Israel where most likely all population were born in another country ot even another continent. The Arabs were made refugees in neighboring states living in tents for decades while being attacked from ground and air. So they started fighting back by forming resistance groups (or terrorist groups depending on your view) like PLO. These are facts. Historic facts. Now we are passed all these. It is time for Arabs to recognize the state of Israel and it is time for Israel to recognize Arab's rights to their homeland as well and cease brutal actions against defenseless civilians. Israel has done a lot of good to the world in science and technology and medicine. Much more than Arabs who have been mostly desctructive but what is fair is fair and what is fact is fact.
  4. Israel's proportionality

    Yes it was the American Civil war.
  5. Israel's proportionality

    You are in a serious need of an optometrist..
  6. Israel's proportionality

    Being blind was not enough now you are re-writing the history!!!!!. Canada conquered half the world hey? I always thought we conquered the WHOLE world (with our hearts).
  7. Israel's proportionality

    Russian is not an Aryan race. It was an Iranian drone which was shot down luring Israeli plane into a pre-trapped territory.
  8. Israel's proportionality

    Then burn in war forever. Peace will never be upon Israel with these kinds of attitudes.
  9. Israel's proportionality

    May be because this time for first time they entered in a war with an Aryan race.
  10. Israel's proportionality

    Yes with all the strong Jewish support all over the world without which any US presiential candidate will be likely defeated and all the money and weapons they receive and politics of division they use against Arabs . You were as usual blind to read or quote my entire post which discouraged war and encouraged peace. But you are clearly blind anyways from your comments. Hate has blinded you.
  11. Israel's proportionality

    That is exactly what happened. Jews suffering under Nazi Germany were shipped from Europe to what used to be called Palestine. In reality a piece of Germany should have been taken and given for these Nazi victims to settle but under British rule they moved to Palestine and Arabs some were terrorised to leave and become Palestinian refugees for decades in Jordan and Egypt. I champion Arabs!!!!!!. Don't make me laugh. And how did Israel formed? So I support Hamas, PLO, and Taliban and Al quaeda and ISIS and Ayatolahs and brotherhood and Bashir Assad and Russia... Who else do I support? All because of my unbiased statements?
  12. Iran needs some democracy

    Another brave female anti-hijab protester has been arrested in Iran after waving her headscarf from a stick. Footage shows Shaparak Shajarizadeh standing on a traffic island in the Iranian capital Tehran and waving her headscarf around on the end of a stick. But she then became the latest activist to be arrested as the regime continues to crack down on defiant women who pose with their heads uncovered. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5422833/ANOTHER-brave-female-anti-hijab-protester-arrested-Iran.html
  13. Israel's proportionality

    So some gangster outsiders come to your home and drive you out on street and make you homeless and when you fight back then they fire back at you with mechine guns so you step back as you have no weapons to fight on same level but you continue your struggle to get your home back and then someone tells you hey stranger, you started the fight and you lost the fight so you have no right to complain and continue the fight. Right? It is time to stop the hate and aggressiveness on both sides. Being aggressive and arrogant will not bring peace and prosperty to either Israelis or Arabs. Enough already it has been over half of a century tens of thousands dead and with millions suffered. Israel have the right to exist and Arabs have a right to have a homeland.
  14. Syrian Civil War

    While massacre of women and children in Syria continues the world stays silent and the UN just appeals for respect for human lives to mass muderers. What a violent unfair world . https://news.sky.com/story/syria-war-un-calls-for-end-to-hell-on-earth-violence-in-eastern-ghouta-11260044
  15. Israel's proportionality

    Yes those who CLEANSED other races and religions purely based on their race and religion. Those muderers and rapists who murdered and raped defenseless muslims selectively. They don't have to be followers of Hitler to be nazis. You are saying a lot of garbage about Canada which is not even worth responding.