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  1. This improvement is more apparent in the Western world than other parts of the world. Religious people do tend to fight this kind of progress, but are then quite proud of themselves when they finally accept it; they then give credit for those improvements to God, conveniently forgetting that his representatives had to be dragged kicking and screaming to these progressive ideals.
  2. dialamah

    ISIS interview.

    I would support that completely. Any parent(s) who take their kid to a war zone and put him into battle should face prosecution, in my opinion. I do not know why that doesn't happen. You are right; killing people is very different than wearing a scarf on one's head or face. Still, we either acknowledge their influence on kids in all cases or in none. If we, as a society, believe kids are less able to make decisions and deny them "adult" rights in certain things such as choosing not to go to school, not able to vote, not able to drive or drink or smoke cigarettes, then how can we turn around and then declare them absolutely able to make a decision to go to war. Right. Hyperbole and bullshit. If I had my way, I would prevent parents from putting even a hijab on a girl under 18, because of the risk to health that I believe exists. I would do a lot more to ensure neither boys nor girls were circumcised; they could choose as adults. I would prevent parents from home-schooling their child if that home-schooling included religious indoctrination, whether Christian or Muslim. I would eliminate "religious" schools, Catholic, Christian, Jewish or Muslim. Having a different viewpoint about a teenager's culpability when he's been raised in an extremist family and then taken to an extremist country and expected to fight doesn't mean I automatically "approve" of terrorists, terrorism, extremist or even Islam or e everything Muslims teach their children. Thats a stupid assumption on your part and is the same "us against them", "black vs. white", "if you're not for me, you're against me" mentality that has (some) Muslims believing that non-Muslims do not even deserve to live. Do you really think blaming the parents for creating a teenage terrorist is "supporting" them?
  3. dialamah

    ISIS interview.

    Yeah. Both the US and Canada fail miserably at protecting child soldiers as laid out in UN Declaration 1261. We sign on to these agreements but we do whatever we want, including using these kids for intelligence gathering when we find them, rather than taking them out of the conflict. I condemn the Khadrs for their actions that put their son in harm's way. I condemn the government that failed to uphold the rights of both a child and a citizen of Canada. I don't find either of these behaviors at all conscionable. I don't care to scapegoat Omar while ignoring both his parents' actions and the inaction of our own government.
  4. dialamah

    ISIS interview.

    Omar did not make the choice; his parents made the choice for him, a fact you continue to ignore. Your position would be consistent if you also advocated tossing young women out of Canada because, as a teenager, they wore the niqab or hijab because their parents forced them too. Yeah, I think its a shame that Khadr got $10 million dollars because the previous government failed to follow our laws, another fact you continue to ignore.
  5. dialamah

    ISIS interview.

    Yawn. You cry about poor girls forced to wear hijabs/niqabs/get married by their parents, but are only too happy to pillory boys whose parents are no less influential. You also advocate for the breaking of our own laws on how we treat our citizens and agreements we've made about the treatment of child soldiers; how is that any different than an Islamic country imposing punishments on non-Muslim citizens, just because they aren't Muslims? Double standards in applying laws is not a practice I want Canada to follow.
  6. Elimination of Palestinian people seems like their only out.
  7. dialamah

    ISIS interview.

    Canada is not an Islamic country, so why would this be remotely relevant? Unless you are advocating that Canada implement a system where stupid Islamic practices and beliefs are allowed for Muslims, while everyone else lives under our more progressive treatment.
  8. dialamah

    ISIS interview.

    That doesn't matter. He was brainwashed by his family for 15 years and ought to have known better than to take up arms against the West. Its perfectly acceptable for Canada to treat child soldiers like evil, murdering warlords, regardless of any UN resolutions about treatment of child soldiers that we signed on to, and our own laws.
  9. dialamah

    Abortion is a done deal

    Actual data and evidence from around the world clearly demonstrate that abortion rates go down when abortion is made legal and contraception is easily available to women. So who "prefers to be stupid"? The people who pay attention to data and evidence or those who don't?
  10. dialamah

    Abortion is a done deal

    Even if that were true, at least we aren't cheering on policies that result in more abortions and more dead women.
  11. dialamah

    Abortion is a done deal

    If the pro-life movement was really looking for success, they would support things that reduce abortion instead of calling women murderers and displaying pictures designed to shame people while demanding that abortion be outlawed. Abortion decreases in countries that promote sex-ed and access to birth control and increases in countries that restrict abortion. https://trib.al/aJJ3SOL
  12. dialamah

    White Pride

    If so, then people can also belong to more than one tribe.
  13. Way too reasonable a viewpoint, Michael. So what if its true? The point here isn't reasonable discussion; its to throw shade at the other side through extreme statements.
  14. And as Ms. Lawton found - if whiny university students can't get an evil leftist fired, the conservative politicians will step in and do it for her - even as the group they expected to back them says first free speech rights apply to everyone, even rude people. I suppose the right-wing lot won't be satisfied until (leftist) free speech is *outlawed*; no more nasty yelling from leftists then, eh? Can just toss them in jail.