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  1. Many, if not all, want to be caught because they know when they're detained they have rights to a hearing. And with a backed up caseload that could take months if not years.
  2. Alright well my interpretation of Christian doctrine is that Jesus came to flip the religious establishment on its head. He cut the Pharisees legs out from under him, preaching grace and a pragmatic view of morality. He was the way to God, not the Church. Rome didn't care about the religious squabbles, they just wanted to keep the territory peaceful. Pilate gave Jesus an out. The irony is that the Catholic Church that grew out of the Jesus movement was just as legalistic and conservative as the Jews that came before Jesus. I'm not blaming the Jews for killing Jesus, though I believe that the Jewish Establishment had a hand in his death. Regardless anyone who blames Jews today for what happened in the New Testament are idiots and incredibly immoral.
  3. This will be an approaching problem. That may get worse as the weather warms. http://news.nationalpost.com/full-comment/a-crisis-is-coming-if-this-many-cross-the-u-s-border-in-february-how-many-will-come-by-june Canada does have the benefit of being surrounded by 3 oceans and a largely stable country. With the South border now being run by someone who seems hostile to refugees. We may see similar problems as those seen in Europe where people are streaming across the border in numbers that we can't handle. That said, it doesn't look terribly good on the US that people are fleeing its border, not that they care. I do suspect their immigration policies will effect tourism as people aren't going to schedule expensive vacations if there's any chance they can be turned around at the border for ridiculous reasons.
  4. Or build a wall and have America pay for it.
  5. The initial posts was in reference hot the Jews were perceived in the Bible. So even if the whole thing is fiction, it's applicable. I do think a good chunk of Anti-semitism in the past stems from the Jewish Establishment conspiring to have Jesus killed. . . in the Bible. Not so much nowadays.
  6. Yes but then you fall into the trap that Liberal Politicians are setting out. Say you oppose racism and move on. Which is what Brown did.
  7. The motion doesn't mean anything, much like the Federal motion doesn't. I think they were just hoping to be able to tar the PCs are Islamophobes. And no, I don't believe the Government didn't "encourage" this member to make the motion. Wynne is far behind in the polls, they'll need to lob wedge issue grenades like this to try an narrow the gap.
  8. http://ottawacitizen.com/opinion/columnists/reevely-patrick-brown-sidesteps-ontario-liberals-islamophobia-trap Kathleen Wynne is going to look for wedge issues to try and tar the Ontario PCs with before next year's election. Patrick Brown did well not to fall for it. Sure racism is bad, I'll vote for that, nice try Kathy. This may hurt his base. But really, if all these social conservatives are going to bail on the Ontario PCs because they're not towing the line on social issues then they'll be cutting off their nose to spite their face.
  9. http://news.nationalpost.com/full-comment/barbara-kay-actually-one-neednt-be-a-hysterical-bigot-to-have-concerns-with-m-103
  10. Well what's the point then? This motion is a first step. How can you stop "Islamophobia" if there aren't any consequences beyond what falls in line with current Hate Speech Laws? Is the Federal Government going to sanction Internet Shaming of anyone who says things that can be deemed Islamophobic?
  11. No I think we're seeing members of the Federal Liberals looking to expand Hate Speech Laws. If not then why not ask for current Hate Speech Laws to be expanded or the focus on Islamophobia?
  12. And what of the Imam that led a prayer calling for the death of the Jews? Jail for him I imagine as well.
  13. As much as Trump's comments regarding Sweden were clumsy, they are experiencing difficulties integrating their Muslim community. 

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    2. DogOnPorch


      Last night, however...more massive immigrant riots in the Stockholm. Cars burned...looting, etc.

      Good thing Trump was wrong or Sweden might be in trouble.



    3. ?Impact


      What role did Trump's lies play in leading up to last nights problems?

    4. DogOnPorch


      What problems? There's absolutely nothing going on in Sweden in terms of problems.

      Can you hear the guns, Fernando??

  14. Can't current hate speech laws already do that?
  15. Sure. But it's not an order to otherwise secular Liberals who feel that criticism of Islam is bigotry or racism.