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  1. How is this song Xenophobic?
  2. Toronto FC

    They just won the MLS Cup. This makes them the best team in the history of the MLS.
  3. America under President Trump

    He hosted when he was a candidate. So now that they make fun of him the show sucks. They make fun of all presidents.
  4. America under President Trump

    Mitt Romney got more votes than Trump and he lost. So I think what got Trump elected is actually the failure of Hillary Clinton to shore up White Blue Collar voters and keep Obama voters from staying home.
  5. America under President Trump

    Again Trump hosted SNL Twice. Parodying Canadian Drake. The Shame!!!
  6. America under President Trump

    Then I guess more posters and this board need to vigorously defend JT like you're defending Trump. Threads only get high posts counts when people fundamentally disagree. I think the likes of you have run a lot of the super Liberal posters off the board. It's not that interesting when everyone agrees.
  7. America under President Trump

    Do you live in Ontario? Because much of our media attention is focused on the upcoming election. I'd love to talk more about that.
  8. America under President Trump

    You know what we can. But he's got 2 years left on his mandate. And it seems he's fresh out of legislative ideas. At least with the US they have elections every 2 years and because the legislative and executive branches aren't fused so that there's always potential for drama, it's ripe for intrigue. Also if JT was being investigated for rigging the election by CISIS, I'm sure interest would be much greater. Remember the coupe attempt in 2008? that was very interesting Canadian political theatre. BTW if you keep talking Canadian Politics I'll report you for thread drift, BC2004 started a thread saying JT is the worst PM ever, you could post your thoughts there.
  9. America under President Trump

    How would you know that it effects me? Now JT getting elected, that deeply effected me. If Wynne wins next June, that'll deeply effect me. I guess it effects me like a sporting event. But it is just entertainment. I can put the same amount of effort trading barbs with you clowns than I can debating if Walking Dead is still a good show or if the Toronto Maple Leafs are Stanley Cup contenders. You seem to be the one taking this deeply personally. Just like you like seeing Liberals lose their minds, I like to see Repubs sacrifice all their moral high ground to defend a President like Trump.
  10. America under President Trump

    Do you not see me bashing JT on this board? I can debate multiple things at the same time.
  11. America under President Trump

    If he stops doing hilariously stupid things. POTUS being an outright criminal is rather entertaining. Makes JT and his escapades rather boring. As I mentioned earlier, this is the same time of entertainment to us as say Star Wars or the Avengers movie. But I do think you only like to consume Canadian media when Trump is mentioned. I can go through a day listening to Local AM radio and get worked up about very local things. Of course I wouldn't discuss them in this thread.
  12. America under President Trump

    Fine. But when taxme says we should stick to other things, it smells of LEAVE TRUMP ALONE!!!!! which is equally as amusing.
  13. America under President Trump

    Was SNL equally as stupid when Trump hosted?
  14. America under President Trump

    This is a thread about Trump. I will debate about Canadian Politics in Canadian Political threads. If you notice there's a thread about Patrick Brown's platform to defeat Ontario Premiere Kathleen Wynne. It's not a terribly active thread because it's very hard to defend the Ontario Liberals. Seems you and BC2004 want to defend Trump, so it's a more lively thread.