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  1. Down to 12%!!!! Trump > Wynne
  2. You're acting like you know why this recent terrorist attack happened. Many of these terrorist were born and raised in the nations they are now attacking. It's more insidious than a conventional conflict.
  3. But firebombing Tokyo was just dandy? That killed more people.
  4. It's difficult when other posters are using previous Western Conflicts as justification for current Islamic Terrorism.
  5. Throwing the Japanese in there kind of throws your argument to pieces. WW2 wasn't a justified war now? Many of the other wars were a response to the Cold War, the Soviets were just as "Imperialistic" as you claim the US were. That was the war being fought then. I'm not defending the US foreign policy though. But I'll also not let claims of war crimes go without sufficient citation. I don't believe shrugging off Muslims killing civilians now because of Wars that happened in the 40's, 50's and 60's is terribly productive.
  6. It's amusing that when a white person commits an act of violence, it's automatically attributed to Right-Wing Nationalism, but when it's a Muslim, we can't blame the religion it has to be a measured response to this American Imperialism we still have yet to prove.
  7. Could say the same about Afghanistan in the 80's. Also, why are Germany and Japan Independent nations now?
  8. Because the people who are doing the violence make it about their religion. Saying Allah Akbar before committing an act of violence is an indication that Religion is factor.
  9. Also if the proxy wars against Communist nations just veiled Imperialism, then why are exactly zero of the nations involved currently US colonies?
  10. Back to 911 trutherism. I thought we were talking about US Troops playing hockey with Trucks and poor Vietnamese Civilians.
  11. Provide an example of this. It's not like a logical argument to just make an outlandish claim like that if you can't back it up. The war you cite wasn't a religious conflict. More a war of Capitalism vs Communism. Sure the United States is a largely Christian nation, but their conflicts don't appear to put forward the goal of preaching the Good News of Christ.
  12. Like with a source and not saying something I should just believe because you said it. And even if it was true, it's not justification for Muslims using vehicles as weapons of terror in Europe.
  13. The ROC must really hate the Leafs unexpected success.