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  1. Is it me, or does the Anti-Fascist group ANTIFA come off as pretty Fascist? 

    1. scribblet


      Extremely fascist, terrorize and intimidate anyone who doesn't agree with them.

    2. Cum Laude

      Cum Laude

      Antifa, KKK, and Nazis all believe in big government and control by the state.. They are anti-capitalism. Theses loser dummies on supposed different sides don't realize they are the same. They are the complete opposite of conservatives.

  2. The case of Jeremiah Perry

    Because the teachers apparently sidestepped all the safeguards.
  3. There are two issues there then. Is the vetting process inadequate? Perhaps. But the main narrative of your post is that these accommodations shouldn't be given regardless. The OP story doesn't provide evidence that a better qualified person was robbed of a job because a student got extra time to complete a test. Is there a study? Is this really a problem or just someone bitching that people are coddled. I'll stand by my statement that the time taken to complete an exam is only a small portion of what needs to be demonstrated if one is to be successful in a given field. It takes time to learn to cope with a learning disability and making the theoretical aspect a little easier isn't the end of the world. You still have to demonstrate that knowledge and ability to excel in that field.
  4. game of thrones

    AFIK he only gave plot points. The Hodor reveal was from him.
  5. game of thrones

    Well you have an adaptation of an expansive series of novels, to start, and now you have shows that are essentially fan fiction to those books because there's no source material anymore. If George R Martin was going to drag his heels on finishing the story then he shouldn't have sold the rights. I'm sure the Weiss and Benioff didn't sign up for this, that's why they're trying to get to their next project ASAP. If George can't put the story together in what 5 years? How do you expect them to finish the story as well as create amazing television in the process. As stupid as last night's premise was, it's amazing TV. No show on TV has ever done anything close to this.
  6. Yes, because we all know, the best doctors can take written tests quickly. I'm assuming the extra time is only in place because of dyslexia. How many brilliant people are dyslexic? Do a Google search. Perhaps a dyslexic shouldn't be an accountant or even a lawyer, because those are fields where attention to detail in text is very important. But so many others aren't. Ultimately a dyslexic will have to do the same job as other people and perhaps work harder to deal with their visual impairment. But to say that taking a longer on a written exam makes them less worthy is also extremely simplistic. They're still demonstrating they have that knowledge and in any field that worth anything, they'll also have to practically demonstrate their skills as well.
  7. Why is the moon briefly covering the sun so interesting to people? Especially when looking at it is a public safety issue. 

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    2. Omni


      I was on the beach during the event and it seemed to me the tides were exceptionally low. I haven't researched that yet.

    3. Omni


      capricorn tells us he seems to be knowledgeable of idiots.

    4. capricorn


      "Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right....." :P

  8. Surgery is also not a written exam.
  9. game of thrones

    This show is now Popcorn Action and Fan Service. Run Gendry Run!!!! Alright get the Raven down to Dragonstone and convince Dany to risk all 3 of her dragons to save Jon when she wouldn't help him before. And have it all happen while the Snowicide Squad is chilling (literally and figuratively) in the middle of a lake with the entire Night King Army just waiting them out. They aren't even trying to make it look like they don't actually have teleportation devices in the ASOIAF Universe. The makers of this show wanted a Dragon Wight and most of the characters that people care about together in King's Landing next week. Then they worked from there, damned be logic. No matter how crazy they needed to make it to get there it didn't matter. I can't believe Arya would be that dumb. If she can tell if people are lying then she'd know that SANSA IS TELLING THE TRUTH!!!!!!! There's going to be a payoff here, there has to be. Sending Brienne away has to be a ploy, that'll payoff next week. The memes surrounded champion Javelin thrower the Night King are Amazing. Also Viserion as Kevin Durant changing teams. Obviously Drogan is Dany's Dragon and Rhaegal will be Jon's (named after his dad). So Viserion was the Red Shirt of Dragons. Perhaps Qyburn can make some Dragonglass Balistas by season 8.
  10. The Battle of Charlottesville

    Did I threaten to do that? And it's not just my fickle preferences. Look at all the people jumping ship on association with this Administration. Free Speech right?
  11. The Battle of Charlottesville

    That's the thing about Free Speech. You have the right to do things but if people don't like the things you do, they have the right to disassociate themselves with you. Ezra Levant is losing contributing writers by the handful because Faith Goldy was there associating herself with Nazis.
  12. The Battle of Charlottesville

    And people have the right to disassociate themselves with people that have no problem with people protesting as "Nazis".
  13. The Battle of Charlottesville

    The First Amendment does not allow for running people over because you're ruining their protest however. Which is why this is news.
  14. The Battle of Charlottesville

    Didn't Trump say that they should go after Washington and Jefferson first? Those guys won their war though. I thought Trump wouldn't support losers who can't win a war.
  15. The Battle of Charlottesville

    Yep and Americans have the right to go and protest Neo-Nazis. And Americans have the right to disassociate themselves with Trump because of what he said about the counter-protestors and saying some of the people associating with Neo Nazis were "Fine People".