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  1. Well they have good transit.
  2. It is. Which is why she's not facing a criminal charge. Public Humiliation will have to do in this day and age.
  3. Has anyone here claimed it's a crime. We've just claimed it's racism.
  4. Not in Mississauga.
  5. Alright, well if that's the case don't go to a Walk-In Clinic. Pick your Family doctor and use them.
  6. I think people would for sure.
  7. Some will defend her by saying she only wanted someone who speaks English. As if only white people speak perfect English.
  8. Yes, totally racist. She should be ashamed of herself. You're going to a Walk-In Clinic in Mississauga. Go to Barrie if you want a White Doctor on Demand.
  9. And clearly only compelling to someone on an obscure Messageboard. Why aren't America's international enemies all over it?
  10. It's all semantics. Is there any place on Earth where the original people colonizers of a land can claim ownership generations later? How can you be more Canadians than someone else born here?
  11. That's conjecture. You couldn't convict in a court of law with that evidence. Again you're setting the parameteres for what's relevant proof.
  12. Because you've yet to provide evidence to prove any of the claims you spout. Sowing doubt isn't the same as telling me exactly how this Inside job was performed and by who. Watergate couldn't happen without "leakers" but we're to believe an army of people willingly killed 3,000 people and didn't say a peep about it to anyone. You'd need to provide compelling evidence that, that happened before I'd consider believing 911 was an inside job.
  13. Maybe the Grenfell Tower didn't collapse because it isn't 110 stories and wasn't hit by a plane.
  14. It's like having a debate about any "science" or "evidence" based topic. People will only accept evidence from sources they trust. It's a useless venture.