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  1. (1)In many African countries today and thanks to the Europeans going to Africa they have made life a lot more decent and livable and better for Africans. If the Europeans did not go there, Africa would still be a country full of tribal warring going on where one tribe would go out and look for a fight with another tribe. Sort of like in Chicago today where blacks are killing blacks every day. tribal war instincts, kill or be killed. They certainly would not have running water or electricity and tall buildings and cars driving around. What have Africans invented anyway that was good for mankind? For all the good that the Europeans did for Africa, you instead would rather prefer to attack the Europeans for some of the bad things that they did in Africa, I might add, a long time ago. Stop trying to be an apologist for what some white people did in the past. The white people of today have no reason to apologize for anything that happened in Africa centuries ago because they were not alive back then. You should be thankful that the white man was created by someone. Just saying. (1)(a)And the native Indians have nothing to complain about. Today they have everything given to them. And they still whine about how hard they are being done by. And they do enjoy all the white man's toys, don't they? They would never give up their motorboats, cars, ATV'S, rifles, running water and electricity in their homes plus all the tax dollars that they get from the taxpayer's free of charge. They even can get to buy some toys tax free. It is the white people that should be whining and complaining about that. That is discrimination alright. If the white man did not come to North America the native Indians would still be living in tents and still be killing one another. Stop living gin the past, and get into the 21st century for a change. (1)(b)Well, for many Africans today living in North America seem to feel like they are living in shit holes. And the only reason for that it would appear is because they want it that way. If a community of white people can build up a clean and safe community to live in why cannot black people do the same? Most black communities are shit holes and you know it and full of crime. This is not fiction this is fact. Like I said already. If the white people were so bad to them in Africa way back when then why would they want to come here and face more persecution from white people? Why would they want to live with us white savages then? (2)Israel apparently stole the land from the Palestinians and not the other way around. Helen Thomas a reporter for some newspaper in the states who was Lebanese said during a news press briefing stated that what the Jews in Israel should be doing is go back to Europe where they came from. Interesting isn't it? (3)No kidding that there are more white people living in Australia, New Zealand. But Africa? I don't know about that one as to whether there are more whites in Africa? There are suppose to be over 900 million black Africans living in Africa, not nine million whites. I think that you have your facts all screwed up.
  2. It has to be the fault of Trump. It just has to be.
  3. I know that some will take this as a racist comment but let's be honest here. Things will never change with some of those people. They have a beautiful island and all they now want to do is destroy it. It must be one of those shit hole African things, I guess. Just saying.
  4. Open Letter to Justin Trudeau, the MPs, and the press

    No, he is telling it like it is something liberals are not use to. Liberals like their lies. The liberals will say that the guy is wrong because the left wing liberal media tells me he is. It is you who has been filled with propaganda with Stalinist, Soros, Mao and JT brainwashing bull chit. I would rather listen to what Johnston has to say than to listen to what K. Wynne has to say. You know, that feminist lesbian Wynne that was forced to sit in the back of a mosque where Muslims always sends their women to pray. Imagine a man telling her where to go? Shocking. But when Johnston points this out to people like you all you can do is just mock and attack him. There is something wrong with your way of thinking, fella. Just saying.
  5. Open Letter to Justin Trudeau, the MPs, and the press

    Betsy, if one is truly a patriotic and proud Canadian then get ready for the intolerant and bigoted left wing liberals to begin to mock and attack. It's all these snowflake losers have left to do is to mock and attack someone because that someone dared to think on their own, and not be brainwashed and controlled as to how and what to think by the lying fake and phony left wing liberal Canadian media, especially that CBC anti-Canadian, anti-patriotic outfit, that despises Canada not love it. The liberals want the old Canada gone and to have it replaced by a foreign multicultural one.
  6. Open Letter to Justin Trudeau, the MPs, and the press

    This Butts twit sure is giving it to the Canadians these days way up the butt. Another unpatriotic liberal running this country into the ground alright. The twit must be taking his orders from chit disturber Soros, JT's good buddy.
  7. Open Letter to Justin Trudeau, the MPs, and the press

    At least Johnston tells it like it is unlike you who would prefer to keep your liberal bull chit of keep filling up that liberal swamp going. You cannot argue with what Johnston is saying so instead all you can do is try to mock and attack him for his opinions and points of view. At least he is not an intolerant and bigoted person like some people I talk to around here. Just saying.
  8. Open Letter to Justin Trudeau, the MPs, and the press

    If one believed in conspiracies one would have to believe that with JT and K. Wynne they both must be behind a push to promote Islamic and sharia law into Canada? Was Motion 103 just the beginning? Testing the waters so to speak for reactions from non- Muslims in Canada? Liberalism in general is a very dangerous ism for freedom loving people. Liberalism can be put up there with communism as far as I am concerned. Liberals never ask what do the Canadian want. They tell Canadians what liberals want and Canadians are not to question or be ready to be called racists or hatemongers. Liberals are the most bigoted and intolerant people that exist today. They don't give a crap about anything but themselves. A bunch of batards.
  9. Open Letter to Justin Trudeau, the MPs, and the press

    No hate crime going on here at all. That is just a figment of your liberal snowflake imagination. What is going on here in Canada is what has been now called "creeping sharia" Islamic law. The more Muslims start to get more government or private positions in the community the more they will and keep pushing for more sharia into our schools and other public places. It is people like her that I do not want to be allowed in Canada. Host Canadians do not need Islamic trouble makers like her around causing religious problems for Canada or Canadians. If she is crazy over sharia well then maybe she should go back to India where she truly does belong. The real hate-mongers here are the Muslims, not Ezra or Kevin J. Johnston of Freedom Report.
  10. Open Letter to Justin Trudeau, the MPs, and the press

    Hello. I asked you as to where did you ever criticize some non-white for their crime here? All I have ever seen you do here is attack white folk for their crimes or for their personal opinions.
  11. Hello again. Trump had said that he does not want to be considered or called a politician. That was his own words when he was running for president. Not my words but his. Trump does not want to be considered a politician. You may want to call him a politician but Trump does not want to be called a politician. Being a politician these days is not something that anyone should be proud of. It is not a noble profession. The majority should be ashamed of themselves for what they have/are mostly doing these days to this country, and all in the name and at the taxpayer's expense. Many of them need to be "fired" as Trump would say. Starting with JT.
  12. Open Letter to Justin Trudeau, the MPs, and the press

    I asked you first. Show me where you criticized some non-white? Over.
  13. Trump has never been what one would call a real politician until he became the president of the USA. Hello? Wake up. it's 2018 now. Hello?
  14. Open Letter to Justin Trudeau, the MPs, and the press

    Quit with the lying bull chit. You only will come to the defence of little Mulsim girls, and you know it. Have you ever criticized and said anything against non-whites here? If you have please show me. I would be interested in seeing any. Over.
  15. Wow, you must be a spokesman for the liberal establishment alright. Only a lieberal would spread around that kind of chit like you just did and who does appear indeed to support the swamp. Considerably more honest? Hillary was a lying and crooked thief, and she and Billie Bob stole millions from the many adventures that she was involved with that were of a charity nature. She was even involved in stealing money from the Haitian earthquake event. I got all of that from the internet.