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  1. We have the MSM that constantly lies and makes up stories and makes false accusations against Trump all the time. Nothing proven true yet. But yet Hillary and Comey and Obama are the liars because it has been proven so, but yet the MSM like CNN and MSNBC and even the CBC ignores that story. That is why I listen to FOX news because they do appear to be telling the truth. It is easy to condemn FOX news when you only listen to the liberal pro-democratic MSM and not at least give some time to FOX. As they say if you only are willing to read and listen to one side of the story and not the other, than you really don't know anything at all.
  2. Shooting and killing a wounded person lying on the ground is a major crime. But hey, if you are just one of those gentile wounded Palestinians well I guess that he deserved it.
  3. You are a brave and hearty soul to be taking on that taboo and sacred cow subject called Judaism and Israel. The Jews are well known for being called the pampered pooches of the world and must never be questioned, challenged, attacked or insulted over anything that they do. Blasphemy, my son, blasphemy. Fifty lashes with a wet noodle for you, fella.
  4. How would you feel if someone came along and took over and moved into your home and you were told that you can have the garage to live in? That is basically what the Jews did to the Palestinians. Pretty much took all their homeland away from them. The Jews are the ones that created this mess. The Palestinians are only trying to fight back as best they can. Jewish supremacy is the problem, not the Palestinians.
  5. Oh, so sorry, teach. But I really have no regrets or will apologize that I left out a letter. Shocking indeed. I guess small things amuse small minds. So, it would appear as though Omni is gone from the picture here and so I guess that you are going to take on the responsibility of being the new spelling teacher in town now, eh? You should see plenty of spelling mistakes on my part for you to correct. Anyway, most of your replies in the English language are pretty much generally shitty. Hey, if this is how you reply to this thread well it must be because you do not understand English as well as you like to pretend that you do or you are just trying to razzle-dazzle me. Water off my back, teach. Every where else our PM's go they will always speak in both official languages of Canada. Apparently, there is no need to speak in English in a french speaking country. I guess that speaking English is an insult to the french speaking people of that french speaking country who have to put up listening to English being spoken. Boo-hoo.
  6. Hey, English Canada needs to know that in Quebec English must be hidden and must face the back of the wall so as not to insult the french. Hey, let's do the same in the rest of Canada and make it a law that English must be out front and french faces the wall. If Quebec is allowed to do it why not tit-for tat and let's just do the same and show them that we Anglophones can play this childish game also. Di it for fun. English is an official language in Canada and should not be ignored by any culture in Canada. It has everything to do with it. If you are going to speak in french only in another country even if that country is a french speaking one English should be spoken as well. Live with it.
  7. Okay, if you want to be smart about it how about in the hundreds of millions? Nope. No need to speak any language anywhere the PM goes to talk unless they can and want to speak that language. Just speak in English like a PM is suppose to do. On the contrary. I am trying to wake up the stupid looking Anglophones. Between bilingualism and multiculturalism I often wonder as to who will win the victory and defeat the Anglophones of Canada. So far the french are winning. But multiculturalism is catching up and not all that far behind. Another two decades or so and we will find out as to who defeats English Canada. Will it be the french or the third world. Any bets? So, who cares how many people speak Chinese or East India? Plenty of them know how to speak English, not french. Anyway I am only concerned about the English language. And why should I not be? After all it is my preferred language to speak outside and at home. You just don't get it, do you? Comprehension problems? English is suppose to be one of the official languages of Canada and it should be spoken in and by our PM in every country. Even when our PM's go to some English speaking country they will speak in both English and french. Maybe they should just speak in English only in those countries. of course we should know by now that won't go well with Quebec. But who cares, eh?
  8. Canadians FEAR Trump...Big Time

    Sans olives and anchovies. Two disgusting foods to be putting on a pizza.
  9. Trump/Obama -Difference?

    Mrs. lying and crooked Hillary was diseased from the time she entered politics. At the end of the campaign for the presidency she could hardly stand up on her feet. She kept falling down all the time. No imagination there. It is on the internet you know. It's more like the fake and lying MSM will try coming out with a story like Trump tried to rape the Pope. The Russian and Stormy episodes have done nothing to come anywhere close to impeaching Trump but the liars will not give up. The media and democrats liars are constantly trying to get something on Trump and the morons have always failed. Stupid people. There is a sane President and his name is Trump. Trump is very competent billionaire who has no interest in putting anyone in danger or in shambles. Stop listening to CNN and CBC and start trying to get the other side of the story that is being told. Try FOX news. I have and I am quite happy that I did so. There is nothing more than listen to people who talk common sense and logic and not the constant emotional foolishness lying talk. Just saying.
  10. Trump/Obama -Difference?

    Trump has certainly created plenty of wealth and jobs for tens of thousands of Americans. Did he kill people to get all his wealth? I don't think so. Soros is a billionaire and all that misfit wants to do is to create chaos, mayhem and havoc and create poverty for America and Europe but for Canada also. Soros is responsible for people being killed. I will take Trump any day to that scum bag. Why would anyone hate a man who syas that he wants to drain the swamp can be so disliked is beyond me. Most of we the people are their own worse enemy. They appear to want to live and enjoy living in the swamp. Building casinos, golf courses, office towers and hotels is a solution in helping to try and create more jobs for Americans and for other people in other countries. the Clinton's and Obamarama caused unemployment. Jobs are up in America, not down, thanks to Trump. Isn't that what every millionaire and billionaire always do is live off the backs of other's productive work? Soros and Koch Brothers ring a bell? Trump is trying to change what the dumbocrats have done to America and all he ever gets from them and some of we the people is flak. No one wants to give him a break and let's see what he can do. And it is very hard to try and drain the swamp when you have the democrats, the liberal fake and lying MSM and people in your own party who are trying every day to come up with bull chit every week to try and make sure that Trump does not succeed. Wall Street and the Federal Reserve are both enemies of America. Those two are full of zionist globalist elites who are determined to bring Trump down at all costs.
  11. 1. Maybe back then. Not today as far as I know. 2. Never the less Canadian history has been altered to not embarrass the french. It was altered to make it appear as though the french did not lose the battle on the Plains of Abraham. 3. For now Quebec being a part of Canada can still have seats in Ottawa and are able to steal tax dollars from the rest of Canada. The Bloc separatist party should not have any seats in parliament at all. I am pretty sure that Ottawa would not tolerate having western separatist seats in parliament. Quebec always wins in Canada. 4. I am talking about Canada, not America. What has the battle on the Plains of Abraham have to do with the war of 1812? In the end though it would appear that the Americans did win the war otherwise why is Washington D.C. in American hands today? Just wondering. The battle goes to the victor and the victor here appears to have gone to Quebec as it always will in Canada. The french have Canada by the you know what and there doesn't seem to be anything English Canada wants to do about it.
  12. Trump/Obama -Difference?

    Trump does not sound like an asshole to me if he wants to try and drain the swamp. I would call him a hero for wanting to stand up for the US and return it's economy back to where it should be by making America great again. Trump is certainly not an asshole. Those people who call him an asshole could be considered assholes themselves. Hillary and Obama and Trudeau are assholes. America is twenty trillion dollars in debt thanks to Obama. Now only an asshole would allow his country to end up being in that kind of debt, right?
  13. Trump/Obama -Difference?

    Boy, are you ever clueless about politics. Obama may soon be charged with crimes against the American people and you think that he has class? Obama was no conservative. He was no better than lying and crooked Hillary. Trump tells it like it is and speaks political incorrectness and that is why he is hated so much by the lying liberal media and democrats and I guess people like yourself. When Trump says that he wants to drain the swamp that should be good news for all. But instead it would appear as though some here do not want to see that swamp drained. Just what the hell do the people want? A swamp or a clean pool?
  14. Doug Ford - leader of Ontario PCs

    Liberals will be in trouble if Ford really takes them on and calls them for what they really are. A bunch of liars, cheats and thieves and Ford has all the proof to be able to get away with saying that. But will he? Trump did it to Hillary and he is now President. When you say it as it is and what people really want to hear you will get the ear of the voter. Sadly though, I believe that Ontario has become to majority liberal and to majority welfare and that will be a tough won for Ford to try and beat. This could be the last opportunity that the conservatives will ever have a chance to take the reins of power away from the liberals. And if they do I hope that they will start acting more like conservatives, and not like red Tories. Wipe liberalism out.
  15. Doug Ford - leader of Ontario PCs

    The liberal fake and phony lying media like the Star and the liberal party themselves will be using Doug's brother's past history to try and destroy him, and he will let them get away with it. If they do he should tell them to go screw off and leave my brother out of this election. Ford needs to speak political incorrectness and tell the people want they want to hear. The liberals are nothing more than a bunch of lying thieves and cheats. Avoiding attacking them and what they have done to Ontario will get him nowhere. They will play dirty and Ford needs to do that also. Attack the batards fiercely and call them out for what they are. The only way that he may have a chance to win is to hammer away at them.