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  1. America under President Trump

    Nope, it was WFC (White French Catholic). The early explorers like Jacques Cartier and Samuel de Champlain were the only ones that went up the St. Lawrence, and the early settlers were the Jesuit missionaries. While there was a later significant WASP settlement in the Hochelaga (Montreal), it was still predominantly native and WFC.
  2. Candidate Roy Moore for Senate.

    Following the endorsement from the President, Moore is comfortably 10 points behind Jones. I guess we will find out the truth very soon.
  3. Many of those on the list were convicted of murder, only to be proven as wrong years later. In some cases it was the development of new technologies like DNA matching that proved their innocence, in other cases it was the determination of others ho believed in them and finally turned up evidence of their wrongful conviction. Are you suggesting that even murder convictions be monitored for a while? Remember many people convicted of murder are also first time offenders.
  4. I guess you didn't bother to read the list of names I supplied. They were all innocent people who were incarcerated for many years. No problem, if you are not interested in dialog then bye.
  5. I think you asked the relevant question the first time you posted the video. *correction, it was bcsapper that asked the question.
  6. So what is long term, where do we draw the line? Should we have executed James Richardson, Daryl Burton, Stephen Phillips, Charles Chatman, William Dillon, David Milgaard, Guy Paul Morin, and countless others? Yes incarceration is bad, but what alternatives are there to protect society? In Canada we supposedly have a correctional system as opposed to a warehousing system, there are still lots of problems with it but should we not work on the problems instead of drawing some arbitrary line and executing people?
  7. I am not sure how effective this will be, given that ownership can be easily hidden behind other companies which could also be foreign registered.
  8. America under President Trump

    I wouldn't use that as a shining example, only 5 Democrats voted to impeach him, and over 200 didn't. The proceedings on both sides of Congress were very partisan.
  9. America under President Trump

    If I had a nickel for every time someone said that, I would be a multi-millionaire. It seems the Republican voters traded their morals and ambitions for sensible government in order to piss others off. 2008? You mean the year that Harper broke his own election rule and called an early election before his disaster finances became public? The year that Harper first prorogued Parliament for his own partisan reasons. Yes, it does appear that Democrats do have a sense of morals, unlike their Republican counterparts that don't care how many children their candidates sexually assault. I grew up in Quebec, WASP was not the dominant culture here. There were many waves of immigrants, but they were not all WASP. Before the second world war we had a lot from Eastern Europe (Russians, Polish and Ukrainians), Western Europe and Scandinavia. After the second world war we had many from Western Europe (Germany and the Netherlands) and Southern Europe (Italy, Greece, Yugoslavia and Portugal).
  10. Is this really racism

    Why is it convenient and necessary to have children? I didn't have my three kids out of any need, other than maybe the experience and satisfaction of raising them.
  11. Federal Conservatives Ahead -Sep 2017

    Absolutely. For municipal elections, it is essential. Provincial and Federal elections are heavily driven by media advertising, and inbred partisanship.
  12. Jerusalem is Israel's Capital...

    I think the Czech Republic is the only country that follows the proper position. They issued a statement saying they recognized western Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and considered it to be the future capital of a Palestinian state.
  13. There were 68 unmatched residency graduates from Canadian medical schools this year (yes it is the highest in recent years), not the 1000s you suggest. You are talking about International medical graduates, not Canadian or American. Note that the largest number of unfilled positions (over 95%) is for family medicine, that is because the students want to specialize and there are limited positions for their specialities. If more wanted to be family doctors, then we would have no problem at all. I am not sure where you get your information from, I generally go to an official source and not someone with an agenda. All the details can be found here (pages 48-51 are most relevant):
  14. That's called the unbalanced wheel. There are many examples of it throughout history, I believe the original one was based on tubes filled with mercury. The Physics Girl might help you: