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  1. There was plenty of aluminum in the world trade center, and aluminum melts at 660.3 °C. There was steam from the sprinkler system, molten aluminum has been known to react with the steam and create hydrogen gas which can explode; there have been many such industrial accidents. Molten aluminum also reacts with iron oxide (rust) to produce ... thermite. Of course basic chemistry is beyond the grasp of the WTC conspiracy theorists.
  2. Certainly technology like that will help in finding smugglers, etc. but I don't think that refugee claimants are trying to sneak in. They want to be found so they can make their claim. I called them refugee claimants, you can see it right there where you quoted me. Americans call them asylum seekers. I am not saying they should be accepted as refugees, I am simply pointing out that they are making that claim. As I understand it just over half of refugee claimants are not accepted. There is a big difference between refugees and immigrants, and trying to compare them is meaningless. Yup, Siberian concentration camps. Not only do you want to segregate refugee claimants from society, you want to put them in the most inhospitable situation to teach them a lesson. How about we put them to work in these camps as well. What is the purpose of segregating refugee claimants, and refugees as I assume it won't take five years to determine their status. We currently use detention facilities when we cannot determine their identity, when they might pose a threat, or when we think they may not appear at a refugee hearing. Why do you want to detain them, should they be punished for being refugees? Could you provide an example?
  3. How did you get any warning points? Despite being wrong much of the time, you are generally civil about it. b.t.w. I don't have any great insight into the hallowed halls of the moderators and their venerable system of warning points, suspensions, public chastisements, and silent post editing, hiding, and deleting.
  4. Donald is declining an invitation to the Whitehouse Correspondents Dinner, I wonder if body double Alec Baldwin will fill in.

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      Good for President Trump....shake everything up, including the self righteous press corp.

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      The Subway thread is below...

  5. Ever wonder why the real media doesn't report the made up fake stories that the Rebel does? Perhaps it has something to do with journalistic integrity, something Levant doesn't have any of.
  6. As I asked, do you have any real data?
  7. Do you have any real data? Are you saying that we enslave our refugees and not allow them any opportunities?
  8. Your local pastor also writes his own sermons, so I guess we are the wild west of Christianity as well.
  9. I wonder if imams follow different practices in countries like Canada compared to Turkey or Saudi Arabia. As I understand it, In Turkey there is a fairly centralized structure for things like the Friday sermons (Khutbah), where they are written by the Diyanet and then delivered in the local mosques by the imams. In Saudi Arabia there is a ministry of Islamic affairs that is somewhat similar. I don't believe in Canada there is such a central authority, and the local imams would prepare and deliver their own sermons. There is the Canadian Council of Imams that does act as a central resource group to provide some coordination, but it is far from an authority.
  10. To put some real facts into the situation, instead of all those alternative facts floating around A refugee claimant is an individual who requests refugee protection upon or after arrival in Canada, American's call them asylum seekers. A refugee claimant receives Canada’s protection when he or she is found to be a Convention refugee as defined by the United Nations 1951 Geneva Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees and its 1967 protocol, or when found to be a person needing protection based on risk to life, risk of cruel and unusual treatment or punishment, or danger of torture as defined in the Convention Against Torture. Just over half of all refugee claims are denied, those that are accepted may apply for permanent residence. Social assistance benefits paid to refugee claimants have averaged $384 million/year (high of $462 million in 2002 and low of $284 million in 2007).
  11. With no disclosed evidence - big, big difference.
  12. It is going to take me a month to respond to all, but don't worry I will get to it. In the meantime, perhaps you should read the following on the safe third country agreement.
  13. That's an interesting take, certainly not one most of the major religious institutions seem to follow.
  14. You didn't read the entire article. He has been charged, not convicted. The 46 years is the time since the last charge under this code, not his sentence. If you go further down you will see: The maximum sentence for blasphemy is four months in prison but Mr Reckendorff said prosecutors were more likely to seek a fine. Personally I think he should be denounced and mocked.
  15. That is a very limited view of history. You are aware that Synmgann Rhee, the brutal CIA sponsored dictator of south Korea, had plans to invade north Korea.