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  1. Based on what, a single example from Britain 5-6 years ago? What does that have to do with Girl Guide of Canada today? What does that have to do with this OP at all?
  2. Political Test

  3. Political Test

    Here you go: Economic Left/Right: -4.88 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -5.33 But of course far more important is how stupid many of the test questions are. How am I supposed answer a question on Luck and have it mean anything, perhaps they should include a question on Santa Clause. What about the question of work life balance for a mother, why not a similar question for a father?
  4. Slightly more detail than his previous presentation, but nothing really new here except he gives some hints on what his grad students will be studying next. I anxiously await their peer reviewed publication so it can be examined. Off the top of my head the biggest hole in what he talks about is he seems to think thermal expansion is a one way process. Note that he says the outside of the building buckled out, which seems to correlate with what the firefighters noticed around 2pm. The building itself did not come down until after 5pm. When the fires burn out, the expanded steel will expand negatively (ie. contract). In an ideal world the building would return to its former shape, but this is no an ideal world and things will shift.
  5. Can you give examples? Please do not confuse wealth with money. Money is simply an accounting method that we confuse with wealth because we reward those who accumulate the most of it.
  6. Canada's Current Carbon Tax

    Not sure what process you are talking about. Plants take C02 out of he atmosphere and combine it with water to form carbohydrates. If you burn the plant then the carbohydrates will break down into water and carbon dioxide (or carbon monoxide). A decomposing plan will do the same thing. Here we are talking about a cycle that lasts between a few months and a few centuries. Another product of this process is energy. What is not completely understood is the process that creates fossil fuels, which yes includes coal. The carbohydrates are converted into hydrocarbons and water, but this process uses energy (heat and high pressure). Here the cycle is a few hundred million years. The problem is we are burning the fossil fuels that accumulated over many hundreds of millions of years in a couple of centuries.
  7. as would be slandering all those other Jared`s in the world.
  8. new drone regs

    What everyone seems to miss is the fine print. This applies to drones over 250g (about a half pound). This is similar to the regulations that have been in force in the US for quite some time. Your kid can still fly his toy.
  9. Do you own stock in a mediocre fast food chain, or have one of their franchises, Jared?
  10. Putting a 20% tax on drinks with sugar

    Yeah, I kinda realized that while I was typing it but I thought what the hey, instead of blaming the end of civilization on "lefties", might as well blame it on the Coca Cola corporation for a refreshing change.
  11. Putting a 20% tax on drinks with sugar

    Cool, I never heard of that before. Just looked it up and surmise you mean CocaCola Life which uses both cane sugar and stevia for sweetener. I assume the sugar helps with the taste, but to limit the calories and still make it sweet they use some stevia as well. I miss the CocaCola from my youth, when they did use cane sugar. The mass conversion to aluminum cans and plastic bottles happened around the same time as going from cane sugar to HFCS so while I associate the taste with the glass bottles it is the move away from cane sugar that is the main culprit. Now if I could just get it in 10oz glass bottles for ten cents (plus two cent deposit). Don't forget cork to seal the cap, not plastic, that conversion was several years before getting rid of the glass bottles entirely. There were often prizes and contests on the underside of the cap liners, you had to be careful with the cork liners not to break them when removing them from the cap. I just learned that one of the reasons for the taste difference is plastic bottles don't hold the carbonation in as well as glass or cans. I guess if I try the CocaCola Life I will get a can, or it seems they also have bottles if I can find them somewhere. Another difference of course might be the local water that was used as the bottling was local in those days, and now there are just a few large plants.
  12. Are our kids falling behind?

    I don't think math can be learned in a single evening on wikipedia. Yes, if you already know it and need to jump back for a refresher on one topic then it might help, but you are not going to be able to put it into practice without the practice (even if you knew it before). Things like simplifying in algebra might come back quickly, but do you remember the quadratic formula and would you be able to put it into practice today? Can you still solve trigonometry problems with a table or even a calculator? Certainly if you want to spend some time researching a single problem then yes today's resources make that possible, but is it efficient if you have many problems to solve.
  13. Putting a 20% tax on drinks with sugar

    Yes, certainly that has some merit. It does seem to clash with other unhealthy activities like smoking, which many people use to control their weight. I don't think there is a universal solution, but yes weight could be one indicator to look at. There is certainly a range of weight that is somewhat healthy for an individual based on gender, height, etc. Perhaps anyone in that range has a zero deductible on healthcare, and outside that range you pay a deductible of $1 per kilogram squared (or perhaps to the 1.5 or something) to make it a logarithmic curve. Yes, underweight people need to cough up as well. I will give some example of overweight (same would apply to underweight by same amount) based on the BMI range for my age/sex/height rounded to the nearest $1. The other metric that might be better is % body fat. If we assume I weighed the following, here are the deductibles I would pay with the kg squared formula: 135 lbs to 182 lbs (ie. within range) - $0 190 lbs - $13 200 lbs - $67 210 lbs - $161 220 lbs - $297 230 lbs - $474 240 lbs - $692 250 lbs - $951 If anyone thinks that ratio is too high here is kg to the power of 1.5: 135 lbs to 182 lbs (ie. within range) - $0 190 lbs - $7 200 lbs - $23 210 lbs - $45 220 lbs - $72 230 lbs - $102 240 lbs - $135 250 lbs - $171
  14. Putting a 20% tax on drinks with sugar

    If we are talking about targeted tax, then how about we use the proceeds to make healthier food choices cheaper. Fresh produce seems to be creeping up much faster than anything else. Yes, some of that has to do with the season but even in season things are out of hand. This past fall the prices of apples seemed to be unusually high, during the summer the hothouse tomatoes seemed to be the cheapest ones and now everything is way too expensive. This should extend to prepared foods as well. I remember the days when if you wanted a cheap lunch you went for the soup & salad, now these seem to be the most expensive items on the menu.
  15. Dutch's election results

    Yes, even for the Netherlands that is good turnout in recent years (it has been averaging about 75%). They did mange to do 86 in '86 however. The Netherlands used to have compulsory voting, but abolished it in 1967. One interesting finding is that after they abolished it the share to minor and extreme parties was reduced.