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  1. btw if I may ask, why is Turkey your least favorite and Russia the most?
  2. Huh, neat. Thnx!!
  3. Hmm. I just hate Austria. How many times have you played Austria?
  4. I just started the second volume (of three) in Lord Norwich's "byzantium" series. It's unfortunately out of print, but he did make a "condensed" version of it (one 350p paperback instead of 1,200pp!) which is fortunately still in print. I read that one first and decided to read the long version to see if it had more details. Man, the byzantines were seriously screwed up. But that makes the books all the more interesting! Here's the condensed version, which is still quite good. https://www.amazon.com/Short-History-Byzantium-Julius-Norwich/dp/0679772693/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1490214769&sr=8-4&keywords=byzantium+norwich Perhaps I should start a Byzantium thread LOL
  5. My father had that! Who was your favorite/least favorite great power to play when you played Diplomacy?
  6. Awww.......
  7. Well Canada is more of what one political scientist called a "crowned republic", in my observation (if you'll excuse me if I overreach). The monarchy in the UK actually wields executive authority (different in nature from actual power as we know). In your commonwealth realm, by contrast, the effective head of state is really not so much the Queen herself, but her supposed "representative" (or viceroy), H.E. the G.G. Since the PM makes the recommendation to the Queen, and the recommendation isn't typically ignored or argued with, and the aforementioned recommended designate is no longer "London's Man" but instead a native Canadian; you effectively have a republican order in imperial dress. But I digress again. And I hope that doesn't offend anyone, by the way. Because 1) your system seems find to me, even if the PM has a little bit more power than he probably should--I'm the sort of person "if it's cool with you it's cool with me" by the way; and 2) Because I think your nominal head of state has put up with a lot of crap for the last 65 years that the average elected official has to do with a very limited term. After all, what American president had to eat lunch with Idi Amin? (I'd love to know what idiot Prime Minister arranged that one and kick him in the balls. What the hell do you think they actually talked about?) And family problems, as covered in the series, of course. She has to put up with so much bull**** that the average president or PM just doesn't. So here's to you, Your Majesty. Happy 65th! Margaret Thatcher one said that those who insist that a politician should be a head of state should spend a little more time with politicians. (Maybe the late Baroness Thatcher would know...) But I think they overreacted about Princess Margaret. They should have let her just marry that dude.
  8. Yeah that's it. The little tiles with the Chinese characters. Kind of like Gin Rummy in a way.
  9. My father was one of the playtesters of the original ed. of Kingmaker! Yeah I hate playing Austria. No offense to anyone who's from the former Lands Represented in the Imperial Council, or the Lands of the Holy Crown of St. Stephen, but I hate it with a passion. I've never won before, though I've always liked playing England. (though I don't get why Calhamer called it "England" instead of "Britain" or "UK" if he was going to be P.C. enough to say "Austria-Hungary" instead of just "Austria"?!) But I digress. I've actually got no fewer than three boards: the 1985 Avalon Hill ed., the 1999 Hasbro Ed., and the 1961 Games Research ed. Why? I don't know. I must like it even though I have never won. And i've only played in person games like, a few times. Then about a couple dozen online.
  10. Well if I may interject: are there more whimsical cultural differences between us? Something each of us may find rather amusing when we cross 49 deg N, (or north of New England)?
  11. Anyone familiar with the game? (the real kind, see below) I'm not talking about the tile-matching solitaire game, nor the "american version" popular in retirement communities mostly among women, by the way.
  12. a board game designed by Alan Calhamer in 1959. For most of its life, the US version was published by Avalon Hill Co. of Baltimore, until Hasbro bought them out. Any of you familiar with it? https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/483/diplomacy
  13. i started a thread about constitutional monarchy and its purpose. Has anybody seen this yet? It is on Netflix. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4786824/ Fantastic IMHO. Very interesting coverage of the great smog incident, in the middle.
  14. Godwin's Law seems quite operative at this point, lol.