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  1. University and "Useless" Majors

    I changed my major from political science to business technology administration (like an info systems major but it was a BA, and more businessy stuff and less math & science...stuff.) The reason for changing my major from poli sci was, what the hell am I going to do with this? I asked myself.
  2. University and "Useless" Majors

    gender studies? there's a pretty good submission for the "useless major of the century" award.
  3. How long it is going to take ?

    Altai, your emotional rantings aside, it's probably not a good idea to fire on a NATO ally. Think carefully about that one. As long as there's oil in Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf states, whichever nation is the superpower of Earth--today the USA, tomorrow perhaps China, who can say?--the world's superpower or superpowers will continue to have a presence in the Middle East. We're not involved there because we WANT to. It's a matter of necessity, decided not by the US Government, but by the fact that a bunch of dinosaurs lived there millions of years ago, and turned into oil, and that's what your car uses for food. PS it was the British who dismembered your country (well, the Ottoman Empire, at any rate). The United States did try to stay out of European imperialism for quite some time. It was a nice try, and it was fun while it lasted. By the way, the United States gets 15% of its oil from the entire Middle East, as a whole. Most of what we consume comes from North American sources. But while the price of oil depends on how much the Saudis pump every month, somebody--the United States today, perhaps China tomorrow--will have a military presence in the region. There's no way around it. I must say however, that there is a certain amount of stupidity involved in America's dealings in your part of the world. We might as well leave it up to the people who know more about it, since our government is clueless when it comes to the Mideast. But again, it's not that simple.
  4. Place your bets (2018 midterms)

    You do a full recount if state law requires it. Like, if it's so close, within a few votes. And do you know how the computer systems work?
  5. US is caught red-handed

    And ruined/mismanaged 17 of your own states in the last 3,000 years. It took you a helluva long while to get the Byzantines. Sounds like Pres. Erdogan is trying to throw out a "red herring" to make himself look less complicit.
  6. "US is forcing us to be suicide bombers"

    Still no reply? By the way, every country likes to think of itself as a country of peace. But it's bullshit: international relations/diplomacy/war, it's all a survival contest. People get killed.
  7. US dreams to bomb others

    I don't know what you're talking about. Can you please clarify? You really hate Americans, don't you?
  8. How long it is going to take ?

    You mean the rebels? The ones rebelling against Pres. Asad? Also, do you really think the Turkish government would be stupid enough to fire on US soldiers?
  9. Chiefs of State & Heads of Government

    Germany has a politician--or at least an ex-politician quite often--as its head of state. And the president has the authority to veto a bill IF he can justify it on constitutional grounds (it violates the constitution). It's only been done a handful of times since 1949, but it's been done. A republic cannot really have a totally-neutral head of state. But Canada's not really a republic or a monarchy, it's what you might call a crowned republic. Since the Queen will automatically accept any PM's recommendation for GG, it means that your GG is actually far more political than his German counterpart, the bundespraesident.
  10. Place your bets (2018 midterms)

    Of course there are computer tallies, but there's a paper trail. They're called ballots. I'm sorry Argus, I don't think you're 100% informed on this one.
  11. Place your bets (2018 midterms)

    Not all states have electronic voting. In fact, my state just did away with it, thankfully.
  12. Place your bets (2018 midterms)

  13. Place your bets (2018 midterms)

    So you're expecting a House majority of Democrats, but the GOP still tenuously holding on to the Senate.
  14. Place your bets (2018 midterms)

    Also, the Senate seats up for grabs are mostly in the blue states as I said. How pissed off are people in those states with Donald Trump or the GOP in general?
  15. Place your bets (2018 midterms)

    Also, 36 governors are up for election. Here are the details: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_elections,_2018 A lot of the gubernatorial elections are in red states, but the Senate elections are for seats mostly in blue states.