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  1. Quebec's Bill 62

    This is my understanding, too - that Saudi Wahhabism is making definite strides in Canada and other countries where their funding is accepted by Muslim organizations and they are then obligated to abide by the wishes of the extremists funding them. And they are having definite success in establishing their extreme brand of Islam in Canada. Yet while they are busily funding and establishing extreme Islam in Canada and actively recruiting Muslims to their brand of extremism, we have Canadians who feel that we should do nothing about it, nor allow our politicians to address it:
  2. Quebec's Bill 62

    I meant the ones who refuse - do so for religious reasons. I guess I'm getting tired of accomodating bizarre and unhealthy religious beliefs, while they refuse to accomodate common sense ones.
  3. Quebec's Bill 62

    I have more faith in their common sense than in the common sense of any religious fundie. That could very well be.
  4. Quebec's Bill 62

    Hmmmm.....I'm thinking there is probably less people who wear a surgical mask in public as a security blanket, than women in burkas.
  5. Quebec's Bill 62

    I believe she has said she doesn't agree with burkas, but I think she is more comfortable with women being dictated to by their religion than being dictated to by the government.
  6. Singh Wins Federal NDP on 1st Ballot

    Using Benz' analogy of the fields, both sides of this dispute were squarely in the religious field. One side felt Sunday is the religious "day of rest", the other did not. Secularism won out. Thankfully.
  7. Quebec's Bill 62

    I would only add that it's not considered misogyny - it IS misogyny. And if we have to legislate it away, then so be it.
  8. Quebec's Bill 62

    I've seen more people in burkas than people walking around with surgical masks (except in China). I'm assuming such ones wouldn't have an issue with taking them off momentarily for security and ID purposes, unlike burka wearers who refuse for religious reasons. Some outpatients are required to wear a mask in public for medical reasons (which is different than religious reasons), so I'm also going to assume that any law would include some common sense. I think it would be difficult to hide a machete or home made bomb or a gun under a surgical mask......would be the reason common sense would prevail in your hypothesis.
  9. Quebec's Bill 62

    I think it's not headscarves - it's the full face burkas and niqabs that present the issues.
  10. Quebec's Bill 62

    Well, really the concern here is that husbands/fathers ARE using force, the women - too cowed to report it. And when they do, mostly nothing is done because no one wants to challenge the religious freedom aspect. This is why this law will be useless unless we are fully prepared to prosecute families who hold their women captive. France has issued many fines, and one report says some women are getting fined multiple times. I'm okay with this - if a family/husband wants to force women into burkas, then the consequence is you keep paying the fines.
  11. Quebec's Bill 62

    Would you be more receptive to such a law if the government outright said "This laws is to fight oppression against women by Muslim men and mosques?" I agree the number of women this would affect would be small. Maybe a percentage of those would gain strength from such a law to go against their family/religion by reporting them. And maybe another percentage of families would think twice about forcing their women into burkas if it were prosecutable. Mostly just thinking out loud here.....
  12. Quebec's Bill 62

    I hear you on this. I'm just not sure which I find more offensive - husbands/the religion telling their wives they can't leave the house without a burka or governments saying they can't leave the house with one. If I had to choose based on motives though, I'd go with the government. Especially becaue the government is only banning them in public places.
  13. Quebec's Bill 62

    If ordinary citizens were to lobby the government to make this kind of oppression against women legal, people here would be totally against it. But because it's done in the name of a religion, we are required to "accomodate" it and argue in favor of it.
  14. Quebec's Bill 62

    This law may be regressive and exclusionary but burkas and niqabs are regressive and exclusionary.... **shrug**
  15. Quebec's Bill 62

    It's very confusing here. I've received warnings for posting something without my opinion on it and now scolded for including my opinion. I'm starting to feel like I can't win here.