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  1. I share the same morbid sense of humour as you. Not everyone finds it funny.
  2. ....or Allah on his camel. ....or the Tooth Fairy on her unicorn. (I'm hoping for the Tooth Fairy. She seems nice. )
  3. This was a "Related Article" in your link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4624912/ISIS-female-enforcer-crocodile-jaws-teeth-smashed-in.html I know I'm supposed to feel sorry for her, but I don't.
  4. Or women who will only see a woman doctor because their religion forbids male doctors. This was a problem in Fort Mac. There were no women doctors at the time.
  5. No. But you also don't use it to excuse my lack of political knowledge. You've labelled me "repellent" and "ignorant". Words you haven't used to describe terrorists. Goddess: repellent and ignorant Terrorists: Well, you know they've been treated badly so.....
  6. Ugh. This one is apparently a Canadian national. In Michigan, today. https://bluelivesmatter.blue/jeff-neville-terrorist-attack/#
  7. I don't recall that. I wasn't allowed to have an interest in politics for most of my life. I'm coming late to the game, so I appreciate everyone's patience with me here.
  8. The Doc I worked for had a very foreign sounding name. When he was taking new patients, we got that question a lot - "Does he speak good English?" I don't find her rant refreshing, although I understand her frustration.
  9. You will have to prove to me that terrorists are in no way motivated by their religion. Especially when most of them acknowledge that it is. "Allahu Akkbar" ring any bells?
  10. Some behaviours I don't mind making excuses for - everybody has moments when they're stressed and rude or even completely ignorant to other people. I get that. But making excuses for rudeness is vastly different than making excuses for terrorists killing innocent people or revenge killings.
  11. My understanding is that hatred of the West's actions is just one of the motivating factors for terrorism and certainly that excuse has not even been invoked by many terrorists. They are also motivated by what Islam teaches. I'm not ignorant. I just don't think all terrorists are protesting the West's actions. And I also don't think killing innocent people is a good excuse for it. Neither is the religion. I said there is no excuse on either side and you're arguing with me on that.
  12. That is not what Goddess said. I don't make excuses for either side. I really think that's rude to change my words and then keep the quote saying that's what I said.
  13. Yes, I had noticed that. I just don't make excuses for either side.
  14. Does this excuse also apply to ones like the white guys in the UK who recently took revenge on innocent Muslims?
  15. Yes, I know that. The point, which you missed, is that I'm not sure you are correct in your blanket statement that pictures are not forbidden in Islam.