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  1. How to prevent terror attacks ?

    Me either. When you make the choice (and it totally is a "choice") to throw your own HUMAN rights and the HUMAN rights of every other person out the window, you don't get to then come back and claim your HUMAN rights. Humans who choose to act like animals, choose to give up their own HUMAN rights.
  2. Not really. The Liberals have made their wants and preferences the top priority over other Canadians.
  3. There is nothing to discuss

    No. I'm disagreeing with you on the importance of discussion. But this discussion is clearly over your head.
  4. It also wasn't "unexpected". As soon as Trudeau told them all to come here, we all knew this was going to happen.
  5. There is nothing to discuss

    What? You are saying that your logic is so complete that nothing needs to be discussed, we should all just obey whatever you say. I'm trying to show you that discussion is necessary, because it sometimes shows you that your logic is flawed.
  6. There is nothing to discuss

    Asking for information would involve discussion. I think you confuse what a discussion is. Discussion involves 2-way communication. I suspect what you don't like about "discussion" is that you can't control it. What you are looking for is more like, "Everybody has to listen to what Altai says but Altai does not have to consider anything anyone else says." It's really all about CONTROL for you. This is why you keep saying "There is nothing to discuss" - because you have a need to be in control of the information, a need to always be right and have no interest in expanding your knowledge or listening to what other people have to say.
  7. There is nothing to discuss

    That was my point. Contradictory. My point, again, was that discussion can help you consider things about a situation that you didn't know about. I think my point went "Whizzzzzzz!" - right over your head.
  8. There is nothing to discuss

    Expectation - Observation = Frustration What seems a logical way of thinking for you may not seem logical for others. For instance, my mother was frustrated with my grandmother one time while doing dishes after supper and asked my grandmother, "Why are your pots and pans in so many different cupboards? Why don't you keep them all together?" Seems logical, right? My grandmother answered, " I'm 85 years old and I can't reach the high cupboards anymore. So I keep the things I use often where they're easy to reach. Things I don't use as often, I put where it doesn't matter." Also logical, yes? My mother had Expectations about what she felt was logical. But she failed to Observe my grandmother's situation. So she experienced Frustration. They Discussed it and saw that both sides had logical points.
  9. Venezuela??

    He is quite a drama queen, LOL
  10. Democracy is big nonsense

    Doing that would give away the agenda too easily.
  11. Venezuela??

    Wow. I didn't think it was possible, but you are getting really low with the insults.
  12. Quebec Accepting Refugees Summer 2017: 150/day

    I read that 70% of the refugees are young males. 25% are women and 5% are children.
  13. This week in Islam

    You are very attached to Islam, by extension. Any criticism of it that comes from anyone but you is perceived as a criticism of your sister. When people are discussing the problems in Islam, we are all aware that not ALL muslims think that way. We have all said that many times. Over and over and over. It's you who refuse to see that. People should be able to discuss the problems in Islam without you directing how that conversation takes place and censoring what everyone says. You constantly jump to the conclusion that any criticism of Islam is directed toward individuals, in particular your sister. I'm sure your sister and your freinds are wonderful people. What you need to understand is that not ALL muslims are like your sister. What do you want me to do? You deny there is hatred of Jews in mainstream Islam, yet there are myriads of examples of it - all over the world, on a daily basis. You keep saying that it is only a tiny, tiny, barely perceptable minority who hate Jews and we should all ignore it and not talk about it. It is not. Do they ALL hate Jews? No. Do they ALL love and tolerate Jews? You know the answer, you just don't like when people point it out. I'm sorry I don't think Islam is the greatest thing ever. I'm sorry I don't believe Islam is "the religion of peace". I'm sorry I don't believe it honors or respects women. You are free to "Rah! Rah, Islam!!" for it all you want. Go for it.
  14. This week in Islam

    Find anywhere on here where I said I agreed with any of those things. There's your answer.
  15. Quebec Accepting Refugees Summer 2017: 150/day

    http://globalnews.ca/news/3658241/somali-criminal-records-canada-us-deportation-intelligence/?utm_source=GlobalEdmonton&utm_medium=Facebook We are in for lots of trouble......