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  1. Agree, except on the "impressive results" (I think you were being a bit sarcastic, given your next sentence? ) Niger's infant mortality rate is almost 83 deaths for every 1000 live births. In comparison, Canada's is 5/1000 live births. I'm a firm believer in not having more children than you can look after physically, and emotionally.
  2. This may come as a shock to you, but most women do not dress just to please men. Yes, some may do that on a daily basis (maybe they have an addiction to male attention? Low self-esteem? I don't know....), and occasionally I like to dress up and I love it when my man thinks I look nice, even sexy sometimes. Edit to add: I'm sure, from your posts here that you are not one of those men who think women dress exclusively to be seen as a sex object.
  3. There was a thing on the news last night, too, about China no longer accepting our recyclables and how it will affect Canada. Of course, the doomsdayers predict a reversal - where China is now environmentally up to standards and Canada will be plunged into a 3rd world garbage dump type scenario. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the other, I'm sort of just learning the whole trade picture. So thank you, everyone, for clarifying so many questions I had with your comments on this thread.
  4. Yup. Would you want your wife or daughter to be treated like that in the workplace? If not, don't do it to someone else's wife or daughter.
  5. WTF are they teaching you in science over there???
  6. Government to pay LGBTQ $100 million

    You think?? Only Muslims can get away with crap like this: (from its free energy system thread) Anyone else here would be set straight, but again.....deafening silence.
  7. I think "St. Francis Xavier's Hand" backscratchers would be a big money-maker this Christmas.  Excellent stocking stuffer.


  8. And I already know all the excuses you will use for why it's okay for Muslims to say this and act on it, so don't bother.
  9. America under President Trump

    Can;t you just picture Hillary sipping her coffee this morning.....
  10. Dietary restrictions and preferences are not anywhere near the same as wearing the symbol of extreme Islam, and the denigration and dehumanization of women. Whether a person eats pork or not - how does that affect society? Forced burka/niqab DOES affect society, it affects the women who wear it, it affects their children, it affects men and how they view/treat women, it is an affront to women and a reminder of how easily we can go back to women being second class citizens, barely human. The essence of a democratic society is that civic participation is extended to all. Deliberately preventing an entire gender from participating in society as identifiable individuals is a slap in the face to the entire foundation of our society. The essense of the burka is that women are not recognized as individuals, not empowered to make their own decisions. The whole point of it is to impede interaction outside the home. While authorities cannot interfere witih what people do inside their homes, the public wearing of burkas is a statement that women are unequal and must be segregated. Like a KKK march or the wearing of swastikas, it is an assault on the legal place of women in society and an intimidating statement of bigotry against them. If radicals are prevented from making public statements about the inferiority of certain races, why should they be permitted to assert the inferiority of an entire gender? Muslims are free to believe whatever they want but a public display that dehumanizes women as a gender by treating their faces and bodies as obscene is a violation of the norms of our society. Islamophiles can deny it all they want, but a French study found that 77% of girls who wear the hijab do so because of threats. http://www.weeklystandard.com/article/14126 Many women who defy the burka and hijab by posting pictures of themselves without it are threatened with blackmail and violence. The burka divides women into "good girls" and "whores" and gives rapists religious ammunition to justify their crime. In response to a gang rape, the Cheif Mufti of Australia said, "If she was in her room, in her home, in her hijab, no problem would have occurred." The burka doesn't just isolate the woman, it also covers up abuse. In Afganistan, 87% of women report being victims of domestic abuse. http://section15.ca/features/news/2008/07/04/afghan_women/ In Pakistan, that number goes as high as 90%. This is an especially vital issue in Western countries where spousal abuse is a serious crime, so the abuser has even MORE motivation to hide the abuse. The Muslim community is in denial about its abuse rates and the burka is one of the reasons why. Do you still want to compare it to whether someone chooses to eat pork or not?
  11. None of us do - Jews, women or gays. There's a Muslim on another thread here outright saying that LGBQ people should be treated (or threatened, we're not sure) to force them to live a "normal" life because they are "perverts". Only one person here had the balls to say anything to him/her/it/them. Funny how when Muslims spout hatred, the silence is deafening.
  12. Government to pay LGBTQ $100 million

    "treat"....."threat"......same thing in this case.
  13. Sinai Peninsula terror attack !

    No, because you haven't provided one damn cite.
  14. I think we are gradually dealing with our problems with patriarchy in Western culture. Women have fought and continue to fight against it. But how do you deal with it when it is religiously mandated that women are second class and must be covered at all times, and that mentality is brought to a new country and being actively promoted where that sort of thing is not acceptable to the local culture because no one wants to go back to stone-age religious or cultural beliefs? Men have never had to deal with what women have had to deal with in regard to patriarchy. Given enough influence, I can easily see society going BACK to these kinds of archaic beliefs - you will have Muslims wanting it and you will have Westerners - both men and women - who are content to shrug their shoulders and say, "Well, since it's done in the name of a religion and we have religious freedom here, so there is no harm to anyone." I think religious freedom should have limits. Others feel there should be no limit to religious freedom. Their priority is religious freedom over all else.