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  1. Thank you Trudeau...

    I have a question: There's a lot of accusations about the make-up of the jury, but I thought it was supposed to be a jury of Stanley's peers (which it was) not of Bouchie's? Is this correct? I understand that the Bouchie family wanted indigenous people on the jury, and I agree to an extent. The extent would be another point you make: If the jury had only been indigenous people, couldn't Stanley have made the same charge - that it wasn't a jury of his peers? I'm assuming that any white person who said, "Ya, the Native kid had it coming" wouldn't be selected for the jury, the same as any indigenous person who said, "Ya, I wanna hang the white guy" wouldn't be selected. Why are we assuming that only indigneous people can be impartial and that no racism exists amongst indigenous people?
  2. Cannabis

    "Stop harshing my mellow."
  3. Why is it so hard for you to understand the difference between winter-wear and an extremist religious garment that promotes and legitimizes beliefs completely out of harmony with what Canadians value? And a beekeeper outfit??? Seriously??? You insist on comparing an offensive and harmful extremist religious garment to a beekeeper outfit??
  4. It is exactly False Dilemma. You present it as: We EITHER allow everyone to cover their faces OR no one is allowed to under any circumstances.
  5. It is extremist - it's the ideology of radical Islam. I have never said they have "no right" to be in Canada. (<<<----- Ad Hominem)
  6. Are there harmful effects to wearing those? I know if you wear your necktie too tight, it can cause some problems. Are people dying over vests and furry sandals?
  7. I've talked and quoted and cited many of the harmful effects - psychologically, emotionally, socially, physically. Yes, it has my disapproval. I've asked you before to list all the benefits of hijabs and burkas. Please tell us how beneficial it is.
  8. It's hard to hold a discussion on it with someone who believes wearing harmful, extremist religious garments is exactly the same as someone with an actual medical condition having to cover up to protect themselves.
  9. So which parts of Islamic ideology do you feel that Canadians should NOT capitulate to? Anything? You seem to always argue that it is Canadians who must submit to Islamic wants and desires, that it is Canadians who must be tolerantand accepting of Muslim culture, never the other way around.
  10. Yup. That's exactly what I'm saying - people allergic to sunlight should not be allowed to cover up if Muslim women aren't allowed to cover up.
  11. My point was in regard to the claim that they are "flexible" in showing their faces. Last summer there was a young Muslim girl at a Mall here in Edmonton who tried to make a scene by going into a shoe repair shop that had a sign on the door that faces needed to be seen upon entering - no face coverings, no balaclavas. The store owner didn't want a lengthy civil rights battle so he now has to allow it all in his shop. I see a lot of flexibility on the part of Canadians, as you pointed out above. Not much on the part of Muslims. I see respect for other cultures as a 2-way street. You see it as Canadians must capitulate to Islam, but Islam doesn't have to do anything to accomodate Canadian culture, which is open and relies on seeing the face to build trust. Perhaps I would feel differently about it if there was more flexibility and respect on the part of Muslims. Perhaps I would feel differently if these garments were actually a part of the religion and not the uniform of Muslim extremists, enforced and promoted by extremists.
  12. So, they don't want to take it off for governmental anything, for judicial anything, not for school or university, not for work, not for voting, not for anything out in public. So where are all these "flexible" times when they can show their face?
  13. Really? Did you miss the one who fought for the right to not show her face during the Canadian Citizenship Oath? Pretty sure you didn't. These don't say "flexible" to me. Respect for other cultures is a 2-way street. Fighting to wear it during the Citizenship Oath: Fighting to wear it in courtrooms: Fighting to wear it in classrooms: Fighting to wear it at all times: I'm sure you're aware of the uproar when Bill 94 was introduced, requiring people who wear face coverings in Quebec to remove them if they work in the public sector or do business with government officials. Fighting to wear it when voting:
  14. No. I just believe it's far less a matter of "choice" than it's purported to be. Sort of like when a mugger says "Gimme all your money or I'll kill you." there's really only one "choice" to make.