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  1. Nothing says "Religion of Peace" like ploughing a car through crowds of people.....or "just" a car and knife attack. Wow.
  2. **coughcoughbulldurhamcoughcough**
  3. http://glbn.ca/7Pa3r7 Canadian recruited by ISIS is arrested in Turkey. Another linked news article, CSIS says ISIS recruiting Canadians via social media. Hmmmmmm....
  4. I agree with Rue. The Catholic school system is a hold-over from another time period. It should eventually be phased out. Why do you think Islam needs to be reflected in the school system? What parts of Islam do you feel should be a part of the school system? And Why should any religion be part of our educational system? You don't agree with secularism? By the way, Muslims in Canada already have freedom of religion. Actually, we all do. Do religious groups now who dont have a place in the school system not have "freedom of religion" in Canada? That has nothing to do with the school system. I'm unclear why you want Islam to be part of Canada's educational system. Or any other religion, quite frankly. What is the value in that? Because I see incorporating a bunch of religions into the school system as a giant step backwards, one that would cause more problems than bring any value to it. So I guess my questions to you are: Why do you think Islamic religion should be part of Canada's educational system? What value would that bring to education? Please explain why a religion needs a prominent place in the educational system of a country to exercise their right to "freedom of religion".
  5. I think it's entirely relevant when someone kills because of a God.
  6. I believe this is exactly what this woman is talking about. Both this woman and the Nawaz guy disagree vehemently with you on the numbers. Since there are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, saying that "billions" of them are peaceful is just as damaging to moderates as saying they are ALL violent.
  7. Also, from that article, she discusses the ones who shout down any criticism of Islam as being very problematic and impeding any progress made by Muslims (and non-Muslims) who speak out, but it is other Muslims that have caused her to fear for her life.
  8. Really good article. http://quillette.com/2017/03/16/on-betrayal-by-the-left-talking-with-ex-muslim-sarah-haider/ Interesting comments on how politicians impede progress. I know we've talked about this here too. I totally agree with her that the constant accusations of racism and Islamophobia from anyone who questions or disagrees with Islam's teachings hurt moderate Muslims.
  9. Gloria Estefan's album "Alma Caribena" ("Caribbean Soul") Great album to cook dinner to.
  10. Impact isn't a Muslim. Why don't YOU answer those questions? And you're still not answering his question to YOU: Will you answer directly: are those men who impose "Sharia law" on others breaking Sharia?
  11. And "stories" don't change all the offensive parts about women in the Quran or Sharia law. Altai cannot or refuses to address the points that Dialamah brought up.
  12. It appears that women are only allowed to show their lovely eyes after they're dead. This would make Earth....Hell? (At least for the women, I would guess.)
  13. That's for sure.
  14. Pew Research says that although Turkey is 90% Muslim, only 12% wanted to see Sharia law codified. This would put Altai in the minority, even in "her" own country.
  15. My boyfriend and I were talking about this last night. He asked if I thought people's reaction to this was greater because it was a woman who was attacked. He feels the fact it was a woman, helped. I think it was so horrible, it didn't really matter if it was a man or a woman.