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  1. Democracy is not something applied by God. Its just another kind of dictatorship. If the state wants to punish you, they can do it perfectly proper to "democratic" rules. For example, they can easily create fake documents. Judicial legislative execution organs are not ruled by God too. They may be full of guys serving for government interests. In most of the countries, its done in this way, its quite famous that journalists are kicked out when they prepare a news that disturbs government guys or some other godfathers and when you ask "what happened to freedom of speech" they simply say "its a private company and it has nothing with government". So a private company that serving to government and shutting your mouth up.
  2. Whether or not there is God(s)

    According to atheist mindset we have hands because our hands are adapted to our needs in long long time. The same atheist mindset rejects the fact that our feets are not adapted to our needs in long long time and we wear shoes. Atheists are dishonest persons. They are abusing science in many issues and they simply reject science when it does not fit with their personal interest.
  3. LuoLoLoL blind Turk using the bow and arrows he says "You should not yell, now I know where is your mouth..... and this is coming to your right eye... and this is to your left eye...."
  4. US have sent about 1 million $ to a Turkish Universty which is known with its so-called "Anti-Imperialist" student communities.
  5. Yes this is what happens when you start to disturb some "Godfathers" in Western countries. Some weak voices are allowed to make you satisfied. When it starts to cause some harsh touches, you first will meet a girl one day in a cafe, then you will sleep with her and you will get jailed after a few montsh for raping an innocent young girl It has nothing with your journalism, you are just a pervert, this is something about criminal laws, good night
  6. For example ? You claimed something and give us a single proof ? Please dont copy-paste links, just a journalist name or a newspaper name ?
  7. Are you sure ? So if we start to publish a daily newspaper critizing your govt, you are sure that we will survive for long time without facing any bans attributed to the "hate crime laws" or "tax evasion laws" or "child harassment laws" ? or simply we wont be found dead in our bads one day in the morning or wont have an sudden heart attack while we are alone in our home a sunday afternoon ?
  8. Terrorism in Turkey

    Security forces are still searching for the terrorists who shot 15 years old guy in the foresty area. Maroon Berets soldiers have been sent to the area. Currently five different special forces units are searching for 3 or 4 terrorists hiding in foresty area.
  9. Three Turkish students who yells "omg there is a bomb" in the bus and saying they were just kidding, sentenced 13 months in prison.

  10. Whether or not there is God(s)

    Look I will make you understand better. There is a room and we are waiting in front of the door. I am saying that there is something in the room. Then I have to open the door and prove there is something in the room. The same way you claim that there is nothing in the room. Then you have to open the door and prove us there is nothing in the room. But you are not able to open the door and show us the room and still you insistenlly claiming there is nothing in the room. So you are a believer and a fanatic-extremist believer.
  11. Islamophobia in Canada

    You dont have to read. I am quiting you because the part which I am interested written by you. I am not talking to you but I am postings in general. I dont care what you think. Someone mentioned "hate speech" done by in mosques to justify his anti-islamic ideas and I am examining the issue. Okay.
  12. Islamophobia in Canada

    Because you invade and steal from Muslim countries and Muslims are coming there to take their rights.
  13. Islamophobia in Canada

    I will open an Islamic center in Canada.
  14. President Erdogan in NY; " I wonder how many ISIS terrorist US have killed ?" 


    :lol: he simply say US and ISIS working together

  15. Another Turkish newspaper published in Germany facing huge amounts of illegal tax punishes. The Daily Sabah has been under pressure by German govt after publishing news critizing German government. As I said before. You are fooled to think that you are free people. You think that you are free because there is noone allowed to critize your govts seriously.