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  1. Erdogan: "Soon we are going to produce un-manned tanks" 

    Western backed opposition party leader: "Okay but, then who is going to drive the tank ?"



    1. ?Impact


      Turkey is becoming equal opportunity.

    2. Argus


      Turkey can't even build manned tanks. 


    1. The_Squid


      Little known fact:

      rock ‘n’ roll was born in Turkey.  

  3. What was the name of the school been attacked ? Why its not mentioned in any news agencies ?
  4. How long it is going to take ?

    Day 30 Totally at least 1641 terrorists are killed, 32 soldiers are martyred.
  5. Because you guys generally are not worth to reply. You are liars and hypocrites in general. Its proven many times in different topics.
  6. How long it is going to take ?

    Its impossible that kafirs and Muslims would not fight. We will fight sooner or later. Here the only point that we should consider about is the timing of the attack. Should we wait to develop more as military technology or should we attack now. In current situation US nor any other armies cannot fight Muslim Turkish Army on the ground because we have almost equal techs. US or Russia has the advantege of experience because they keep researching and developing since long years while we are doing it since last 5-10 years, still we cant fully effort because almost half of Turkiye is against current govt, against Islam and they are the strangers within us driven by Western. US can only beat our army on airfoces based on tech they have , whereas we have well-performing pilots. As the result, should we allow US to create a terror state near our borders and wait to develop more before shooting them or should we shot them now ? We prefer to shot them now. End of debate.
  7. How long it is going to take ?

    Wtf ? Stupid ? Stupid is you guys. Leave the region while there are still enough time.
  8. How long it is going to take ?

    Day 14 Totally at least 897 terrorists are killed, 5 soldiers are martyred. 5 civilians are murdred because of rocket and mortar attacks into civilian areas near the border by US - Europe backed terror organization.
  9. Today I saw a photo of a missile loaded on an Turkish fighter jet which is going to drop on US forces in Syria and there was written on the missile "Call me back if it does not blow" and a mobile phone number under it :lol: lmao. 

    1. ?Impact


      Writing messages on bombs/missiles is as old as the hills. There is no record of what if anything was written on Little Boy, the first atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. The last picture of it was when it was in the pit ready to be loaded on the Enola Gay and no graffiti could be seen, but that doesn't mean nothing was written while it was it was in the air.

  10. How long it is going to take ?

    Turkish Army units and Syrian local groups entered the region from four different spots and moving slowly. US backed terror organization members cant resist on the villages and open land areas. Terrorists step back into Afrin city center which is full of civilians, they also made an agreement with Assad govt not to allow civilians to leave city. Turkish Army units and Syrian local groups going to clean the city house by house to keep civilian casualties as less as possible.
  11. How long it is going to take ?

    Turkish Army starts the operation "The Olive Branch". Minnig Airport which is used by US Airforces been shot by Turkish war planes and made unavailable.
  12. How long it is going to take ?

    "I know the habits of the porks which I herd" Terror organization started to force civilians to pretend like they are protesting Turkish Army.
  13. How long it is going to take ?

    US says they wont support their allies whichs is located in city Afrin. They only support the ones who is figthing Daesh. Lmfao http://aa.com.tr/en/americas/afrin-not-included-in-coalition-mission-us-spokesman/1032793