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  1. Many of these persons who goes from European countries to Syria-Iraq to help terror organizations are criminals. When a US citizen woman was murdered in Turkiye because of she rejected a male who wants to have sex with her, her murderer was taken by Turkish SF from Syria while figthing for terror organizations. Many of these persons are drug addicts and they are previously convicted of various crimes.
  2. You suddenly came to my mind, I opened the lights. I was amazed of my heart. Even if you didnt like me and even if you didnt feel in love with me, I would keep living, but I would not love myself as the current.


  3. Sorry maybe I got you wrong, I dont know what is happening in Canada and I dont know what people here in this topic is talking about. I just read some posts related with Islam and I just reply them. I am not interested with the rest. There are insane people everywhere and their action is not my responsiblity just because they claim of being Muslims. I have been in mosques many times and I have never heard that Imams says weird things. If they say such thing, they would probably be lynched by the crowd. There are experienced examples of it. Imams in mosques always start and end their words with "Allah orders you to do goodness and justice, he forbids evil, mischief and disgust, he just give you an advice maybe you think about it and take a lesson.".
  4. You could not believe in me and you didnt trust me, you said that I am crazy, you said that I will never be a good girl, you said that I will never achieve anything. 


  5. These are not my words, these are what a NSA agent says. US still supports NATO because these countries always want to renew their weapons or new members buys weapons. Dont you remember how US was gone mad when Turkiye didnt interested with US weapons and wanted to buy Chinese and Russian weapons. Last time a country named Montenegro was joined NATO and they wasted a huge amount of money to buy NATO weapons. NATO is also a pillow between US and Russia-China and these new NATO member countries are covering Russia from all sides. Secondly, I dont think that US has any ultra advanced weapons. Its just a Hollywood scenario. They cant dare to attack to any strong countries such as Russia or Turkiye or China.
  6. Which part of Quran orders killing Jews ? If you cant show a verse or if you show a wrong verse, I will put you in ignore list.
  7. For US, NATO means selling weapons and making money. Woohhh Russia is going to attack you, would you like to buy some our weapons ? Hooooowwhhh Iran is going to attack you, would you like to buy some of our weapons ? Wtfff Norther Korea is going to attack you, woul you like to ........ NO !!!
  8. Its haraam money and they wont have any benefit of it. If you want to make money, then work !!!
  9. wow, another old song, like it
  10. No logical person could be an atheist. Logic will bring you to the God. I decided not to discuss about religions with an atheist. First of all, an atheist have to recognize presence of a creator super power. Then we could discuss about religions as second step. Atheism itself is complately a hypocrisy.
  11. Free speech is someone's right to explain herself/himself. It contains logic. Hate speech does not contain logic. Its just a previous phase of a physical attack. Free Speech: I dont like xxxxx because of ............ Hate Speech: F..ck xxxxxx, I hate xxxx, we should kill xxxx, evil xxxxx, xxxx are perverts, xxxxx are disgusting. Free speech is not something unlimited. Someone's free speech rights ends when s/he start to threaten public peace under the pretext of free speech.
  12. LoL nice belief, what is the name of this religion ?
  13. Step 7 : There is no countries in the World other than Russia, Turkiye, Britain that can follow its own independent policies. The politics that affects the fate of the World is always made by London, Moscow and Washington. No planes crashes out of knowledge of these countries nor activists descends on downtown to protests somethings. Step 8 : The power behind thhe Trump wants EU to collapse. Britain leave EU to quicken the collapse. Step 9 : US and Britain agreed to kick France out of Africa. Step 10 : The power behind the Trump does not want France and Germany in NATO. Step 11 : Trump threatens German car brands to be obligated to pay more taxes. Step 12 : France and Germany national football teams match being bombed by some terrorists. More than 150 people are murdered. Step 13 : US punishes a German car brand because of cheating about emission values. Step 14 : France oil company Total's ceo is killed.