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  1. Okay, now I will show you my replies and this is going to be my last post in this forum. This forum has perfect rules but these rules are not applied most of the time. Another points is people are stuck in vicious circles which is called as "discussion". Many of posters are here to make their believes facts and impose on others. I really cant waste my time with that. Nice to meet you and bye to all. Below you said that; And I said that; Now I will show you the replies for your questions from my pre-post; First question was; If I insult you, should I go to jail ? In below posts, I openly meant that its against the constitution, so if you perform something against the constitution, you may be sentenced in various ways...pay penalty or jail or free service... Second question was; If so, WHY should I go to jail? I have replied this question too and I tried to explain what are the good and bad sides of insulting. You will see in below posts; Finally the third question was; The other question is , is warranted criticism being mistaken for insults? The answer for this question is in the replies for the second question. I tried to explain why its not accepted a part of "criticism". So criticism mean "disapproval expressed by pointing out faults or shortcomings" according to its dictionary meaning. So criticism have to include an idea, insults are used to humiliate somethings/someones, not to express ideas in a constructive manner. The aim of freedom of speech is to have different/various ideas in a constructive manner, to find out what is true and what is wrong. For example telling someone; "This was a wrong action" is freedom of speech, telling the same person "You are an idiot" is an insult.
  2. I replied these questions in my pre posts, especially in my posts to @bcsapper If we want to proceed in an issue, we should get rid of vicious cycles, for example asking the same question over and over again many times by different posters.
  3. Okay if you reject to give a name, then I choose a random name, Necmiye Alpay, a woman "journalist", who was working for a newspaper named "Ozgur Gundem", it was a newspaper openly making terrorism propaganda, then some of its "authors" were detained for being members of the terror organization and then they were released and releasing them was a huge mistake, probably they were released by FETO member judicial organs. Below just two examples from the news done by their newspaper; First link title is "We are all together for fight !!! We are all together for a war !!!" (Calling people for a war against the government.) http://bit.ly/2oPgr6l Second link title is "We exist with our martyrs" (which they call as martyrs are killed Pkk terror organization members) http://bit.ly/2pJ3LLm What a "journalism", is not it, anyway now I put you in ignore Wilber, nice to meet you, bye ...
  4. I am not interested to ignore anyone. I am here for honest and intelligent conversations as it is meant in forum rules and guidelines. You are making claims and I am asking for proof or evidences. Its such simple to be friend with me. You just should not lie. Okay its nice that you accepted you were lying. Now please give me a journalist name which I wanted you to give and you posted a list. I wanted you to choose a name from the list to see why he/she is sentenced. You have two options, you will accept that you were lying in this issue too or you will show me a single journalist sentenced for being a journalist. If you cant do that, I will put you in ignore. You have 30 minutes and it started, go !!!
  5. Another contradictory act of the people who defends freedom of insult; 1) They illogically defends that they have right to insult others and they claim that others should control their negative feelings, should be like a robot against insults directed at them. 2) Insults are also an outward appearance of negative feelings. Why the people who claims having right to insult others dont control their negative feelings as they recommend others to do ? This is a contradiction and hypocrisy.
  6. Kactus, you are making claims and you reject to back up your claims, because its highly probable you have zero knowledge of what you are talking about. You are just talking based on your imagine World which is supported by the false propaganda machines in your countries. If there is no logic, so science, I am not there. I tried my best to communicate with you but you just reject it. Now I will put you in ignore, sorry for you, bye...
  7. Ash, I think I should put you in ignore again. You posted a link of a news done by a Western newspapers with a misleading title. You didnt even read or understand its content, I showed you the related part that the person is detained for insult crime. You still meant that its detained for not serving coffee. I really have no tolerance for dishonest persons. You are also supposed to be honest in forum rules. You are ignored, bye...
  8. You are lying. According to the new constitution, presidency elections are done once in every 5 years. In the ex-constitution, it was once in every 4 years. Link: http://bit.ly/2hU58aX (Article 77) You will be ignored if you cant show me an official document that proves its done in every 12 years.
  9. For example, what are his "extended" powers and what are the differences when compared to ex-constitution ? Please quote it from official sources. I really dont know, I am just interested to learn. Can you please prove your claim ? So yes there were unsigned papers that election officials forget to push a stamp and according to the election laws, they will be accepted as long as its not proven that these un-stamped papers comes from outside of the election building. Another point is many official observers from various parties and political backgrounds stands in and out of the voting centers. There is no chance for someone to bring a paper from outside and put it in the voting boxes. So your conspiracy theory needs some proofs and evidences. Please share if you have any. We will see more conspiracy theories because democracy didnt work for someone's interests. Kactus, you will be ignored if you cant show a proof for your claims.
  10. This is not a private forum. This is a private owned public forum. Its open to anyone. The admins and moderators of this forum recognizes the logic and they prohibits insults. Because they logically recognizes that insults has no positive effects on freedom of speech and therefore its not a part of freedom of speech.
  11. What is the positive sides of insulting someones when it comes to democracy ? What kind of benefits it has ? It should have some benefits that has an un-ignorable effects on the positive development of democracy.
  12. Do you intend to go scientific or you just want to impose your believes here ? You believe that these guys are just "journalists" because of you are told so. I offer you to give me a name to research about him/her but appearently you reject it. We cant communicate in this way and I cant listen your stories all day long.
  13. I also have explained in general that why he was jailed and how he was released back by another terror organization. I can share more articles if you are interested but now I am going to leave. I will write tomarrow.
  14. Choose one you wish or I will choose. I also explained about Can Dundar for @Ash74. I also read the article which caused him to be kicked out from a pro-government newspaper. There happens an event in year 2011, a group of Kurds passes Turkiye-Iraq border illegally and Turkish F-16 drops a bomb on the head. 34 of them dies and 1 survives wounded. This "journalist" defend this illegal border passes in his article and newspaper kicks him away.
  15. Thats the point, you cant insult others, please read the information exchange (one sided) between me and @bcsapper to learn more.