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  1. Nonsense, there is not even head scarf in Islam, its a ME tradition. I think smoking pots to feel good is also a ME tradition. You may have heard about the Assassins (Hasheeshins) of Hassan Sabbah.
  2. So its time for Sharia Law to be applied in Colorado.
  3. Bam Bam !!!

    US terrorists and US backed PYD terrorists are building four stage of resistance fronts in Syrian city Afrin. The fronts are created in Cinderes Seikh Hadid, Madabli Raco, Sharan Bulbul districts and last one in the city center. The first front is defended by Kurdish and Arab terrorist brigades named Ceys ul-Asair, Ceys ul-Shimal and Ceys ul-Suvvar. The second front defended by guys forced to fight for PYD and experienced terrorists. The third front defended by a terrorists group named Civilian Communs. The last front defended by a terrorists group named City Public Security. Tunnels created in Madabli Raco in last 3 months are loaded with weapons given by US terrorist country. All around the tunnels are laid with mines and all the tunnels are trapped with tons of bombs. They are planning to blow up all the tunnels in first front if they lose control.
  4. Britain's Turkiye ambassador Richard Moore said "Coalition forces were aware that ISIS will leave Raqqa." as response to US denial that they were not aware of ISIS is going to leave Raqqa.
  5. Probably the most Caucasoid person here is me if this is the case Caucasoid people came to West from Caucasus region which is placed at Euroasia, in today's Russian territories. A Muslim Chechen guy is the original Caucasoid, not you.
  6. New Clubs Feature

    You can think it as a private forum within the main forum. So clubs are the sub-forums created by users. Nothing different when it comes to post. There are topics created in these sub-forums and you are posting there like as you are posting here.
  7. Yes there are things that in limited quantities and apportioning them based on money power is injustice. Lets imagine there are two guys, one is younger therefore have less working hours and therefore have less money. The older guy is just the opposite. There is one bread and both need bread. Do you think that the guy with more money have more right to have this bread ? No I dont think so, whoever need it has right to have it. Only necessity we want from them is to be working persons if they are physically and mentally healthy persons. Even if they are healty and they dont want to work, they still has right to have this bread, the only difference they have to make their bread themselves.
  8. Mr. Bad Boys

    Turkish weight lifter Naim Sulaymanov aka the Pocket Herkul passed away. He was three times Olympics champion, 46 times breaks the World records, three times the weight lifter of the year, 7 times World Champion, 6 times Europe Champion and many other success stories. According to the authorities, he was the best weight lifter ever.
  9. Money causes disparity. People also wont need money because all their needs will be met by state. If they need more food, they dont have to buy it, state have to meet their needs. Its working people's right to have anything with highest quality in state standarts.
  10. Having sex with 13 years olds

    Wtf ? Why this topic is not popular ? I thought you guys were quite interested to talk about these things by scattering salivas around from your mouth. Hmmm I think the reason is its not a news from an Eastern country ohh that hypocrisy, its really soo ugly.
  11. Its revealed that Barcelona attacker guy was working for Spanish intelligence. Why its not an ordinary family man but always someone had a history with intelligence services in their life ? Source: https://politica.elpais.com/politica/2017/11/17/actualidad/1510900232_739084.html
  12. I dont think you are trying to be reasonable, you just find it backward and you are trying to justify it in a way by fabricating scenarios in your mind.
  13. Anyway, I lost all my interest to talk to you. You are just fabricating stories in your mind instead of reading "trustworth" British media and simply say "yes this is backward" or "no this is not backward".