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  1. I dont think it matters whether or not they were intended to harm you. What matters is whether or not they harm you. If you remember, there was another topic about a woman stops on the highway to help someones and causes another crash that kills some other people. Maybe she was not trying to harm people but still she did it and sentenced. The same thing goes for fake news too. You will be engraved in minds with something you never did. You will lose your job, people wont like you, you will have socializing problems, maybe someones will try to kill you, you will be an unhappy person. All of them because of a media agency prepares an "unintended" fake news. Sorry this should not be allowed.
  2. Most of the time you cant know that. Humanbeing is prone to be lazzy and in general they avoid thinking deeply and detailed, so they simply choose to believe in what they are told as long as it fits their personal interests. For example 9 people are murdered by truck driver and media told you he was a Muslim, you didnt need to ask what is the proof or evidence, you simply believed it because this is what you want to hear. The largest and most famous media companies works in this way, they tell you a little real and many lies. The real solution to solve this problem is to be able to sue media companies based on their news and enforcing sanctions if they cant prove what they claim. Here another problem appears, everyday media prepares many news that dont contain any definite judgment, for examle such a title "The poster named JamesHacker PM may be murdered his mother". So they dont need to prove anything even if you sue them because they didnt say you did, they said "maybe". Or another example "Serial killers and Muslims has a common point, both of them are addicted to drink water". Are you able to sue such a news title ? Probably no. This is called negative perception managament or in Islamic saying "fitnah".
  3. Please stop keeping peace around the World. Western countries are not interested with peace, they are interested with what they could steal from other countries and they name it as "peace keeping".
  4. Altai

    How long it is going to take ?

    Total number of terrorists killed in the region rises to at least 3991.
  5. Altai

    How long it is going to take ?

    Update: Afrin City center seized by Turkish Army and rebel groups in the day 58.
  6. Altai

    How long it is going to take ?

    Turkish Airforces shot the excavator which is used by terrorists to stop civilians.
  7. Altai

    How long it is going to take ?

    Civilians with long vehicles convoy trying to leave city Afrin. Terrorists shut down the road with excavators.
  8. Altai

    How long it is going to take ?

    Civilians trying to leave city but "peaceful", "secular", "ISIS killer", "brave crazy fighters" dont allow them to leave to use them as shields.
  9. Altai

    How long it is going to take ?

    Day 55 Totally at least 3545 terrorists are killed, 45 soldiers are martyred.
  10. Hawkings cheates his wife and divorces her, who was married with him despite she knows he was ill and gives him two kids. Does not seem like he was "great" enough.
  11. A "scientist" who rejects "existence of a creative power", one of most basic scientific fact. So a "scientist" that simply rejects math.
  12. We call it as "information" when it is something proven. When its not certain %100, its not an information but a possiblity and anything is possible in life. There is no need possiblities to be considered as long as they are not "strong" possiblities. If you look at a pic and describe it different, you need to share your causes of your descriptions, so you need to tell people what information your descriptions depends on. When you do that, other people will start to see the same things with you. Most of the religion and their rules are just imaginal things, created by people in their imagine World. So their content in general are not backed up by informations. There are many political parties because all of them contradicts with each other on some points. Because politicians and people rejects information when it does not fit with their personal ego. If they are disagreeing with someone by rejecting information, yes this make them hypocrite and liar and some other vile adjectives. This is the point as you admit, you are creating your path based on your personal believes, not based on information. Yes most of the time when you and me had a communication, you were acting hypocrite, I hope you give it up and start to be a honest person. None is perfect and ofcourse I have mistakes in my life as any other person but most of the time I am aware of my mistakes and trying to be much more mature person with each passing day. I am trying not to perform same mistakes. For example currently I may be a bit brutal while talking to you about your mistakes and what I am doing is a mistake, I am aware of it but I simply dont care.
  13. This is the truth. Like it or not. People cant be disagree as long as they have the same informations. If they have the same information and still there are problems, its because of at least one of the sides rejects to recognize information and logical conclusions based on information because its against their personal interests. You guys and I think many people on the World, maybe sometimes me, behave such. At least I am aware of it and I am trying my best to avoid behave such. Such people are not worth to talk, we talk people and share informations with each other to solve problems. You cant solve any problem with obsessed-hypocrite-liar people. There is no point to talk to them.
  14. This girl receives a rifle as gift, she is going to shot her friends in the first opportunity. Her face reminds me someone from an old movie.
  15. Altai

    How long it is going to take ?

    Update: A terrorist convoy consist of 30-40 vehicles which was moving from Manbij to Afrin been shot by ground troops artillery shots. Total number of terrorists being killed reaches to at least 1870. Its rising faster than Bitcoin.