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  1. At least no one was hurt in the latest rural Wild West Saskatchewan incident. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatchewan/gunshot-trespass-report-battleford-farm-1.4541625

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    2. bcsapper


      Yeah, but I don't want to rely on a jury to confirm it.

    3. The_Squid



      Sounds like you’d enjoy American-style “stand your ground” idiocy....     

      “Did you see his dark skin???  I was scared for my life... “  

    4. bcsapper


      You might worry about skin colour, but I don't.  I wonder why you do.

  2. Indian government sends casually dressed junior minister to greet Canada's Trudeau.

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    2. bcsapper


      Haha, I mentioned Monty Python in the update above, then scrolled down to see JT's kid doing the Judean People's Front salute.

      Coincidences don't get any better than that.

    3. Hal 9000

      Hal 9000

      You mean Peoples front of Judea...wanker!

    4. bcsapper
  3. You mean the same way Trudeau has fooled you?
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    2. AngusThermopyle


      Oh so sad. It doesn't fit your narrative so it's doctored. Did you see previously where I mentioned his FB page? Then when I looked again I couldn't find it. well I checked again and lo and behold, there it is. Only this time it's not the same page I originally saw. This time it looks squeaky clean. No thug stuff, no criminal stuff, just a wholesome clean leave it to Beaver type picture. How on earth could that have happened?

    3. The_Squid


      You’re truly an idiot if you think I was against theStanley verdict.  I just don’t fall for this brainless stupidity when there is no evidence.   It’s not even a good faked photo.  


    4. The_Squid


      How dumb do you have to be to believe that crap???

  4. What Can One Do During Home Invasion?

    Easy for some of us to be armchair judges.
  5. Thank you Trudeau...

    If you go on Twitter, and look at #justiceforcoltenboushie, you will see where this could lead. I sometimes wonder if "tolerant" Canada is in trouble.
  6. Thank you Trudeau...

    This was a short, but well-reasoned response, squid. Knowing what you know about this case, what would you have done if you were Stanley on that unfortunate day? A situation I wouldn't wish for any law-abiding citizen on his or her own property. I also heard that Stanley had to pretty much sell off his farm to pay legal costs. His life will not be better. I can't confirm that though.
  7. Are Conspiracy Theorists 'Nuts"

    Yeah. When Trudeau speaks, the world stops and listens.
  8. What Can One Do During Home Invasion?

    I never heard that. That is terribly irresponsible, if true. Do you think Stanley should be locked up for life, knowing what you know about this case?
  9. What Can One Do During Home Invasion?

    Yes. The case in Sask. is about property invasion. I used home invasion because most of us own a home or live in an apartment. Most of us don't own farmland. I would have to think farmers are vulnerable because they are isolated. If you live in Toronto, you don't understand how long it can take for police to arrive at your farm in rural Saskatchewan.
  10. What Can One Do During Home Invasion?

    The OP was an opinion piece from someone who lives far away from Saskatchewan. It was in Maclean's. I heard the 5 young people had a loaded gun. I heard they tried to steal an ATV. I heard they rammed the wife's vehicle. I hope I am never in a situation like this. None of us really no how we'd react if it actually happened to us. So many what ifs. You mentioned what you'd do if it was a me or them situation, which I understand. But at what point do you decide it's me or him. I don't know what the answer is. I hope I never have to face a situation like this.
  11. What Can One Do During Home Invasion?

    Can one even have a thought that deviates from the politically correct narrative we have been trained to accept?
  12. What Can One Do During Home Invasion?

    Who's being racist?
  13. What Can One Do During Home Invasion?

    I agree with you. The OP was written by someone with obviously no clue. Maybe she lives in a sheltered gated community where police response would be quick. That is not the case in rural Canada. If you go to twitter and view #justiceforcolton you will see that this case is causing a lot of anger.
  14. What Can One Do During Home Invasion?

    Was the 22 year old running away? The piece I linked was written by a big city elitist. It was the comments that followed that, to me, were more informative. You would do anything you could to defend your family is noble. But would you still do it if you knew your actions would result in you being labelled a racist?