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  1. Especially on important issues such as this, you don't go to the sheeple to decide. The sheeple get to go to the ballet boxes and elect people who will hopefully be assigned to tasks in which they have expertise upon which they will make those decisions. Don't expect the death penalty to be brought back in here anytime soon. The experts here are aware of how badly it has failed in the US, and elsewhere.
  2. You are correct now and then,yes they are already dead. And how does killing others resolve any of that? But hey, go ahead and fill up your jails, spend billions on the appeals process, and then torture some more with your faulty injections. But then the US used to sell popcorn at public hangings, so I guess it's just all part of American "culture" Yee haw.
  3. First of all there are numerous cases where DNA has no bearing at all. Shoot a bank teller during a robbery for instance. Second of all Second of all it has nothing to do with sympathy, it has to do with not approving state sanctioned murder, and last of all, if you listened to Trump's speech today to the NRA, you would see that after nearly 100 days, he still think he is campaigning, and he is still hurting over the fact that the majority of Americans didn't vote for him. Now that is very strange.
  4. When you have Trump, Tillerson, and Pence all signing different songs over an issue as important as the current issue regarding NK, I assume they well could get worse.
  5. Trump just finished smooching it up in front of the nra and of course just more rhetorical drivel which sounded like he was still on the campaign trail, as usual. He dragged out his Pocahontas yet again. He assured there would continue to be freedom for everybody to tote guns, so I guess we can expect to hear of ever more school shootings etc.
  6. And that would be about all he has accomplished so far. It's easy to think up a list of his numerous flip flops: "China is a currency manipulator, China is not a currency manipulator, NATO is obsolete, NATO is not obsolete, I'm going to rip up NAFTA, I'm going to negotiate NAFTA" and the list goes on and on. My guess is he will do the same with lumber.
  7. Trump hasn't got a hope in hell of changing that. I doubt even he is foolish enough to try. When the state is going to kill someone they need to know errors were not made by courts/lawyers. Much simpler, cheaper, and smarter to just stop state killing.
  8. Trudeau phoned him up and told him to "stay calm and carry on", and I assume the other amigo gave him a similar talking to and he came to his senses, at least for the moment, and, well, at least on one issue. And then there is the wall....
  9. So it is beginning to look like the main feature of Trump's first 100 days may well be a government shutdown. Just wondering, if that happens does he still get to use Air Force One to fly to the golf course?
  10. So why doesn't he read the damn thing and learn from it instead of making the same mistake over again?
  11. Given Trump's lack of knowledge of issues and short attention span, it's probably not hard to tweak him to where you want him.
  12. I'd like to hear what your so called "extra goodies" amount to. But if you want to look at it from a strictly cost perspective, check out what it costs the US taxpayer by the time they actually get around to killing a prisoner as opposed to housing one for many years. Give you a hint, it's the lengthy. mandatory appeals process.
  13. I Think I'll go to work for faux news. I'll spread fake news stories every day, and then when I get to be a star, I'll do a "Donald Trump" on some of the women, and then collect my yuuuuge payout and go on a lengthy "vacation" with Jesse Waters . It's gonna be "bigly I tell ya, bigly". Anybody got Rupert's number?
  14. And we're up 5-zip. Maybe the US should upgrade their mills.