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  1. Thank you Trudeau...

    I have faith in the courts to not take it as a political issue, simply a legal one. We have good courts here.
  2. Thank you Trudeau...

    T^he courts have spoken. There will be an appeal.
  3. Thank you Trudeau...

    Um, you can't kill somebody who wants to steal stuff from you, at least in Canada. You'll have better luck in the states.
  4. Thank you Trudeau...

    As mentioned I haven't followed this case closely either, but of course the precursors you mention would have an important content to the case.Pre existing fear based on previous events would be imactful for sure.
  5. Thank you Trudeau...

    I do take my own advice. Where do you get yours?
  6. Thank you Trudeau...

    Someone threatening to steal property is not justification for killing them. In the US, go ahead, pull the trigger. Just be careful what statyou are in.
  7. Thank you Trudeau...

    If it's non culpable then it must be accidental in order to arrive at the verdict. I wonder if it was reasonable to carry a weapon to the scene
  8. Thank you Trudeau...

    Well then shut the fuck up.
  9. Thank you Trudeau...

    In Canada someone stealing your property, or your assumption that they are, is not justification for killing them.
  10. Thank you Trudeau...

    Truth to tell I have been too busy to follow the case with any closeness so I can't comment other than conjecture. I guess the gun must have gone off accidentally.
  11. Thank you Trudeau...

    People here are not stupid, nor are they righteous as I suspect you are using the word. It's not hostility necessarily, it's a difference of opinion.
  12. Thank you Trudeau...

    You're not supposed to shoot people. And if you do, even by accident you you have to take some responsibility. You don't have any guns do ya?
  13. Thank you Trudeau...

    You brought up Harper, I didn't. Carry on.
  14. The Memo Scandal (Three Paragraphs)

    Apparently we're talking about the memo scandal. I know it's complicated.
  15. Thank you Trudeau...

    Don't think you have to worry about Harper anymore.