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  1. Compensating Khadr

    Its called "out of court settlement". Probably saved the taxpayer a lot of dough.
  2. Even you I could probably get skilled up enough within 20 hours to where you could see how easy hitting a huge building with a plane would be.
  3. I could give you some online flight instructions to show you just how easy it would be for even a fledgling pilot to fly a plane into a building.
  4. "Indisputable"? hahahaha, "Excuse me Ma'am, I just have to get under your desk for a few minutes to drill a hole to install this explosive, won't take long". And only a few thousand times, and then all that det cord to hook it all together. Yep, nobody would have ever noticed that. It does matter, but not to conspiracy theorists because it totally upsets their apple cart. Keep tryin' l'il buddy. We're all amused.
  5. I wouldn't have condemned you quite so harshly, however you still evade the questions, probably based on something like that.
  6. I'll conclude then that you have no idea as to how to even try answer the two questions I have posed numerous times.
  7. I see bent and twisted steel. I don't see molten steel. Between burning jet fuel and then the heat generated by the friction of tons of steel collapsing you would expect to find what your pictures show.
  8. Molten steel is just another conjecture by the conspiracy theorists, and never been verified. and as I've already explained you can throw an aluminum beer can into a campfire and get what you guys claim is "proof" of explosives. So, I'll give you one more chance to answer 2 questions you have ducked forever; how much explosive would have had to be implanted in the buildings, and how did whoever you think put it there, get it there. Try and answer those for once, or, stfu.
  9. I'm sure all this has been sent to you before. Conspiracy theorists seem to lack reading comprehension skills. http://www.ctvnews.ca/world/flight-school-owner-recalls-training-9-11-hijackers-1.951384
  10. Arabs acquired the necessary skills in simulators in Florida.
  11. We all are racists

    "Digressives" are just happy being racists.
  12. The evidence is alreay out there, and been provided for you multiple times. Conspiracy theorists have a serious one track "mind", and that's that. And as a pilot, I have already explained to you how easy it would be for even a low time guy to hit a building with a plane. Hey, have also you bought heavily into the Melania "body double" conspiracy too? Seems right up your alley.
  13. sorry, your little movie seems simply a set up to suit conspiracy theorists. For one thing the suggestions that turns can't be made in a 75/767 at cruise speed is ridiculous. How do you think planes change course in mid flight to avoid weather for instance? Back to the drawing board li'l buddy.
  14. America under President Trump

    On the very day one of the four US soldiers killed in Niger is being laid to rest, Trump chooses to simply keep up his tweet attack on the Florida congresswoman who called him out on his poorly worded call to the widow. He could have clarified with a follow up to the widow, or he could have just shut up. But no, in a flimsy attempt to deflect from the whole thing he also announces he is going to release docs. pertaining to the JFK assassination. Quite the "classy operator" the Donald! http://www.cnn.com/2017/10/21/politics/trump-tweets-wilson-gold-star/index.html http://www.cnn.com/2017/10/21/politics/trump-jfk-documents/index.html
  15. Where is the NDP

    If the company is not profitable ENOUGH, then shutting it down is a choice made by the owners, not because they are forced to by taxation.