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  1. Hey careful now, you don't want to lead to a movement to get free thinkers rounded up do you? There is probably a passage in the bible somewhere which could be interpreted to allow for it.
  2. A technical misnomer is not a racist statement.
  3. He misspoke, he didn't insult, then he apologized. And nobody got shot in the process.
  4. Naw I think you should thank Putin.
  5. Racism seems to be much more acceptable to Americans. Hell they even let white cops shoot black motorists for a burned out signal light.
  6. Trump now admits he was simply attempting to create a little "theatre" by tweeting out his somewhat threatening idea about tapes of Comey conversations, and then lets it dangle for 6 weeks before actually telling the truth that there are no tapes. He says he is "amused". If his credibility wasn't already in enough of a shambles, it just went even further in the toilet.
  7. Not quite sure what you are trying to say other than a lot of stuff about bubbles.
  8. Interesting how Trump can't seem to keep his mouth shut when it comes to his twitter trivial pursuit nonsense, but come to something actually important, such as a national healthcare bill and silence seems to be golden.
  9. Pretty weird bubble.
  10. Wait 'till you see what happens at the mid terms. Your "clueless" idol won't be in control of congress anymore I wager.
  11. It's your little fantasy so you'll have to finish it.
  12. You're going around in circles. I'll leave you to it.
  13. Who doesn't understand? Or do you think the video was faked? And the planes were all holograms right? Conspiracy theorists are like that.