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  1. I see Trump went all "crybaby" toward the press yet again today in Florida. Is it perhaps that orange crap he sprays himself with that makes his skin so thin?
  2. So I guess what you are trying to do is suggest because there may have been some corruption we should just ignore the problem I don't think most of us would agree with you, thankfully. Here is some of what has been accomplished. To date the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) has disbursed $150.15 million in immediate humanitarian and early recovery assistance. These funds have helped to provide Haitians with emergency medical services, relief supplies, water and sanitation and shelter. Through this funding, CIDA has contributed to the provision of food aid to 4.3 million Haitians, provision of water to 1.2 million people, 370,000 Haitians have received an emergency shelter, relief supplies were distributed to over 2.2 million people, and medical care services to 90% of displaced individuals in Port-au-Prince. At the International Donors' Conference ‘Towards a New Future for Haiti’, held in New York on March 31, Canada pledged $400 million over two years to support the Government of Haiti's National Action Plan for Recovery and Development This pledge is in addition to Canada's ongoing development assistance program in Haiti ($555 million for 2006-2011) and it brings the Canadian government's total support for Haiti to over $1 billion from 2006 to 2012.
  3. So I guess if we have an earthquake that knocks your house down and then a hurricane and flood that washes the rubble away, you'll be quite happy if no one comes to give us a hand. I have worked there and if anybody needs a hand...
  4. Back to the topic, here are a few Canadian names that I bet raise the odd eyebrow among visitors. Newfoundland seems to have majority at least according to this list. I am lucky enough to have visited almost all these places so I'm feeling quite patriotic aujourd'hui http://cottagelife.com/canadiana/the-strangest-place-names-in-canada
  5. Trump seems to have taken to hanging around hangars lately. So now he's in one in Florida holding another "campaign rally". When is he going to figure out the campaign is over, that he lost the popular vote, that he didn't have the highest electoral college votes ever, and that perhaps it is time to start trying to govern? Oh well, Floridians did support him so I image the hangar will be yuuugely full. http://www.vocativ.com/403839/donald-trump-is-already-holding-another-campaign-rally/
  6. He obviously hasn't heard that one about when you find yourself in a hole...etc...etc.
  7. Perhaps someone should explain that to him
  8. Broad it is, it ranges from anti Islamic word painted on the outside of mosques to six people shot dead inside a mosque.
  9. Quite simple: fear and hatred of Muslims.
  10. Perhaps that actual infirmity wouldn't have been recognized by the military as a reason not to serve. I don't think it takes a high IQ to fire an M-16.
  11. Yeah because he had "bone spurs"
  12. Stuart was also a documentary producer and here is one I found interesting. http://www.cbc.ca/radio/popup/audio/listen.html?autoPlay=true&clipIds=&mediaIds=878670915622&contentarea=radio&subsection1=radio1&subsection2=currentaffairs&subsection3=the_doc_project&contenttype=audio&title=2017/02/16/1.3962012-celebrating-a-side-of-stuart-mclean-you-may-not-know-documentary-maker&contentid=1.3962012
  13. Yeah there was/is a petition signed by ~2 million last I checked against a full state visit by Trump but apparently May dismissed it. Her Majesty may not be amused.
  14. Still buying Trump's birther crap I see. That very American guy finished out two terms as POTUS with one of the highest approval ratings in the country's history. If it wasn't for the two term limit Obama would still be there. And now after a month of Trump the place is in chaos.
  15. A lot of people have been laughing at Pallin ever since she showed up. I doubt they will stop any time soon if she keeps on saying dumb things.