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  1. America under President Trump

    Hey where's B_C when you need him. I can't wait to hear the attempts to defend Trump's latest horrendously stupid speech.
  2. America under President Trump

    Boy if you didn't think Trump could F it up any more than he already has, then his current speech in Phoenix will confirm that he can, and just did.
  3. America under President Trump

    so Trump doesnt use his teleprompter in Phoenix and so again he sounds like nothing more that a boring high school bully. I'm sure it appeals to the IQ level of those who filled the room to support him.
  4. The Battle of Charlottesville

    Yep, you and taxme are suitable companions. I'll leave you two to link up.
  5. The Battle of Charlottesville

    You and taxme should team up.
  6. America under President Trump

    They did do a lot of road building/improvement, which augmented the poppy trade significantly. Guess where a lot of the opium turned up?
  7. America under President Trump

    It's doubtful the US will be successful if they continue to pursue their idea of bringing in a central democracy. The country is just not ready for that.
  8. America under President Trump

    I understand they can be challenged by congress and the courts.
  9. America under President Trump

    Trump continues to insult Republican senators such as Mitch McConnell etc. Does he not understand that he needs them if he is going to get any of his EO's passed? I anticipate Arizona is gonna be a hoot similar to the one he gave at Trump Tower recently. Unless of course he uses teleprompters to keep him sane.
  10. Refugee crisis escalating

    I don't need popcorn, I've flown over the damn things many times.
  11. Refugee crisis escalating

    Haiti is a bit of a special case. The place has been poverty stricken for years, helped along by the fact that a number of Presidents took the county's bank account with them when they were voted out or ousted. The Duvalier's and Aristide come to mind. Then on top of that they had a major earthquake and floods. And then some of the UN people sent to help from some countries, didn't really help. So I can see why a lot of people left. If I was going to suggest an industry that they should focus on rebuilding, it would be tourism. The other end of the island, the Dominican Republic does very well at it.
  12. Refugee crisis escalating

    Cruise ships have been stopping in Haiti for years.
  13. Quirks of the US Prison System

    As was pointed out in a recent interview with a released inmate, if you are convicted of a crime in the US, sentenced and serve your 20 years behind bars, there are numerous funded programs to reintegrate you into society. If you are wrongly convicted and finally are exonerated after 20 years, they simply open the door and kick you out. Doesn't seem quite right.   

  14. The Battle of Charlottesville

    I see, so ratings you don't like are "fixed" eh? I think we could all see that one coming. Just sayin'.