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  1. Networking evil

    Which is: Some Buddhists in China -----> Chinese govemment officals who public power in private use -------> Chinese evil forces in Canada ------> Canada's local evil forces
  2. Networking evil

    I'm not a Muslim.
  3. Networking evil

    Some Buddhists in China hired Canada's local evil forces to kill me through the Chinese evil forces in Canada.
  4. Networking evil

    Below is the post more detailed about my enents in Chinese Canadian website. http://www.westca.com/Forums/viewtopic/t=730203/start=0/lang=schinese.html
  5. Networking evil

    People only encounter injustice, and then know the value of justice.
  6. Networking evil

    My situation is still same.
  7. Networking evil

    This is the result of my experience.
  8. Networking evil

    I don't think so.
  9. Networking evil

    Between the interests and conscience, some people choose interests.
  10. Networking evil

    Any society has a sunny side, there are dark side also.
  11. Networking evil

    Any society has the evil behind the sun.
  12. Networking evil

    I reported to police before. But My situations still same. I hope that the police can take justice and stop this evil.
  13. Networking evil

    Farther and farther away from God, a step by step fall.
  14. Networking evil

    This world is becoming increasingly fallen.
  15. Networking evil

    Send you a word from Shakespeare: Good heart is better than gold.