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  1. Any society has a sunny side, there are dark side also.
  2. Any society has the evil behind the sun.
  3. I reported to police before. But My situations still same. I hope that the police can take justice and stop this evil.
  4. Farther and farther away from God, a step by step fall.
  5. This world is becoming increasingly fallen.
  6. Send you a word from Shakespeare: Good heart is better than gold.
  7. This world has some little-known evil.
  8. I heard someone said before: Justice is just ice.
  9. Justice involves everyone.
  10. Very disappointed to see a small number of local Canadians to be evil helper.
  11. Evil everywhere in this world.
  12. There are several possibilities. one of which is that I went to the supermarket operated by Chinese in Canada to buy Chinese food. They found me and then tracked me.
  13. GOD + O = GOOD , GOOD - GOD = O.
  14. The era of the global village, there is no distance.
  15. It is to stone hit.