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  1. Farther and farther away from God, a step by step fall.
  2. This world is becoming increasingly fallen.
  3. Send you a word from Shakespeare: Good heart is better than gold.
  4. This world has some little-known evil.
  5. I heard someone said before: Justice is just ice.
  6. Justice involves everyone.
  7. Very disappointed to see a small number of local Canadians to be evil helper.
  8. Evil everywhere in this world.
  9. There are several possibilities. one of which is that I went to the supermarket operated by Chinese in Canada to buy Chinese food. They found me and then tracked me.
  10. GOD + O = GOOD , GOOD - GOD = O.
  11. The era of the global village, there is no distance.
  12. It is to stone hit.
  13. You do not seem to have a sense of justice.
  14. I'm Chinese Canadian. I witnessed the evils of cross-border and regional due to personal matter with powerful buddhist in China before. Some Buddhist in China and some rich and powerful Chinese officials are closely related. They are networked in Canada and China. They hired local underworld in Canada. I fled to Toronto from China and then to Ottawa. The situations are same. There is a huge net arround me. This is evil religious background, which is characterized by networking and long time. Police cann't do further without things happen. Canada isn't safe place for me also. even in Ottawa.
  15. Christians most persecuted in some country.