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  1. A muslim that doesn't plan to ever kill an apostate cannot declare he is a muslim. DOP is right. If a niqab wearing woman threatens others in Canada then others niqab wearing women following this path should be kicked out of Canada. This is not a criticism. Muslims are killing jews in Israel and elsewhere. Muslims are killing christians like you and atheists like me.
  2. Islamophobia in Canada

    It's a ridiculous comment that you categorise me as a muslim giving me a muslim name and at the same time you say I know nothing about muslims. Or I can be a nazi even though I have defended jews on every occasion on this forum. You really are a funny man.
  3. Islamophobia in Canada

    Isn't just what is happening in London and literally every european capital city enough for you? Isn't the killing of israeli civilians by suicide bombers fanatical to you? People like me are not to be trusted but a muslim man indoctrinated to repeat the word g-d and then kill innocent people is ok? Shame on you!
  4. Islamophobia in Canada

    Again rue you are free to defend islam. Don't expect the rest of the sheeps follow the path of destruction.
  5. Islamophobia in Canada

  6. Islamophobia in Canada

    Hey dude what have you got against jews? Why do you blame jews? This is about sick Muslims killing infidels. Leave jews out! Muslims are not to be trusted as long as they follow that religion.
  7. Islamophobia in Canada

    Two attacks in the space of two weeks! Manchester bombing and now London! When is this insanity going to end?
  8. Islamophobia in Canada

    1- There is nothing peaceful about Islam. You are free to defend it. 2- Daesh is following a sect of Islam that is causing lots of deaths. 3- Muslims are to blame for following this barbaric religion. 4- I never called Jews or Christians stupid. For those who are familiar with my writing they will find your statement ludicrous tarnishing jews or christians here. 5- Re: your last sentence, wtf are you talking about?
  9. Islamophobia in Canada

    Sending death threats is a norm by muslims. So long as you are an infidel then you are haram like a pig or a dog.
  10. Islamophobia in Canada

    Sarcasm is about the only thing that is sane in this insane world right now. The Muslim sympathisers will now gather in numbers defending their despicable religion. <--That's not sarcasm.
  11. Islamophobia in Canada

    Do not worry. Trudeau and his muslim pals will soon make sure of that in Canada too.
  12. Islamophobia in Canada

    Yeah Islam is a religion of piss. Go and figure! Supporting those douche bags are all you liberal lefties are good for.
  13. Islamophobia in Canada

    There is nothing peaceful about Islam. If they don't follow Daesh then they are not Muslims. I just read the news these bloody muslims have made another attack on London! They want to kill jews and christians.
  14. My Idea of The Rest of The World

    Muslims can never learn to change as long as they follow this antiquated religion.
  15. Islam Is Peace

    What is not true about that filthy religion? Tell me! Wouldn't go near it with a barge pole. Dogs are considered filthy. A non muslim is infidel and an atheist? Oh well. Christianity and Judaism does not preach such savagery. Both have evolved Islam has not.