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  1. Yeah the muslims are here to get us overhear. They are stripping us of our values. Trudeau is a softie. Canada needs a prime minister that kicks all muslims out. That way me and you will feel better about it.
  2. We should deport all muslim refugees to Bosnia. Home to Nazi f@cktards whose guilty consciense is haunting them with their dirty past.
  3. Yeah me too! He is such a lovely man!!! Cannot same the same thing about Trudeau. But he doesn't matter.
  4. Netanyahu is great too. Don't you just love him? Him and President Trump are match made in heaven.
  5. President Trump is making America great again. Can't wait for the next meeting. Bring it on! Good job!
  6. It's too cold! Didn't ya know? Theresa May is going to throw the red carpet for Trump. What is Trudeau doing?
  7. Way to go. Well done Donald! Good job!
  8. Immigration flaws is a serious matter for Canada. We are losing identity to all these criminals entering without valid documentation. Manitoba is just one of many cases.
  9. Man I love Israel. It's the only beacon of democaracy in the middle east. I can't undestand why are there so many jew haters. There are no palestinians. It's all made up! Screw the two state solution. There are so many arab lands. Give palis jordan and let israelis live in piss.
  10. The Canadian border check is appaling. More strict measures are needed to control the flow of illegal immigrants betwee US and Canada. Canada will turn into a third world country in 20 years with more muslims than Canadians. US has already decided enough is enough. It's time for Canada.
  11. Right on! Perhaps Canada should focus on their own immigration irregularities. It ain't gonna happen with Trudeau. He hugs refugees.
  12. President Trump is a respectable president around the world. All the world leaders want to come and see him and pay their appreciation for the great job he is doing. I am orgasmically happy he is seeing Netanyahu. I am sure he will be able to persuade President Trump he will be ok with building settlement plans.
  13. I wouldn't bet on it. The republican congress will not president Trump. He hasn't done anything to get impeached. President Trump goes in my book as one of the best POTUS. A very credible and respectable man around the world!
  14. That was my point! People talk about impeachment of a president. It never happened to Clinton. It's not gonna happen to president Trump