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  1. So which one are you? Come out of that cave where you are. I know you are the one giving me negative ratings.
  2. I suppose when you talk from your a$$ and accuse me of being pro islamist then you get what you deserve. Muppet!
  3. Some muslims are such a bunch of losers. Same as our lefty tree hugging lots. They don't like the West then they should go back to where they came from. I am sick and tired of muslims complaining about our values.
  4. Some are a total jerk off. In general anything that is said by an American is taken with a pinch of salt.
  5. Are you related to him?
  6. They will be detained and get fined not beheaded or stoned. i hear your country Turkey has a terrible reputation in treating their own muslim citizens like Kurds. So don't go and blame us infidels.
  7. He should have included Turkey to the list of these countries
  8. Canada needs a strong leader like President Trump to wake the hell out of people. We need to get a grip of economy and sort out immigration before it's too late.
  9. Conservatism is about things that best serves Canada. Bring back those values that have been neglected. I am against immigration from countries incompatible with ours. This political correctness by liberals does not serve the country.
  10. One question that I want you to answer. Why do muslims come to Canada and force us to their way of thinking? I think the way muslim women are treated in their own country is appalling. Now they have the chance to change and they still live in their own primitive world. Why is that?
  11. So you hate equal opportunity? That's good to know. Pretty much sums up the kind I am dealing here. Are you deliberately trying to be obscure or is it the fine hands that get's in the way? My distaste for muslims is something they have brought upon themselves. As for you I have no idea what you have against the jews!
  12. Oiy! Stop throwing accusations slapper! I don't like muslims just like you post anti-semitic garbage.
  13. Yes. They are muslims.
  14. Too bad you guessed it wrong. Maybe you should go back if that is the case. We don't need muslims in the West. Soon president Trump will kick them all out. They can go to Canada. Trudeau will take them with open arms.
  15. Christianity doesn't dictate my life. Even if it did I am free to say no