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  1. Of course, that isn't the problem, the problem is the immigrants from Europe who speak English or French tend to be either immigrants themsleves from Africa/Arabia/Asia and won't suit your racial liking or are white people speaking 3-4 languages with substantial wealth and connections and have no interest in moving from a highly developed society where they occupy a uniquely advantageous position to a backwater like Canada. Do you understand that in a city like Oslo which would be considered small by Europe standards of 500,000 people had more subway stops than Toronto when I visited it 10 years ago? Do you understand that despite heavy snowfall buses still come every 2-3 minutes and if a bus breaks down, another one is there as relief in 5-10 minutes? Do you understand that even Canada's most advanced cities are at least a decade behind in infrastructure than the rest of the developed world? The trains that Toronto brags about being not cart trains, I was riding them a decade in France before they had them in Toronto. The idea of no tickets or tokens but prepay before ride, all existed in europe decades before. Ultimately, I must conclude you have never travelled to another developed nation other than Canada or maybe USA. Attractive to who! Attractive to third world immigrants from brown nations where the standard of living is like India where people poo in the streets or South Korea where people work themselves to death for a similar wage. When I was in Spain, people do not even work for 3 hours of the work day but sleep from 2-5. Essentially they have a 4-5 hour workday. I saw the same thing in Norway, most offices are really just open from 9-2:30, people take 2.5 hour lunches between 11 and 1:30. The concept of face time doesn't exist in many nations in the reigon of the world. I knew several Canadians who MOVED to Norway because the standard of living is substantially higher. You earn more money, for doing less work. Your entire mind on this issue is in an unrealistic place. 1. Brown people will work harder because they come from countries with no welfare state and if you do not work you die of starvation and sleepon the street. Its not like Canada where you can collect a welfare check. 2. White people come mostly from Europe and value a more balance of life and work. Even in Europe/Britain they had to get Carribean immigrants to rebuild Britain because British whites refused to do the work for years, hence the current windrush generation scandal in the UK. 3. What white person under 30 do you know who wants to work on Christmas and holidays, most of the whites I know want work-life balance, they don't want to work 18 hours a day. 4. White people do not want to immigrate to canada because Canada has a lower standard of living than most white nations. USA, Australia are richer. West Europe is more developed, has better transit and lower wages and more realistic wage-price levels. If you want to live within waking distance of the main streets, just a quick glance showed me that you could get a 2 bed room, 2 floor condo in the central district of london within walking distance of old street subway station for 500k pounds =750k cad. 750 cad will just buy you an average 2 bedroom downtown Toronto, not even the good parts. What you are basically asking is peeople from white majority nations in Europe to leave a higher standard of living, to live a lower standard of living to "save" Canada from brown people. Which will likly just cause Europe to collapse faster, then what? Where do we get more whites from then? Europeans are smart enough to know Canada is doomed so they are stayng away.
  2. No immigrant with qualifications and speaks English is going to come to Canada in large numbers. It just doesn't make sense for them. We tried that already but we couldn't hit even 10% of our target for immigrants that way. Any English speaking educated person will probably be more successful in another country than canada. Canada is not all that developed as many canadians think it is. The standard of living is not as good as other countries, and it is cold. The only people who are dumb enough to come here in large numbers are people with poor English, refugees, and people who aren't that bright. If our government could attract first world english speaking smart people in large numbers, they'd do it, they can't, we are not that competitive. There is a reason why Australia and Canada have almost the same WHITE population. Canada is behind, even other white nations.
  3. Taking in refugees is a not done primarily for immediate economic gain, it is a long term play, their many kids will grow up here and earn incomes and work jobs. They will learn the language, its easiest to learn through immersion.
  4. H10

    InCel rebellion, Toronto

    Well most of the Armenians call themselves white, they are technically west asians and not Europeans but most people cannot tell they are non-whites and many of them are mixed with white anyways. Turks, Iranians, Indians etc. rarely are white passing. Most are some kind of brown. Rodgers looked more to the white side, and was basically white passing and tried to identify as white. Obama was not white passing and American society is marked by a strict racial hierarchy and racial class system which aims at keeping African Americans on the bottom. So they typically class any non-white passing person as not white. iT IS ABOUT RACE, HE CANNOT BE a terrorist because he is white.
  5. It is obvious you are making up facts that are clearly contradicted by the charts.
  6. Are you reading the same charts? I think you are reading it incorrectly, read it again. Harper was handed a gift economy then, he was give a huge surplus in a recession, that just shows how strong the liberals were economically! Mulrooney ran up big deficits from incompetence, while the 80s was booming he found a way to destroy the nation. Harper shouldn't have had any deficits!! He took a surplus position and destroyed it, then you want to complement him for fixing the mess he created! There is none, because Trudeau just ran a 2 billion dollar surplus, duh The chart showws that the net debt under harris went from 100 billion to 150 billion in such a short time, how is that any success. Worse of all that was during the booming 90s!
  7. H10

    InCel rebellion, Toronto

    This muslim Terrrorist, we need to investigate all muslims and find the root cause of this muslim culture... opps he is white.... so he cannot be a terrorist, he is just deranged individual and no need to look into his connections further.
  8. Harper ran extremely large deficits, of all the surpluses, all but 2 come under the liberals, and of the 2, they are Harper'sfirst 2 years in minority government, when the liberal-ndp blocked him from insane deficit spending. Show me that link. My information shows Harper as the 2nd worst. Actually Harris really ruined the economy when you look at how short his tenure was an how he doubled the debt. The pace of debt growth is the same under the liberals as the conservatives, they been in office twice as long and have done per year, the same as the conservatives, while maintaining a higher service level and not gutting the basic protections.
  9. Who will pay for all the old white people's social security and retirement? You know the government run ponzi scheme needs tax payers. Also if you stop letting in non-whites just know that you are going to have many school closures and teacher's being laid off like we seen in Toronto. The high prices have basically barred most non-whites who weren't in the market 5 years ago from buying in there. So now schools are laying off teacher's because there are no kids in the classes for them. So are you fine with paying their EI, their welfare when they cannot find work and are you fine with schools shutting down and white middle class workers losing jobs, houses, cars etc? Also the real estate market will probably implode without all the foreigners coming in to prop it up, and the cost of transit and basically every shared resource in the city will rise too, including property taxes as there will be fewer payers. White people are not having that many children, the reality is, there are very few whites who have even 3 kids. The closest I've seen to whites with more than 1-2 kids are white passing conservative jews who don't work, take welfare and have like 8 kids. "Let's see, your great-grandfather was 1 of 7 children. Your grandmother was 1 of 4 children and you are 1 of 3 kids. You are thinking of having 1 or 2 kids, or, if you happen to be a statistician, that's currently an average of 1.61 children per woman." "Despite some fluctuations, the total fertility rate in Canada has been below the replacement level for over 40 years. In fact, 1971 was the last year the replacement-level fertility of 2.1 children per woman was reached—meaning that couples, on average, had produced enough children to replace themselves." https://www.statcan.gc.ca/pub/11-630-x/11-630-x2014002-eng.htm And back in 1971 Canada was still over 90% white. I don't know what planet or stats you have been looking at, but I find it rare to encounter a white couple with more than 1 kid. 1.61 means that the average white family is probably down to 1 kid right now, and the .61 is coming from Natives, Arabs, jews and other immigrants like latinos who come here with 8 kids. Most white females I know don't want more than 2 kids, and after they have the first one decide it is too hard to raise a 2nd kid and child birth is too difficult. I also notice many older white females trying to have kids in their 30s after drinking for decades and then can't have kids. I also notice many women getting c-sections or who are overweight so it becomes physically dangerous for them to even have another child after their first. I also notice many white females marrying and dating other races so many of them are having non-white kids. I haven't even counted all the gays and lesbians who are disproportionately white. I know so many white females obsessed with their careers in some big company that they will go infertile before any man ever gets a chance to ever impregnate them. They think men will want them forever, but it is not true. Are you going to try to have kids with the 37 year old white female who spent her best years sleeping with every non-white man in town and the entire football team and now has excessive demands due to her "high standards". I even notice many white men now dating yellow women as a result. Canada is a failed state for white people, we should just enjoy the decline.
  10. Canada's immigration policy prefers white immigrants over others. Just look at how they are going to France for French teachers, even though most French teachers are actually in Africa not France. There is a lower standard of living in India, Africa, China than Europe, so they are more likely to leave a poorer country to come to Canada, despite all the drawbacks. If you are making $30 a week as a teacher in India, it makes sense to move to Canada and make much more. If you are making $50,000 a year in France, why move to canada for the same pay? Exactly, they aren't dumb, so this is the real issue. You are demanding an impossible scenario. If whites mass leave Europe to try to keep Canada's white numbers up, the whites back in Europe will become numeric minorities.
  11. No he didn't he left the province with double the debt he inherited, he never ran a surplus at all. Harper took the largest Surplus into Canadian history and turned them into the largest deficits. Harper destroyed the nation by cutting too much taxes for the mega rich, so now the Liberals are trying to clean up his mess to restore financial order. Same for Wynne. Harris destroyed the province, which is why it took decades for anyone to even begin to trust conservatives again.
  12. Canada may have been white majority in 1867, it really depends on who is being counted. Are we counting just formal citizens, are we counting Indians, Africans etc. In many times in the 1800s and before Canada was white minority. The country was built off of slavery and slavery money, settled by many people. Yes, old whitry will be fine as a minority. Plus, even if ONtario don't work, we have what 9 other provinces? I mean old whitey is doing ok in Yukon, NWT and Nunavut and they are white minority. Isn't you position hypocritical? You want whites in Europe to give up their own country and fight for canada which is not even historically white majority, but then you are mad some whites will move in Canada fails? America has 200 million white people. Even if all 110 million mexicans moved to USA, it would still be white majority. America will always be white majority, nothing bad can happen, you are just blowing things out of proportion. And Canada don't have an immigrant problem, if you don't like immigrants just avoid the 4-10 largest metros. Even London, Hamiliton and Windsor are very white places. What is "going on in Canada"
  13. So why would whites fromd eveloped nations want to leave there white majority nations to immigrate to a failing nation like Canada which will be overrun by brown people? And by having large numbers of whites leave Europe, wouldn't that only hasten their demise? I mean if you have another 10 million browns coming into France, and 10 million whites leaving France for Canada, won't that only make France become white minority faster? So why would a French person abandon their own nation, culture and traditions to save Canada? I couldn't imagine being a white person in Norway, which is over 90% white, and moving to a multicultural failed state like Canada, if I really cared about preserving Norwegian culture. There are only what 3-5 million whites n Norway. If too many leave then there is nothing stop muslims from complete takeover.
  14. Harris and Harper ran debts for almost every year they were in power and Harper was handed the largest surpluses in Canadian history and so was Bush. And your comment makes no sense, how do you cut down a deficit by running a large deficit, and it never works. When did Bush turn his big surplus back to a surplus, he just kept running massive debts and bankrupted the nation. The right wing also runs big deficits to buy votes, votes from the rich and donations so it is blantant corruption, Paul Ryan even said if they don't pass massive deficits for their donors via mega tax cuts they won't get bribes "donations" anymore.
  15. H10

    Alberta may cut off oil to BC

    To be fair to the oil nuts, oil has an expiration date, the number of electric cars and hybrds is rising everyday, in 2 decades, oil will fall in value because there won't be that many oil driven vehicles as there are now. Then when you add on the carbon tax and higher gas prices, gas vehicles will be even more expensive. So I'd say Alberta sees a window to export their filth. The irony is, if they can export it via BC, gas prices in the rest of canada will increase, not decrease. Mainly because oil company will charge us for the additional infrastructure of the pipeline and that there will be less oil here.