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  1. Doug Ford - leader of Ontario PCs

    Bah. That's the least of my problems with Doug Ford. Blaming and attacking the media for reporting on seeing his brother's crack tape was far worse than selling people a product they want.
  2. Doug Ford - leader of Ontario PCs

    You can't charge someone with drug dealing based on dozens of people saying you sold them drugs 30 years ago. You can, however, believe that he was a drug dealer based on that. But so what? It shows his entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to take risks. It was also a youthful indiscretion. So it's nothing to make yourself look ridiculous over, denying the obvious.
  3. Wynne Goes Full Out Identity Politics

    Perhaps. Although I guess that hasn't happened yet or you would give an example.
  4. Wynne Goes Full Out Identity Politics

    I already explained the context and how she was talking about demographic overrepresentation. Someone who would twist that to make it seem like an attack on the group that is overrepresented is trying to use divisive politics with the hope that the people listening are not going to bother paying very close attention. It's the worst sort of politics done by the worst sort of people. Sorry it isn't working out for you.
  5. Stormy has a Trump sex tape. Burn my eyes out now!

    1. Show previous comments  13 more
    2. BubberMiley


      What sad about that? Watching people like you defend piss tapes and banging porn stars is hilarious. 

    3. BubberMiley


      I don't pay much attention to the media. You just have to look at Trump's tweets to see he is panicking and very guilty. When he denied during the debate the possibility that Russia was involved, I realized he must be somehow tied to Russia. I didn't need "media" to convince me this guy is a Russian agent and his minions are the dumbest voters ever.

    4. BubberMiley


      Maybe you should go back to trying to spread misinformation about Wynne in the hopes of getting Trump junior elected.

  6. Cannabis

    How insightful of you.
  7. Wynne Goes Full Out Identity Politics

    Not at all. In fact, once you listen to to the whole thing, it makes you seem like a lying POS. I don't even support Wynne. I'm a Manitoban who would vote for Horwath. But I recognize misrepresentation when I see it, and I always try and point that out.
  8. How to breakup a quote?

    You people are on those old-timey typewriter computers. None of that works with a touch screen.
  9. DNC hacker was a Russian military spy. What a surprise!

    1. betsy


      No kidding.

      The FBI was tipped off in 2014 and 2015 by Dutch Secret Service!







      Dutch spies 'caught Russian election hackers on camera' 

      Cozy Bear would later be identified as one of two Russian government-linked hacking groups that broke in to the Democratic National Committee's computers, releasing emails embarrassing to Hillary Clinton ahead of the 2016 US presidential election.

      The Dutch role in the unmasking of Cozy Bear hackers was reported by the respected daily newspaper Volkskrant, and Dutch television current affairs programme Nieuwsuur.

      Kajsa Ollongren, the Dutch Interior Minister, declined to confirm or deny the reports, but said she was "very happy that we have good security services in the Netherlands that do their work well".






      Is it any wonder why heads rolled?

  10. Wynne Goes Full Out Identity Politics

    No, that's a dumb thing to say. Not a horrible thing, but people should know better. Not taken completely out of context, like that Lilley bait you fell for.
  11. Wynne Goes Full Out Identity Politics

    Seeing as you refuse to address the context and insist on continuing to bear false witness, I agree that your eternal soul might prefer that you stop now.
  12. Wynne Goes Full Out Identity Politics

    I don't know what missing children has to do with it. You're saying it's wrong to identify a missing child's race? That makes no sense. Don't try to distract from how you're lying about Wynne.
  13. Wynne Goes Full Out Identity Politics

    If black people were consistently over represented because of their proportionally high turnout rates and you were trying to convince another group that they should participate so that their interests and concerns were represented, then that would be a perfectly appropriate thing to say. It's all in the context, which you deliberately leave out because you don't care about bearing false witness of other people. I can see why God made it a commandment, because it's a pretty scummy thing to do.
  14. Wynne Goes Full Out Identity Politics

    You may be uncomfortable when someone points out how you are knowingly misrepresenting the truth about someone, but that doesn't mean it's irrelevant.
  15. Wynne Goes Full Out Identity Politics

    Christian card is always up. We just choose whether or not to look at it ourselves.