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  1. India and China are not going to get above 2bn. Chinese population is ageing fast and in 2+30 years time they have a pensions-problem that is hard to imagine when there will be around 400m pensioners. India has just overtaken China as the world's most populous country but long term-predictions indicate that their population-growth will also become under control. The problem is Africa which today has a total population of slightly over 1bn and that is predicted to increase to 4bn by the year 2100. I don't believe in such a huge growth but their population will certainly keep on growing at an unsustainable pace.
  2. Jerusalem is Israel's Capital...

    The whole issue of Jerusalem is unsolvable and therefore the whole Middle-East conflict. All sides of the argument claim that Jerusalem is theirs and theirs only and none of them will listen to any West-Jerusalem/East-Jerusalem-nonsense. By the way, a couple of days ago there was an arson-attack in the synagogue in the Swedish city of Gothenburg. Luckily no-one got hurt but it could have been far worse. It appears that the motive for the attack was this Jerusalem-thing. The President of the United States says that his country will move its embassy to another city in Israel then there is a violent backlash in Sweden. Perhaps there is some logic to it.
  3. Yes, you're right. They have been careful enough not to have been caught. Surely nobody thinks that anyone is "clean"? Otherwise I wouldn't care about the Russians being banned but it further reduces the hockey-tournament into insignificance. First no NHL-players and now no Russians.
  4. Federal Conservatives Ahead -Sep 2017

    By the way, when you have elections in Canada is it common that the candidates go around ringing people's doorbells and disturb them? In Britain that is most certainly the case and people complain about it. I'm glad we in Finland don't have such nuisance. The campaigning is done mostly at public places. I guess disturbing people at their homes is against some law here. In fact, unlike some years ago, there haven't been any Jehowas witnesses or other religious loonies ringing the doorbell either, which is a good thing.
  5. Perhaps the right decision. I have no pity for the cheating Russians. However, the IOC would never in a million years dare to make the same decision with the USA.
  6. Jerusalem is Israel's Capital...

    I don't think Trump himself has the faintest idea of what is going on in the Middle-East or that he even cares about it. It was his son-in-law who wanted this.
  7. America under President Trump

    He is a jackass but he is successful. Morons don't get where he is now or where he has been. At least people should have learned by now to stop underestimating him.
  8. The Long Arm of EU

    Today December 6th marks the 100th anniversary of the Finnish declaration of independence in 1917. A lot of parties and other festivities here today. For me it is just a nice day-off as otherwise the whole idea of Finnish independence is just pretending. In reality we are a province of the EU-superstate. Appropriate video:
  9. Apartheid was wrong and it had to go. However, it does not change the fact that South-Africa today has become a hell-hole going the way of Zimbabwe and those white people foolish enough to have stayed in SA have too often found out the hard way that they are not wanted there any more.
  10. Unfortunately, even in our much-vaunted Nordic nations the health care is fast going the way of yours in North-America. Pay or die! If you are over 65 then you are useless unless you've got money.
  11. Kennedy would probably have somehow get out of the Vietnam-war much earlier. LBJ didn't even want to.
  12. Anti-democratic features in Democracy

    No, I don't think having judges elected by the general electorate would be a good idea. However, unfortunately even though judges are appointed by their professional merit it doesn't mean that they wouldn't be corrupt.
  13. How we get to Proportional Representation

    In New Zealand they switched over to PR because their electoral-system was clearly dysfunctional as it produced results whereby one of the two main parties was clearly ahead in votes nationally while the other won a vast majority of the seats. However, I was looking at the election-history in your country and found out that there have been several occasions when none of the Canadian parties has won an overall majority and there has been a minority-government. Given that it is the most used argument in favour of FPTP that it "always" produces a stable strong government there wouldn't be very much support for keeping the system as experience with the system has proved to the contrary.
  14. How we get to Proportional Representation

    When there is a total stalemate in trying to form a majority-government the most obvious and sensible solution is to have new elections but they won't do that in Germany because they fear that if there is a repeat-election the much-hated AfD would get even more support than two months ago. Perhaps they are right in their fear. My guess is that the German president who is a social democrat will talk his former party to change its promise not to go to another coalition with Merkel's party.
  15. How we get to Proportional Representation

    If Canada adopted PR it would probably mean that the Greens get 10% of the votes at the expense of the Liberals and the NDP.