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  1. -TSS-

    Abortion is a done deal

    It is only exit-polls thus far but it seems that in the Irish abortion-vote the yes-side for the relaxing of the law is going to win comfortably. Apparently the new generation of Irish don't give a damn about the church any more as the referendum was about repealing an act which itself was approved in a referendum 35 years ago. The crux of the matter was that even though abortion has been illegal in Ireland they have not stopped people from travelling to the UK for abortion. Therefore, it was said that Irish women will have abortions anyway. The question is where.
  2. There are hudreds or even thousands of American basketball-players in Europe who are just not good enough for the NBA but they are good enough to play in the various European leagues and may be big stars in them. Similarly, there are a lot of canadian hockey-players all over Europe playing in the various leagues and as for some strange reason the rules for representation of different national teams seem to be somewhat liberal there are Canadians playing for many countries even such as Kazakstan or Belorussia. Is it common in your country to think that if you are not good enough for the NHL you will move to Europe and become a Belorussian or a Kazakh?
  3. It seems to me that all people who want to be considered as civilised must have some informed opinion on the Middle-East situation, especially about the Israel/Palestine-issue. My somewhat uncivilised opinion has been all along is to ask what has that got to do with us (Finland). Nothing whatsoever. However, even though Finland counts for nothing and we could count ourselves lucky not to be involved in that hassle some civilised people in our country would very much like us to take sides in that conflict which has nothing to do with us.
  4. -TSS-

    High Taxes driving high earners south

    Don't you have free health-care in Canada? I mean free in the sense it is funded from the taxes? That's what I have always thought: A stark contrast to the US-system of paying for insurance and if you don't have one then it is no can do.
  5. -TSS-

    What is your reason to live ?

    Some people say that without a family your life is worthless; it is the primary purpose of one's life to pass on one's genes to the next generation. If those people are right then my existence is totally unnecessary since I have never wanted any such things. There has been news recently here in Finland how the birth-rate has plummeted. Some people have come up with suggestions how childless people should pay more tax etc. I don't really follow the logic of those people as they are obviously the ones with children. Namely, as they have children but people like me don't it means that their children don't have more competition for the ever-increasing competition for fewer and fewer jobs which will be available in the future. Instead of viewing us with no offspring with hostility those family-guys should actually thank us.
  6. -TSS-

    Is Trump a threat to democracy?

    The name-tag fascist has suffered inflation as it is hurled at anyone who dares to question the globalist-agenda. Another similar name-tag is Putinist.
  7. -TSS-

    End of the Korean War

    All this show and grovelling goes to show what kind of power having nuclear weapons really has. Similarly explains why countries which have nuclear weapons don't want anyone else to have them.
  8. -TSS-

    Trump/Obama -Difference?

    Politicians are puppets anyway. The masters of the puppets never stand for election.
  9. From a point of view of a small country and we have to learn foreign languages in order to cope in the world it seems somewhat funny how in big countries such as France, Spain, Russia, Germany etc people who are monoglots may consider themselves as patriotic for not being able to speak any foreign language. In a small country people who only speak their first language are not viewed as patriotic but just uneducated.
  10. I doubt that many congressmen understand French so it was practical for Macron to speak English. I wonder how many congressmen were asking each other: who's that guy.
  11. -TSS-

    Abortion is a done deal

    Abortion is an undesireable thing and it is right to seek ways to reduce the number of abortions. However, the people most vehemently campaigning against abortion do a disservice to their cause by their sheer fanaticism and hyperbole rhetoric such as slaughtering the unborn. You may think like that but those who are on two minds of the issue are really put off by it.
  12. At least the relations between France and canada are good again. There was some incident years ago when De Gaulle visited canada and he shouted from the balcony of some building in Quebec Vive la Quebec libre or something similar. He was sent packing and told he was no longer welcome to Canada.
  13. Have any former PM's who can't speak French visited France and spoken English only? Or is it impossible to be PM of Canada without being able to speak French?
  14. -TSS-

    The new Canadian ten dollar bill.

    Cash will disappear anyway. I would imagine that development is faster over there in North-America but it will happen everywhere eventually, which is a very unfortunate development but inevitable.
  15. The French are known to be reluctant to speak English to anyone whose mother-tongue is English but as long as you muster a couple of complimenatary sentences in french and they realise you are not American/British/Aussie/Other native English speaker their ability to speak English suddenly improves by 100%.