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  1. What on earth is this nonsense I heard of that the Canadians aim that the population of Canada is 100 million by the year 2100? Simply ridiculous! For one thing, Canada is a semi-arctic country which already is overcrowded in relation to its latitudes. For another thing, why is a certain population-level considered to be a priority?
  2. All in all, I believe in the idea that there does not need to be more layers of government than the central government and the local government. For me the very idea of federalism is totally alien. If unitary countries establish an extra layer of government between the central and the local that is simply wasteful. If a country is very large and too large to work on my idea of there being a central government and a local government only then it is too large.
  3. I'm not sure if I understand your question but one must be a party-member to be able to vote for a party-leader in a party-conference. Namely, there is a party-conference coming up with the True Finns, a junior coalition-party in the current government, and a lot of people have joined the party just to be able to vote in the leadership-election to oust the current party-leader. That conference will be later this year and remains to be seen if the party-leader will be kicked out.
  4. The traditional left/right-division has become obsolete. New dividing lines are forming and changing all the time depending on the circumstances and previously unthinkable alliances are formed.
  5. There is a new thing about the refugees from the islamic countries that they tell you that they have abandoned islam and therefore you can't send them back to their own countries because the penalty for apostasy is death. There you wonder then whether you believe them or is that another occasion of taqiya. Thiose who don't know what taqiya means just google it.
  6. In an answer to your question about how big I think the Finnish parliament should be my answer is that since about 80% of our legislation is emanating from the EU and the rest must not be uncompatible with the EU-legislation I really don't see any point in there being a Finnish parliament at all. Therefore, I would abolish it altogether. A total waste of time and money and a useless talking-shop for mediocre backwater-politicians which all of our politicians are. Nobody would notice any difference if Finnish parliament were abolished except those fat-cat politicians.
  7. In Finland the main problem people have with refugees is that they have travelled through 8-10 countries, all of which perfectly safe, but have refused to register in any of those and are heading towards Britain, Germany, Sweden and some of them to Finland.
  8. I wouldn't favour the kind of system used in Germany and New Zealand. That would create two tiers of MP*s; those with the constituency-mandate and those from the party-lists. Those who have been elected from the single-member constituencies never stop reminding about it. Those who are defeated in the constituency-vote are the ones who sneak in through party-lists.
  9. Pot calling kettle black. Each other's fiercest opponents are often just the flip-sides of the same coin.
  10. If being productive means passing as many new laws as possible I prefer unproductive goverrnments.
  11. I believe the feeling is mutual; they don't want to stay in Mexico either.
  12. I wonder who is the person after whom most buildings, rivers, lakes, cities or anything else have been named. My guess is Victoria.
  13. Politicians in every western country seem to be puppets these days. Who's the one pulling the strings of the puppets? I wish I knew but even though I don't take tinfoil-hat stuff seriously but having said that what is going on everywhere in Western-Europe these days is far too consistent to be co-incidental. Soros or Bilderberg or whoever but someone is running the show.
  14. Too bad that the Democrats will have find another man in 2020 as Sanders will be a bit too old to have another try.
  15. Some people also confuse shame with embarassment.