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  1. Rohingya Issue

    How on earth have peaceful buddhists which the vast majority of the Burmese people are have turned into such monsters as to drive out totally blameless muslims? I thought buddhism is all about peace and understanding.
  2. America under President Trump

    Aren't there many state-elections and governors' elections coming up in November? They may turn into referenda on Trump's presidency. Not my analysis. It was the analysis of the NPR who can't hide their dislike of Trump.
  3. I have become accustomed to foreign women covering their faces; I kinda don't pay any attention to them any longer. They are prisoners of their culture.' However, every time I see a white woman wearing the hideous muslim-veil it makes me shriek! It has increased a lot lately here in Finland. Not a day passes these times that I wouldn't see a white woman wearing that horrible piece of cloth. Why oh why?
  4. Liberia is a roaring success-story.
  5. The Long Arm of EU

    To add to the previous: Despite declaring to abide by the referendum-result the region will seek a dialogue with Madrid to achieve common understanding. However, neither side can back off now without losing face.
  6. The Long Arm of EU

    Catalonia has declared independence! Nobody will recognize it, yet but it is the gesture which counts. How will Madrid react? Will they order the army into catalonia and have the regional politicians arrested?
  7. The Long Arm of EU

    Today Catalonia could declare independence. If they do that the regional leader of the province is going to be arrested on the orders by the Spanish PM. The situation has reached a point that there is no way out so that both sides of the argument could save their faces.
  8. There could be a lot of athletes staying away from next years winter-olympics in South-Korea because of the fear of the crisis regarding North-Korea.
  9. Regarding the title of the thread: What does Britain have to do with the Las Vegas-shootings?
  10. The Right Wing Needs To Grow Up!

    Kind of gives you perspective reading the op; the same babble goes on years and years. Without looking at the date there is very little which makes you think that can't have been written today.
  11. The 2nd Amendment

    When the 2nd amendment was originally written the average gun had a precision of hitting a barn-door from 10 metres away.
  12. It appears he was a wealthy man but I havent noticed any details as to where his wealth had come from. Apparently nothing political about the deed; an old man feeling sense of meaninglessness and willingness to show he can do what he wants.
  13. Most central governments tend to regard votes for secession as illegal. In the case of Spain and Catalonia the issue is that Catalonia is the weathiest part of Spain and it contributes far above its weight in terms of GDP.
  14. The guy wanted to get his name in the history-books. That appears to be the main motive.
  15. I don't think white nationalists consider country-music as their primary target of hate.