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  1. Canada unexpectedly lost to the Czechs. They will certainly beat the hosts S-Korea tomorrow. Finland-Sweden match will be important; the winner will enter the play-offs as the number one ranked team.
  2. According to statistics in 2016 there were 17500 homicides in the US. That makes it about 45 every day. I think that is a fairly plausible number for a country of 300 million people. 45 a day on average but when 17 happen in a single place that makes it a worldwide news.
  3. There have been these school-shootings and other massacres in the USA for years with no regard to which party has their man in the White House so trying to say that it's this or that party's fault is just trying to capitalise politically on the issue.
  4. Justin Trudeau the Worst PM Since Pierre Trudeau?

    The Swedes are trying to erase their gender-based personal pronouns han and hon ( he and she) with a neutral hen. Too bad for the loonies that evolution of language takes a bit longer time than a commandment by the leading feminist.
  5. I understand that people in the USA take the jury-duty quite seriously and consider it as privilege and trying to avoid it is quite rare. Perhaps only in cases of serious crimes which involve organised crime people may have second thoughts about attending the jury. However, I also have thought that if you really want to avoid the jury-duty it is not difficult as both sides of the trial interview all the prospective jurors and if you manage to make yourself seem biased one way or another either side of the trial may demand that you are not suitable to be a member of the jury and you must go.
  6. So, you mean that those people have volunteered for the jury-duty and are unlikely trying to avoid it?
  7. Russians lose their first game but so do the USA. However, every team makes it to the play-offs.
  8. Justin Trudeau the Worst PM Since Pierre Trudeau?

    English is quite a masculine language and the Canadian PM can't change that even though he certainly tries. Telling people to say peoplekind rather than mankind only makes him seem foolish rather than make people obey his wish.
  9. How does it work exactly? Random adult citizens are picked to the jury and that is considered as a public duty? The justice-system varies somewhat between the Anglo-Saxon countries as compared to the European countries as in the USA, the UK etc the judge has much more power as the system is based on the so-called common-law system. In European countries the judges have limited leeway on declaring sentences.
  10. The same question could be asked of the British counterpart.
  11. Biathlon is very entertaining sport; no matter how fast you ski but if your hand shakes when it comes to shooting your competition is ruined.
  12. There doesn't seem to be any one dominant country in winter-sports; In 2002 Norway topped the medal-table, in 2006 Germany, in 2010 Canada was the most successful country in their own games and similarly in 2014 Russia took most medals in their home-games..
  13. They said in the news that all Finns will participate in the downhill ski-competition. I am wondering now should I inform the IOC that I really have no time to participate that competition as I have other things to do.
  14. The NHL wants the world cup to take root as the most competitive international tournament and therefore they don't want any rival-tournament. Olympics with the biggest stars would make mockery of the world cup, after all, olympics is always olympics.
  15. Chiefs of State & Heads of Government

    You do that already, don't you? I mean, Canada can pick anyone it wants as its GC and the Queen in London just signs in the approval. More relevant is the question how much power does the GC have. In Australia in 1975 their GC dismissed the PM after the PM failed to get the budget passed and the opposition-leader was appointed as PM. There was a deep crisis involving debate could the GC really do that but he did so he could.