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  1. Everything is very relative. The Anglo-Saxons invaded what is today called England in the 400-600 AD years and took it over. They superseced the Celts and the Picts who were ruling the British isles before. That is only 1500 years ago. Just for a comparison, Finns and Estonians have lived in their whereabouts for at least 6000 years, maybe much longer.
  2. Your GG really needs to speak to his advisors as to what to say in public.
  3. I support free abortion because experience has shown that banning abortion has brought nothing but problems but I detest calling people nazi if they are anti-abortion or anti-gay unless those very people have expressed sympathies for the 1930's national socialism policies of Germany. Note the words national socialism. For some weird reason that is considered far-right.
  4. It was as recently as the 70's when we in Finland had an extra-tax for unmarried people and that tax caught on very young, something like 24-25 years of age. The worrying thing is that as the birth-rate is plummetting, which is a worrying thing, some people have proposed that such an unfair tax should be brought back. There are so many what-ifs attached to such a tax that even though the plummetting birth-rate is a genuinen problem the way to approach that problem should be with a carrot rather than a stick which such a tax was.
  5. When you have a political system of presidential republic this is what you get; a turn-out of 44% in the parliamentary-elections. The election itself was a huge success for Macron. His party was only founded two years ago and now it has the majority. A bit fickle those French voters, arent they?
  6. If the Tories go too right or Labour go too left they become "unelectable". So elections are won in the middle-ground, which basically means whoever wins they are just puppets to the bankers. Hence the falling turnouts.
  7. He may be a strong contender for an international job requiring him to leave national politics.
  8. I spotted a news-headline saying that Puerto-Ricans voted overwhelmingly in a referendum to seek US-statehood. That's interesting. What does the US-constitution say about accepting a new state?
  9. In the USA all the elections are fixed-term and the election-calendar is very carefully scheduled as breaking the schedule would bugger up things very much. I would have thought that as Canada is also a federal country the same would apply there too but apparently not.
  10. It speaks volumes about the stupidity of the FPTP-system that in the last election two years ago the Tories managed to get an absolute majority in Parliament with 37% of the votes but this time with 42% they couldn't. As for the fixed-term law there is a way out of it if 2/3 of the MP's vote in favour of holding early elections, which in my opinion is wrong. I think an early election should only be held if there is some political deadlock or a vote of no-confidence against the government. This election was held because the polls looked good for the government and the opposition which keeps on saying how they are so much better than the government and would do things much better they would make fools of themselves by voting against holding early elections.
  11. I guess that had this been the end of a normal 5-year electoral term the Tories would have won comfortably. I think people didnt like the nature of this election of seizing the moment to take advantage of the opponent's perceived state of weakness.
  12. First round of French parliamentary-elections this weekend. Macron's party expecting to make a breakthrough.
  13. He appears like a puppet but he is easily the internationally best known PM of Canada since his father.
  14. Yes, I also read that part about the Tories threatening the core voters, the elderly, that they would have to pay for their own care. The ensuing damage-control didn't help them at all. They will last a full term but that silly woman can't be at the helm. They need someone competent.
  15. I'm glad at the outcome of this election; the Tories remain on top, which is essential to get through Brexit but the election was a slap in the face for the stupid woman of a PM who will hopefully have to go. It was only some time ago when the British Parliament passed a law of fixed-term parliaments the purpose of which was exactly to get rid of these "snap elections". Even though the justification for this election was not contested by the opposition the very thing it was held was against the spirit of the law. Snap elections are not democratic. Elections should take place at regular intervals the exact date of which always known to all participants well beforehand and giving all of them time to prepare for the vote. This kind of gallup-democracy as May tried to pull off that the polls look good, let's go for a vote, is not fair. Btw, didn't the Canadian parliament also pass a similar act of fixed-term elections or am I confusing it with some other country?