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  1. By whose rules???? Anyway, I'm talking warfare rules. As an example, does Hamas - or jihadists - wear uniforms? They don't! They blend with the civilians! Here are the rules! https://www.icrc.org/eng/assets/files/other/customary-law-rules.pdf https://www.icrc.org/eng/assets/files/other/irrc_853_pfanner.pdf So....you're trying to justify Hamas using people as shields? See what I mean? You folks are..... enablers of terrorism.
  2. Good! Because had it been the other way around.....we wouldn't be talking about any Israel at all. Jews would've been long extinct! The amazing thing about Israel isn't only winning the 6-day war (when she was outnumbered and surrounded by enemies). It's how she built herself up in such a short time to become the powerhouse that she is today!
  3. Now that you've opened up......funny, huh.....because to me, you are an idiot. Nothing personal. To you, we are idiots for what we believe. To me, you - and others like you - are an idiot for your ignorance about our belief. See? You even provided something to support what I've just said. And, you don't even realize it. isn't that idiocy by ignorance? You've lumped us all together. To be fair, you say. Nope. Because as you say, you're pissed off about these books that don't meet your standard. Why would you care that these books do......"not shine good light on any of the religions?" You have serious anger issues too, if you let that kind of thing bother you to the point that you lash out the way you do. So you're pissed off. Like you're about to have a fit? Your tone is escalating actually as we go along.......as your temperature rises, I suppose. Do you have high blood pressure, I wonder? Anyway, that's my observation.... Not fairness - actually it's rather unfair that you lump Christians with Islamist terrorists. Fairness has nothing to do with what you've said. It's because you're an idiot.
  4. You must be happy with the latest poll.
  5. Hold on a sec. Here's an article that explains: https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2018/01/internet-famous-in-the-west-bank/549557/ https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/mar/21/palestinian-ahed-tamimi-accepts-plea-deal-to-serve-eight-months-in-jail This isn't about a regular every-day Palestinian. They're a family of activists!
  6. Boy, how stupid can we get? When we're at war with terrorism - you say we should follow rules??? YOUR OPPONENT IS NOT PLAYING BY ANY RULES! Your opponent isn't playing by any rules.....and you make up rules to tie yourself up with it???
  7. Bottom line: A nation can defend itself by whatever force is necessary! No one can dictate how one should defend one's own borders. This cockamamie "rule" that's being enforced by those who insist you should match what your opponent's capabilities are, is ridiculous! "Not fair!.....not fair!" What are they? Kids? National security......is not a hockey game!
  8. I didn't quote the question that was previously asked. I'm asking and giving my opinion on a different example.
  9. Does forcibly using a person as a human shield for bullets and bombs deserve lesser time in prison compared to actually shooting that human shield? I think the first one deserves more time in prison - since being used as a shield, is also a form of torture.
  10. No. Those people would've been better off under Israel.....than being under the thumb of monsters, who think nothing of stoning and beheading them.....and using them for shields! There wouldn't be any rampant random murders by jihadists that we see now. The world would've been a better place!
  11. You keep digging up past that had long passed. It's still about the NDP! We're talking recent and current events here.
  12. Uh-oh. 

    Kim Jong Un invited a bunch of journalists to NK, and then launched hostile rethorics towards the US.  The journalists are still in NK.

    I have a sinking feeling that those journatlists may not be allowed to leave.

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    2. betsy


      I know they're there to determine that - but that's just it!  Kim could be using that as the excuse to get them there.  The UN delegation should've been the ones to have gone there.

    3. BubberMiley


      It would have been the administration's call whether they would even be allowed to go. Ridiculous that they would send them there and then leave them potentially stranded because the president is a dotard who talks before he thinks.

    4. betsy
  13. Palestinians are being used as human shields! By Hamas! By the way the leftist twisted mentality works, that's okay.....as long as they can blame and demonize Israel for it. Even our own PM doesn't blast Hamas.....but wants a so-called independent inquiry over Israel's alleged use of "excessive" force. And you talk about Israel's "descriminatory justice system???" Gimme a break. You guys, are so funny.