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  1. FAKE NEWS! You're giving all the credit to Trudeau! It wasn't just Trudeau! It was both Trudeau, Nieto and American lobbyists! Timer: 1:00 The narrarive of Trump is different from Trudeau's. Trump didn't say Trudeau had convinced him:
  2. Not banned, but "different."
  3. Why do I care what happens to the US economy? IF we're going to largely rely on the USA for our security, we better pray it doesn't go belly-up!
  4. Wisconsin isn't the USA. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/lori-wallach/nafta-at-20-one-million-u_b_4550207.html
  5. CTV yesterday, ignored Nieto who also spoke to Trump.....and gave all the credits to Trudeau, as the one who knocked some sense into Trump! If Trump doesn't like the deal - the USA will pull out! That's the condition. The ball is now in Canada and Mexico's hands. If they want NAFTA, they better make sure Trump will like the deal. That's the position that Trump got them both into. These two gentlemen that he said on tv, he "likes and admires....." will have to come up with something really good!
  6. I stumbled onto this. Didn't know there are lots that got banned! Enjoy.
  7. Yes. Wouldn't it be something to have been a fly on the wall and listened to that phone conversation?
  8. Of course, you're basing that info from Trudeau and the CBC. What are the chances that Trudeau and Mexico suddenly made a compromise with Trump, just so USA won't pull out? And actually, that's part of Trump's negotiation tactic? He got them in a position he wanted them to be? Notice how Trudeau is subtly saying he knocked some sense into Trump, and made Trump realize that....."gee, so many people with jobs thru NAFTA. Thanks Justin for that info. " Yeah....he does makes himself seem like a "Trump-whisperer." Stepping on Trump to make himself (Trudeau) look good to Canadians. Here we go again with Trudeau preening (and making Trump look dumb to Canadians).......and the likely coming fall-out because of that statement. I say it ain't over til the fat lady sings. Watch!
  9. Faulty Towers! I love Manuel....
  10. Check this out! https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2017/04/25/wild-boars-overrun-islamic-state-position-kill-3-militants/100876844/ Oh the irony.........radical Muslims - killed by PIGS!