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  1. How to prevent terror attacks ?

    The kind of terrorists that are a current problem all over the world, are those that come from certain culture and religion. That's why you don't let them inside your country without an ACTUAL THOROUGH, RIGOROUS screening and vetting! You don't rely on the UN for that! The USA is doing a practical thing by the travel ban from places where information is hard to come by! How can you screen properly without any reliable information? Without any verification? It's easier to control and fight them at the gate. If terrorists are mixed with the general population, it's harder to root them out.
  2. How to prevent terror attacks ?

    That's why there should be MANDATORY training.....and anyone who abuses the privilege, would lose their privilege. We've got a lot of stabbings going on all over the world, and the use of vehicles for mass murder - why do we let people use knives and vehicles? We can't eliminate the use of guns, or knives, or vehicles for all.....just because some crackpots had used them for committing crimes! Why should the majority be lumped together with the bad apples?
  3. "What he didn't say was how US is going to win!"  :lol:

    This came from a panel guest at CTV - on Trump's speech about Afghanistan.  

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    2. Omni


      Speaking of talking head idiots. Trump blathers on about stopping all immigration from Muslim countries until "we can figure out what the hell is going on here", and then then goes to see the Saudi's, (you know those people who flew the planes on 9-11) and sells them billions worth of war weapons. Anyone who supports the latter is in all likelihood the former.

    3. Wilber


      Afghanistan and Pakistan aren't on the list of countries banned from immigration. Go figure.

    4. betsy


       Why Pakistan and Afghanistan not included?





      Travel ban

      Cuomo asked Haley why Pakistan and Afghanistan were not countries listed on the Trump administration's travel ban -- to which she responded that the countries affected by the ban were based on whether they had "enough background checks."
      Cuomo noted that both countries have harbored terrorists in the past.
      "I think the travel ban was based on certain threats, and more importantly, it was based on the fact that if we didn't have enough information," she said. "The goal was always, and the goal continues to be for the President, to keep Americans safe, and any country where we don't have the background checks, we can't ensure that Americans are going to be safe. That's how those countries were picked."
      She continued: "In those countries, we have information that we feel like we can obviously monitor, and we can screen and we can make sure exactly who is coming into our country. In those other countries on the travel ban, we don't have that."



  4. IF it can't be stop - and it won't - might as well be the top dog.
  5. America under President Trump

    Hahaha, media keep saying Trump failed to say how many troops to send to Adfghanistan, like as if they didn't hear him say that he wouldn't diviulge strategies and vital info to the enemy! What moron will give the enemy a heads up? They got used to Obama! These liberals ought to get on the right page on how to engage in warfare!
  6. America under President Trump

    Yeah. I like that part about "no micro-management from DC," and "not announcing - or warning _ the enemies where and how the USA will strike next. I like the practicality of decisions not based on timelines, but based on actual reality on the ground! Really, Obama has tied the hands and feet of soldiers he sends to war! Let's face it. Either we question where Obama's true allegiance really lies.....or we accept that he's a do-do.
  7. America under President Trump

    I would say the same to you.....Obama was ignorant, and didn't know what he was doing when he withdrew....yet you seem to have supported him anyway! We know that Trump is a rookie as a politician! Obviously, he was advised by experienced people who knew what was going on! Look what he accomplished with that summit in Saudi Arabia! Never did Obama made such an accomplishment as that in the ME. Take a long look back and see where Obama's method has brought the USA!
  8. How to prevent terror attacks ?

    Make it mandatory for all citizens to have gun-safety training - and to pass that training - when they reach a certain age. Instill utmost responsibility that goes with the privilege of carrying. Arm the population! Didn't they have some kind of militia for cities and towns in the old days? They're comprised of folks who don't go to war, but are trained to defend their streets, towns and cities. I think they have a special name for it. People who abuse the privilege of having a weapon, loses that privilege. That's the most practical solution - people has to be able to defend themselves when they're being attacked! Knowing that your victim has the capacity to defend himself, or fight back and defend others, is a very effective deterrent for would-be terrorist attacks.
  9. America under President Trump

    America under Trump means..........going to war with the goal TO WIN! TO WIN! War isn't a game, folks. So don't give us that liberal bull about being fair. Your method of fighting war, is what's really costing so many lives - military, and civilians!
  10. Trudeau and His Welcome Mat

    On one hand, the Feds say, there's "rigorous screening process." Yet, they will process 500 refugees a day. Well, here's how the process is supposed to work out for refugee-claimants: https://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2015/11/24/refugees-arriving-in-canada-will-face-a-five-step-process.html I'm assuming that security screening will be done appropriately. How can these be done in one day? Furthermore, there is call for SOS from Quebec: SPEED IT UP! http://www.torontosun.com/2017/08/03/quebec-dealing-with-150-asylum-requests-a-day-immigration-minister It's equally entertaining to see how Justin will try to navigate this. I bet nothing will be transparent.
  11. How many remember the drones and killer robots from The Terminator? James Cameron's vision comes true. We've got drones now. And we heavily rely on computers. People are getting replaced by them. Coming up: killer robots http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-40995835
  12. If they're born in Canada, they're automatically Canadian citizens! Don't forget too, that the government looks the other way about Muslims having multiple wives! That means multiply the amount of children they have compared to our marriages.
  13. How to prevent terror attacks ?

    Putting more cameras won't do any good - we already have cameras! If a terrorist is determined to cause harm regardless of the consequences to himself, the act will happen. I think people will just have to be more aware of everything going on around them. People will just have to fight back, too - like those two who beheaded a soldier in the streets of England as an example. If people who were there had rushed them and lynched them right there and then, I think terrorists will think twice about staging an attack. It kinda flies in the face of their bravado if news all over the world show them getting lynched. Public humiliation isn't the kind of publicity they'll want. If some people rushed that gunman in that night club in Florida.....or if someone had shot back at him, there wouldn't be that many casualties. That's the kind of reality we'll have to get used to.....and we'll have to get into that mindset. Response should be automatic! Like the kind of response that a daycare provider did on someone who tried to abduct two of her kids. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2728061-daycare-owner-recounts-using-mma-to-thwart-attempted-child-abduction We'll have to watch out for each other, and be prepared to defend one another. The stabbing in Finland had two men helping the women who were being targeted by the terrrorist.
  14. The FASCIST so-called "anti-fascists" :rolleyes:  tried to prevent La Meute protesters from exercising their right to protest and express!  When they failed to do so (La Meute group was holed up under the City Hall Garage), the fascists so-called "anti-fascists" resorted to vandalism, and violence towards the police and reporters!

    I haven't seen mainstream newspapers carry this news....maybe I missed them?

    "Hundreds of members of a far-right group marched to protest illegal immigration in Quebec City on Sunday, but were delayed by several hours by far-left protesters who tried to shut them down by force. The far-right demonstration was organized by La … . A Quebec City protest organized by antifascist advocates has been declared illegal. Police told protesters to disperse or face arrest after some threw bottles and shot fireworks at police. The protest was organized to counter a demonstration held by La … "


  15. With the kind of liberal mentality sweeping across Canada ........she is done for good! Am I so thankful that I've got no kids of my own to worry about. I feel so sorry for the next generation.