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  1. That's a good question...who is really being misled? Why is there all of sudden r schools being targeted? After 9/11 and all the unanswered questions and the whistler blowers that have came out, one SHOULD ask questions. The teen said she heard shots while she was talking to the so called shooter, and she believe there was more than one shooter, so u think she was lying and why would she?
  2. George Soros - Exposed

    Michael, how about if we let George speak with his own words...he admits he sold out the Jewish people in WW2 and took their property https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=George+Soros+Nazi+Collaborator&Form=VQFRVP
  3. First of all, apparently the Secret Service was at the school 2 weeks ago to talk to the teachers, if I were a parent I'd be asking why? Also here's a video, I hope the link works, of a senior female student who was talking to the accused while shooting was going on and news has report in the US in the last 45 days 18 shootings have happen in American schools. https://twitter.com/KHOUSportsMATT
  4. CTV Backpedals On Patrick Brown Allegations

    Another view is, since Mulroney has come forward for leader ship, did daddy help get ride of Brown...politics can get dirty.
  5. What's the opinion of a polygraph for everyone being accused as a guide line for a judge or jury to help ?
  6. CTV Backpedals On Patrick Brown Allegations

    I could take or leave Brown but as a person who has been accused of something IF they didn't so anything is going to be harder for women who r telling the truth and no one may believe them.....IF this turns out to be untrue, then she needs to pay big time.
  7. I like to hear "The Maple Leaf Forever" when raising the flag, but I also like O Canada. I also know someone would have a problem with some words in the Maple Leaf too.
  8. Apparently the DA in Florida is asking for a mental health examination after reading his case history...he may have been on drugs.
  9. Apparently, Don Jr. was the target....someone doesn't like him......Trump NEEDS to pass FREE mental health....too many Americans NEED help in their thinking and acting out!
  10. Just received a message from a friend and said the Donald Trump Jr wife was rushed to the hospital after opening a envelope that had white powder and I'm asking why is society standing for this? Wasn't JFK. Rob. Kennedy, King and others enough? Cleaning up the swamp must be getting close to something that they wouldn't sent a threat to the President. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-02-12/wife-donald-trump-jr-taken-hospital-after-opening-envelope-containing-white-powder
  11. Don't know any except Elliot, but who is the least corrupt?
  12. America under President Trump

    The State of the Union speech is coming up Tuesday night and all stations have to televise it and Trump is trying to get the Dossier and who was behind it passed in the House but the Dems are stopping it because it would expose them.....so, word is Trump will read ALL of it on air to expose the Dems. especially Obama who order it. I wonder if Trump will be threaten again not too. Cleaning up the swamp is very dangerous for any President who wants the truth exposed.
  13. Open Letter to Justin Trudeau, the MPs, and the press

    Ok, so if it makes u feel better we can blame both, BUT Trump has enemies on both sided of the aisle, he doesn't know for sure who is for or against him.
  14. Well reality says depends on 2 items, one who the new leader of the Tories and who the voters of the GTA, who will they support since that were the major voters r
  15. Yeah, BUT it depends on the AGE of the guy..........