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  1. Thank You, Trudeau part 2

    lok up in the sky its a bird, its a plane, no its Fidel Jr. and you bet he's vain first he lectures on what words to use but wait he still wanted to be in the news so with righteous fury he and his cultees undermined a jury but he wasn't done off to India he went on a photo op run off the plane he did prance to engage in photo ops and dance his family dressed like dolls and then came the pratfalls lecturing Mr. Butter Chicken of the Pubjab on terrorists while forgetting to vent his travelling list oopsy we invited a murderer with us oh please don't make such a fuss you see we do better in Canada as Fidel Jr. said we don't arrest terrorists, we compare them to Italian immigrants instead we rehabilitate them you see but not that damn jury no them we undermine because um uh oh you never mind he never said anything bad I mean sheesh and yegad he was just expressing raw emotion before crossing the ocean his people said pander to get your vote with either type Indian emote and off to India like a comet causing many to vomit except of course for the Squid I mean heaven forbid he take down the poster from his boudoire and call Trudeau a fallen star I mean come on oh gee he's just like his mommy but hey Fidel left us his son so they'll be some more fun I mean at least he's not a grump like that fat man Donald Trump well its just a matter of time until he makes the transition and I don't mean to the opposition I feel sorry for Sophie who these days is kind of looking meat loafy I think she is ready or his fall and sudden re-emergence as Ru Paul
  2. Syrian Civil War

    I stated: If one were to accept Ghost's thesis that the US is to blame for supporting Al Quaeda as you stated , then Russia must be equally to blame for supporting Assad. You of course have not used your anti American standard to judge Russia or Iran or Hezbollah for that matter, just the US and Israel.You then made the above response. back to me. It shows when you have no ability to respond and are shown to be selective to the point of absurdity the best you can do is spit back an insult which of course is to be expected. Who you be questioned as to your selectivity? You? You should have figured out by now that the difference between us is I do not and have never over-estimated your lack of intelligence.. it speaks loudly for itself. Now of course your latest fantasy is there is no civil war in Syria. The Holy Ghost doth thinketh he doth shine downeth from his divine throne of infallible procolomations. More like proctological. That aint no throne and that aint no cherubs singing just farting. Hark the herald buttox sings.
  3. Syrian Civil War

    Yah the war going on isn't civil because Russia and the US are rude to each other. Genius.
  4. Jerusalem is Israel's Capital...

    That was funny. You spend many responses telling Jews who we are and where we can live and now suddenly its not up to you. Lol. You are the leader for us. We need you to lecture us on where we should go Moses I mean Holy Ghost. Bottom line its up to those who live in Jerusalem to figure it out not you, not me and certainly not the pee on Israel Committee.
  5. Jerusalem is Israel's Capital...

    Crap. You show what you are and what you stand for. You use the expression THE JEWS and the State of Israel as meaning one in the same thing,. This coming from someone who has lectured on this board that I should not assume all Jews and the state of Israel are synonomous. The fact you use THE JEWS to make any reference to the state of Israel illustrates how you use discussing Israel's existence as an excuse to criticize, generalize, stereotype, denigrate ALL Jews by calling Israel, THE Jews. You are pathetic in how you try justify your attacks and smeers and all Jews switching back and forth from THE JEWS to Israel. You show yet again your pathetic passive aggressive attacks on all Jews trying to hide behind the word Israel. Your agenda which is to smeer and insult THE JEWS at this point is blatant. You are a pathetic THE JEW hater.
  6. Jerusalem is Israel's Capital...

    The Jews go their do-over. Why the Jews would be upset... Its nice to know you now use the term "the Jews". Tell me Jew expert who are THE JEWS. Who exactly do you mean. Israeli Jews? Canadian Jews? Oh wait I know, THE Jews. You know every single last one of them. By the way Jew expert I am A Jew. The fact I am A Jew does not give you the right to lump me or ANY Jew in your pathetic THE Jews references. What a passive aggressive sleezy response. You know where to find THIS Jew. hey what does Hack have to lose comin on this forum referin to dah jooz i mean him and his dislikes to the ones he calls THE kikes hee hee stick in the word thee you know the JOOOZ we've moved on from ZIONIST we now add all Jews to the list all Jews and their kin hey you know the people without foreskin
  7. Thank you Trudeau...

    Explain why. You make assumptions now provide the case law that says the above. Here's a hint there is none. Here's another hint, the words "begins to cause it to become movable means turning on the engine of any motorized vehicle. According to you someone can get in the car, turn on the engine but is not driving the car as long as it has not moved. Bullshit. In law just sitting behind the driver's eat with keys is sufficient to be considered driving it. Yoiu don't even have to start the engine. Yah you knew that. G on then, o look up the case law on drunk drivers before you wax poetic on the criminal code. In this case if you are pretending he did not start the ATV and was not trying to steal it, knock yourself it. The facts contradict your fantasy and your attempt to deny what the person was doing when he got shot. You want to white wash what he was doing to turn the person into a martyr. Spare me. You are nothing more than another after the fact couch potato legal genius with a political agenda. The law is not based on your fantasies or political biases. When you have any proof anyone in the jury did not consider the facts properly get back to me.
  8. Thank you Trudeau...

    You are a racist which is clear from all your comments. You feel its perfectly acceptable to be a racist as long as it suits your prejudices. You also ignore how the law works living in some fantasy racist world that a jury must be of the same appearance as the accused otherwise you can automatically assume this jury is untrustworthy. Nothing you have said makes any sense. You are a classic example of someone who feels because you think you are a leftist, this automatically means you can be a racist and a fascist because if it comes from your mouth you get to define which race or ethnic group it is you spew hatred about. You don't represent anyone but your own hatred.
  9. Jerusalem is Israel's Capital...

    Yes this coming from someone who ran from me when he had no idea how to defend his arbitrary pronouncements on where Jews should live. Right.
  10. Thank you Trudeau...

    It is true what you say. The US was created by rebellion and uprising and had a civil war and its constitution has clauses such as the right to bare arms we would never agree to-not to be confused with some of our new Canadians and their fundamentalist religious beliefs that maintain that no part of a woman's arms' should be bared.
  11. Thank you Trudeau...

    Speaking about reality and ignoring it try read this: “Saying anything that amounts to commenting on the correctness of the verdict, to improve your public image or ensure an appropriate approval rating, should be criticized in Canada,” said Michael Lacy, a partner in the criminal law group Brauti Thorning Zibarras LLP in Toronto." source:http://nationalpost.com/news/canada/0212-na-stanley Next your comment: "You don't sound like a very open minded lawyer, but then you tell me that the first thing a lawyer learns is that they are better than the rest." was stupid. It is precisely why I am open minded I do not want a politician undermining a neutral non partisan legal system. Legal decisions should be based on non partisan principles not your personal political biases and bigoted assumptions that only people of the same race as the accused must be on a jury as you have argued. You are the actual closed minded bigot suggesting juries should be selected based on race. What a crock. Trudeau is an inexcusable idiot. He deliberately made comments intended to undermine the jury and the entire legal system, what the hell do you think the following words meant: "Canada has come to this point far too many times." What the hell do you think he was prattling on about. Our Justice Minister said "Canada must do better" in direct response to the not guilty verdict. How fare she claim to speak for me when undermining this jury. Who the hell did she think she was undermining the jury as Justice Minister. Its probably the most politically inappropriate thing a Minister could have done. As for your childish comments that I think I am better then others as a lawyer that's your insecure projection on me and lawyers. No we are not better than anyone BUT we have a higher standard of care when we open our mouths in public. No lawyer, not me, not the Justice Minister, no lawyer has the right to openly undermine the legal system we took an oath to uphold. We don't get to practice law and sheeyat on it at the same time. Its one or the other. Using the office of the Justice Ministry to piss on the entire legal system because the Justice Minister could not separate her own aboriginal identity from the outcome of the decision is as unprofessional as it gets. You clearly don't get it trying to make this about me or by insulting lawyers or pretending Trudeau and this idiot of a Justice Minister didn't act out of line. They both should resign. Do you really need to be explained why politicians should not try undermine, intimidate or influence legal decisions? Do you need to be explained the legal system to work must be impartial and free of the appearance of partisanship? You now have repeated racist concepts that you feel only aboriginals should Judge themselves. How would you feel if WHITE SUPREMACISTS come on this board and say the same thing? Well? Think man before you try turn this into some imagined attack on lawyers. As Bush Chaney said, Trudeau engaged in political partisanship to undermine the jury's verdict. Politicians like lawyers under no circumstance should engage in behaviour that undermines the integrity of the legal system. That is not because we are better than you, but precisely because if we do that, we are acting better than you.
  12. Thank you Trudeau...

    In regards to your first comment of course he did. In regards to your second comment it makes no sense. A jury is not selected solely on the basis that it be the same "race" or "ethnicity" or "creed" of the accused. Think before you respond. Using your logic only blacks should be appointed to juries where a black is accused and on and on. Horse crap.