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  1. South Africa to expel Whites from farms

    This thread is locked. Feel free to try again. HINT: Do not troll your own thread.
  2. Jerusalem is Israel's Capital...

    This thread is locked. If you wish to continue this discussion, feel free to create a continuation thread entitled Jerusalem is Israel's Capital...Part 2. If the jokers avoid personal attacks, I may merge it back into this original thread for continuity.
  3. What is Dignity?

    This thread is locked. Try a different tone next time.
  4. What grade level is this forum targeting

    This thread is locked. MLW does not compel anybody to be here nor to partake in the discussions.
  5. Homosexuality In The Bible

    Folks, I took down a few garbage posts. Avoid personal banter. None of you are the topic of this thread discussion.
  6. Do believe your dictionary?

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    2. bush_cheney2004


      I believe that where water flows...a flower grows.

    3. ?Impact


      Not always. For example there is an error in the Oxford English Dictionary for almost 100 years that stated that atmospheric pressure makes siphons work when actually the force of gravity is responsible.

    4. OftenWrong


      I believe it, but I protest against it.

  7. Jerusalem is Israel's Capital...

    Folks, I took down a few garbage posts. Avoid personal banter. None of you are the topic of this thread discussion.
  8. Creating a poll thread.

    Sorry. It should be visible now.
  9. Creating a poll thread.

    There are 2 menu tabs: Content and Poll; at the top of the editing space. Before submitting, click on the Content button and fill out the required fields indicated with red text and an asterisk. There are 3 spaces that need titles: - the regular thread title, as would be found with an ordinary thread - the Poll title - the question title Take a look at this template: tITLE template poll for direction.
  10. Islamophobia in Canada

    Folks, Avoid personal attacks.
  11. Creating a poll thread.

    You must include some text in the body of the Opening Post of your poll thread.
  12. Folks, Stop polluting the forum.
  13. Jerusalem is Israel's Capital...

    Going twice...
  14. How to Report a specific Post/Thread to Moderators

    The Report post link of the OP is in the same location as it is in each regular post. No. If it is not visible then it is your browser that is not rendering it. In the future, send me a regular Personal Message with your request.
  15. Jerusalem is Israel's Capital...

    Folks, Please avoid personal banter. None of you are the topic of this thread.