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  1. A different kind of troll

    This is mostly a case of semantics - the word "ban" used to be used within the board software, but now it's "suspend indefinitely". Which obviously means that same thing as banning, it just displays differently on the front end. Thanks
  2. What topics fall outside of what's already available in the "OFF-TOPIC DISCUSSIONS" section of the forums? Can you give me an example?
  3. A different kind of troll

    NO, we clearly do no welcome trolls. And to continually perpetuate this kind of nonsense is your way of trolling the mod and myself - kind of ironic, isn't it?
  4. Don't freak out! The most recent forum upgrade slightly changed the look and feel of the forums... Any issues, post a note in the support section. Thanks!

    1. Argus


      But... what if I like freaking out... ? 

    2. scribblet


      Does the new 'heart' increase the number of likes a poster has or is it starting all over?

    3. Hydraboss


      Odd how it looks exactly like the theme from Office 365 Web version......strange.

  5. What about post's number?

    That was my fault - we had an issue with the forums a month ago; shortly after a upgrade, the forums because unusable. First thing you do in a situation like that is turn off all modifications and plugins - which I did - to ensure that it's not a third party code conflict with the upgrade. Fortunately it was just a caching issue, and after clearing the cache, everything was back up and running. Unfortunately, I forgot to turn on the plugins back on! Sorry about that. The posting number plugin has been activated and everything should be back to normal. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
  6. Thanks for voting in the recent forum poll! I'll be posting another forum questions shortly...

  7. Chat Functionality

    Ok, looks like we have a tie - so I'm going to break the tie with my vote - I'm for having chat functionality. I will look into the logistics and cost of adding it back into the forums. Thanks for participating everyone! I'll be posting another questions (relating to the forum functionality) shortly!
  8. Chat Functionality

    I've moved post editing from 30 min to 24 hours - that should be more than enough time to correct any errors. However, that's a different topic, lets keep this thread on the topic of chat functionality.
  9. Chat has been removed due to Invision Power Board not supporting the functionality anymore. I have looked into different options (mostly paid options), and I'd like to know if everyone wants chat functionality implemented again. Note: the third-party chat plugins I've been looking at have a great deal more bells and whistles, so if you didn't like the original chat feature because it was barebones, any new chatroom would be considerably more feature-rich.
  10. Unfortunately Invision Power Board has pulled support for their chat function. The latest upgraded completely removed this function, hence why it is no longer available. I have looked into different options (third party plugins), but I want to know everyone's feelings on whether it's a feature you want to see again. I'm going to create a support thread about this issue, please post your options on whether you want me to add this feature again. Thanks!
  11. I've increased the amount of time between when a member posts and when they can edit that post to 24 hours. It was previously set to 90min, and I don't believe that was enough time. I will also be activating a feature that will force members to acknowledge a warning before they can post again. I'm doing this to ensure that member understand the reasoning behind some moderation actions. If you have any issues or questions, post them in the support section. Thanks!
  12. Can you show me a screenshot? Did you try to restart your browser?
  13. "Last Visited," not accurate?

    I'll look into this issue. can you give me an example?
  14. Do you see ads?

    Ah ok, now I understand what you mean - the font page. Yes, MLW used to published regularly (I was the project director); we focused primarily on political education, but the funding ran out after a decade. Cheers!
  15. Do you see ads?

    What do you mean, "flash page"? As I mentioned earlier, I'm only testing the ad locations right now and in the future I am offer the ability for members to read the forums ad free.