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  1. Why would that scare you?
  2. And that may be bumped, but lets give things some time to settle in before we make too quick of judgements.
  3. You may have reached your daily limit of 20 positive up votes.
  4. That definitely wasn't the idea! I'm hoping that it will help threads/postings that are of high quality be exposed to more eyeballs. I've capped negative notes to 5 per day, positive votes to 20. People can try to game the system, but we'll just have to see.
  5. Ok, thanks TimG.
  6. We will have to wait and see what happens... As I mentioned in the announcement, this is an experiment. I'm willing to be flexible, but I want to give a bit of time and see how it all plays out. OK, so would replacing it with a simple up vote (basically, a like) work then?
  7. This isn't a feature, and it's probably better to adjust the size of the text on your phone. HOWEVER, I will take a look and see if there is a quick way of doing this on my end.
  8. Good question, I will look into it. In the mean time, you can follow the leaderboard, which will show those with the most up votes: http://www.mapleleafweb.com/forums/leaderboard/
  9. I've activated something similar to a "Like" button. See the announcement here:
  10. I've activated a mew reputation system in the forums. The system will allow members to award points for content they like, giving recognition to the original poster. The feature is in beta, meaning that we're just experimenting with it and it will likely change over time. If you have any questions, please feel free to post in the support forums.
  11. You don't have the right to revoke your licence, and I DO I have a perpetual license to publish your comments - period. Also, for those who are complaining about the actual banning of Cybercoma - I reserve the right to take any moderation action I feel is necessary to maintain order in the forums. I don't need a specific rule to give me that power. This isn't a court of law or a playground for that matter - you can't go running away and cry and whine to an adult when you feel you've been wronged.
  12. No, the rules are clear on this: By participating in these forums, you give me the licence to use the copy you provide. Everyone's contributions are part of a greater discussion, I'm not going to allow someone to arbitrarily remove part of the conversation just because they're having a tantrum. Also, some postings are quoted by other members, do you expect me and the other members to selectively edit out the quoted responses just because you want the forum wiped clean of your words? I'm not changing my mind on this rule, so lets drop this discussion right now.
  13. 90 min I'm open to pushing that back further, but lets wait for more feedback. Thanks
  14. No one is allowed to delete all their posts - period. I'm going to turn on the function that stops members from editing/deleting old postings today. I didn't turn this feature on in the past because I figured we're all adults here, but I guess i have to evolve my thinking somewhat. You're free to request your name be remove and have your account deleted, but the posts and your statements remain. If you're that embarrassed by what you've said in the past, perhaps you should watch what you say in the future. I will remind everyone to read the rules and guidelines of the forum, you have no right to remove what you've said here in the past. This is a online public forum, and just like you can't magically remove the spoken words in an actual physical public forum, you can't remove them here.