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  1. It's certainly possible for me to archive (which means they can be viewed, but not posted in) older forum threads. I just never saw this as a priority in the past. What does everything think?
  2. Great, I'm glad I could help!
  3. Follow the instructions on this page: Specifically, the section title: "Viewing and deleting passwords"
  4. It's not bogus, we do have that many members - it's just unfortunately most of those members are banned do to spamming. I may clean the membership tables out pretty soon, which should bring this number down considerably.
  5. Can you be more specific - how slow in seconds? And when are you experiencing these slowdowns?
  6. Because they are a moderation feature of the forum software. Every time anyone is issued a warning, their warning point goes up one (or more). However, the only people that can see the points are the mods and the actual member - this isn't a public number. There are additional features I could activate relating to the warning points, but for a number of reasons haven't. For example, i've been wanting to activate the warning point expiry feature - which would allow those points to expire after a certain period of time. We can also activate a feature that would automatically suspend anyone that hit a specific warning level - however, I don't like that feature very much, so I decided to leave it off.
  7. Yes, ,but Bubber is right, some of those Guests would be bots and spiders.
  8. I agree with @eyeball, it's likely a browser issue. What browser are you using? i can help point you in the right direction on resetting your browser settings.
  9. Why would that scare you?
  10. And that may be bumped, but lets give things some time to settle in before we make too quick of judgements.
  11. You may have reached your daily limit of 20 positive up votes.
  12. That definitely wasn't the idea! I'm hoping that it will help threads/postings that are of high quality be exposed to more eyeballs. I've capped negative notes to 5 per day, positive votes to 20. People can try to game the system, but we'll just have to see.
  13. Ok, thanks TimG.
  14. We will have to wait and see what happens... As I mentioned in the announcement, this is an experiment. I'm willing to be flexible, but I want to give a bit of time and see how it all plays out. OK, so would replacing it with a simple up vote (basically, a like) work then?
  15. This isn't a feature, and it's probably better to adjust the size of the text on your phone. HOWEVER, I will take a look and see if there is a quick way of doing this on my end.