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  1. Open Letter to Justin Trudeau, the MPs, and the press

    It's not clear to me that there's hate here, but I sure didn't read this overdrawn and overdone letter. I think that a lot of us were fooled by the story. It doesn't amount to anything significant as far as I can see. I don't think we even had posts on here when the original story was published.
  2. America under President Trump

    Ok well glad you are ok.
  3. Thanks AT. I will take what I can get.
  4. I didn't see a thank-you from AngusT for educating him on provincial tax rates. Did you get one ?
  5. President Oprah Winfrey in January 2021?

    I think you're starting to get it. We are back in the pre television age.
  6. America under President Trump

    I don't think anybody ascertained what the relationship is, or posited on that. From what I could tell, the person I was discussing with didn't understand what was being stated. Cities out west like Regina consistently have a higher rate of violence than Toronto. Maybe this needs a hew thread to discuss.
  7. America under President Trump

    Well, I posted the truth about Russia and you just walked away from it without acknowledging it and then posted this tidbit, I assume because you were embarrassed. I guess you're welcome for me teaching you what rate means. Hint: "The higher the population of a country the likely hood is that the murder rate will be higher" doesn't describe what rate means. The more insecure you feel about yourself, the more you seem to act out by posting racist bullshit like 'Caucasian people are superior' etc. etc. You should focus on improving yourself rather than trying to pull yourself up by casting racist aspersions. I actually feel bad for you, and others who buy into these themes, as they are clearly feeling bad and looking for a way to feel better.

    What evolutionists need to recognize is that their ideas are not being picked up by mainstream science. That is not because of some conspiracy but rather because their ideas are bad. As such, if you continue to push old ideas that have been disproven and have died on the table of intellectual pursuit you look like someone who doesn't acknowledge facts.
  9. http://all-that-is-interesting.com/marshall-mcluhan-global-village Short read about McLuhan's "prediction" of the internet. While I disagree that he predicted it, I do agree that he had a sense of the appetite for some kind of global information system. Therein was his genius, that he could sense what people wanted from technology, and therefore product what would eventually come without describing it exactly.

    I'm sure you can find flaws in it, but no real scientist is going to believe origin stories that came from an ancient holy book. 'Believing' the bible does not have to mean fundamentalism, ie. accepting all the analogies, myths and contradictions contained therein.
  11. America under President Trump

    Well.... the graph compares 'rates' so.... not sure what the disconnect is.

    I don't understand why religious types want to dominate the world of science too. It feel like insecurity. It's not like they're champeen wrestlers trying to unite the titles of 'World Science Champ' and 'World God Champ'. There are no BELTS awarded here.
  13. Islamophobia in Canada

    Well, I'll admit my response is emotional and irrational. I can forgive a lying kid, but it reminds us to be a little skeptical. Yes, I absolutely believed the little.... well... yeah. There was a lawyer on CP24 just now saying that mischief charges should be brought.
  14. Iran needs some democracy

    I remember when Tom Brady was caught using a deflated Jesus to win games unfairly. The Churches in Boston turned a blind eye though.
  15. Islamophobia in Canada

    She should get used to it. It will be happening more often, to her face moving forward... She will be punished for this for longer than necessary.