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  1. Oh, he could have tried. Anything to cause a great deal of pain would have been good.
  2. Either that policeman could see it wasn't a real gun or he has nerves of steel. He could at least have taken out a kneecap or something...
  3. Beer

    This stuff's not bad. I prefer bottles, but still. Brewed in Edson.
  4. Abortion is a done deal

    So does allowing it.
  5. Syrian Civil War

    I think the Russians probably were behind it, although the fact they are getting better does lend credence to your theory. Maybe someone took it upon themselves, and now they're on the train to the Gulag.
  6. Syrian Civil War

    At least I would save face...
  7. Syrian Civil War

    If they'd followed my advice and introduced a massive worldwide nuclear power initiative and a massive worldwide program of forced sterilization they could have saved the climate. They could have used all the fissionable material in the plants. The only Rapture I can look forward is the very unlikely prospect of an England win this summer in Russia.
  8. Syrian Civil War

    Yeah, because killing all your customers is the ultimate goal of the capitalist.
  9. Syrian Civil War

    If there's nothing else, why worry? There are billions of people they haven't gotten around to yet, so I'm hoping to die old and happy before they get me in their sights.
  10. The Foreigner leading the NDP

    I knew an Israeli who was kinda brown. Ish...
  11. Syrian Civil War

    Yeah, I have to admit, you can't move for them here in Alberta. Give me a Gulag any day...
  12. Switching back and forth between John Toland's biography of Hitler and Connie Willis's "To Say Nothing of the Dog".
  13. Meanwhile, in other news, Dutch transportation planner changes careers...


  14. Are Conspiracy Theorists 'Nuts"

    Not if they just sound like vermin.