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  1. Justin Trudeau the Worst PM Since Pierre Trudeau?

    Too much Bengal bungle where photo ops and costumes are more important than trade and policy. I don't think anyone is falling for the spin from the PMO that the terrorist was invited by Indians, particularly as the Liberal MP has owned up to it. It's pretty serious when the PMO lies in order to smear a foreign government. One thing I’d like to know is who is the person lying to the media, and why is he/she being protected (media is not allowed to tell)
  2. Justin Trudeau the Worst PM Since Pierre Trudeau?

    According to CTV the PMO actually tried to make the invite list a secret citing "privacy" and "security". Can't wait for the damage control on this one. Manveer Singh is one of the official journalists with Team Trudeau, check him out and his role with TV84. The "Modi is a Terrorist" has a nice ring to it for a journalist with the Trudeau entourage, PM Mondi should kick him out of India.
  3. Trudeau's little family vacation along with 6 cabinet ministers and their entourages is costing us a bundle particularly as there is little official business.  https://www.hindustantimes.com/world-news/trudeau-s-unusual-india-visit-raises-eyebrows-criticised-by-canada-watchdog/story-Xg6UmLGX4g3AkPHhD87oVL.html


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    2. AngusThermopyle


      You so funny Impact. The problem with your statement is the fact that Trudeau is clearly as thick as two short planks whereas no sane person ever accused Harper of not being intelligent. Admit it, you fell head over heels for the obviously intellectually challenged empty suit. 

    3. AngusThermopyle


      So true scribblet. Now not only is the world laughing at Trudeau once more, but the Indians are non too pleased with him, and that's putting it mildly. What's with this guy, he just can't stay away from terrorists and their ilk. Not only does he import Indian chefs to India, he also brings along Indian terrorists.

    4. scribblet


      The trip is a disaster culturally and politically, the whole world is laughing at him but as Canadian reporter said some are angry and offended by his antics, including his silly Bollywood dance entrance.   

  4. Rod Rosenstein: “No allegation that any American was a knowing participant”
    Rod Rosenstein: "No allegation in the indictment of any effect on the outcome of the American election."

    What will the Dems do now

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    2. scribblet
    3. bush_cheney2004


      Dems will keep praying for a miracle.

    4. LonJowett


      Funny how he said it was all a hoax last week when he was aware of all this evidence. Why would he do that?


      Better delete this question quick, right? Lol

  5. CTV Backpedals On Patrick Brown Allegations

    No one is looking for 'perfection' but they do want the truth especially when anonymous allegations can ruin a guy's life and career. The reporter(s) obviously didn't do all their research before printing, but I suppose that doesn't matter if you are out to tar and feather some one. Enough has come out now to cast more than a little doubt on their stories. Brown is now suing - and rightly so.
  6. Thank you Trudeau...

    Exactly; his politicizing and interfering has tainted any ability the Crown may have for an appeal, there is no chance for an untainted jury and a fair trial. He is also attempting to destabilize our system in order to implement his own ideology. An unbiased accounting http://www.newsoptimist.ca/opinion/columnists/there-is-so-much-wrong-being-said-by-both-sides-about-the-gerald-stanley-trial-1.23171591
  7. CTV Backpedals On Patrick Brown Allegations

    No one is looking for 'perfection' but they do want the truth especially when anonymous allegations can ruin a guy's life and career. The reporter(s) obviously didn't do all their research before printing, but I suppose that doesn't matter if you are out to tar and feather some one. Enough has come out now to cast more than a little doubt on their stories.
  8. Thank you Trudeau...

    Try reading this. http://www.newsoptimist.ca/opinion/columnists/there-is-so-much-wrong-being-said-by-both-sides-about-the-gerald-stanley-trial-1.23171591 Much has been made of the all-white jury. But the calling of 750 potential jurors of a jury pool is extraordinary. That was a deliberate attempt by the court to provide as wide a jury pool as possible, and certainly larger than anything I encountered. That just a sliver of those potential jurors showed up is a reflection that many people, including First Nations people, did not wish to put in an effort for this case. Perhaps if all, or even most, of those 750 people showed up, given the local demographics and substantial Indigenous population, it would have been impossible for the defence to challenge them all people of visible minorities. There would have been too many. Now Carolyn_Bennett says new legal framework will allow Indigenous people to have more control over their lives and their land more quickly. Guess that means we don’t have to pay them billions of dollars every year now. There are currently 147 First Nations reserves under "Default Management" by her own Department. Does Bennett know this? What happens to those aboriginal communities and more so now that Trudeau killed the First Nations Financial Transparency Act.
  9. CTV Backpedals On Patrick Brown Allegations

    She lied about her age and the location, the other woman's assertions appear not to be true. CTV's McGregor called the male who was supposed to have driven her to Brown's house, he has denied any involvement, something McGregor did not report. Brown's lady friend also refutes her story about what happened at the house. It really does seem that Brown was set up. I hope he continues fighting back.
  10. So PM Trudeau wants FB to crack down on fake news So - will that include banning CTV  

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    2. ?Impact


      Yes, those with an anti-media bias will think that CTV did zero due diligence, and have no credibility. It is interesting that it is people like Rob Ford and Donald Trump that have pushed that idea.

    3. dialamah


      What would Conservatives cry about if fake news was shut down?

    4. scribblet
  11. Thank you Trudeau...

    Natives actually allready 'do better' under Gladue and Aboriginal Sentencing
  12. Thank you Trudeau...

    Of course he is but the worst is from the Justice Minister who should step down. Sean Robichaud is a Certified Specialist in criminal law by the Law Society of Upper Canada who says: Whether it is the right, left, or any political leanings, it is wholly inappropriate for elected officials to publicly undermine findings of a lawfully delivered verdict; particularly when it is one of a jury. The response is to silently appeal, not publicly shame.
  13. spam spam spam

    1. bcsapper


      Diced, fried, and then with a couple of eggs scrambled around it.  Mm-mm.  Guilty pleasure.

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    2. bcsapper


      Everyone's a slut when they feel like it.  I disagree with JT's ideology in that I don't believe indisciminantly, but If he wants to, let him.  There is a vague rumour going around that if enough courage is mustered to present certain affadavits, he might well rue the recommendation.

    3. betsy


      To automatically  believe them, just because they're women???  It's one thing to listen....but to believe them???  You'll automatically assume the accusation is truth, and that the guy they accuse, is guilty!

      Was Justeen high or something when he said that?  What a terrible thing to say!


      Whatever happened to presumed innocent until proven guilty, Mr PM? 

      You seem to have no wits about you.  Maybe if you try to get your head above that cloud of smoke - you wouldn't be spouting off reckless comments!



      Lol.  Gomeshi women comes to mind!  Every vindictive, bitchy, opportunistic women with an axe to grind (or even not), will be screaming sexual harassment! 

      Hell hath no fury......unleashed!


      It's going full-circle, folks!   Trivialized and abused, women's credibility will be back to where it's been.  No one will take women's accusations seriously in the long run.  It's starting to happen.  That's what so infuriating about all these!  The real victims will be lumped along with all the sensational, wanna-bes.

    4. betsy


      Does it mean.....

      If a female friend of the wife came out to say PM abuses Sophie in private - I'll have to believe it's true .  It came from a woman.......and, after all, there was also that elbow incident.

  14. Had to post this:

    Liberal MPs will open Winterlude Friday and they will do that at... wait for it –

    Snowflake Kingdom. From the media advisory:

    1. OftenWrong


      Will the King make an appearance there?

    2. scribblet


      Probably, it's at Snowflake Kingdom