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  1. You can't fly CAP missions for NATO if not prepared for air-to-air combat. What's next...Canadian ships that don't have to float ?
  2. But it wasn't just vocal masses...it was Canada's ruling government and Parliament as well, cheering on the A-stan mission as far more legal and moral than the invasion of Iraq, which had yet to even happen. Canada couldn't do both, so Afghanistan it would be.
  3. I know...Canada would rather buy the Queen a new hat than decent kit for Canadian Forces...so much cheaper.
  4. And yet, it is Canada's PM begging for Trump's attention...again. Trudeau is probably begging for more than hair styling tips.
  5. I think this violates forum rules against direct insults of world leaders. Personal attacks only reveal anti-Trump desperation.
  6. Then why do more nations want to join NATO, while present deadbeat nations refuse to leave ? Sure sounds "stupid".
  7. Justin Trudeau's government is begging for more of Donald Trump's time and attention... Somebody should inform Mr. Trudeau that Mr. Trump is a busy man and doesn't have time to babysit Canada's problems. If it's about illegal refugees crossing the border, then just deport 'em. Seems that Trudeau just can't get enough Trump.
  8. Trudeau locks up Canadian children in immigration detention centers.  Shame !

  9. Thank you for agreeing that left-wing prescriptions also cause refugee flight to other nations, as in Venezuela.
  10. Nope...sorry...you don't get to wiggle out every time by claiming the left-winger was actually a right-winger...again. Left wingers also create social and economic reasons for refugee flight to other nations.
  11. Yes, he was Somali, no matter how much the Trump haters want to downplay it.
  12. Oh yes there is....take a look at what the left-wing prescriptions have done in Venezuela and the resulting refugee flight out of that country.
  13. Trudeau announces review of aboriginal laws...laws for whites must be just fine as is.

  14. Yes...I would believe it. This is what happened in Sweden after Trump's comments: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-39047455
  15. Yeah...'cause there have never been mass migrations before climate change. Those were just permanent vacations.