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  1. Complete nonsense of course.... al-Qaeda attacks were very much heard of prior to 9/11/2001: 1992 - Yemen Hotel bombings 1993 - WTC truck bomb (New York) 1998 - U.S. embassy bombings (Kenya, Tanzania) 2000 - U.S. warship bombing(s)
  2. OK...my bad. Carry on....
  3. Canada never had discrimination ? Are you serious ?
  4. Because it turns out that Canada really isn't so peaceful, it just wants Canadians to think so. Canadian mining, oil services, and other economic interests around the world are not bothered by "imperialism". Canada is the 7th biggest arms exporter in the world.
  5. But the USA death toll is from infidels...big difference ! The Qu'ran tell us what Muhammad would do, peace be upon him.
  6. More "Red Scare" data for Muslims in the USA.....so scary, more mosques are opening each year:
  7. Good...this is what many groups have experienced in the U.S. What is so special about Muslims in that regard ?
  8. OK...so why would it stop now ? Nothing special about Islam or Muslims in that regard. Welcome to the club.
  9. Not a very effective "scare"....Muslim refugees from around the world keep voting with their feet and Qu'rans for the evil US of A: http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2016/10/05/u-s-admits-record-number-of-muslim-refugees-in-2016/
  10. It would seem that yet again, nothing can be defined in Canadian terms....it is always some other group taking the lead, be it Nazis or Americans or "USA". This is normal in Canada...all is well.
  11. That's right....enthusiastically support while I watch NCAA basketball or NFL football on my Chinese made HD television. Bombed the crap out of Germany too, if that makes you feel any better.
  12. And there will be many more....because there is nothing you can do about it. U.S. policy is not changing anytime soon...more ships and aircraft and bombs and missiles are being manufactured every day.
  13. And yet they keep on coming to the evil USA....voting with their feet and Qu'rans. America doesn't care how you think it should be. Bombs away !!!