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  1. Why should she ? Government taxes her income to provide the less fortunate such benefits already.
  2. Actually, low income families are already covered by state and federal programs (MediCal, Medicaid, SCHIP, etc.). Ideologically, what the tourist was expressing is a common belief and concern that universal health care will reduce choice and access to private health insurance/providers. The ACA (Obamacare) has reinforced the notion that government is incompetent at such things.
  3. Most "older white folks" (age 65 and older) in the U.S. are covered by Medicare insurance (80% pay) and privately purchased gap insurance + copays. They also have Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage. A large majority of other Americans, including her students are covered by private insurance through their parent's employer as an untaxed benefit. Messing with that to provide the unknowns of universal coverage and wait times is a valid concern.
  4. The political calculus for the 2016 election didn't care about that...right or wrong. U.S. exports for steam and metallurgical coal are increasing. Clinton lost several of her key "firewall states" partially because of her well documented opposition to coal mining. Trump became president...Clinton did not. Those who refuse to understand these things (not necessarily agree) were surprised by Trump's victory. But it really didn't matter in 2016. Trump's supporters want to "blow it all up" and damn the consequences. In the United States, all politics are ultimately local, not national. As for automation, U.S. workers have faired far better than those in Canada who lag in productivity and investment, regardless of ruling government.
  5. I don't think you fully understand the nature of candidate Trump's political support from "these people"....more government programs and mismanaged existing programs/regulatory schemes are targets regardless of their impact. One of the best examples comes from coal mining states that Obama/Clinton just abandoned for political expediency (for "climate change"). "These people" flocked to Trump in great numbers.
  6. Agreed...Germany is screwed up because of its own history and foolish choices. Merkel wants to dominate the EU economically, but uses past German militarism as an excuse for deadbeat NATO defense spending. Germany was a much bigger deadbeat debtor nation than Greece. President Trump has called out Merkel and Germany on the world stage.
  7. Looks like a majority of Germans agree with President Trump on NATO:
  8. President Trump's NATO deadbeat scoreboard...and it is not fake news. http://www.thefiscaltimes.com/2016/08/01/Donald-Trump-Right-About-Deadbeat-NATO-Countries
  9. ...and the DEADBEAT Canadian government sent troops to Afghanistan with green camou and Iltis jeeps....for NATO Article 5. The only people who have to worry about the World Court are Africans....Canada's Chretien and Martin will never have to pay for their war crimes. Trump can do what he pleases too.
  10. Even President Obama spied on Angela Merkel and the German deadbeats.
  11. President Trump is different....especially when it comes to NATO deadbeats like Canada:
  12. Funny part is that all the cheap ass NATO deadbeats desperately wanted President Trump to state support for Article 5 of the NATO treaty. He didn't...scare them into paying up on defense budgets. The Canadian and EU socialists want the U.S. to keep paying for their "collective defense". Frankly, that is collective BS.
  13. President Trump had a great trip, taking time to point out all the NATO deadbeats again (including Canada) just like President Obama. I hope the president sticks to the original plan of dumping the Paris climate change circus as well. So many liberals to "piss off"....so little time.
  14. The same planet where creepy pervy Justin Trudeau said it was Trump's/America's decision...and not anybody else.
  15. Trudeau backs Trump on climate change decision...because he has no other choice and needs to save himself for NAFTA and other non-EU issues. Trudeau has to play nice..."because it matters so much".