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  1. Trudeau's huge payout to convicted war criminal and Al Qaeda terrorist Omar Khadr is roundly condemned by a majority of Canadians. Individual and class action lawsuits for "aboriginals" who were routinely abused and killed in government sponsored residential schools dragged on for decades and were settled for far less per victim and/or remain unresolved to this day. Omar Khadr got express service for political reasons...."aboriginals" got more of the same Canadian shaft.
  2. True dat....and completely unrelated to the alt-left racists in Canada who cheer for Trudeau.
  3. Spicer is smart enough not to pay a convicted war criminal and Al Qaeda terrorist $10.5 million.
  4. President Trump presides over the commissioning of the new Ford class super carrier. Trump loves these kind of gigs....
  5. Worrying about healthcare as the number one priority is so...Canadian.
  6. This dear Omar cartoon has a MAD Magazine vibe.... https://www.thespec.com/opinion-story/7408500-editorial-cartoon-july-6/
  7. Improper use of quoting function....try again. Previously, you mocked tortured and dead "aboriginal" victims by posting they should have gotten better lawyers compared to little Omar.
  8. Another view on Trudeau's Payout 10.5:
  9. Spicer will be fine...it's not like he was ever accused of assault or actually killed a pedestrian.
  10. In Canada, it only costs about $25,000 for "aboriginals".
  11. That's right...."america" will not be paying Trudeau's favorite war criminal a damn dime. Should send him a bill for medical care and lodging at 'Gitmo. Apparently Omar Khadr's charter rights are worth a lot more than other Canadians' charter rights, even if Canada tortures/kills them.
  12. I'm not from MD, but did graduate from university there. I can only guess that Julie Payette was in MD because of her husband's aerospace job and/or her NASA training. That she struck and killed a pedestrian in a foreign country is not a trivial matter, even if charges were never laid. We have no idea what civil settlement may have been made in the case. Canada has its own queen/monarch in Elizabeth somewhat like Catholics have the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit all in the same Christian "God". So there is a viceregal to tend to the queen's constitutional affairs in Canada...aka Governor General. Most importantly, it has to be different from whatever those mongrel rebels (Americans) are doing!
  13. Now it's just getting weird...Canadian politicians appearing on U.S. television programs to attack Team Trudeau's Payout 10.5 while others see linkage to NAFTA negotiations. At least it's not the same old mind numbing boredom usually found in Canadian politics. http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/scheer-trudeau-cullen-khadr-1.4215008
  14. Krikey...Julie Payette comes to my country and mayhem ensues (in Maryland). What a great GG candidate !!!