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  1. Sixteen years on and still no evidence for USGOCT

    See the 2005 partial collapse of Windsor Tower due to fire in Madrid, Spain...no super duper "nanothermite" required. Steel failed...concrete didn't. The wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round.....
  2. Where is the NDP

    The link between Canadian and U.S. data is also tenuous at best. Canada relied far more on foreign capital investment than did the U.S.
  3. We all are racists

    "Progressives" squeal louder about being called "racists"...because they think they meant/mean well.
  4. Rohingya Issue

    Canada's government(s) care more about mining interests in the region than another group of refugees.
  5. Hollywood: Weinstein vs Netflix

    Most of it is far less than mediocre, so may as well vertically integrate for a larger share of the ticket/subscription revenue. Canada just wants Netflix to keep contributing to a cancon pool of money that guarantees far worse than mediocre. So much content....so much crap.
  6. Islamophobia in Canada

    Logical fail...or there would be a lot more "aboriginal" radicalization from "Canadian values"...past and present.
  7. America under President Trump

    There are some, but the bulk of state elections are synchronized with 2-year federal election cycles for Congress (House + 33 Senators)...2018...2020...etc. https://www.270towin.com/2017-2018-governor-election/ The Democrats lost about 1,000 federal and state seats during Obama's tenure, but NPR would never claim it was a referenda for Obama's presidency.
  8. Yes...many times, but this only deflects from my pointed question and perpetuates the stereotype. There are many first nations families who live in Canada's cities and towns, just like "white people"...were "white" children ever placed with them for foster care or adoption by social services agencies and policies ? I suspect not....
  9. America under President Trump

    Methinks President Trump and the U.S. Supreme Court understand the Constitution better than you.
  10. America under President Trump

    ...just another bug for the Supreme Court to splatter.
  11. America under President Trump

    Really ? Lincoln and FDR didn't agree with you. Imagine that.
  12. Freedom of speech

    The First Amendment in the U.S. is one of the things that separates it from many other nations, including Canada, which has far more limitations on "freedom of expression". It is not unique to America, but it will be fiercely defended....like the immediately following 2nd Amendment...GUNS!
  13. Understood, but my cheeky question was specifically pointed at temporary, foster parenting which is a mainstay in child protection service. It is clear by any measure that "aboriginal" families were decimated for reasons and outcomes that "white" families did not have to similarly endure, regardless of risk or abuse. I suspect that native parents who tried to foster or adopt "white" children would be denied, then and now. In an unrelated development, media are now reporting the gross incompetence of a "hair testing" lab used by social workers to snatch children away from their parents.
  14. This forum and its policies

    "Free speech" does not apply to private web forums.
  15. America under President Trump

    Yes...hence the Trump election backlash. But the entrenched politics are bigger than any one individual.