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  1. Trump/Obama -Difference?

    Easier to name lots of things that Trump has done.... It's Trump's Economy Now Trump is doing far better than Trudeau in Canada.
  2. How Biased ARE the US Media

    In the U.S., newspaper endorsements ceased to have what little influence they enjoyed many years ago. The editorial boards see it as an opportunity to express a publisher's "values" and garner attention for a dying medium. I don't know of any American voter who was genuinely swayed by a newspaper endorsement for president. Obviously, lack of endorsements didn't hurt Trump much in 2016. http://news.northeastern.edu/2016/10/12/3qs-do-newspapers-presidential-endorsements-even-matter/
  3. How Biased ARE the US Media

    Actually, Donald Trump became U.S. president partially because of media bias, which he used to his political advantage. He even got other nationals (i.e. Canadians and their media) frothing at the mouth over an election they had absolutely no control over. The CBC still rails against Trump in op-ed pieces, as if it matters (???). Trump understood the power of media better than any candidate since Ronald Reagan, and knew exactly how to exploit it. Trump had sex with the media, and they liked it !
  4. Trump/Obama -Difference?

    President Trump is doing just fine...far exceeding expectations that doubted he would ever become president at all. Like President Obama, he is the product of current but always changing American circumstances, both having defeated the much disliked Hillary Clinton. That's why the U.S. has federal elections every two years. Any other nation/national who depends on a U.S. president for their safety is already at the mercy of the U.S. government, regardless of who is president.
  5. Syrian Civil War

    Off topic....personal attack...please start another thread to insult Americans if you need to.
  6. Syrian Civil War

    That's right...been hammering Syrians for long time. Back in the 80's, President Reagan used an Iowa Class battleship to fire 16 inch, 1200 lb projectiles at Syrian artillery bases in Lebanon. Syrians didn't like that....big booms.
  7. Syrian Civil War

    Off topic...why are so many people here obsessed with "Nazis" ?
  8. Syrian Civil War

    Off topic...start another thread to get your hate on for Israel Nobody is going to full scale war over sorry-ass Syria. Hell, even weak Canada has bombed Syria (2015).
  9. Syrian Civil War

    Not true....the allies (including the Soviets) won WW2. But this thread is about Syria....not Nazis.
  10. Syrian Civil War

    Not true...American support for Israel polls better than ever. American support for Syria....not so much. Putin couldn't stop Trump last year in Syria, and Putin couldn't stop Trump this year either. Maybe next year ? Forget about China....they haven't even figured out Taiwan yet.
  11. Syrian Civil War

    When it comes to Syria, most definitely. Syria is a basket case, and only survives because Putin/Russia need a warm water port in the region (Med). Because the U.S. can, and nobody has stopped it, yet. The U.S. can bomb Syria and round up Canadian/Mexican illegals at the same time.
  12. Syrian Civil War

    No, the U.S. is not the "good guy"...like any nation state, the U.S. acts for its own interests, which may or may not benefit other nations. The U.S. has no obligation to "humanity"....wars will continue until further notice.
  13. Syrian Civil War

    Question all you want....doesn't mean a damn thing. Assad had his chance to come clean and save Syria from his father's fate, but he chose a dictator's "dark side". Hypocrisy is free....lots for Canada too. Big deal.... Off topic...start a new thread. Ding, dong, Saddam is dead. America didn't start your empire's world wars (plural), but America sure as hell finished them. Trump embarrassed Putin by attacking Syria's "WMD" not once, but twice. Even got FRance and United Kingdom to help in the beat down. Putin didn't do jack about it except hide his Russian troops in bunkers. Boom goes the dynamite ! Good luck with Putin, Canadian.
  14. Syrian Civil War

    America's choice...not yours. You don't get a vote in the matter. The Europeans...just ask Libya and Iraq. America did not start WW2...that was you guys (British Empire)...no longer exists. Like I said before, if you don't like American foreign policy...stop us. Good luck doing that.