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  1. That would be Islamophobic....
  2. 15 Fatman type devices for tactical use....
  3. Montreal Imam: Jews are the most evil of mankind, human demons, quotes kill Jews passage from hadiths. Different Montreal Imam says "Destroy the accursed Jews" Imam and congregation of Toronto Masjid Mosque Call for the Death of All Jews and Christians.
  4. This was next... "Planning for the invasion of the main Japanese home islands had reached its final stages, and if the landings actually took place, we might supply about fifteen atomic bombs to support the troops."
  5. Feel free... ...notice a trend? I mean besides the word 'conquest'.... Islam behaves as it always has. Same as it ever was, same as it ever was... Where Islam conquers, Sharia follows. But, I'm not stopping you from defending Islam from the likes of me. Islam needs all the help it can get if it is to take over the whole planet.
  6. Yes indeed. Booked both MDP and Deja Voodoo back in the day.
  7. This one was pretty awesome, played ALL sides at once...Red, White and Foreign interventionists. Best with 5-6 players... WW2 in Russia was another ball o' wax...many good titles.
  8. This thread assumes all Americans are Christian and they are not.
  9. You spelled Hamas correctly. I was unaware this was an exercise in shame. That being said: mellow out, Rue.
  10. For three: Once the war was on, Japan insisted on abusing Allied prisoners and civilians in some of the most inhuman ways possible. Setting the tone for the rest of the conflict re: no quarter given...from either side. That was really really bad.
  11. For two: Japan invaded China. Then Indochina. That was really bad.