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  1. The Battle of Charlottesville

    Victim status seeker, eh? He was forced to smash that guy with a bike lock.
  2. The S400 is not a secret.
  3. How to prevent terror attacks ?

    Remove Islam...voila...no terrorism.
  4. The S400 is an antiaircraft system. Not a ballistic missile. That is, it can't "attack" NATO countries. Just passing aircraft. Nor is it $400 million of anything.
  5. The S400 is an alright system...but easily fooled by decoys. Plus, it is dangerous to operate for the crews...engine ignition failures are common.
  6. Refugee crisis escalating

    Do you still beat your wife? Why for goodness sake?
  7. The Left invites terrorists into our home

    Now how to get you to go back with a dozen in tow.
  8. Refugee crisis escalating

    I'm not talking immigrants. I'm talking border jumpers. And since you're not going to house them and feed them, release the hounds.
  9. Refugee crisis escalating

    Folks are keen to take in millions as long as they don't have to pay a dime, themselves. That's for others to do...pay for it.
  10. Refugee crisis escalating

    All talk...no action.
  11. The Left invites terrorists into our home

    I accept your surrender.
  12. The Left invites terrorists into our home

    Your lies or your smearing of Voodoo as a violent death cult like Islam?
  13. Refugee crisis escalating

    If you house them and sponsor everything regarding their upkeep...no problem. So how many can I put you down for?