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  1. The Arab narrative regarding the Arab-Israeli War relies on the ignorance of the Western audience to the actual history of the conflict.

    The less you know the better being the motto...

  2. That's wonderful. My point stands. The Arabs started a war and then promptly LOST...not in the plans. Now they want a do-over. Do you think Germany should be given a chance to 'get it right'? Give Germany back the regions it lost to Poland during the war. Ethnically cleanse all the Poles out of Prussia and Pomerania and then let Germany run the show. What if they decided to conduct a terror campaign to convince us all that this should happen? Would that be okay?
  3. My old AK-47 was 5.56 NATO...Norinco. Doubt one can easily get an older Factory 66 7.62 variety...must be bloody rare by now.
  4. Palestinians were specifically constructed as a 'people' after the Arabs lost the Six Day War (Khartoum) They were called Egyptians and Jordanians just days before. Had the Arabs won...no Palestinians. The Mufti and his old cause to control al-Aqsa (instead of the Hashemites) was dusted-off and the whole shootin' match was handed to his nephew Yasser. The Mufti and young Arafat were languishing in obscurity in 1967 after blowing the 48 War so spectacularly. The al-Husseini fortunes and influence had declined...especially since assassinating Jordan's King Abdullah in 1951.
  5. Zionists bought the land fair and square...then the Ottoman Empire went bye-bye. They have as much right to a country as say...Syria or Lebanon or Egypt...etc...all former Ottoman Empire lands. Few Arabs BOUGHT land as it meant serving in the Ottoman military and paying property taxes. Some did, however...like the Hashemites and al-Husseinis.
  6. Removal of Cornwallis statue.

    No clue as to why, eh? No wild guesses?
  7. Removal of Cornwallis statue.

    The removal of history as well as criminalizing his behaviour. Are you aware why Cornwallis issued a bounty on the Mi'kmaq to the other tribes in the region? (Only a few Mi'kmaq were actually killed in this fashion). Was he just a big meanie or what? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Father_Le_Loutre's_War
  8. As seen on YouTube

    Duel: Dennis Weaver (1971)
  9. One of my favorites. The 1955 Peterbilt 281...
  10. Removal of Cornwallis statue.

    Sure it is. There is nothing to be embarrassed about re: Western Culture. It's simply the best.
  11. While the same folks concerned barely twitch an eyebrow when the latest suicide bomber offs 200 in a farmer's market in one of those 'shit hole' countries...hah.
  12. Nor should they. I tend to view this mainly as a policing issue...or lack there-of in Chicago's case. My city is FULL of guns...for a peaceful-ish Canadian city. Only the drug dealers blast away at each other...oddly enough...with their illegal weapons. Nobody gives a rat's rear when they off each other. Except perhaps for the traffic problems going around the crime scene.
  13. The PPSH was pretty reliable due to simplicity...but yes...drums screw-up big time when they fail. Almost impossible to load in battle, too.