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  1. Spanish authorities prevent Jihadi attack on Gay Pride Parade. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4625716/ISIS-terror-suspect-arrested-Madrid-Gay-Pride.html Good thing Islam is the Religion of Peace.
  2. How about the term "whitey". Is that racist?
  3. Another huge terrorist attack in Afghanistan. 

  4. These mealy mouthed supporters of Islam just want two things: Islam...duh...and for you to be silenced.
  5. It's right where you want it: an Islamic theocracy...not the decadent West with its rights and freedoms. You missed the part where I detailed the Iranian Army's hatred of the Soviet gulag system and their 4 year tour through it, eh? Not surprised...or if you did you now conveniently lie about my position...as usual. It's you with the soft bigotry of lower expectations. You're happy sentencing women to the horrors of Sharia with the rest of the severely bearded men. And you wonder why you're alone on your boat. Iranian women protest the new Islamic order in Iran circa 1980. Didn't work.
  6. Indeed...a solid front is presented. But you imply that these two had the invasion of Iran on the burner from before WW2. Remember, Stalin and Churchill hated each other. It took the chaos of Barbarossa for Stalin to have the nerve to invade. The British were happy to deal with Iran if they ejected all the Nazis hanging about. But getting cross was all they could muster. By themselves, they didn't have the spare troops to even dream about taking on Iran's sizable army. But the Soviets had more than enough to do the job by themselves...and would have regardless of British participation. Churchill wasn't about to let Stalin occupy the oilfields. It wasn't share and share alike. It also led to the UN's first crisis when the Soviets...as predicted...didn't want to leave certain regions when the war ended...with the support of the Tudeh Party that Mossadeq used later to win his democratic election. So ultimately, you can thank the British...and later the Americans...that Iran even exists today...rather than as a lonely oblast in the former Soviet Empire...thoroughly looted and broken into parts.
  7. To reiterate: The British invaded from the south in reaction to Stalin invading from the north. There was no way in Hell Churchill was going to allow Stalin to seize Iran for his own. Had the British not invaded, the Russians would have still crushed Iran all by their lonesomes...and try and get 'em out after that.
  8. There was no such collusion between Stalin and Chamberlain or Stalin and Churchill re: Iran. I've been discussing this for days now and yes...I have mentioned the role of the British already. You're free to pretend I haven't though. You're the one at bat for the Shah's papa.
  9. Also...pretend I didn't already mention the British.
  10. Apologizing for Nazis. I have you where I want you, eh?
  11. And...unlike the Mullahs who went on an execution spree once they seized power, Mr Mousie was allowed to live out his remaining days in luxury house arrest rather than having his nails pulled-out in Evin Prison by the Ayatollah's goons.
  12. Uh...I'm referring to the Shah's father. Pretend like you don't know why Persia was renamed Iran. Pretend that Stalin didn't invaded Iran. It has everything to do with the Persian Corridor...Lend Lease route to the Soviet Union. All that Western built infrastructure...airports...highways...oil fields...railways...etc. Mousie's deal with the Communist Tudeh Party (that had already tried to make Iran part of the USSR) only sealed his fate in the very hot Cold War environment of 1953...Stalin had just died, etc.
  13. Had Iran not admired Hitler and tried to join-in on the fun going on in the USSR in 1941, perhaps Stalin and the UK would have left Iran alone. But, alas...