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  1. Hutus perpetrated the massacre against the Tutsi...in case anybody has FORGOTTEN.
  2. Hutus don't do anything without first checking with their French masters...understood. Had not the word gone out to buy Chinese machetes then use them on their fellow Rwandans, there would have been no genocide. But, alas...the French employed their mind control lasers and set everybody to hack-mode.
  3. Ah yes...the evil French using mind control lasers to command locals to pick-up Chinese machetes and hack down their fellow Rwandans. Those evil, evil, evil Frenchies.
  4. When an earthquake hits Japan...they take care of it.
  5. I can string random words together, as well.
  6. Jerusalem is Israel's Capital...

    History disagrees with you. The Arabs started the Arab-Israeli Conflict.
  7. Jerusalem is Israel's Capital...

    Your facts are opinion. The Arabs started all the various wars...and lost. Israel controls Jerusalem. Fact.
  8. It is important for the victim-hood industry that a continuous stream of victims be produced. Today's flavour...Haitian.
  9. That this fellow thinks the FRENCH committed the Rwanda Genocide should say enough...eh?
  10. Jerusalem is Israel's Capital...

    If your claim is that East Jerusalem is part of some other country, you're free to say which one. Jordan, perhaps...they annexed it before. But, terrorists don't get countries.
  11. Jerusalem is Israel's Capital...

    You side with the Arabs who actually followed a Nazi...so. As for East Jerusalem, the Arabs could always try to re-annex it for themselves as they did in 1949...but that would require them winning one of the wars they start.
  12. Iran needs some democracy

    Big tough Iran, eh? LOL

    This year's flu shot is only 10% effective, apparently. I wonder what changed?
  14. Jerusalem is Israel's Capital...

    Your viewpoint is that of the Arabs who naturally think a do-over is in order. However, the Arabs were defeated in a series of wars THEY started...this after following a Nazi on the run from the hangman's noose. They should have NEVER listened to him...but they did...and his terrorist nephew. Do you want a do-over for the Third Reich next?
  15. No...reintegration of ISIS fighters rather than charging them with terrorism. To name but one disagreeable act this rotten excuse for a PM has inflicted upon Canada.
  16. You can pretend all you like. When are you moving to any African country? That's right...
  17. Israel didn't start the conflict they just had the misfortune of winning it. Justin Trudeau does seem to support terrorism.
  18. Iran needs some democracy

    That's what folks said about Japan post WW2.
  19. The history books disagree with your assessment that the Arabs won the wars they started.
  20. Islam is exactly why a lot of Africa is a giant shit hole.
  21. Jerusalem is Israel's Capital...

    Like it or not, the Sultan needed money after his adventures in the Crimea...Zionists provided that money. You can always rewrite history to suit your narrative, I suppose.
  22. Jerusalem is Israel's Capital...

    Zionists bought the land the UN partition was based originally on. They had been busy in the later part of the 19th century buying any plot possible that was contiguous...and then any plot possible. Zionist Jews had to pay the Jizya, but were exempt from Ottoman military service...unlike Arab landowners. Europe's attitude towards Jews during WW2 (and before) is why there is an Israel in the first place. Land in Kansas was also for sale...it was much better and cheaper. Jewish presence in the Levant is backed-up by archaeology. The Arabs are relative newcomers to the region...7th century AD.
  23. Islam Is Peace

    Islam is Peace: post your most admired things about this religion that only wants the best for all human beings...no dogs allowed. ...and go.
  24. One thing learned is that Muslims are never responsible for their own situations. It's always somebody else's fault. Always...
  25. Islamophobia in Canada

    One of Paul's parables a bit out of context. He was going to get HIS head shaven when he discussed the "morality" of long hair with his companions. Long hair her argued, was akin to covering one's head which was a woman's glory...unlike....heh...men who were the glory of god and best shaved. Take it from there...