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  1. The promise to reduce the public service is in large measure what killed Hudak in Ontario in 2014. https://www.thestar.com/news/queenspark/2014/05/09/tim_hudak_says_he_would_lay_off_100000_civil_servants.html Let's not go there until you're in office.
  2. Well then. That puts him on par with our existing PM.
  3. Good for him for realizing Quebec would likely not endorse him. I hope others will also bow out very quickly. Bernier news conference coming and that should be interesting.
  4. Wonders how many dual French Canadians are registered to vote in France's election.

    1. Wilber



      There are probably more dual US/Canadian citizens registered to vote in both countries.


    1. OftenWrong


      and Leafs. and Oilers. and... nah!

    2. capricorn


      Do or die for Habs tonight.

    3. bcsapper


      GOlf SENS GOlf

  6. Three polls this evening re my pick for Conservative leader.

  7. I vacationed in the mid-eighties in Venezuela. Such a beautiful country, thriving and vibrant. I can't believe what is happening there now. As explained in the following linked article, Venezuela is oil rich but cash poor. They no longer even have the means to get their oil to market. http://www.dw.com/en/5-things-to-understand-about-oil-rich-cash-poor-venezuela/a-38478166 As Argus said the country on the verge of civil war. It's difficult to ascribe a motive as to why Venezuela's leaders chose to seize the GM plant. I haven't found anything on the web to shed light on said motive other than Venezuela's leaders don't know what they're doing. It truly is a sad scenario.
  8. GO SENS GO!

  9. Could it be that the (make believe?) hijackers carried those fake airplane parts in thermal body armor and then deployed said parts shortly after impact. I mean, that there alone would confuse all of the experts wouldn't it?
  10. I prefer all 9/11 conspiracy theory discussion to be centralized so that I know exactly where to go for my daily entertainment.
  11. Don't we already have a 9/11 thread? Realistically, how many do we need?
  12. Reading some posts makes me feel like MLW has its own Deep Throat. The Twilight Zone redux.

    1. betsy


      Hahahaha.  Speaking of Twilight Zone......

  13. Lawyers can be president, politicians can be president. heck even actors can be president. Therefore, I can't see why a businessman can't be president. Of course, in Trump's case it would make no difference what his profession, he simply doesn't appeal to many people.
  14. No doubt. Yet, we've no choice but to accept Trump was elected POTUS and for all our sakes, he needs to succeed in these critical decisions.
  15. So he discovers he has a lot to learn. And exactly what is wrong with that? This is not exclusive to Trump. In Trump's case he must learn quickly given the impact his decisions have are far reaching.