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  1. "The chief fundraiser and senior adviser to the Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, who played a critical role in the rise to power of the charismatic politician, was involved in the movement of millions of dollars to offshore havens, the Paradise Papers reveal. '


    Liberals, different day, same smell.

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    2. drummindiver


      Where did Capricorn say Liberals once again being found out for do as I say not as I do is illegal?

    3. Argus


      You forgot to mention that the files also have names in them like Jean Chretien, Brian Mulroney, Paul Martin Jr, and Pierre Trudeau.

    4. drummindiver


      Yes, but they didn't call small business owners and farmers thieves for saving taxes while at the same time utilizing loopholes.

      They also didn't break the law.

      Didnt try to change the laws to benefit themselves.

      That said, Martin was the worst ever. Those others mentioned are pretty bad as well.

      More do as I say, not as I do.

  2. I would rather watch an episode of The Walking Dead than listen to the monotone voice of our Immigration Minister tell us we are increasing our population through immigration.

    1. drummindiver


      Root canal sounds more fun.


    2. hot enough

      hot enough

      People who watch US propaganda TV only have themselves to blame for their condition. 

  3. "Trudeau said while everyone knew Downie's death was coming, they hoped it was not.

    "It hurts," he said, his eyes red as tears streamed down his face.

    Trudeau ordered the flags on the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill and at all federal government buildings in Downie's hometown of Kingston, Ont. to be lowered to half-mast until sunset on the day of the funeral or memorial service."


    Get a grip Trudeau, you've got a country to run. Sheesh.

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    2. betsy



      "Trudeau said while everyone knew Downie's death was coming, they hoped it was not.

      "It hurts," he said, his eyes red as tears streamed down his face.

      Too melodramatic -  like coming from a bad, bad soap.....

      ........makes you wonder, could he be stoned?

    3. betsy



      Kimmel and now Trudeau criticized by Conservatives for showing grief. 

      They're called, "crocodile tears."

      I bet Trudeau was hoping Downie's death would distract from Morneau's scandal.  Milk Downie's passing....turn on the taps!  In front of media!



      Boy....wait til the funeral.  I cringe he might throw himself on the coffin.


      The "elite" are supposed to have class when it comes to grieving.  They try not to make a spectacle of themselves.  Thus you don't see royalties  - nor people like Jackie O - sobbing in public.

    4. Omni


      Well at least we know who the expert on bad bad soaps is around here. 

  4. Quebec's Bill 62

    Why dance around the issue. I support this legislation if only that it affords some measure of security, and feeling of security, for transit customers and transit workers, and employees working in provincial government offices offering government services. What is the downside of having persons show their face for a short period of time, as they are the ones to benefit from whatever they expect from the public employee. Don't get me wrong, I advocate this should apply to anyone hiding their face be it a burqa or a ski mask.
  5. Singh Wins Federal NDP on 1st Ballot

    That might be a problem if asking Singh to remove his turban. Although he did say he has nice hair and would show it depending on the circumstances.
  6. Liberals starting to make Trump seem honest

    Or Morneau will simply resign. With his millions, as if he needs the aggravation of being embarrassed publicly by Trudeau. Trudeau to journalist: "Here's your chance to ask the Prime Minister a question." Could he be more arrogant?
  7. Singh Wins Federal NDP on 1st Ballot

    As party leader, Singh is aspiring to become Prime Minister. Supposing he did make it to the top job. He would not be allowed to enter Québec`s National Assembly while wearing a kirpan. Imagine the Prime Minister of Canada unable to enter the National Assembly because of wearing a religious symbol. http://montreal.ctvnews.ca/sikhs-wearing-kirpans-denied-entry-to-national-assembly-1.597619
  8. Justin Trudeau the Worst PM Since Pierre Trudeau?

    “Previous budgets were illustrated with stock images that sell for [$480 USD] $600 or less. However department staff ordered more elaborate illustrations in a sole-sourced contract to a Toronto photo agency, demanding a picture of a family with construction cranes,” reported Blacklock’s. The sole-sourced contract for that budget cover was not open to a competitive bidding process. This year, records obtained by Blacklock’s show the department placed a rush order with McCann on Feb. 1 and approved the artwork nine days before the budget was released on March 13. Last year, as with this year, department staff discussed at length details of the document. It is not clear whether the cost of staff time involved in those discussions was included in price figures. Last year, those costs including sending a Toronto photographer to Vancouve to take the photo, which was later photoshopped to take out condos, brighten the sky, and put in a construction crane. “We will have to have discussions about the crane,” the photo agency wrote. “We are working on getting you two different crane options.” https://www.theepochtimes.com/justin-trudeaus-federal-budget-book-gets-170000-cover_2332461.html This is mind boggling. High level bureaucrats debating which picture of a construction crane should be used on the cover of a budget document that only a handful of people will look at in hard copy. Most people will look at the document online. Our tax dollars at work.
  9. Identifying who is entitled to this compensation will be quite a challenge. I read it is expected that 25K to 50K will be paid to each individual. That's quite the spread in anticipated payments.
  10. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

    Happy turkey day everyone. I don't like turkey so I'm having atlantic salmon baked in maple syrup with scalloped potatoes.
  11. Energy East is done.

    When future references are made to TransCanada cancelling energy east, it will be recalled that this disastrous decision was made while Justin Trudeau and his Liberals were in government. They will not be left unscathed.
  12. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/abortion-clinic-safe-zones-ontario-liberal-pc-1.4341113 In addition to getting caught engaging in wedge politics, the Ontario Liberals look positively amateurish for claiming they need to consult interest groups after tabling draft legislation.
  13. Today the PCs tried to turn the tables on the Liberals. They said they agreed with buffer zones around abortion clinics and the homes of related workers. The PCs agreed that legislation be passed today. Wouldn't you know the Liberals put on the brakes and said "not so fast". Of course, this move by the Liberals is to ensure abortion continues to be discussed in order to paint the PCs as anti-abortionists. How transparent of the Liberals to play this card hoping to increase its popularity.
  14. "No Schedule" on Cannabis Legalization

    Yeah, strange indeed. No worries for 19 year old Ontarians straddling the Quebec border. Just hop over and buy your weed at a Quebec weed outlet. A major concern is that federal excise tax on pot will be set so high that it will be cheaper to continue buying it from a local drug dealer. IE, federal tax to be set at $1.00 per gram to a maximum of $10.00 (10 grams) then it increases. Is this marijuana legislation really to protect our youth from predatory street drug vendors or a convenient tax grab? I'm stilling mulling that over.
  15. The Refugee Claimant

    https://globalnews.ca/news/3783935/abdulahi-sharif-accused-in-edmonton-attacks-ordered-deported-to-somalia-in-2011-u-s-officials/ How is it even possible for this guy to get into Canada after being ordered deported by the US? Some public security system we have here.