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  1. President Trump must be loving that our Prime Minister threw open the doors for illegals to migrate into Canada. Look at all the money the US will be saving not having to take action to find, investigate and deport the illegals living in that country. It will be mega millions.
  2. "Fake" is the new mainstream word. First, we were treated to the term "fake news". "Fake" is now a word attributed to the status of a country.

    "Iran's supreme leader lashed out during a pro-Palestinian gathering in Tehran on Tuesday, calling Israel a "fake" nation in a "dirty chapter" of history."


    I'm not faking.

  3. Very accurate in my opinion. Let's take a page from the evolution of official bilingualism which started with the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_Commission_on_Bilingualism_and_Biculturalism Then came the first Official Languages Act (1969). Then came the 1973 Parliamentary Resolution on Official Languages in the Public Service to expand the provisions of the existing Official Languages Act. http://www.lop.parl.gc.ca/Content/LOP/ResearchPublications/prb0256-e.htm#A-The1973 Next came the revised Official Languages Act (1988) enshrining the Parliamentary Resolution of 1973, The Liberals were in government for all initiatives except for the revised Act of 1988 when Mulroney was PM. Governments are masters at getting their way in an incremental manner that, most times, flies right over the heads of the electorate. And even so, majority governments can do as they please and the peons can go to hell.
  4. That is no proof that what I said is, as you put it, “not true”. Have you forgotten that PET’s first stint as prime minister spanned 1968 to 1979? That’s the period in which I joined the public service. That’s also the period when PET oversaw generous compensation packages. He also grew the public service from 198,000 employees in 1970 to 273,000 in 1975. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_Service_of_Canada#Hiring As for PET's fiscal policies during that time frame: “The Liberals won the election but by 1975 the inflation rate which had been 10.7% in 1974 had climbed to 10.9% and showed no sign of abating. Trudeau was forced to rethink all of the options and when he introduced the Anti-Inflation Act in Parliament it contained wage and price controls for various segments of the economy. The legislation was only one part of a program that also imposed limits on Federal government expenditures, tighter monetary policies and government restrictions on fiscal policy. Wage increase were to be restricted to 10% during the first year of the program, and then 8% and 6% during the following two years. These restrictions applied to all Federal government employees and employees of companies that employed over 500 works. The implementation of these policies was overseen by the anti-inflation board which had the ability to recommend the reduction in prices of consumer goods, wage rollbacks and rebates to customers of various services. By 1978 the effects of the wage and price controls, all though not definitive, were viewed as a failure and were phased out. Within a year the anti-inflation board was dissolved. The program was generally disliked by Canadians and the government intrusion into the free market economy had many unforeseen results which created more difficulties then were solved by the program. “ http://www.canadahistory.com/sections/eras/trudeau/wage_&_price_controls.htm Restricting public service wage increases to 10% is a clear indication that previous to that measure said increases were higher. And even so, back then a 10% wage increase was nothing to sneeze at.
  5. Please point to me where in that "archived" document it spells out the percentage wage increases negotiated for public servants during PET's time. I have read said document and did not see it.
  6. I do. At the time I was a wide eyed twenty-something who joined the federal public service as did thousands when he opened the job floodgates. Oh how we loved Pierre when he not only hired us, but showered us with wage increases of 10 to 12% annually and benefits to match. Vote Liberal, get freebies! We'll pay you and pay ourselves. Ah, the golden days.....
  7. In Trudeauspeak, that may mean bringing in more immigrants and refugees.
  8. Yes, and this in spite of gouging us more and more. I can't help thinking that governments at all levels take note of the donations to various charities and participation in lotteries by Canadians, and decide we must have more disposable income than they are aware.Then they tap into it through increased taxation and user fees. How else to explain that we have less and less money in our pockets.
  9. No nukes at Canada's disposal.
  10. Sick of hearing Trudeau blurt "middle class" so often everywhere he goes. I mean, what about those who have no hope of being middle class, and there are millions of them.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. capricorn


      Yeah, that sickens me too cause it's his usual platitude when he blurts out his usual talking point.

      "I'm struggling to join the middle class." Barf....

    3. betsy


      He lied about improvement of the middle class!

    4. dialamah


      Yeah, I'm a little tired of that too.  Maybe politicians should be made to change their slogan every year?  This year, his slogan could be - "Electoral reform?  Don't be silly."

  11. I would not discount human interaction so swiftly. Israel has used human interaction techniques in airport screening quite successfully. I would expect the same techniques are employed with individuals aiming to immigrate to Israel. Here is a very good analysis of the benefits of face to face interaction in dealing with such issues. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/daniel-wagner/what-israeli-airport-secu_b_4978149.html
  12. Agree fully. As you are probably aware, babies born over Canadian airspace are also automatically granted Canadian citizenship.
  13. Well then, we can kiss that money goodbye.
  14. Thank you for this Topaz. You appear to me a strong person. All the best to you and your family in 2017 after suffering such a huge loss in 2016. capricorn
  15. Justin will be visiting Cuba Nov.15/16 and will meet with the Castros.


    On Nov.16, Cuba will begin 3 days of military exercises, apparently triggered by Trump's victory.


    Resulting media coverage: "Canada's Trudeau present during Cuban anti-US military exercises." Should do wonders for our relations with an upcoming new administration in Washington.


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    2. Smallc


      Maybe it can be rescheduled.  I don't see it as a big deal as it's obviously not an endorsement of the protest by Trudeau. 

    3. capricorn


      Smallc you're missing the point I think. Even if not an endorsement, he will be physically there when the military operations occur. As Impact said, optics are important. We don't know how foreign media will interpret this situation. Why invite negative press?

    4. Smallc


      Like I said, maybe it can be changed - maybe not.  It's not like his schedule is wide open.