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  1. I hate to draw BC back from his..sorry, I have just noticed BC is a female....her glorious WW2 war dreams. But I have to mention that, in recent years, US used to "finish" the wars it started by this way:
  2. Oil would go up if the war broke out among those oil producers in the Middle East. Almost all parties which would be involved or affected by the war against DPRK, like US, Japan, SK, China...are oil consumers. The oil price would go down if the perspective of their economic growth was affected by the war. Only the price of LG OLED TV in Best Buy would go up...if anybody plans to upgrade his home theatre, be sure to do it before the war begins.
  3. From this photo, I seems like in DPRK nobody dare to tell the truth to the fat boy. It will be a problem
  4. Because US is the only country which can match DPRK on mouth cannon in the world. Official: White House, Pentagon miscommunicated on aircraft carrier's location Kim's faked ICBM vs Trump's faked armada, war fans watch two most peace loving countries in the world warred on Twitter and YouTube. 1 week ago Now
  5. If your president and his generals shared as the same confident as yours, the attack would have already begun. He was there, just a few hours ago, in front of about 100 foreign journalists and reporters, so it isn't some top secret which US didn't know. One cruise missile would finish him if Trump wanted.
  6. These hardwares are so inferior that they capsized just by one kick from ISIS..
  7. Kim threatens to attack S.K., Japan or USA if DPRK is attacked by US.. As for the difference between Clinton's and Bush's policy: After American citizen Saddam robbed a bank, he was pursued by police officer Clinton and shot at butt; Years later after Mr. Saddam was released from prison, he went to bank to save his own money which he earned as American prisoner worker. "Why should these second class Amercian citizen allow to stay alive meanwhile our first class citizens have to pay tax to feed them?"Police officer Bush thought. So officer Bush shorted to crowd "he is robbing a bank" then shot Saddam at head and killed him. When officer Bush was bought before judge, his defense lawyer BC2004 made a strong defense for him,"Clinton also shot Saddam before. Why only Bush was accused...?" Judge: Saddam's life also matters....if he was killed for the crime he didn't committed
  8. If any one who read the WikI article of the Six Part Talks which I posted a link above, he or she will find that in July 20, 2007, as the result of the 2nd phase of the 6th round of the Six Party Talks, a diplomatic solution had already been reached. It was US, exactly it was Bush administration, which abandoned the diplomatic resort. Someone may argue that Bush administration alleged that DPRK didn't send in a complete list of required information. But we should notice that Bush used the same strategy---falsely accusing Saddam hiding nuke material---to fuel his war plan. If anyone who is truly objective, he or she should agree, even DPRK fulfills its obligation in the agreement, Bush will still not fulfill US part of the agreement which signed by Clinton administration because Bush administration had no intention to do so. Bush and Obama administration's mistake, is that they wanted to use the nuke issue to overthrow DPRK regime, which China and Russia didn't want to. I think Bush hoped if he was success on the wars in the Middle East, he would have resorts to force China and Russia to recede from their stands. But since he failed, it gave DPRK a chance and time to develop its nuclear ability. It seems like Trump has eventually gone back to Clinton administrative's way to seek a diplomatic solution so there is still hope for solving the problem peacefully. On the other hand, since his nuke technology progress in recent years, Kim may overestimate his strength and underestimate US's, which may resort a war. For military option, if US had a way to drop a bomb directly at Kim's head, it would resolve the problem immediately and everyone would happy, include China, Russia and even most of Kim's generals because everyone has kinda been tried of him. The problem is that there isn't a certain way to kill him with one strike. If the beheading operation fails, S.Korea and Trump administration has to consider how to deal with Kim's possible retaliation. Even if he was killed in one strike, some his loyalist and frantics in DPRK military would still take action against S.Korea or even Japan to retaliate for his death. The economic consequence will be too severe to be neglected.
  9. I have just got an idea for a peace solution----Just let Kim and Trump exchange their roles. I mean, making Kim the King of US and Trump the King of DPRK. The advantage of the solution: 1. US 1) Since there are far more enough Nukes in warehouses of the Pentagon, Kim may not want any more; 2) I think everyone was impressed by the graph of US debt. I'm sure King Kim was the most suitable person in the world to solve the problem.... by kicking greedy CEOs and bankers asses, disbanding unions, fixing Obama Care by setting doctors's salary at $0.1/per hour and lashing the rest of Americans to make them working harder in Walmart American factories instead of made-in-China and Mexico illegal immigrant workers ... 3) All Americans will love their new King for his famous (or notorious from the point of view of the rest of the world) Military First Policy and American will no longer need to spend their own money to buy their guns because King Kim will give every of them a gun free of charge like what he did in DPRK. 2. DPRK 1) King Trump will no longer be bothered by unfriendly TV and newspapers. Movie stars like J-Law will be looking for any chance to meet King Trump in a ball to express their will to be his mistress. The FBI-kind will only investigate his opposite not the King himself and there will be no court daring to put a stop on King Trump administrative decree 2. The Trump Organization will build more and higher skyscrapers and border walls than Kim to make DPRK people feeling that DPRK will be great again 3) All DPRK women will be fall into immense happiness for their new king has hobby of putting his hands on their butts.. So, it will be a win-win solution
  10. Involving in a war doesn't mean US was in it. During Spanish Civil War, both Germany and Soviet were involved in the war. Even Canada had a Dr.Norman Bethune in it. But WW2 didn't start at Spain. Foreign Involvement in the Spanish Civil War During Vietnam War, both China and Soviet sent troops in North Vietnam to cover and repair Vietnamese military logistics from US bombing. Though these troops and USAF opened fire each other in North Vietnam, WW3 didn't start there and then. Vietnam War
  11. It is about your guys not only don't know your enemy, but also don't know yourselves.... Do you know why your former Canadian fiscal conservative boss was deemed to be war loving US president's pal? Bush: We Americans are obligated to this, to do that, to do everything.... Harper: Hi buddy,please read the graph before deciding to do anything....
  12. We were talking about how US got into WW2. It was Japanese not Nazi who drew US in. Besides, WW2 started on September 1st 1939 is a point of view. The Second Sino-Japanese War is also a part of WW2 and Japan started the war before Nazi invaded Poland. WWII
  13. You should ask BC...and youself why did you question my motive instead of questioning the fact, logic and conclusion in my post?
  14. Yes, US didn't start WW2. This is why Hideki Tojo was hung not US president.
  15. I didn't cheer for him. I just laugh your Americans. Every of you wants a war, but nobody wants to know what your enemy is capable of. Especially you have committed the same mistake before. I remember I read from a newspaper then that there was a simulation in Pentagon before US invaded Iraq. An US general, who played Iraqi side in the simulation, deployed many small suicide boats which guided as civilian boats to attack US landing troops, and successfully defeated the invasion force. The results of the simulation was ignored because "the scenario is impossible to happen in the real war". The scenario did not happen in the sea. It just happened on the land battles----the militants and suicide bombers guided as civilians to attack US forces and your army guys didn't prepare for these things before going into the war.