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  1. Sometimes, the way you do a thing matters more than the thing itself. For example: Hugh Hefner or Harvey Weinstein, who got more women on his bed? I suppose the answer is Hugh Hefner. But why is Harvey Weinstein disgraced, not Hugh Hefner? Because Hefner was President Trump's supporter LOL, I'm joking. It is because the way how Harvey Weinstein got these women on his bed.
  2. I remember once Taiwan president commented on China: How can China be great? It's just big... so is USA Besides, other great powers then were busy on competing supremacy in Europe, so they didn't have chance to use America's weakest moment for their gain. If Americans were in civil war now, I bet Putin would willingly hand out weapons on both side, free of charge... And to American's credit, after the war, both side compromised a lot to heal the wound of the war. General Lee's temple hadn't been blasted for over 150 years...until President Trump was elected and the nation was teared apart again.
  3. It is very true indeed and it is why what Trump is doing is very dangerous. Obama blasted Bush's temple, so Trump blasted Obama's temple; Then Obama The 2nd blasted Trump's temple, then Trump The 2nd blasted Obama 2nd's temple; Then there will be Obama The 3rd and Trump The 3rd to do the same thing; Then USA will soon become a country like Iraq where people used to blast other's temple each other instead of seating down to talk and compromise to settle their argument.
  4. Mikhail Gorbachev broke more old communist system than Deng Xiao Ping did, but not like Deng and his successors, Gorbachev failed to build a new one instead. Then he fell along with the Soviet Union
  5. I would agree with you if you stated "President Trump would be one of the greatest ever if he could reverse something..." I remember you put your faith in President Bush, but he didn't save the day. Then you put your faith in President Obama, but he also didn't save the day. Now you put your faith in President Trump, I'm sure that he will fail you and his voters. Trump is an American president, not the dictator of China Deng Xiao Ping, so he can't force any reform on Americans by tanks like what Deng Xiao Ping did to Chinese in 1989. To perform such kind of reform, Trump need to do what all the greatest presidents before him did during their days: Trump needs to persuade the majority of American people, but he charisma ends up at extreme right wingers. Trump needs to co-operate and compromise with other political leaders, include opposite leaders, but from his behavior, it seems like he hasn't realized that the election is over. Trump needs more Made in America to make America great again, but what we have read from papers and TVs are President Trump targets F-35, President Trump targets Air Force One, President Trump, LOL, President Trump's fans target J-Law.....All of these targets are Made of America. It seems like the only American brand President Trump in favour of is Ivanka, which is Made in China, you know.... As a military personal, I suppose you know that if you want to win a war or battle, you not only need to set a target, but also need a feasible plan, which President Trump has none, and above all, a qualified commander, which President Trump...if Trump was a pilot, would you want to aboard a B-52 flying with him?
  6. The titile is from a comment of the video: Sexual harasser and victim present award to known sexual harasser and alleged rapist President Bill Clinton. I have to admit that this time Trump's fans hit the spot. Maybe somebody thinks it isn't related to politics. But let's count: President Clinton, President Bush, President Obama, President Trump.. If you went to the worst block in your city and randomly select 100 adult male pedestrians to investigate, how much chance could you have to get 50 of the 100 as sexual harassers?
  7. Disaster in Florida

    After the Battle of Moscow, almost till to the end of the war, Hitler's soldiers still managed to kill far more Russians than being killed by Russians. But if Hitler and his generals were wise, they would have figured out that the tide had already been moving against them.
  8. Disaster in Florida

    From the link you posted, these are her original words: Lawrence only stated 2 things: 1. Americans continue to ignore the consequence of climate change by voting Trump. 2.By watching these hurricanes, she felt how much damage could be made by mother nature's rage and wrath. What's wrong with a comment like this? I can't see in where she blamed Trump for these hurricanes. For example, just assume J-Law was a German in 1930s: J-Law: It's also scary to know, that Hitler has stated that he will start wars and commit genocide against other nations, and German continues to ignore it by voting him to power; J-Law: By watching these footages of Nanjing Massacre, I can feel how far fascism will go in a war. Then, Hitler's stormtroopers begin to unleash the hurricane of burning J-Law's movies because Joseph Goebbels's tabloid told them that J-Law framed their beloved Fuhrer responsible for Nanjing Massacre... If J-Law was a German in 1930s, her movies would be burned like this by Fuhrer's fans
  9. Disaster in Florida

    If I was a conservative politician and addressed my Canadian rancher voters like: "if you go into the washroom of a Liberal club, you will find out how many drug suckers there", I was not referring to the problem of the washroom or the club or even the drug suckers but the fault of Liberal Party. The shelves of Walmart are just the symbol of the fall of American manufacture industry. If somebody whose job makes him to access more complicated information, he will know the situation may be worse.
  10. Disaster in Florida

    Honestly, I think the brains of most Americans had already shrunk to much before The Hunger Games novel/movie so they couldn't understand the true meaning of the story. You just go to a Walmart store and try to find anything which is made in America, you will know what I'm saying. In THG story, the ruler The Capitol eventually lost to the districts because it heavily depended on districts to sustain its living standard. The U.S., if you go into a Walmart store, you will find out that US is just as same as The Capitol in THG story.
  11. Disaster in Florida

    Maybe the Hollywood's mental midget used to visit this forum and got the idea that President Trump could fix anything which even every other president before him had failed to fix, from Trump supporters' posts here of course . So she blamed Trump for the hurricanes because if he had the ability to stop the disasters but failed to act, why shouldn't he be blamed
  12. For sake of the lives of those Indian soldiers, I wish she did have a plan and did not talk in sleep. Border stand-off with China can be resolved through talks: India China has clearly signalled India in last 24 hours: time is ticking. withdraw your troops or prepare to be forcefully withdrawn. Withdraw Troops From Doklam If You Cherish Peace: China Tells India In some Chinese military fan boy's forum, there is a joke: Indian government has given orders to its soldiers: If China begins to withdraw its soldier for preparing open fire, Indian soldiers should run back to Indian border (only 180m away from the site) immediately before Chinese could make enough distance for engagement. Then Indian government will declare that India has win the stand-off because China has withdrawn its troops first.
  13. The incident happened at 2:30 am, so the visual might not be dependable. The photo shows that the deck of ACX Cystal was piled with containers which might block its radar beam, so its captain might not see USS Fitzgerald on its radar screen. Even if the capation had seen USS Fitzgerald, since it came from ACX Cystal port side (according the damage area on both ships), he would reasonably assume that USS Fitzgerald would yield to his ship's course. But what was the story of USS Fitzgerald? Hardly could believe that its radar couldn't find a 29000 ton cargo ship. So maybe this is a real version of the story of US Navy vs Lighthouse? US sailors missing after Navy destroyer collision off Japan
  14. It's good news to the fans of wars. It may indicate that Kim has determined to keep his nuke at all cost. Or maybe it's good news for the fans of peace. The vent from Kim may indicate: 1. It seems like that the recent action of China (halt importing coal from NK and threaten to cut off NK's oil supply ) has hurted him badly and forced him to halt(at least temporarily) the most anticipated new nuke test on his grandfather's birthday. 2. Kim may want to convince NK people that the failure of his blackmail to US is caused by the betrayal of China, so the invincible image of their great leader won't be tarnished. 3. or maybe it's his strategy to blackmail as more as possible before giving up his nuke.
  15. But don't get too excited----he has just opened fire against China with mouth cannon North Korea threatens 'grave consequences' for China in rare criticism of neighbour