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  1. War enthusiasts, come in please

    If you had ever considered what millions of German and Japanese soldiers died for during WW2, in France, Russia, China, the bottom of the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean....far away from their homeland, you would not think I was so stupid. To those French and English soldiers who died in the Seven Years' War in North America, what did they die for? For political correctness? LOL, it seems like there were at least two versions of political correctness then.(Please forgive me not mentioning Spanish, Aboriginal and other parties.) Even if some of them truly died for this reason, when their souls are watching present Canada or America from heaven, they would find they had put their faith on false political gods then and the true value of their death is merely to inspire Hollywood film makers to make movies like Pirates of Caribbean to make billions $ GDP.
  2. War enthusiasts, come in please

    Initially, when I was conceiving the plot of the video, it was just a joke to make fun of the event. I gave President Trump the role no more or less than a jester or a clown. The video was supposed to end up at President Trump in his rage because Island Binomo disappeared. But when I began to seek ingredients of the video, I mean the video clips to fit the plot, I watched some Trump's speeches and I think he had, partially, convinced me on the fake news part. So I decided to give President Trump a more positive role in the video, to put some political meaning to the video, by using Trump's "fake news speech" at the ending. Fake news is more harmful to a nation than its president used to put his hands on women's butts. A joke for example: Army Guy has eventually got the F-35 which he has been ranting on for years. So I guess your fanboys and fangirls of wars all will want him to fly the plane to Afghanistan this afternoon to to win the unwinnable war. But, unfortunately, the plane is a secondhand one which is bought from Kijiji because the Canadian Liberal PM has hacked off some of its budget to build a luxurious refugee camp----you know that every time when these F-16s, CF-18s and now F-35s rolls out to bomb something, the refugees will come in sooner or later. So, the F-35 which Army Guy is meant to fly, has a defective radar and datalink which always give the pilot false information like, if enemy is in the east the radar display will show it is on the west. Would you expect Army Guy to shoot down an old MiG-23 by this F-35?
  3. Watch my video. 100% satisfaction guarantee----Nuclear War awaits
  4. I once asked BC2004 if she wanted to fly with pilot Trump on the B-52, with the attached video below and she gave me a reply Yes. I think she was either very brave or just not knowing what the video was. If you google 1994 Fairchild Air Force Base B-52 crash you will find that none co-pilots wanted to fly with the pilot because he used to fly the plane by very dangerous ways. The plane was the same plane model which had been flying safely over half a century. The rules and safety measures were the same rules which applied to all planes. The only variable was the pilots----some of them handled the machine with caution and never push it to the verge of its safety margin, some of them didn't. When the later miscalculated their winning chance of gambling, they crashed and killed themselves, usually alone with others. Big things usually have small beginnings. A nuclear war won't happen all of sudden without any prologue and escalating sequence. Just like the pilot didn't crash a B-52 on the first day he flew it. He just pushed the safety margin a bit, then nothing happened. Then he pushed it again other day, still nothing happened. So he did these so on and so forth, until his end push. If both Britain and Germany had nuke in 1930s, could you assume Hitler would not annex Austria, Czechoslovakia and then invade Poland? Or assume Britain and France would not declare war upon Germany just because Hitler had nuke? If Hitler planned to take Britain, France and Soviet by one operation, I'm sure nuke would deter him. But if he was just like the pilot in the video, he pushed a bit, nothing happened; then he push again....and again....until a total war which may lead to use nuke.
  5. Maybe Canadian Liberal Party should create a new law to ban Trumpophobia in Canada in the first place... As for President Trump: Did Hitler start WW2? The answer is Yes. Did he meant to start WW2? My answer is he probably not. He probably thought the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact would deter the UK and France to declare war upon Germany when he invaded Poland. A big mistake. People do commit mistakes. But if it happens on a leader of a great power, the consequence may be severe. Millions of life will be lost because of a single miscalculation.
  6. Don't worry. Let me link the two rails together and get the train back to its course. It seems like our American friend BC2004, knows neither her weapon nor her enemies when she plans these nuke wars above. The nuke, was created as a weapon to deal with the targets like hot war enemy Nazi Germany and Japan, or the cold war enemy Soviet Union, which USA could geographically separate and economically distinguish from itself. But nowadays who is USA's enemy? The No.1 of the list, I think BC2004 would say: China!----That's.....almost correct except her beloved president doesn't use the word but instead of the "rival". The president is correct because either in hot war or in cold war, you don't trade with your enemies, at least not on the same scale as USA with China. So nuke has far less effect on China than old Soviet Union because the both economies are entangled so deep that neither of them could destroy other without hurt its own economy badly. At this point, BC2004's Canadian ally, Conservative Dude would say: damn it! Maybe we should nuke these Islamic shitholes first, then we will turn around to deal with Russia and China. This was President Bush's old strategy which had been proved not working. The cause is as same as China---most Islamic countries in the world are politically, economically and even geographically(I mean US military base) entangled with the USA, so BC2004 can't nuke them all. Now Conservative Dude's twin sister, Liberal Girl comes out: xul, you are right. It's shame that conservatives like my brother's Islamophobia has turned Muslim to our enemy, and our beloved Liberal Fuhrer Tridude is taking action to protect Muslim... I'm afraid that Liberal Girl is also wrong. Firstly, fighting an enemy which doesn't exist isn't called action but acting. Look the video below, those "soldiers" are not soldiers but actors, because the enemy-----an almighty robotic alien----only exists in the film maker's imagination. Does Islamophobia exist in Canada so widely that Canada government or lawmakers need to create some new law or move specified to protect Muslim? I don't think so. There were a few incidents and none of them couldn't be settled under current legislation. The liberals don't know they are the one who are creating Islamophobia national wide. Politics is just like a swing, it has a balance point, but if you force it off the point, it will try to get back. And not only back, but it will go further to the opposite direction. This is what has been happening in USA. When a swing begins to move back and forth, it can hardly be stopped by those riders who are on it. Then some riders who are so scared may wish BC2004 nuke the swing to release them from fear---if you don't exist, you don't need to fear anything----but BC2004 may not help because she probably is busying to nuke-help scared kids on her own swing....
  7. When I posted the 2 posts above, actually I hadn't seen the girl talking on TV or on web video yet and I didn't believe any conspiracy theory then. In my imagination, before the media reportersļ¼Œthe girl should be frightened for knowing her little trick is getting out of her hands. But in this video, she was just telling the lies like a....true politician. Hardly believe an 11 year-old could do this without any coaching and rehearsal. I'm really shocked. After watching this, the first thing coming in my mind is this actor line of this Barbie movie
  8. You sounds like you used to post here just for making yourself feel better, or the organization which you support looks better than it really does, so you assume other posters post here by the same way As for me, I used to discuss things with academic manner, which means I focus on fact and logic rather than which group or faction I'm supposed to belong to. I do feel sorrow for the girl and her family. Yes, the girl lied. It is her fault. But without those politicians, would-be Muslim rights activists and, as you have pointed, the media...too eagerly and immaturely amplifying the lie to advance their own political agenda, what would happen? If the incident went down normal or usual way: 1) The girl somehow lied to her parents or teachers, 2) then the parents or teachers reported to police, 3) then police investigatd and found its a lie, 4) then parents and teachers educated the girl why what she did was wrong... Isn't it some kind of happy ending to the girl's mistake? I read some posts here that the girl's family apologized to "every Canadian". Without those amplifiers, why should they apologize to every Canadian since most Canadian except a few teachers and police offices even have no chance to know the incident? It is those amplifiers who should apologize to every Canadian. And these guys just shrug off as if they have never been in it?
  9. I'm afraid that politicians should be blamed at first place over this matter. Making a joke for example: Polish Prime Minister: ...a few minutes ago, Russia has nuked a Polish colony in the South China Sea, Binomo. Do you know Binomo, Mr President? President Trump: We are aware the situation. I have ordered a nuke counterattack on Russia to defense our Polish ally.... CNN Live: ...President Trump has just ordered to launch nuke on Russia. Has he just started WW3...?(the broadcast stopped abruptly, so we all know the answer ) When the radioactive dust settles down, Polish Prime Minister@Real Polish PM: Fake news. I didn't call President Trump. We all know that Poland is a country without colonial history, and there isn't a Polish colony in the South China Sea. The phone call must be a prank... In the story above, President Trump should be fully responsible for the destruction of his country because as a national leader, not like the rest of us, he has ways to confirm what he hears from a phone call or TV before going into acting hastily. The same logic goes to Canadian Prime Minister and politicians as well.
  10. What would President Trump do to deal with this Binomo crisis? Or what would American people do to deal with this idiocracy crisis?
  11. Sometimes, the way you do a thing matters more than the thing itself. For example: Hugh Hefner or Harvey Weinstein, who got more women on his bed? I suppose the answer is Hugh Hefner. But why is Harvey Weinstein disgraced, not Hugh Hefner? Because Hefner was President Trump's supporter LOL, I'm joking. It is because the way how Harvey Weinstein got these women on his bed.
  12. I remember once Taiwan president commented on China: How can China be great? It's just big... so is USA Besides, other great powers then were busy on competing supremacy in Europe, so they didn't have chance to use America's weakest moment for their gain. If Americans were in civil war now, I bet Putin would willingly hand out weapons on both side, free of charge... And to American's credit, after the war, both side compromised a lot to heal the wound of the war. General Lee's temple hadn't been blasted for over 150 years...until President Trump was elected and the nation was teared apart again.
  13. It is very true indeed and it is why what Trump is doing is very dangerous. Obama blasted Bush's temple, so Trump blasted Obama's temple; Then Obama The 2nd blasted Trump's temple, then Trump The 2nd blasted Obama 2nd's temple; Then there will be Obama The 3rd and Trump The 3rd to do the same thing; Then USA will soon become a country like Iraq where people used to blast other's temple each other instead of seating down to talk and compromise to settle their argument.
  14. Mikhail Gorbachev broke more old communist system than Deng Xiao Ping did, but not like Deng and his successors, Gorbachev failed to build a new one instead. Then he fell along with the Soviet Union
  15. I would agree with you if you stated "President Trump would be one of the greatest ever if he could reverse something..." I remember you put your faith in President Bush, but he didn't save the day. Then you put your faith in President Obama, but he also didn't save the day. Now you put your faith in President Trump, I'm sure that he will fail you and his voters. Trump is an American president, not the dictator of China Deng Xiao Ping, so he can't force any reform on Americans by tanks like what Deng Xiao Ping did to Chinese in 1989. To perform such kind of reform, Trump need to do what all the greatest presidents before him did during their days: Trump needs to persuade the majority of American people, but he charisma ends up at extreme right wingers. Trump needs to co-operate and compromise with other political leaders, include opposite leaders, but from his behavior, it seems like he hasn't realized that the election is over. Trump needs more Made in America to make America great again, but what we have read from papers and TVs are President Trump targets F-35, President Trump targets Air Force One, President Trump, LOL, President Trump's fans target J-Law.....All of these targets are Made of America. It seems like the only American brand President Trump in favour of is Ivanka, which is Made in China, you know.... As a military personal, I suppose you know that if you want to win a war or battle, you not only need to set a target, but also need a feasible plan, which President Trump has none, and above all, a qualified commander, which President Trump...if Trump was a pilot, would you want to aboard a B-52 flying with him?