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  1. Maybe this is why they built the reactors so close to the sea level... Water always goes down not up. So if there is a breach, the contaminant will easily go down to the public sea, not up to the residential area.
  2. Thinking something radical, maybe US could help Japanese by nuking them again... LOL. Not "them", but nuke the site after evacuating the residents first. The explosion of a low yield nuclear bomb may also trigger and involve the remaining radio active materials in the reactor in its chain reaction and consume them up. There will be some fallout but the fallout of a nuclear bomb decays far faster than the reactor's. The site will be habitable again after couple of years like Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
  3. I think a condominium is a private property which owned by the collective of owners. Since it is a private property, the majority of its owners have the rights to decided many things like which conversation language can be used in a collective meeting and the "Official Language" is not applied on this matter, just like if the majority of the property have decided that dogs are not allowed in the property, dogs will not be allowed even if dogs are Canadian "Official Pets" which means every Canadian governmental office should have a dog inside. Another example: If the majority of the condo are deaf persons so they used to use sign language communicating in the collective meeting, you can not tell them "I'm pure English blood, please speak English so I can understand you..." This is why when you buy a suit in a condominium, you need to know more about the other owners of the property. If you love dog and they hate dog, you have problem; If you are a smoker and they aren't, you have problem; If you are rich and want expensive furniture and decoration in the foyer but they are poor and won't pay a dime even if the roof is leaking, you have problem... The official language only applies when they need to form some written documents or decision which need legal validity. For example: If there is a vote to increase maintenance fee, they need to read the motion or proposal by official language.
  4. And what kind of gift could President Trump afford to buy this friendship from dear Vladimir? A large bag of chocolate? I guess, Ukraine at least, the whole Eastern Europe at best....
  5. I'm afraid an old lady just can't carry so much energy How about this story: (Next year's Christmas Eve in the White House, Donald was telling his feeling of being American President to his grandchildren.) President Trump: ...before I got the presidential job, when I put my hands on those ladies's butts, or went into woman's changing room making those naked girls screaming, I felt, as a billionaire, I was the most powerful man in the world. But after I became the president of the states, I have leaned that how much power a man can hold and by comparing with this, the power of making a couple of women screaming is just a piece of cake. Just imagine, billions of people would scream simultaneously if you put your hand on this red button of this nuke launch box.... The Kid: Like this....? President Trump(yells): No..... Secretary of Defence: Every American nuclear warhead is in air, so dose Russian, Chinese, England, France, Indian, Israeli, North Korean.....What have you done? What are we going to do? President Trump: Perhaps there are some presidential nuke bunkers nearby? Chief of Joint Staff: Billions of people are going to die today because of you. We won't bother to go to a bunker.... The Kid: Maybe you should call the leaders of other great powers to disable the nukes together, like what the imposter president did in movie G.I.Joe: Retaliation ..... Without alternative options, all leaders of other nations have to agree to destroy their own nuclear arsenal to save the human race. Thereupon, President Trump helped earthlings to get rid of the nukes in his first year as President and got a Nobel Prize for his contribution to build a nuke-free world. Some hardcore fans even begin to merry the birthday of President Trump instead of Jesus.... Am I offensive to most of you by making such story above? If it is not, I think you can suppose most of others who are not in church will not be offended by saying Merry Christmas to them. Video: President Trump's way to build a nuke-free world
  6. Probably no one will run for the job except President Trump...there is a joke: In a small company, there were 2 warehouse workers---- just call them Area51 and Area52, according to the sections they worked for. One day, the boss of the company called Area52 in and told him the company could only afford to hire one warehouse worker right now so he was laid-off due to the shortage of work. "Don't worry, Mr. Area52. I'll call you back in the first place once the business comes back. Meanwhile, I'll take care of your sector in person. " "Why it is me, not Area51?" Area52 responded in disbelieve."All these years, I worked harder than him. All goods in my section are well categorized and put on shelves in tidy. And look at his sector. Everything is piled up randomly so that no one is able to find anything without him......look at the mess he has made! And you still choose to fire me not him?" “I know,” the boss sighed bitterly."And that's why I have to keep him instead of you....."
  7. Merry Christmas earthlings. May odds be ever in your favour....
  8. The music is called Ode to the Red Flag, which was composed in 1960s by a Chinese composer to praise the Communist Part of China for the achievement of winning Chinese Civil War and establishing the People's Republic of China. I created the video, which used the tune of Ode to the Red Flag and video clips from movie The Hunger Games, for explaining to a friend that the different audience might understand the same tune with different ways. After I had done the job, I found the video was a proper ad for President Snow's The Hunger Games What is the NOC of propagandist job? Maybe I should apply the job to get a better paycheck. Ode to the Red Flag---The Hunger Games Version If you want English subtitle for the video, please click CC on the lower right corner of the video
  9. Recently, let me count: 1. Jurassic World CEO: ...I have spent 14 years to let the board green-lighting the project. You should not mess up it and should strictly do what I'm going to tell you to do..... Director and screenplay writers: A bigger, scarier, cooler..dinosaur? Thanks heaven, Chris Pratt's performance partially saved the "World". Happy ending eh. 2. Independence Day: Resurgence CEO: ...I have spent 20 years to let the board to green-lighting the project. You should not mess up it and should strictly do what I'm going to tell you to do..... Director and screenplay writers: A bigger, scarier, cooler..alien space ship? But this time, nobody in the cast could save the box office. So all audience have seen is: no hero, no plan, no IQ.....just some dudes who have good dads and dumb luck... 3. Star Wars: Force Awakens CEO: ...I have spent billions $ to buy the right of the frachise. You should not mess up it and should strictly do what I'm going to tell you to do..... Director and screenplay writers: A bigger, scarier, cooler..death star? MBA: And we should release 3D version Blu-ray a few months after 2D version, so the enthusiastic fans have to buy the blu-ray twice... CEO: If George Lucas had 50% commercial brain like yours, he would have bought Walt Disney at first place instead have been bought by Disney... 4. Star Trek: Beyond CEO: ...You should not mess up it and should strictly do what I'm going to tell you to do..... Director and screenplay writers: A bigger, scarier, cooler..USS Enterprise? OK. We will let the old one crash within 15 minutes after the movie begins, as usual, so you will be able to build a bigger one in next movie.... Chris Pine: Crash it again? As the actor of the captain who always crashes his ship, as for me, things have started to feel a little episodic.... CEO: You saved the entire series. If you are tired to act Captain Jame T Kirk, needless to say, the position of vice director of the film is yours. No one deserves it more. Chris Pine: Vice directors don't have 10 million $ pay checks like the leading role of the movie, do they? CEO: No, they don't. Chris Pine: Well, no offense, sir, where is the fun in that...
  10. I think all audiences were deeply impressed by the monstrous Costco retail shop in movie Idiocracy. But how and when was it built? This is the plot of the prequel: CEO Trump: After I bought Costco Wholesale Corporation, using the money which The Trump Corporation earned from building the Great Wall of U.S of course, the sales of our retail shops go down rapidly. Who can tell me why? MBA BC2004: After 4 years you ruled America, debt goes up (for cover the cost of building the Great Wall of USA), and employment rate goes down (because the pure blood American can not compete with the illegal immigrants, who was supposed incapable getting a job in their home countries so they come to US to grab job from superiors), some US citizens like you become richer and richer so they don't need to buy from Costco, meanwhile others become poorer and poorer so they buy from Dollarama instead of Costco.... CEO Trump: So, what's your plan? MBA betsy: According to my MBA textbook, the best way to prop sales is to build a larger flagship retail shop. CEO Trump: Since our existing shops can not get enough shoppers, do you think we can get the money back from investing a new larger one? MBA betsy: Though you need to invest billions, the sales will still go up millions $. MBA DogOnPorch: Agree, let's do it. Having a plan is better than no plan That's when and why the monstrous retail shop was build and left rotting since then. CEO Trump's Costco Flagship Retail Shop
  11. Then they will dig a hole.... Days ago, when I was watching TV, a reporter interviewed an American rancher. He had already built a fence, and set up a camera. The fence was cut a hole so the illegal immigrants could go through, and the camera showed these guys didn't come to US alone. They matched like a safari, even set up a camp. Obviously there is a organization behind it. A wall may be effective to a single handed illegal immigrant but not to this kind of immigrants smugglers.
  12. Mexico Illegal Immigrants vs President Trump's Wall
  13. This wasn't just another U.S. election.... The Hunger Games version of explanation: 1.Trump's grassroots voters hail to trump(the symbol of anti-political correctness) : This is the revolution, and you are the mockingjay. 2. Trump's grassroots voters protest Clinton (The symbol of greedy elite class): If we burn, you burn with us. 3. Clinton, Bush, CEOs of multinational corporations, and media tycoons were watching Trump cheered by his voters on TV and discussing how to stop Trump: Clintons: He is not who they think he is. He is not their leader. Bushes: I think that's true. CEOs: But he has become a beacon of hope for the grassroots rebellion, and he has to be eliminated. Media Tycoons: We agree he should die, but in the right way, at right time... 4. After the election, Bush and Trump re-watch trump addressing his grassroots voters on TV while discuss his strategy: Bush: You dropped your cards. Why didn't you just stick to the card? You might scare these voters. Trump: Hope, is the only thing stronger than fear. I was giving people hope. Fear me they might, but you see, they still voted for me for hope. Bush: A little hope is effective. A lot of hope is dangerous. A spark is fine, as long as it is contained. Trump: So...what should I do as President Trump? Bush: So, CONTAIN it...!
  14. President or not, Trump has not been and will not be a Republican tame pet. I think you has already know that he has never been and will never be a traditional politician. If Trump had the power which Hitler, Stalin or Deng Xiaoping had, he would succeed to achieve what the most of his voters want. Since he hadn't the power, in the next 4 years, he will waste most his time on arguing with his cabinet, with Republicans, with Democrats, with CEOs, bankers, lawyers, Pentagon generals.....and American allies. Even if he genuinely wanted to make some change, he would have little time to do it.
  15. I'm not sure how many day has left to his day 1 in White House, but it seems like he has already begun to back off from his promises. Trump says Mexico border wall could be fence in 'certain areas' in 60 Minutes interview Donald Trump Just Said He Might Be Willing to Keep Parts of Obamacare Trump hasn't revealed his secret plans to win the unwinnable wars----I wish it would not be as simple as using F-35s instead of F-16s to drop bombs everywhere around the world. If he becomes Obama the Second----I mean he promised to change but can't change anything, I can imagine how frustrated his voters will be, and can not imagine how far they would will to go to release the frustration after President Trump has failed them. It will be no good thing to America, unless you think that the president next to President Trump is President Hitler or President Stalin is the best thing of America.